Blitzcrank Build Guide

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Blitzcrank: The Unexpected Tank

written by expouhl

Blitzcrank Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    This guide for blitzcrank is based on his abilities to harass the other team and survive doing it. The itemization is all about maximizing blitz's mana while adding in a little survivability and damage as well.

    Updated 5/13/11.

  • Abilities

    Mana Barrier
    The most important ability that blitz has.

    Rocket Grab
    Great for early ganks and stopping people from running late game. Also fun to initiate with.

    Good way to increase your dps and escape. Good for taking towers.

    Power Fist
    Second most important skill. Use as often as possible and in combo with grab.

    Static Field
    Passive is good for low level farming and early group fight. Active is great for silencing the entire team and a little burst damage.

  • Items

    The key you'll notice to my itemization is mana and more mana.


    Sapphire Crystal and 2 Health Potion. This will give you a little early survivability and the building blocks for the most important item.

    First Back. (925 gold+) Go when you have the money and you aren't endangering your turret.

    Tear of the Goddess and Boots of Speed. Start using your spells all the time (especially punch it's cheap).

    Second Back. Should be able to finish tear 2 boots and get another Sapphire Crystal.
    Tear 2 boots are dependent on the game but I usually go with Boots of Swiftness.

    The list from here is situational but should usually go like:
    Glacial Shroud
    Banshee's Veil
    Frozen Heart (If the other team is heavy or fed AD)

    Eventually you should have all of these items but the order in which you complete them varies based on how your team is doing and theirs.

    If its still going at this point, I usually try and build towards a Trinity Force or Archangel's Staff for fun (I think I've only done this once).

    When I go back if I can't afford to finish an item, I always get the mana crystal. Mana is what makes you powerful, allows you to spam your spells and still have a large shield.

  • Masteries + Runes

    For Masteries I go 0/21/9. Making sure to pickup Strength of Spirit(Defense) and Expanded MindUtility).

    For Runes:

    I've recently switched from:
    Armor Pen, Mana/5 /lvl, and MR/lvl. With flat hp quints.

    Armor Marks, HP/lvl Seals, MR/lvl glyphs and flat HP quints.

    Both work fine, I decided that since this is more of a tank build to go with the tankier runes, which does hurt your mana regen early level and you won't notice at all mid game but thats the only real change. The armor pen was hardly necessary, so armor makes more sense.

  • Skilling Order

    I start with Power Fist. I know this is a bit unusual but I do it for three reasons. One its pretty awesome and does good damage, two it is really cheap(25 mana) and three its good for creep farming.

    Second I get Rocket Grab
    Third Overdrive

    From here I max Power Fist, then Overdrive and finally Rocket Grab.

    With of course leveling Static Field at 6/11/16.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Summoner abilities is always a personal preference thing. I really think though that blitz benefits greatly from summoners that help him escape.

    I always get Flash and Cleanse

    This is of course dependent on your team make up and what is necessary, but I rarely if ever deviate from these choices.

  • Working in the team

    So here is the important part, how does getting all this mana help your team. Basically you run in there and initiate like the crazy tank you think you are. You can start this be either grabbing someone or just charging in. Then you just start Power Fist on their carry over and over. Most likely you'll get blown up, the entire team is going to go CD crazy on you. This is where the mana comes in handy. You should die but of course you won't, you'll survive with somewhere between 0 and 20% HP(hopefully), with your mana shield kicking in and saving you. This is where you run. First you use Static Field and then Flash and Overdrive. With this their entire team will begin chase and try their absolute best to kill you because well you are almost dead, right? Sadly for them this is not true and you can easily out run them, especially since they have been silenced for a second. And your team takes care of the rest.

    Of course there are other times where they don't even come close to killing you and you just get to go crazy power fisting away on their carry. You then get the pleasure of chasing them down using Overdrive and then Rocket Grab any one that tries to escape.

    Another important thing to understand as blitz is that you have the most CC of almost any character. Three of your abilites are CC. You are in charge of stopping ANY channeling spell. Whether thats with your punch, grab or ultimate it doesn't matter, just stop the channels. This is Malz Ult, Fiddle Ult(if you're lucky), WW Ult, Nunu Ult, Fiddle drain, Kat Ult (VERY IMPORTANT), Karthus Ult(If he's an idiot), MF ult and so on. This is what makes or breaks a team fight, do your job.

    Also, if they are gunning for your carry you need to protect them. After you start the fight and you managed to survive you need to help your carry by using your CCs. Even if you are going to grab someone a distance of 2inches it helps, it's a stun and hell it's atleast easy to hit.

  • Summary

    That is pretty much it. Although Blitz doesn't actually have a taunt ability, if you ask me he has the best taunt in the game, Low HP. Once the other team sees you sitting there with no HP left, they can't help but all try and get that kill. Sadly you will die from time to time under unfortunate circumstances where they are able to do >20% of your HP and you die without the shield ever proccing but this is fairly rare.

    They might not be as dumb as they were before because the shield now shows as part of your health bar, but use this to your advantage too. Now you know how much you have, even if you only have a sliver of life if your shield is still huge stick it out, help your team and wait to run. The shield lasts 10 seconds so try to have a feel for when its going to go down, so that you can get out before you're an easy kill.

    Also don't ever start a fight without your shield up, it's suicide and rarely works out in your favor.

    Other then that have fun, there is NOTHING more enjoyable then seeing people go crazy trying to kill you, then BAM the shield pops and refills your entire health bar with a shield bar. Good stuff.

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