Foxe UI v.3

Foxe UI v.3
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This is a UI I created for League of Legends. Thanks for the love and support and getting me over 18K downloads.

If you like what you see please show some support and toss a tip in the jar. Donations over 20$ get a big shout out and thanks from me via comments:

A How to install video can be found here:

**Diana Patch FoxeUI v.3**

Changelog screenshot:
FixMe.TXT screenshot:

If you have any suggestions/bugs/feedback please feel free to let me know. Before asking any questions about bugs please check the FixMe.txt it contains information about most of the questions I get.

Pre-Install Notes:
- Close League of Legends before installing any mods.
- Backup the folder "C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\projects\lol_game_client\filearchives" before installing the UI. This can save your butt.
- Go to and download RAF Manager if you do not already have it, this makes for easy management of your LoL archive files and installation.
(Please note RAF is a temporary as soon as I can get Dargon working with FoxeUI it will replace RAF and a new how to install video will made as well. For those of you
unfamiliar with Dargon this is a program made by ItzWarty same creator of RAF. This new program should make modding easier, prevent file corruption, and very little to no breakage with patch updates.)

Changes this UI makes to the default:
- Player HUD (relocated/skinned)
- Player buffs/debuffs (skinned)
- Player respawn Timer/icon (relocated/skinned)
- Player personal stats ie: AD/AP/AS/MS/AR/MR (relocated/skinned)
- Ability toggle indicator ie: ashe's Q, teemo's E (skinned)
- Cast/Channel bar (skinned)
- Shop button (relocated/skinned)
- Center HUD (skinned)
- Ability buttons (relocated/skinned)
- Level-up buttons (skinned)
- Target HUD (relocated/skinned)
- Target buffs/debuffs (relocated/skinned)
- Target personal stats ie: AD/AP/AS/MS/AR/MR (relocated/skinned)
- Team HUD (relocated/skinned)
- Team respawn Timer/icon (relocated/skinned)
- Ultimate indicators (skinned) (Note: ult indicators DO NOT show on bots)
- HP/MP/XP/Ping bars (relocated/textured).
- Minimap (relocated/skinned)
- Micro menu buttons (relocated/skinned)
- Stat trackers (K/D/A) (relocated)
- Ping meter (relocated/kinned)
- FPS stat tracker (relocated)
- Game timer (relocated)
- Shop contents (skinned)
- Death Recap (skinned)
- Main scoreboard contents (skinned)
- Nameplates above players (skinned) Default or colorblind mode, access in game under video (BIG NOTE WITH THESE PLEASE READ) Nameplate note: There are 3 options.
1. Default Options: (default mode: player green/ally green, enemy red) or (colorblind mode: player blue/ally blue, enemy red) shield effects work on all 3 plates.
2. Different ally: (default mode: player blue/ally green, enemy red) or (colorblind mode: player blue/ally orange, enemy red) shield effect broken on ALLY ONLY.
3. Different player: (default mode: player green/ally blue, enemy red) or (colorblind mode: player orange/ally blue, enemy red) shield effect broken on PLAYER ONLY.

Known Issues:
- Nameplates (scroll up a scoach for info on this)
- A small line appears over the level up indicators I cant seem to get rid of.

Supported Resolutions:
- This UI was created on a 1920x1080 resolution. It can work on smaller resolutions with some in game scaling, there is a current issue where the main scoreboard scales to and in some cases it gets to small, im working on a fix by creating an smaller resolution ui so you wont need to scale to make the UI fit.

**How does Riot feel about this UI and other mods**

I have done some research and from what I was able to dig up the only time Riot will ban you for modding is if you are down right cheating the system and hacking to provide you or others a clear unfair advantage over your opponent. To be on the safe side I put a ticket into riot and asked them. The following happened (I would like to note I still have an account and have not been banned):

My question to Riot:
"I am the creator of a UI and had some questions. First the only thing my UI does is skin the default UI and relocate a few parts of the HUD. It does NOT add anything, it only modifies the look of existing elements. My question is will I get banned for using/creating this UI and will others get banned for using this UI. I would like a simple yes or no answer if possible. It is a question that always comes up and I would like to make sure I am telling people the correct answer, and would not like to be responsible for getting anyone banned nor would I like to lose my account either. "

Riot's response:
"Greetings Summoner,

Thank you for contacting support. While I wish I could give a more direct answer, I'm afraid that it is not that simple. As we do allow such changes, we do not support third party modifications at this time. That being the case, any user of such modifications may receive a punishment, completely dependent of Riot.

We have a thread about this, if you want to post and attract some attention from a Red ( Rioter ) they will be able to give more information about this certain subject.

League of Legends Forums:

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. If you still have any questions or concerns please let me know!

All your Nexus are belong to us.
Riot Games Player Support"

ItzWarty for RAF and the soon to be Dargon.
Perb, Knacko, Bziur For helping me along the way.
Soul Inferno for his amazing suggestion for new ult indicators and for his big donations. Thanks!!!

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