Lux Build Guide

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Support Lux w/ Survivability and Dmg

written by phreakofnature

Lux Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    This passive should be mastered to maximize her damage. Get good with this and you will notice an extreme improvement in your score and damage output. This passive deals damage triggered by your auto-attack. The general burst combo should be used as follows: Q -> E -> AA -> Explode E -> AA.

    Light Binding
    This is a better version of Morgana's Dark Binding that will net many many kills for you and your team. This should be used very often to root any enemy champ that is dumb enough to get too close.

    Prismatic Barrier
    This is a VERY useful spell, but can be hard to use at times because you have to predict what your allies are thinking in their movement. Its a boomerang damage shield that will shield Lux twice regardless of your movement, and has the ability to shield your ally twice. This boomerang shield does not stack if it hit an ally or yourself twice, it will merely refresh the shields health. I have saved so many lives with this ability. It is also very useful for tower diving if its at least level 2.

    Lucent Singularity
    This is a ranged AOE snare directed on a targeted spot that lasts for 5 seconds. Any enemy that walks in it will be slowed as long as they are standing in its area. I max this first for multiple reasons. Its slow amount increases, damage increases, and it can hit multiple targets with its explosion effect. Its detonation is great. When using this spell for chasing you should always throw it in your targets path, wait for them to get nearly through it, then detonate it as they are just about to leave it.

    [spell=Finales Funkeln]
    This makes me smile every time I melt someone's face with this. It is a "Front Tower to Front Tower" ranged spell that deals massive damage after a short delay WITH NO TRAVEL TIME! This spell makes sure nobody will get away from you with 1 hp again. Later game it can be used to widdle the enemy teams hp down because it will be on a 24.04 sec cooldown with my build.

  • Updates

    11/16/2010 - New patch brings more viability to Lux, higher AP ratio and width on barrier!

    10/24/2010 - Updated Masteries section for people not level 30 and Added a playstyle section.

    10/22/2010 - Created guide

    This guide has the most important information in it at the moment, but i will be adding some features to it when I have more time. I will be adding the following soon:

    -Early/Mid/Late game playstyle

  • Introduction

    First off, no I'm not "Riot Phreak". My usual gaming name is Phreak and it was taken so I used phreakofnature. Unfortunately, after the release of LoL I soon discovered the guy who stole my name (that's right!, I said STOLE) works for riot and I get annoyed endlessly in-game by people asking you know what. This is my first guide for LoL so please feel free to discuss the guide with me and give possible advice or improvements I could make. I am an experience LoL player and have logged over 1500 games playing since the beginning of beta.

    Lux has become my favorite Support/Damage hero to play. Honestly, shes my favorite out of all the champions because all four of her spells are skill shots. If you are not good with skill shot and have no desire to practice with them, then this is not the champion for you.

    This guide will focus on building Lux as a strong support champion by utilizing her skills to the max. We will be shooting for maxed cooldown reduction (40%), survivability, utility, and a moderate amount of AP on top of that. If played right, you should end the game will a good number of kills, very few deaths, and tons of assists.

  • Pros / Cons


    -Very strong early/mid/late game
    -Easily sets up ganks
    -Good damage output
    -SOOO much utility
    -Can shield herself and allies
    -Hard to kill because of her shield, root, and slow abilities to help her escape


    -If caught alone vs. a heavy DPS champ and miss your skill shot root, you're probably dead
    -Long cooldowns
    -If you're bad with skill shots, you will be useless.
    -Will by no means carry a team from pure damage

  • Summoner Abilities

    There are many different summoner abilities that can be very useful on Lux, so if you are hell-bent on a certain two, by all means, use them. I will give my opinion on useful and not so useful summoner abilities.

    My Preference:

    Clarity and Flash

    I chose these two because they give more survivability and make sure you have mana when you need it. Flash is just another escape tool, and Clarity replenishes tons of mana which is most useful in the laning phase.

    Other acceptable options:

    I wont give a description of how these can be useful because I'm assuming everyone can figure that out themselves. If you do need an explanation, Lux isn't the character for you because she is by no means a "beginner" champion.

    Teleport, Ghost, Exhaust, Clairvoyance, Ignite, Cleanse.

    Avoid these summoner abilities:

    Heal - Not that it is bad, but any of the other options I listed are far better.
    [spell=Fortify] - Same as heal.
    [spell=Rally] - Useless summoner ability for anyone that isn't a dedicated tower pusher, and even then its a stretch...
    Smite - We aren't jungling.
    Revive - Rofl.

  • Masteries + Runes

    I use a pretty simple 9-0-21 build getting the improved versions on my summoner abilities. If you are not level 30 i would suggest focusing on getting the 9 in the offensive tree, and awareness in the utility tree. If you cannot extend to the improved summoner spells or the CDR, then, as suggested by Slyminxy, you should extend down the defensive tree.

    External Image

    My rune choices focus on magic pen, mana regeneration, movement speed, and cooldown.

    Marks - 9x Greater Mark of Insight

    Magic penetration marks are very nice for Lux because all of her damaging abilities are magic based.

    Seals - 9x Greater Seal of Clarity

    These mana regeneration per level seals help a lot with mana regeneration on top of your items.

    Glyphs - 9x Greater Glyph of Focus

    I use flat cooldown glyphs because the cooldown per level glyphs aren't as good as the flat cooldown runes until roughly level 13 and we wont need the extra bit of cooldown from the per levels glyphs.

    Quintessences - 3x Greater Quintessence of Swiftness

    I use these because the mobility is far better than any other quints you could chose. I know flat health quints might be popular, but health will not be an issue with this build. You will have a nice amount of hp regen/5 at level one with this build and over 3000 hp 3/4 of the way into the build.

    Alternatives can be 3x Greater Quintessence of Fortitude if you really think you will need the extra hp.

  • Item Reference - To the Point!

    If you wish to understand more in-depth reasoning, skip this section. If you would like to know the jist of my item build, this part is for you.

    Start the game with:

    Regrowth Pendant + 1x Health Potion

    First trip back at 715 gold:

    Philosopher's Stone + Boots of Speed

    Second trip back at 2175 gold:

    Catalyst the Protector + Mercury's Treads/ Sorcerer's Shoes/ Boots of Swiftness

    Next items (in order):

    Blasting Wand
    Catalyst the Protector + Blasting Wand into Rod of Ages
    Philosopher's Stone + Kindlegem into [item=Shurleya's Reverie]

    From here we evaluate what we need first, but should get both:

    [item=Soul Shroud]
    [item=Zhonya's Ring]

    Your Choice:

    Archangel's Staff
    [item=Rylai's Scepter]
    Will of the Ancients
    Banshee's Veil

  • Items

    Now for the best part! ITEMS. Once again, we will be shooting for maxed cooldown reduction (40%), survivability, utility, and a moderate amount of AP on top of that.

    Start the game with:

    Regrowth Pendant and 1x Health Potion

    We chose these starting items because you wont have any mana issues at the start because of Clarity and were not going to dump our spells stupidly every time they are up. These starting items allow us to play a bit more aggressive at the start and build into one of our core items.

    First trip back at 715 gold:

    Philosopher's Stone and Boots of Speed

    By now, you might be hurting for mana or maybe you got FB and got to this amount fast. Either way, blue pill back and pick these up because they will increase your effectiveness and give you much more mana to work with. Not to forget, we can start generating gold from our Philosopher's Stone.

    Second trip back at 2175 gold:

    Catalyst the Protector and Mercury's Treads/ Sorcerer's Shoes/ Boots of Swiftness

    By this time we should start to fall into our role, if you haven't already, assisting in ganks and pushing their outer towers. We have a nice amount of health, mana, and mana regen.

    Next items (in order):

    Blasting Wand
    Catalyst the Protector + Blasting Wand into Rod of Ages
    Philosopher's Stone + Kindlegem into [item=Shurleya's Reverie]

    At this point we are at max CDR and our core build is finished.

    From here we evaluate what we need more:

    1) If you find yourself needing a bit more survivability first, turn your Kindlegem into [item=Soul Shroud].
    This gives us more HP and gives our nearby allies CDR.

    2) If are surviving fine and easily contributing to your teams progress towards victory, leave your Kindlegem as is and work towards [item=Zhonya's Ring].

    From this point on try to keep up Elixir of Brilliance and even Elixir of Fortitude if you'd like.

    If for some reason the game is still going:

    Archangel's Staff - This item will boost your AP significantly.
    [item=Rylai's Scepter] - This item will boost your AP and give you Godly status of health.
    Will of the Ancients - If you have heavy magic damage team.
    Banshee's Veil - If you find yourself in need of magic resist or a spell shield to prevent the enemy from stunning you.
    Thornmail - If physical damage enemies are tearing you up.

    My normal end game build looks some thing like this:



  • Skilling Order

    Faster Damage

    Faster Support

  • Playstyle Early/Mid/Late Game

    Early Game:

    Early game you should be focused on farming with your passive and Lucent Singularity for the most part, and keeping your lane partner at sufficient health. You should be watching for an opportunity to get traps on the enemy laners so your lane partner can get some harassment and possibly a kill in your lane. Be sure to throw Lucent Singularity into the river bush to check for ganks from their jungler, as it reveals the area it is in for the duration of 5 seconds.

    Mid Game:

    Mid game your main goal is to keep lanes pushed and sticking with your carry to assure he does not die. Sticking with your carry usually means netting him/her many many kills because of your amazing CC abilities. Since you are support, you should be warding dragon and their blue/red buffs with a Sight Ward. Assuring you have wards at all three of these location means they should never be getting their buffs. If they are attempting to get their buff you can usually last hit it with your R and then rofl at them.

    Late Game:

    STAY WITH YOUR TEAM! Also, continue the ward placements and read the "Working in the Team" section as it explains what to strive for in team fights.

  • Working in the team

    You have many jobs in team fights, but the most important of all is to SPAM Prismatic Barrier! First off, blast as many of their highest DPSers as you can get with your [spell=Finales Funkeln]. You should try to root their melee DPS or tanks with Light Binding. Throw your Lucent Singularity at your teams focus target and explode it immediately.


    -[spell=Finales Funkeln]
    - Prismatic Barrier SPAM
    - Light Binding
    - Lucent Singularity

  • End Note

    I would appreciate any comments on my guide. If there were any sections difficult to understand or read/follow please let me know so I can adjust it to make it easier for everyone. Thanks for reading and I hope this will set you in the right direction to owning with Lux, The Lady of Luminosity!


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