FoxeUI v6.2 Season 3 patch 3.8.[UPDATED]

FoxeUI v6.2  Season 3 patch 3.8.[UPDATED]
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FoxeUI v6.2 has been updated to work with the Season 3 patch 3.8.

All credit goes to the original creator "Phauxington" profile
Donations link click here:

Source: by alm1ghtypeanut at deviantart.

As always thanks for all your support...

FoxeUI is currently working, however it is at the mercy of either RAF manager to be usable.

Go to and download RAF Manager if you do not already have it, this makes for easy management of your LoL archive files and installation.

For more detail of how to use RAF manager and installing FoxeUI but remember always pick the highest number when asked. [link]


Riot has made it so that you can no longer edit the health bar color anymore. Therefore I have remove the GeneralCharacterData.ini from the UI package. In addation adding it could cause you to get a bug splat error.
HealthbarsDefault.tga be very very careful here. There is another file that is showing in the "Resolve File Ambiguity". You must select You must select once again if you do not it will crash 100% in game load.

Past Updates:

Update GeneralCharacterData.ini to now work with CC bar.
Update Shop window now working right.
Fix scaling issue with the titan bar up top.
Change the colors of the Alert and Warning ping.
Updated the map for Spectate view.
OverLay change for Active vs NonActive items.
Gold count color change
Fix little blue dot top left of nameplate. Fix is in the GeneralCharacterData.ini file.


Unzip file into a folder. Open RAF manager and drag FoxeUI into window. You will get a message about what file you would like to over right it is always or the highest This is not need for the combat text which is always If the files are not over written this will cause issues with scaling and combat text not working.

I have made two version of this one is UnLock (which will scale up and down with the UI HUD Scaling) the other Lock (Which will not scale at all with the HUD scaling). I recommend using the Lock version if you do not scale down the Map. To activate the different versions by default the UnLock version is set. Goto Elements folder look for TeamFrames.ini rename to Unlock there will be another file called TeamFrames_Lock.ini rename it to TeamFrames.ini. Make sure it is just like this TeamFrames.ini it is case sensitive.

GeneralCharacterData.ini under Nameplate folder must be copied and paste into the following area in order for it to work. This path ( my change with every update Riot does. It may also be required to create the /menu/hud folder under the latest releases number.


How to fix Blue bleeding into the center of the screen or Health/Mana/Energy/Rag bars not showing up.
Make sure under Video option "Enable HUD Animations" is not check.

How do I change the Font Size
FontResolutions.xml - Holds the font size.
FontDescriptions.xml - Holds the description of the font.

There are two version of the FontResolutions.xml (default small) and FontResolutions_Large.xml. To use on verse the other just rename the current FontResolutions.xml to FontResolutions_old.xml and then rename the other file to FontResolutions.xml. As long as there is a FontResolutions.xml file in the folder the client will use it. However after the rename you must repack the in RAF for the rename file to update in the client.

With RAF Manager can be buggy with patching. Uninstall sometimes does not work and you may have to use the forget option.

Supported Resolutions:
This UI was created on a 1920x1080 resolution. It can work on smaller resolutions with in game scaling.

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