Annie Build Guide

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Sweet Annie and her little Bear called Tibbers

written by Xyltin

Annie Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Annie is a top caster and very small (everyone will underestimate her cause of this) but her burst and her survivability togther with her stun are making her one of the best champs in lol.

    I build her on max CDR together with some survivability and good AP.
    With this you wont kill an enemy late game in one burst, but you will have the ability to nearly tank and support your team with constant stuns and more DPS most carries could do.

    With this build you will be able to kite a whole team around and do an insane amount of DMG in this time.
    In a team fight they can't really focus you cause you have a lot of Armor and MR (around 250 Armor and 125 MR with full itembuild and Molten Shield) together with a good amount of HP.
    But if they ignore you, you will cast your spells on CD all the time and they will go down fast.
    The only way to stop you will be a silence.

    All you have to do, is farming early and harassing, and then try to kill enemys with 50-75% HP.

  • Changelog

    10/20/2010: First published.

    (BETA! more to come)

  • Abilities

    Your only CC.
    Don't waste it on creeps early.
    If you hit an enemy you can cast other spells to harass early or do some AA.

    Your most important spell to farm and harass early.
    Deals good DMG and has low CD.

    Very important for your burst DMG.
    Your AOE spell with also low CD.

    Molten Shield
    Your only survivability spell.
    Try to use it on CD when you have full CDR.
    15 sec duration. 18 sec CD.

    Summon: Tibbers
    Your spell to trigger Pyromania.
    Insane burst with a nice Teddy to help you.
    Controll it with your ALT key and send him into brushes to scout or to towers to tunnel better.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Masteries are 9/0/21
    Change Teleport and Exhauste if you dont use this summoner spells.
    Instead of the Utility Mastery you could also skill Expanded Mind.

    Greater Mark of Insight
    Greater Seal of Replenishment / Greater Seal of Vitality (i take 4 / 5)
    Greater Glyph of Focus
    Greater Quintessence of Fortitude / Greater Quintessence of Insight (i take 3 / 0)

    Annie is a good farmer and when she hits lvl 6 she can burst like no other champ.
    For that you need Magic pen.
    But you also have low HP and Armor early. That's why I would use some +HP runes.
    The CDR is there cause you will get around 25% CDR from items and 9% from Masteries and so the 6% from runes take yout to the max of 40%.

    Annies doesn't need too much AP early cause she casts very fast with her spells and deals a good amount of base DMG.

  • Summoner Abilities

    1. Always take it. Annies has no escape and she isn't the fastest so you need it. Also to initiate with your Tibbers you should have it to get near the enemy if they move away. You have to kill fast.
    2. / Ignite gives you a nice DOT when an enemy runs away and it reduces healing. Exhauste is easily skilled and gives you a better chance to chase or escape. It gives you a big advantage in 1v1 and for your first blood mid.
    3. Very good when you are harassed a lot at the begining or when you have to def a lane quickly.

    Other spells can be good, but I won't recommend them.

    : You will have more than enough Armor/MR and HP. So you won't need it for survivability. Also you are a caster and 1 sec without a stun is anough to burst out your DMG, and then you will have CD for at least 2.4 sec.
    : You will have more mana than you can spend later in the game. Early game you could need it, but for that you could use much better.

  • Items

    I have two ways to start.

    -> (used mid lane most of the time) Boots of Speed and 2x Health Potion and 1x Mana Potion.
    With this i run like Speedy and can take some DMG while I don't have to stop casting.

    -> (side lanes/with teleport) Sapphire Crystal and 2x Health Potion.
    Here you are slower but you dont need a Mana Potion early and you are much faster with a Catalyst the Protector

    When you go back you want to buy at least a Catalyst the Protector.
    Then you have to get Sorcerer's Shoes or Mercury's Treads.
    Mejai's Soulstealer: If you are already doing good, else you can also buy it a little later or never.
    Next is a Rod of Ages and then a Glacial Shroud for CDR and more Mana.

    From here on you have to decide based on your enemys.
    If the enemy team has a good physical DPS upgarde Glacial Shroud to Frozen Heart, else if will be your last step.
    If you need MR get an Abyssal Scepter.
    If the enemy has a lot of MR get a Void Staff and if you also need MR get a Banshee's Veil.
    If you don't need MR or Magic Pen get a Archangel's Staff.

    Also get a [item=Zhonya's Ring] in the game. It can be bought after the Glacial Shroud or later. I sometimes delay it till the end of my build.

    All the items can easily be changed in order to get the right survivability at the the right time or to get more CDR or AP when you need it.

    So I get to something like this:
    + Mejai's Soulstealer if i do good enough.

    Other items you can also build:
    Good AP and some Spell Vamp. Good when you hvae some AP champs in you team, but then i would recommend to let them spend the money and yoy profit from it.

    Items you shoudln't build:
    Only when you don't get a Glacial Shroud. It doesn't have enough CDR and we don't need mana reggen, cause we have a lot of max mana. The active ability is pretty good agaisnt HP stackers, but with you large manapool and you low CDs you can bring then donw with your normal spells, too.
    [item_icon=Rylai's scepter] You already have a Stun and with your low CD you can do it often enough to CC you enemys. You also have a good amount of HP so you normaly don't need more.
    Very expensive and doesnt support you later very well.

  • Skilling Order

    Normaly I go mid and skill like this:

    With your 40% CDR mid game you will have
    - 2.4 sec CD on Disintegrate
    - 3.6 sec CD on Incinerate
    - 18 sec CD on Molten Shield
    - 72 sec CD on Summon: Tibbers

    If you want to stun with your first cast use this (cast Incinerate in the base):

    Sometimes you want to skill your Molten Shield early to have more control over your passive.

    But most important:
    > > >

    Why Disintegrate > Incinerate?
    Incinerate costs too much and has a higher CD.
    You need Disintegrate to farm early cause it costs no mana when last hitting.
    It is also targeted and so you hit to nearly 100% when cast.
    When you open with Disintegrate you can cast Incinerate and short after that your Disintegrate CD will be ready again.

    So when you want to finish a single enemy always try to start with
    -> -> -> ->
    ( -> -> -> ...)

  • The Jungle

    When you are mid, you always want to kill the Ghosts if you don't have a Jungler.
    Take the right time, when no enemy creeps are going to die in the next 10 sec and kill them with an -> combo.

    Also the Golem is a thing you want to get around lvl 6.
    Use all your spells to kill him on CD, cause you won't have any mana problems with the aura.
    Take someone from top lane to help you to kill him faster.

    Later in the game, when you have 20% CDR from items, you dont need the Golem aura anymore.
    Let some others in your team have it.

  • How to Play


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