Lux Build Guide

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Lux - Imma firin mah lazor!

written by RapeYoFace

Lux Build

Table of Contents

  • Quick Guide

    This is going to be a long and in depth guide, so here's some quick notes

    - Support / Nuker with long range.
    - Stay with, and behind your team while supporting/nuking from a distance.

    Masteries / Runes
    - 9/0/21, Get at least -5% cooldowns and any Mage runes
    - Get Blue Buff as often as possible for -40% cooldowns, 24 second Laser (lvl 3)

    Masteries / Runes
    - Your choice, or the following:
    - / + /
    - Utility + Mobility

    - First Q, then R > E > W > Q

    - + / , then top it off with your favorite mage items

    - ???
    - Profit

  • Updates

    Nov 2, 2010
    - After trying many browsers, I finally got the guide working and was able to put the tips section back in. I'll be adding more tips soon and hopefully some videos once I start Lux again (I've recently fallen in love with Evelyn)
    - Update: For the 20th time, I've saved this guide only to find that multiple sections were either overriding other sections, or missing entirely. I am getting very tired of rewriting portions of the guide and having to rearrange and recreate every section everytime I want to save. If anyone knows why this is always happening or a possible fix, please let me know. (I've tried multiple browsers)

    Oct 27, 2010
    Because this section was randomly overritten, here's what I remember...
    - Updated the whole guide to make some areas more simpler, fix spelling/grammar, and added colour.
    - Added Blue Elixer to items page, thanks to scoxfur.
    - Redid Q vs W section for easier readability
    - Added enemy champion tips.

  • Lux's Role

    External Image

    Warning, before you begin:
    This is a long and in depth guide to AP Lux. This guide will focus on staying alive while doing as much damage and supporting as possible, but will try to cover every possible item and build.
    If you would like a quicker read, check out TheChainsaw's guide: Lux, the Brighter Side of Death

    Who is Lux?
    Lux is a support / nuke mage. She's capable of shielding her entire team, stopping / slowing opponents, and unleashing a large line nuke (Face Laser) every 24 seconds. Yes, I said every 24 seconds... More on that later.

    The best part of Lux is that all 4 of her skills are skill shots and have extreme range, allowing her to support and nuke from a distance during entire team fights, without worry of death. Also, her Face Laser.

    How to Play her:
    The best way to play Lux, is to think of her as Morgana in Soraka's body. She is capable of some heavy damage and combos, but cannot withstand the punishment. Fortunately Lux has extreme range, allowing her to both support her team and annoy/kill her enemies without ever being touched (and sometimes seen).

    Make sure to ALWAYS stay behind your team. This is the power of Lux, the ability to stay in the back while using all her abilities as if she were up in the front. Enemies will learn to hate you quickly and usually want to target you first. If Lux dies, the team loses their shields, binds, slows, and mega laser. Do not let this happen.

    What you will learn:
    This guide is meant to show Lux players how to use all the tricks at her disposal, good items to consider, and how to stay alive. Survival is crucial to being a good Lux, as it allows you to harass, kill, and protect your teammates through the toughest team battles. This guide should give you some playstyle tips on how to play an aggressive Lux and aid your team like no other, while being near impossible to kill.

    What to expect:
    Basically, you should be hearing this from the enemy team every game:
    "wtf! why am i always binded, slowed, and dead? n why does ur team always have shields?? where is ur lux i dont even see her!!"

    A wise man once said "A good Lux will always have her presence felt, but never seen."
    That wise man is me.

    Sit down, grab a cheeseburger, you're in for a long read.

  • Skills / Abilities

    A decent passive for early game fights. You won't notice it against champions past the laning phase, but early on it can add some extra oomph to your attacks on champions, and help with minion farming throughout the game.

    - After dropping a Lucent Singularity on a minion wave, this can easily net you 1 hit kills on the casters, and 2 hits on the melee minions.
    - Make sure to always auto attack champions during the laning phase after using a skill on them, and minions/jungle creeps throughout the game.
    - Try not use this on champions in mid-game fights when it isn't safe, otherwise that means you're not in the back lazering faces like you should be, and are up front with a chance of being killed.

    Light Binding
    Your main source of CC (Crowd control). A great spell to get first.
    Note: This is your 1 point wonder skill. At level 1 it has it's full stun duration, and add little else while being leveled (compared to the others). This should stay at level 1 until you have no choice. Although if you really want the small extra burst of damage during the lane phase, you can max this second.

    - Do not use this skill to check bushes. It actually shoots 2 bindings on top of each other, when one hits an enemy, the second will pass through and hit the next enemy. If this hits someone in a bush, the second one will pass through and make it look like no one was in there. Bad idea.
    - If there's a single minion in front of you, the second binding will pass through it and hit the enemy behind, but they are only damaged and binded for half the duration, so don't rely on this.

    (Because some people may chose to level this before Prismatic Barrier, there is a section below debating the two)

    Prismatic Barrier
    A great skill to mitigate small amounts of damage from you and your teammates. When used, you will get the shield, it will shoot out a shield boomerang, shielding any allies it hits on the way out, and again on it's way back (including yourself). Try not to use this excessively in the beginning as it doesn't do much at low levels, but it should always be tossed around during any fights. It may only shield a low amount, but every little bit counts. I suggest maxing this second, as it will come in handy to have when team fights start, whereas a more powerful Light Binding will not make as much of a difference during a team fight.

    - Can be used in tight situations to immediately shield yourself, and then once again when it returns.
    - Try to position yourself so your teammates are in a line when casting it, to hit all of them.
    - If you miss a ally, the Barrier will return back to where you currently are, so running behind the ally quickly will make the barrier follow you right into your him.
    - You can use Flash to flash over an ally right before the barrier returns to you, to make it change direction and pass through the ally a third time. But who would waste Flash to do that?

    (Because some people may chose to level this after Light Binding, there is a section below debating the two)

    Lucent Singularity
    This is your main source of both damage and farming. It works similar to Gragas' Barrel Roll, it's much easier to land than Light Binding, and will hit multiple champions + minions. It also slows anything within it before it explodes, and will reveal areas around it. Your first maxed skill, no question.

    - Always throw this behind enemies, their reaction will be to run back... And *POP*, in their faces.
    - When attempting to kill an enemy, always throw this in the direction the enemy is most likely to run, instead of right on them. If you can do this, don't pop it just yet, they will be forced to walk through it's slow while you + teammates keep wailing on them, as soon as they're about to leave it's radius, then you pop it.
    - This will reveal an area around it. Always throw this into a brush that an enemy might be hiding in. If someone is in there, pop it in their face. Also, this is a nifty way of checking if certain buffs or creeps are up or currently being attacked by the enemy, by throwing it over a wall into the creep spot.
    - This is also a great escape and intimidating tool. Dropping it in front of enemies will slow them giving you a quick getaway. Dropping it in front of your defenseless tower may make them hesitant to approach it. Same goes for the enemy tower. Just make sure not to pop it when using these methods, until the time is right.

    [spell=Finales Funkeln]
    Ah, Lux's famous Laser.
    This skill does a nice chunk of damage all through the game. It fires in a straight line, similar to Ezreals Trueshot Barrage, but it happens instantly. It's seems to be a little bigger than the distance between two towers.

    - Can be used to start fights, damage squishies during fights, annoy enemies, scare people away from towers from a distance, steal buffs, clear minion lines, and most importantly, snipe anyone foolish enough to think they can escape Lux. Note: If you DO use this to clear a minion line, make sure to do it when all the enemies are visible and out of range. There's nothing worse than using your laser on a minion line, only to have 3 enemies pop out seconds later, and now you're laser-less.
    - This skill can also be used to do all of the above with an incredible 24 second cool-down and unlimited mana with the proper Runes/Masteries/Buffs. Once again, yes. 24 seconds. (Detailed in a section below)

  • Masteries + Runes

    The main goal of your masteries and Runes are to achieve exactly 15% cooldown reduction (explained why later), and of course, as much Magic Penetration as possible.

    For Masteries, I use the following:
    External Image

    The key Masteries in this build are:
    Sorcery -3% cooldowns
    Intelligence -6% cooldowns
    Utility Mastery +30% monster buffs

    This enables you to have -9% cooldowns and +30% monster buffs.

    Here's the setup I currently use:
    Greater Mark of Insight x 9 = 8.55 Magic Penetration
    Greater Seal of Replenishment x 9 = +3.7 mana regen / 5 seconds
    Greater Glyph of Focus x 9 = -5.85% cooldowns
    Greater Quintessence of Fortitude x 3 = +96 health

    These can all be changed around to your liking, feel free to get the Per Level runes instead if you wish, but your main goal is to get at least about -6% cooldowns

    This, coupled with your masteries gives you a nice -15% cooldowns and +30% monster buffs. Why is this so important? Read below.

  • Blue buffs, and you

    Basically, this:
    External Image

    But in more detail, this one buff turns Lux into a skill spamming, laser firing, Garen sistering, beast of support and destruction. This buff, in addition to the above cooldowns (with the flat cooldown runes) will put your skills at -39.85% cooldowns, which is just short of the maximum 40%.

    What can I do with the Blue Buff?
    The reason this is so important is because as I mentioned earlier with this combination, not only can Lux spam her binding, slowing, and ally supporting skills, but her ultimate as well!

    - Pwn Lazer becomes a 24 second line-nuke at level 3.
    - This enables you to use it pretty much anytime an enemy shows his ugly face. Or if you feel like killing a minion line, or stealing a buff from 200 feet away.
    - This means it will almost always be ready to snipe off someone trying to escape, in the most stylish way possible; a giant laser in their crotch.

    So, not only can you fire your laser like a Boss, but you can constantly have shields up on all your teammates, bind enemies to the ground left right and center, slow huge packs of enemies with your Lucent Singularity, and then pop it for some nice mini-nuke damage.

    But what if I can't get the Blue Buff?
    Never fear, if you can't obtain the blue buff, then this build / play style will still do you just fine. Your ultimate will sit at around 34 seconds cooldown, which isn't bad, but your mana consumption will begin to be a problem if you keep spamming all your skills.

    This means you must:
    - Stop using your ult to kill minion lines.
    - Don't use your ult on just 1 guys ugly face, unless it's really ugly.
    - Save your skills for champions that will feel them (I.E. No point spamming all your skills on a shen with 300 Magic Resist)
    - Use your shield when allies are going to take some real damage, as it's cooldown will be much higher, don't want to waste it early.
    - Save your ultimate for either kill shots, or if all the squishies line up in a nice straight line for you, which practically begs for it.

    Be sure to inform your team that you can be a super awesome mega support / nuker with the blue buff, and ask them for help killing it when possible, as Lux will take about 27.4 minutes to kill Golem on her own.

  • Items

    As with other supporters, Lux is fragile. Because of this, she needs some early health. Below is a rundown of the items you should get, why, and their approximate order.

    Core Build:

    0. Doran's Ring + Health Potion
    If your summoner level is low, do not have any mana regen or Hp runes, or do not feel to confident with Lux, this would probably be a good starter item for you. If you do have some mana regen or Hp from runes though, then it would be a better idea to skip this starter item and go straight for the Sapphire Crystal.

    1. Sapphire Crystal + Health Potion x 2
    A good start for Lux is to rush a Rod of Ages. Her long range allows her to harass and get minion kills while staying out of trouble. If you feel you have enough mana regeneration and normally play more reserved, or if you sacrificed the Health Quints for others, you can go with the Ruby Crystal instead.

    2. Catalyst the Protector
    The natural upgrade from the Mana Crystal.

    3. Blasting Wand or Boots of Speed
    If you have enough money for the wand and aren't worried about being ganked or losing kills due to runners, grab the wand. Otherwise you may want to get boots next, as they help with chasing, skill dodging, and fleeing.

    4. Rod of Ages
    Finish your Rod of ages.

    5. Sorcerer's Shoes or Mercury's Treads
    Now finish your boots. As Lux is capable of doing some pretty decent damage, Sorcery boots would normally be the first choice. Though your main goal is to stay alive, and support. So if the enemy team has any stuns, snares, or taunts, Merc Treads should be your boots of choice.

    Good thing about Lux is that she requires very little to be effective. The above is all you'll need throughout most of the game, anything else is just Gravy.

    Expensive Items:

    [item=Zhonya's Ring]
    Very nice for a large chunk of AP. I would reccomend NOT using this item when being ganked or chased if you're teammates are not on the way. Reason is because this allows the enemies to get closer, surround you, and let their skills cool off. In this situation you'd be much better off using your bind, slow, and hightailing it out of there.

    [item=Rylai's Scepter]
    You really won't notice the slow much on this item. The main reason to get it would be for the boost in health. This will further make you immune to death, though some people may feel Rod of Ages is enough health for them, or they would prefer a different source of health. If so, just skip this item, as it's only real benefit is the huge chunk of health.

    Archangel's Staff
    A nice item to top off your build. Make sure not to get this early as survivability should be your main concern. Though it adds a nice amount of AP and mana for later.

    Mejai's Soulstealer
    This is a very deadly item on Lux, especially in combination with [item_text=Zhonya's Ring] and the blue buff. Though with great power, comes great responsability. The enemy team should already be gunning for you, this item will most likely make you a giant target. Get this only if you're confident in your team, otherwise it may not end very well, and it will be wasted money. (Keep in mind, a giant target also means you might be a good source of bait if your team wants to setup a gank)

    Cheap Items:
    (These are based on user comments and assumptions. I have not yet tested these, please comment if you try them and they do or don't work)

    Elixir of Brilliance
    Gives a nice boost in Ability Power and -10% Cooldowns. A great cheap item if your a fan of consumables. It's 4 minute cooldown means it won't last very long, but if you're certain that this may be that edge you need to get in a few kills for a few minutes, it may be worth it. If you plan on getting it though, I would suggest doing it later, as early on it gives less AP, you won't notice the -CD% as much. amd a good amount of your damage comes from your passive anyway. Later in the game it will be stronger and you will already have your core build, money will not be as tight.

    [item=Soul Shroud]
    If you don't think you'll be able to get the Blue Buff too often, but would still like the benefits of it, then this item is like the Blue Buff's little sister. It's fairly cheap, and can be gotten instead of the [item_text=Rylai's Scepter]. It will put you at -30% cooldowns (unless you have more -CD runes), and gives some more helpful mana regeneration. But if you still don't want the extra health, or want an even cheaper item...

    Fiendish Codex
    This item would be the Blue Buff's, little sister's dog. A very cheap item if the game doesn't seem to be going your way. It will put you at -25% cooldowns (unless you have more -CD runes), gives some extra mana regen and even some ability power to boot.

    Glacial Shroud
    If you have a bad habit of spamming your skills and being empty on mana quite often, this is a cheap item that gives nice chunk of mana, and some helpful cooldowns. The armor may not be as useful. Just remember that it's mana, and not mana regen. Meaning it will take longer for you to empty your mana pool, but when you're empty, you'll stay empty. If this is fine with you or if you have teleport, then you can grab this at some point if you really like it.

    Tear of the Goddess
    This is another option you may consider if you have a habit of draining your mana. You could actually get this item as your first item, and then build Rod of Ages next if you wanted. The plus side is that your Archangel's Staff will be fully charged with mana when you eventually get it. The downside is that getting your Rod of Ages late means you'll have to wait much longer for it's stats to grow.

    Haunting Guise
    A cheap item that actually pushes a lot of power. Consider that most Damage dealing champions may not get any magic resist, this leaves them around 30-40 Magic resist the entire game. If you skipped on Sorcerer's Shoes and got Mercury's Treads instead, this will help get you back to full damage against champions without MR (and some extra damage against champs with MR). The small boost in health isn't too shabby either.

    Survivability Items:
    A bunch of the items already give pretty good survivability:
    Rod of Ages, [item_text=Rylai's Scepter], [item_text=Soul Shroud], Fiendish Codex, Haunting Guise

    Banshee's Veil
    This is a very useful item when a Karthus is constantly nailing you and your team, or a Blitzcrank is pulling you in to initiate. Otherwise I think other survival items would benefit you more if you need some help staying alive. Don't be fooled by a team of CC champions either. People aren't stupid, if someone see's you with a blue bubble over you, they will most likely just waste a crap skill on you first, and then CC you anyway.

    A good idea would probably be to mix Rod of Ages + 1 other survivability item mentioned above, though I would highly recommend against getting any more than that.

    Not Recommended Items (Only if you really love them):

    Lich Bane
    This is a dangerous item to use on Lux, as it requires you to get in the battle and auto attack, which requires you to stand still for a brief moment. I would recommend against this if you want to keep your deaths low, but if you're confident in your allies ability to hold enemies, your survivability, you have a decent amount of AP already, and know you won't go charging in to recklessly auto attack after every skill, then feel free to get this and toss in a few auto attacks when the times are right.

    Deathfire Grasp
    This item requires you to be close to your enemy and is best on on tanks/tough champions with lots of health, which is not a champion you want to be around when he's full hp. You also have the ability to do much larger damage to a group of enemies. If you must have it, it's not thaat bad. But I wouldn't reccommend it.

    Abyssal Scepter
    Because of the long range of Lux, the passive won't be terribly helpful most of the time.

    Void Staff
    This may seem good, but there's a few things to consider.
    1. Magic Pen % happens after Magic Pen. So if an enemy has 30 MR, and you have 26 Magic Pen, the enemy will now have 4 MR. The 40% will only remove 2 MR. So as you can see it's not really effective unless your enemies have over 100 MR, then it will start removing about 30 or so.
    2. You have only 3 damaging spells. The first two are on long cooldowns, and don't really do much damage, they are more for support. Your lazer is your main killing tool.

    So, this would really only be good for doing extra damage to tanks with your laser. But is that really why you picked lux? To damage tanks slightly more every ~30 seconds?

    Frozen Heart
    One of the best reasons to get this item is because of it's -20% attack speed passive. However, Lux will not be near the Physical DPSers anyway. If you really like the stats on this item, Glacial Shroud would be a much better choice.

    Any other survivability items:
    You should be able to stay out of danger with your long range. Apart from the survivability items mentioned above, anything else would most likely be a waste of Laser Power.

  • Item Builds

    These are general builds to help give you some build ideas. Of course the best build is always the one that works for your play style. So please take these with a grain of salt, and feel free to create your own, depending on your preference and your current enemy champions.

    Core Build:
    Your starting build should look similar to this every game. Although you may chose to use different starter item (like a Doran's Ring), make sure to get your Rod of Ages as soon as possible.

    Expensive Power Builds:
    Hopefully most of your games should go this route. If not, there's 2 routes below.

    Know you and your team are going to ruin faces? Enjoy this large lump of AP.

    If you'd rather stick in a bit of survival but keep your high AP.

    A much cheaper route, though you will be more dependant on mana and the Blue Buff.

    If you can't get the blue buff.

    Survival Builds:
    Sometimes you have the worst team composition possible. 5 Squishies, or 4 healers, or just 0 team coordination. A little extra survival might be benefitial in this case.

    If you're really getting stomped and can't manage too much money or the blue buff either...
    This will actually give you your 24 second laser, it's cheap, and gives tons of mana regen. Though with this you sacrifice quite a bit of AP, and will be more of a utility champ with a sniper laser.

    Lots of Ap, Zhonya's active, and a small amount of slows.

    Annoying karthus, Blitzcrank, or Teemo on the enemy team?

    Cheap Builds:
    If you get stuck laning with a Morde or Heimer and are literally getting 0 last hits, these may be for you.
    These may also be better options for Twisted Treeline. (Not tested)

    A bit more geared towards damage and survival

    Offers a large mana pool and -20% CD if you can't get the Blue Buff

    An alternate build geared towards skill spammers without Blue Buff

    Very Cheap Build

    Notice these don't have completed boots yet? That's because boots really aren't too important on Lux, depending on your enemy team, and if you're able to stay behind your allies. You should get at least Boots of Speed, but feel free to upgrade them any time you want, no rush.

  • Skilling Order

    Remember, Q Light Binding does not scale with levels as good as the other skills in terms of usability for team fights. This is why it's left at level one. It becomes the "Hold it right there, Mr. I-Want-To-Eat-Your-Laser!" skill, while your other skills build on your damage, support, and farming much more nicely.

  • (Q) Light Binding vs (W) Prismatic Barrier

    You may wonder why I recommended leaving only 1 point in a damage spell, and instead maxing a shield spell that shields a very small amount. That small amount is actually the main reason I suggest maxing it first.

    As you may very well prefer the extra damage in the laning phase by maxing QLight Binding second, here's why I personally suggest maxing WPrismatic Barrier second instead:

    Benefits to maxing QLight Binding second:
    - Adds 200 damage to a single target spell making it 260(+0.7), and shortens cooldown by a few seconds.
    - Scales well, extra AP will make it much stronger.
    - In a team fight, with everyone spamming their skills and thousands of damage being tossed around, you are able to deal an additional 200 damage to a single target, about every 10 seconds.

    Benefits to maxing WPrismatic Barrier second:
    - Adds 100 shield power making it 150(+0.3)
    - Scales poorly, more reliant on higher skill level to make it stronger
    - Hitting allies will shield them for 150 each, twice.
    - This can effectively cancel out nearly all of the damage of DoT ultimates at lower levels, such as Amumu, Malhazar, Miss Fortune, Katarina, as well as cancelling much of the damage from general skill spam, and predicted damage like Karthus's ult, or Teemo's mushrooms.

    The Verdict:
    By the time you max your second skill, team fights will start to begin, so let's look at which helps more in team fights.

    As you can see from above, an extra +200 damage to a single champion won't do much in a team fight, especially when your team is already offering up thousands. It could of course be okay for sniping escaping champions at low health, but that's what your laser is for, and it's also a bind. Meaning you can still snipe them and then catch up and do your extra damage any way you please.

    However, getting the shield maxed earlier is invaluable as it actually has the ability to completely negate all damage from most skills/ultimates, and a good chunk of damage from others, for your entire team. A level 5 WPrismatic Barrier and some quick hands can also mean the difference between life in death when certain expected damage is involved, such as Turrets, Karthus' Ult, Teemo's Mushrooms, etc.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Excellent to have (Must have at least one):

    I always use this with Lux. She doesn't depend on summoner skills very much, so this allows her to jump right in the map for either support, ganks, tower protection, tower destroying, or other. All of which she does very well. This is especially useful for when playing with a Teemo who is on the side lanes. His mushrooms being inside the wall Brush makes it very easily for you to teleport into the lane, right behind the enemy for an awesome, very unexpected gank. This also works if any other player is willing to drop money on a ward for unexpected teleport-ganks (you would teleport to the ward).

    Another good spell that helps with your "Can't touch this"ness of Lux. Happen to get caught in a 4-man gank? No problem! Slap on ghost, make sure to bind the most dangerous opponents, dip in and out of brush if you can and drop a Slow behind you. I have never been successfully ganked as Lux. Not once.

    Ghost also gives you the added use of chasing down enemies for your team. Someone just out of reach? Pop ghost, run your little legs as fast as they can go, and bind+slow them for the rest of your team to catch up and help pazown.

    Similar to Ghost. Flash out of there, use the above methods, and run like hell. Though this can put you over walls and such, Lux already has a good amount of escape mechanisms at her disposal, and this isn't as useful for chasing enemies (especially not through the jungle). I would personally prefer ghost over this, though they are both similar, your choice.

    Very nice on Lux if you can sacrifice the others. Having mega map awareness is always a nice touch. This can also help pinpoint escaping enemies for your Mega Laser, Bind, etc. Another useful thing to know about this skill that works surprisingly well, is it's ability to instantly scare off people... More on this in the tips section.

    Not bad, but not amazing (Your choice):

    I seen this on many Lux's. She already has some good damage potential and doesn't really need this. Not to mention once you hit level 6 and get your Sniper Laser, you'll probably never use ignite again. That extra bit of damage just won't be needed when you can pick off enemies low on Hp. Best to save this one for the more DPS/Burst champions, though take it if you still want that extra bit of damage in 1v1. Just remember not to get in too close to the fights.

    Similar to the above, it's really not needed. You're not a nuke mage, nor a DPS. You're a support who happens to shoot laser beams from her mouth. Besides, you already have a bind and a slow.

    Not my cup of tea. I've never found this skill useful, but if you like it, go for it.

    Bad ideas (They may seem good, but others are much better):

    You really won't have too much mana problems as long as you don't go crazy spamming your skills when not needed. Though if you do want to do that, get the blue buff and feel free to clear every other minion wave with your laser (It's possible). Just some mana items (As shown in the Items and Builds sections) can also help remedy this.

    There's 2 reasons you don't need this skill.
    #1, you should have no problem rarely taking damage.
    #2, you should be shielding your allies as often as possible during team fights, so they won't even need this. Besides, it doesn't heal very much to allies anyway.

    Jungle Lux ftw!
    Just kidding, please don't.

    Useful for forcing other people to queue dodge, though you'd have to pick a less likeable character.

    Of course uh... I wouldn't reccommend that sort of thing...

  • Attack Combos

    Early Game (Laning Phase):
    Remember to auto attack after every skill you use on a champion or minion.

    At level 1 you can use QLight Binding + Auto attack to deal some decent damage.

    Once you get ELucent Singularity, you should shift your harass into using this spell, as it's much easier to hit, and will do more damage as you level it up.

    A good combo which does a surprising amount of damage:
    Throw QLight Binding and ELucent Singularity into the enemy champion. Start an auto attack. After the first auto attack, Pop your ELucent Singularity by pressing E again, and allow your second auto attack to hit. This will allow Illumination to proc on both skills very quickly. The enemy will see a large chunk of health disappear quickly and think "omg wtf op!"

    Also, you may want to throw the ELucent Singularity slightly behind your target, so if they are hit by the second bind and decide to run early, they will still be caught in ELucent Singularity's radius.

    When hitting level 6:
    You can use the above combo with an added Laser Ult in their face. Make sure to do this when they are already low on health, so you get a sweet laser kill.

    Mid - Late Game

    You should not be as focused on auto attacking champions anymore as it may prove dangerous for such a small boost in damage, unless of course the area is safe. Just keep your distance and keep throwing out your skills as necessary.

    Using your Ult effectively:
    I mentioned you may use your ult in a combo, which is technically true, though this is not always best. Many times players will Flash/Ghost away right after your combo, which may cause your Mega Laser to miss, or it just may not kill them. I would say to take your time to judge it's killing power. Wait a second after your combo to see what happens, if the enemy looks like he can be killed with the laser, aim it in the direction he is moving, and let it rip. Otherwise save it, harass some more, then snipe him when he's low enough.

    Please please please do not waste your laser early game when it has a high cooldown, unless you can get multiple champs in a fight, or it will guarantee a kill. A wasted laser makes both you and me look like fools.

  • General / Partner / Enemy Tips

    General Tips

    Lasers from Beyond!
    Because of Lux's range, she can take part in entire battles while being on the other side of a wall. If your enemies are getting used to your constant lasers, try sneaking one at them from an odd angle.
    (Thanks to SaintsFall for that tip!)

    Also, Clairvoyance can be good to, well.. he says it best:
    "Also nothing feels better than burning someone to death with your double rainbow just before they b :D"

    Turret Defense, from a distance!
    An easy way to defend your tower from enemy champions from a distance, is to simple fire you layzerz in their faces as soon as you get into range. This will kill most of the minions, and if angled properly (so they don't see the end of the laser), there's a good chance they'll back off, since for all they know, you could be right around the corner.

    Now, here's a funny way to defend turrets that I like to use. It can be used on any champion and I really suggest you try it. If you happen to have Clairvoyance and enemies are attacking your tower, put the Clairvoyance right behind them. More often then not they will think "omg they're coming!" and just run away. You can literally be anywhere in the map, and successfully defend your turret this way.

    Note: This works best when the enemies are afraid of ganks. So it will work wonders on Twisted Treeline, or against low level or squishy champions. Don't expect a level 18 Morde to be scared by this though, as he would probably happily tank a 5-man gank anyway. =(

    Laning Partner Tips:

    Garen (Your brother!)
    1. Land a snare
    2. Garen spins
    3. Land slow
    4. Garen silence
    5. Shout laser
    6. If enemy is alive:
    - Garen ult
    If enemy is dead:
    - Switch to new target and repeat from step 1.

    - Bind or slow the enemy near the wall for an easy Poppy Charge.
    - If enemies are in the brush, use ELucent Singularity to light up the brush and slow enemies inside it for Poppy's charge. They will never go in the brush again.

    Characters with Stuns
    - Will make you very happy
    - Do not stack disabled. Wait until 1 stun/bind is finished before using the other.
    - Your partner should stun first. This gives you time to get into position for your bind. If you bind first at long range, your partner would need to run up close to land the stun. This is time wasted that he could have used to be attacking (which is why I suggest the shorter ranged stun be used first, when possible).

    Meaty/Self Healing Champions
    - Partner is not afraid to run in and smack them around, while you continue to attack from behind is always a good choice.

    Enemy Champion Tips:

    If you are forced to go in mid with Mordekaiser, he will make your life living hell. He simple pushes too hard, and you can not push back as well.
    - If in mid you see Morde constantly running off to the sides after pushing to your tower, he is going to the wraith camp. Throw a ELucent Singularity in there when you see this. If timed right, you can get all the Wraith kills before he lands the last hits.
    - Do not stay near your minions. Doing this will allow morde to regain his shield when harassing you. Stay off to the side so he has to make a choice, minions+shield, or harass.
    - Attack only when his shield is down before he reaches the minions. If you send out a ELucent Singularity too early, simply wait until his shield lowers first, or he is about to walk out of it.

    - If you see his Bubble turn on, get ready to bind him. A Bubble usually means he's planning on stunning you, and then running up to explode in your face. Stop him before he gets the change to get near you with it.

    Garen (your brother)
    - When garen spins, bind him.
    - When garen runs at you, bund him.
    - When garen does /dance, bind him.

    - A common tactic of Tryndamere is to use his spinning slash to get in close, and the Mocking Shout to slow you.
    - Always have your bind ready when facing a Tryndamere. Never waste it on harassing. Not having your bind ready when he spins into your face could mean either death, or you wasting a summoner spell to escape.

    Any Champion with a stun
    - If you see any champion with a stun start to approach you, you can bet you're going to be stunned and should bind them. If it's a defensive champ like Taric, make sure to point your bind at his ally, as he's most likely planning to stun you so his ally can jump in and do the damage.

    Just got the guide fixed, more to come soon!

  • Creditz

    Thanks for reading the guide.
    Just keep in mind it is a work in progress and very soon I will be adding a large amount of helpful information to it.

    If you don't like any aspects of it, please drop a comment on it :)

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