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Nunu: Bigfoot is my Daddy and he has to protect ME!

written by 0verlord

Nunu Build

Starting items

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Core Build

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Late Game / Luxury Items

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Situational Items

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hello Guys ^^ !
    After playing with Nunu for some time I thought about making a guide.
    Nunu is a fun champion to play and even though many are saying some things about him being low tier(which isn't really true) unexpectedly strong.
    Rather than discussing one special Build I'm going to focus on his playstyle so you wont see much Math in this Guide.
    I hope to make playing Nunu a bit more attractive and interesting for some of you.
    So leave comments and rate it up if you liked the guide :)

  • Abilities

    Well this obviously isn't the best passive but it isn't really bad either.
    Nunu isn?t much of a mana-hungry Yeti so it isn't a necessety to keep this up but it certainly is a great laning tool that gives you more staying power.

    This spell is the reason for Nunu's Incredible staying power.
    it's really cheap has a moderate CD and heals a big chunk of HP(especially with enough AP).
    Use it to keep full Life at all times.
    One interesting thing about this skill is that you can Consume Heimer's Turrets, Wards, Tibbers etc.
    you can of course also use it on neutral Creeps like dragon or nashor making Jungle Nunu possible(but i think it doesn?t really fit Nunu).

    Blood Boil
    Well not much to say here a decent Spell that you can keep up at all times.
    Good during the Laning phase but loses Importance afterwards.
    Nice Synergy with your Passive

    Ice Blast
    A good Spell.
    Short CD, a slow and decent Dmg.
    The short range will give your enemy the opportunity to hit back which shouldn't be too much of a problem since Nunu is naturally Tanky but you should keep in mind that the enemy can stun or slow you which can result in huge dmg and ultimately in your Death. Turning around to cast it on an enemy chasing you is a pretty dumb idea against pretty much every enemy with CC. So avoid this.

    Absolute Zero
    An absolute destructive spell.It deals Huuuuge amounts of dmg and by saying Huuuuge I mean HUUUUUUGE.
    Catching a fully charged one of these means death.
    To be honest it is easy to avoid. If you have the Movespeed you can just walk out of it.
    It's use is very dependent on your team but(!) IF your team can cover you your The enemy's greatest Nightmare.And being a huge AoE slow it's a neat utility spell too.
    Positioning is very important with this spell it's even more important than having a good team.
    And on a sidenote: It DEALS EPIC DAMAGE!!!111

  • Masteries + Runes

    AP Nunu

    I haven't really did the math on these they just work for me.


    I like to go with

    MGC Pen x9 on Reds for some serious early game dmg
    Mana per 5 x9 on Yellows you?ll never go to blue pill again
    Flat CDR/Mana per 5 /MGC Res per lvl x9 on Blue?s Your CD aren?t that high but if you like them.../if you feel like you still need some Mana/nice to have
    Flat HP x9 on Quints

  • AP/Tank

    Well since Nunu has amazing Ap Ratios Playing him as an Ap/tank hybrid is pretty fun.
    Building him into a Full AP Caster isn't really wise since his only Dmg spell is Ice blast

    Core Build
    This gives you survivability(about 5000 effective Health) and pretty decent Dmg.
    Nunu's Staying Power gives you the possibility to just rush Rod of Ages. Blood Boil make shoes less important and your natural tankiness and Consume let's u take a couple hits. Start with Sapphire Crystal 1x Mana Potion and 1x Health Potion
    and build it into a Catalyst the Protector If your all good with Blood Boil just try to finish the Rod of Ages if not grab Boots of Speed beforehand.
    You should be incredibly though for a caster now while dealing moderate Damage. With a good Lanemate(and bad enemy's) you probably even scored a kill or two. Complete your Sorcerer's Shoes and start building your
    Abyssal Scepter.Depending on your enemy team composition you probably want the Negatron Cloak first. Well it's not that much of a decision so just build depending on your own judgement.
    From here on you have to read the direction the game is going. If the Enemy Team is strongly phys. just go for
    Glacial Shroud

    Okay i know that you're probably reading this in every Guide but that's only the case because it's true.
    LoL is all about reading the enemy teams strategy.
    Who's the prime source of Damage on the opposing team?
    How does the enemy team prevent this source from Damage?
    What's already annoying and how will it influence you lategame?
    How will the Enemy Champion's develop?
    Try to find answers for these questions ingame!
    Try to find out how the enemy team works and mess them up!
    Try to support your team with your item build!
    I know that i didn't told you anything completly new but too many people are just building their items in the same way every game.

    I.e. I recently saw an full MR Galio in an enemy team although our team dealt 90% phys. dmg and thus ending up as pretty useless.
    these questions are nothig new but try to remember them INGAME while standing at the shop
    staying 2mins longer in the fountain while thinking what Item to buy next wont mess up your game building a completly useless will!

    Some Suggestions:

    Mejai's Soulstealer
    Grab it if the your killing spree just wont stop.
    grabbing an snowball item and getting some stacks will prevent the enemy team from making a comeback lategame.

    Banshee's Veil
    Messes up Morgana's and Ryze spellcombo's.So grabbing it earlier might be a good decision.
    It also helps a bit against those nasty Stunner's like Sion or Taric.
    Banshee's is a bit more important on Nunu than on other champs since you don't want to be stunned while channeling Absolute Zero.
    An overall nice item.

    Aegis of the Legion

    A balanced item against balanced teams.
    provides your team with a nice Aura.

    Frozen Heart
    Very good Utility item.
    The CDR isn't really needed that much but nice to have.Great against those heavy Melee teams

    Haunting Guise
    Some more Mpen. Isn't really needed but sometime?s the opposing team just stacks soo much MR you might need it.

    Guardian Angel
    It's pretty similar to Meja's it's just good if your already quite strong.
    Or an escape artist what nunu is not.Late game this becomes more and more viable

    Archangel's Staff
    You should already have sufficient mana if not just go for the Golem buff.
    But it's possible to exchange the RoA with this item. You will lack survivability but have more AP feel free to experiment.

    Rabadon's Deathcap

    This is the better option if you just want more AP
    Should be used to round up your Build and maintain a good damage in very long games.

  • AP/Tank Quick Summary

    "Quick" Summary for those who are already ingame


    Sapphire Crystal + Pot?s => Catalyst the Protector + Boots of Speed =>
    Situational Boots or Rod of Ages => Situational Boots or Rod of Ages => Glacial Shroud or Negatron Cloak => Abyssal Scepter or go for situational items => go for situational items

    you should take two out of each section

    Tank section

    Anti Physical :

    Frozen Heart
    Randuin's Omen

    Anti Mage :

    Banshee's Veil
    [item=Force of Nature]
    Spirit Visage

    Anti Balanced :

    Aegis of the Legion
    Guardian Angel

    Ability Power Section

    Pure AP :

    Rabadon's Deathcap
    Mejai's Soulstealer
    Archangel's Staff

    MRes Penetration :

    Haunting Guise
    Abyssal Scepter(if you haven?t bought it)

    Viable Options:

    Will of the Ancients ( in a caster team...)
    Lich Bane(very very Late game)


  • Laning

    Although Jungling with Nunu is viable there are quite a few reasons to occupy a lane with Nunu:

    -Nunu excels in the Laning phase on all positions and in each possible lane composition but looses strength in the later phases of the game.
    - Consume keeps your Health topped most of the time while Ice Blast keeps enemies wary of your Presence.
    - Visionary helps you to not overexert your MP Pool.
    These are the 3 Spells that make Nunu's early game so strong try to make the most out of them.

    Although you probably have your preferences when it comes to decide for an offensive or defensive stance in the Laning phase you should try to be flexible depending on various reasons

    play defensive if :

    -you play against enemy that can deal some serious dmg with their harrasment(e.g. Zilean,Anivia,Kog Maw)

    -The enemy tries to pull the minions towards his own tower

    -you're on a solo-dual lane

    - Ice Blast deals negligable damage to your opponents

    play offensive if:

    -you fight against pretty much any farm dependend champion

    -you're confident in your dmg output

    -your mate is a farm dependend champion

    Switch your playstyle according to the situation and don't forget that you're not trying to score some kills but starve the enemy of gold and EXP.
    Stay close to your minions and punish anyone with Ice Blast who gets too close.
    keep Blood Boil up all the time if possible(just cast it everytime you get a visionary stack)
    and try to eat as much Harrasment as you can while healing with Consume to avoid death(since death's probably bad).

    Nunu?s Ultimate is pretty useless without the support of a teammate but WITH the support of one it?s totally devastating making a gank on a Nunu lane extremly effective.
    here are 3 rules to using Nunu?s Ulti during a gank.

    -your ultimate is pretty much a finisher don?t use it too early since most enemies will have an escape mechanism ready to avoid ganks. wait for them to use it before casting your ulti.

    -get in the best position possible before casting it(shouldn?t be to hard with the bonus MVMT-Speed from Blood Boil and the slow from Ice Blast)
    and the best position is most of the time one that makes the way to the tower as long as possible(not one that makes the way out of the his ulti as long as possible)

    -Cancel your ultimate when necessary!!!
    seriously when an opponent flashs out of your ultimate,used ghost(or some other MVMT-Buff) to get out of there or his teammates are closing in cancel it.
    you can just rightclick somewhere to cancel your ultimate.

  • Teamfights

    Unfortunately Nunu's not the best teamfighter out there but he?s by far not one of the worst either kinda mediocre in my opinion.
    While Absolute Zerooffers great utility it?s actually very difficult to get a fully charged Absolute Zero through(morgana?s or Banshee?s spell shield is a great help here) .
    Ice Blast is great against fleeing opponents and it?s short CD makes it extremly usefull.
    Blood Boil offers your carry a little AS and MVMT Buff not too great but not useless either.
    Consume is pretty negligable in most teamfights since there wont be any minions around to feast on.(interesting against Heimer or Annie or Shaco though :] )

    Nunu?s tankiness let?s him soak up quite some dmg and his slows although short-ranged really usefull.
    his position in teamfights is in the frontrow shielding his team from incoming harrasment or stopping opponents from chasing your squishies.

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