[Add-On] LOL Spawntimer

[Add-On] LOL Spawntimer
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Hey Guys,
This software helps you to control the game and lead your team to victory just by giving you an overview about the neutral monster spawn times and your smite damage (if you are the jungler).

Ingame screenshot of the addon + settings tool:

- controlling ally and enemy spawn times
- overview about your smite damage (important to get/steal the baron
- set the position of the addon on your screen
- show and hide the addon while you are playing
- using shortcuts and buttons to give a free decision how to use this program
- fully configurable

Here is a virusscan if you are not sure about this:


latest version:

Q: May I change the shortcuts?
A: Yes, of course! There is a config.cfg file in your directory. Just open this file and edit the shortcuts.

Q: I am playing League of Legends but I cannot see the GUI!
A: Sometimes you need to press ALT + TAB and you need to run your game in window mode or at least borderless mode.

Q: May I use this program for 3v3?
A: No, you cannot. 3v3 mode is not available in this version.

Q: Does your software contains any sorts of viruses?
A: Of course not! But you should never download this software from other sources because it could be modified.

Q; You need to add xyz to your program and it will be great!
A: If you like to see any other features just contact me.

Q: I get an error if I try to launch the program!
A: You need at least .NET Framework 2.0 to run this program.

Q: Your program does not work / I have found a bug!
A: Just contact me and I will try to fix this.

Version History:
- reduced the size of the HUD
- completely new settings tool
- added a function to disable the smite counter
- added an automatic shortcut algorithm
- config files are loadable and storable now
- all in all comfort increased dramatically
- fixed a bug that freezed the application when you tried to increase your smite level
- added a update function
- updated FAQ
- fixed a bug that caused a wrong respawn timer for dragon and baron

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