Perb UI 0.61

Perb UI 0.61
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***0.61 is working with preseason 3 patch.***

Pre-Install Notes:
- Close League of Legends before installing any mods.

- Run Raf Manager.bat.
- Drag the folder "Perb UI" into Raf Manager. Name it anything and click OK.
- Open the healthbars folder, choose one, and then drag it into Raf Manager. Name it anything and click OK.
- Click each button to the right of each file/folder you dragged in so they read "Enabled".
- File -> Pack. Should take about 1 second and it'll say "pack complete" at the bottom.
- Close Raf Manager and test in a custom game.

- Minimap skinned.
- Topright scoreboard skinned.
- Healthbar (above players) borders skinned.
- Menu buttons next to minmap removed.
- Bottom skills skinned.
- Bottomleft character info skinned..
- Scoreboard skinned.

Supported Resolutions:
- All resolutions.



Download mirror for Perb UI 0.61:

All previous versions:

League of Legends forum thread for Perb UI:


Credit to ItzWarty and Lordgreggreg for their skin installers.

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