Janna Build Guide

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Hurricane Katr...Janna! A detailed Guide.

written by Pnoy

Janna Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    #####Update: December 20th, 2010#####
    - added support branch
    - considered Soul Shroud/Fortify/Elixirs
    - included recent changes like Locket removal
    - overall rework
    - added "eye candy"
    - Zhonyas Ring has been removed - Hourglass and Deathcap both good choices, though

    Hello there guys, this is my first guide. This doesn't mean im new to LoL or Leaguecraft, so it's no lame excuse for my guide sucking. If it sucks, just let me know in the comments. That way, you can flame a little and I actually learn something. First of all, if there are a few language issues, it is because I am german.
    But enough with the excuses, let's focus on this guide and why I wrote it:

    I started playing Janna a while ago and I feel that she is heavyly underused. In my opinion, Janna is one of the most potent supporters in the game, especially compared to Keysmash-Sona, which can be found in 9 out of 10 normal matches. While she has no single-target heal like Taric or Soraka, she has a lot of mechanisms that can be used both defensively and offensively, giving her qualities not only as a supporter, but also as a chaser, farmer and pusher. This guide focusses on playing her with maxed out flexibility, allowing you to help your teammates in both staying alive and kicking some serious ass.

    [This is a guide for normal game, I cannot say if it applies for ranked as well due to lack of ranked experience]

    If you are bored by walls of text and feel you are already a Janna-expert, continue to the TL;DR-section.

  • Abilities

    Not much to say here, it isn't that awesome, but it helps the team. Also works well with Zephyr + Boots.

    Howling Gale
    This is your...why the hell does everyone say "bread and butter" in their guides? Anyways, this is an important skill in the beginning. It will help you in many ways, as this skill is excellent for:
    -canceling channeling spells
    -saving people's behinds

    This skill is also very unique and part of what makes Janna the character she is. It makes you very mobile, which is very important as you have to be where the party's at, and it also provides a nice slow that is excellent for escaping or chasing.

    Eye Of The Storm
    Another skill that is very unique in League of Legends, and underestimated by many players. This one can block almost a full DEMACIAAAAA-faceroll, defend a tower from an entire minion wave, enable a tower dive, save an ally or simply give a FREE B.F.-Sword on lvl 5. It scales extremely well with AP.

    This is really one of the ultimates in LoL that is worth being called ultimate. It has soo many uses, it's incredible. You can not only save a focussed ally from a gank while healing him, you could also use it to give your team a "second life" during teamfights, or help it negate damage from skills like Cannon Barrage or Hemoplague. It also helps to get the entire enemy team out of the Nashor Cave or to heal your team up after a won teamfight, allowing you to instantly start pushing / nashoring.

    User-submitted addition from ZweiPhantom:
    At level 6/7, you could also flash behind the enemy if the time is right and
    push him into your tower, allowing your team to score an easy kill.

  • Masteries + Runes

    I am not a theorycrafter and I have a poor understanding of mathematic processes, but these turned out to work very well on Janna:

    Masteries: 9/0/21

    This is pretty standart, you grab Sorcery and Archaic Knowledge on the OFFENSE tree, and go for cooldown reduction, mana regeneration, Quickness and Presence of the Master in the UTILITY tree. The rest should be adjusted to your runes, experience and playstyle.

    9x Greater Mark of Insight for moar facemelting capacities.
    9x Greater Seal of Clarity or Greater Seal of Replenishment for mana reg OR Greater Seal of Evasion
    9x Greater Glyph of Focus for faster recharge of your important spells.
    For Quints, take any combination of
    Greater Quintessence of Swiftness and
    Greater Quintessence of Fortitude,
    but I recommend at least 1x Greater Quintessence of Swiftness

    This gives you the ability to spam your skills when you need them and enables you to hurt a lot against enemies without additional magic resistence.

  • Skilling Order

    For the skilling order, there are two main choices you might face.
    It really depends on the teams you are playing with and against.
    ALWAYS grab the skill you max last at least once at level 4,
    because all of Jannas skills are unique and helpful, even on level 1.

    If you are laning with a melee or carry, or against harassing enemies, you should
    focus on

    If you are solo laning, or with someone who doesn't benefit much from your shield,
    you might build like this:

    or like that:

    It really depends on your situation and team.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Flash Allows you to escape, chase, or quickly jump in the fray to Monsoon the shit out of everyone.
    Clairvoyance A common support spell that allows you to scout and allow you to launch very surprising Tornados
    Exhaust Gives you the additional ability to deactivate a carry in the teamfight, since your slow will sometimes not stop them.

    Clarity For those moments in life. Additional staying power, good for people without proper runes.
    Teleport This one allows you to be very mobile, farming creepwaves and joining every teamfight.
    However, Janna is also very mobile without it.
    Cleanse Makes Janna even more unchaseable and can save you and your team.
    [spell=fortify] You're not that summoner spell dependant, so if noone has that, you might take it.

    Not Useful
    Ignite WTF? Killstealing is the job of your carry/assasin.
    Heal Greatly reduces the effect of your Monsoon.
    Smite Jungle Janna? Trololololo...
    Ghost You should already be the fastest champ on the field, that's why Flash is more helpful.

    [spell=rally] WTF RIOT?
    Revive Ha Ha very funny.

  • Items

    There are essentially 2 branches of item builds you might wanna build. However,
    they are branches, suggestions , not a build that must be followed strictly.
    Following Item builds strictly looses games, always consider the game situation when

    The first branch is based on AP/Support with Archangel's Staff or Rod of Ages,
    the second on full support with items like [item=soul shroud].

    Therefore, I recommend the following start:
    AP/Support - Archangel's: [item=meki pendant] and Health Potion
    AP/Support - RoA: Sapphire Crystal and Health Potion.
    Support Mana Manipulator
    You can also start with a Doran's Ring if you feel safer with that.

    You should stay in line at least until you have the money for Tear of the Goddess OR
    Catalyst the Protector + Boots of Speed
    ALWAYS buy at least one Sight Ward.
    Wards are very important and very useful on Janna
    since she is not very item dependant, has a lot of inventory space,
    and can move around the map quite safely to place them.

    After that, on your second trip, grab the obvious Blasting Wand
    or Kindlegem + Boots of Swiftness/ Boots of Mobility.
    If possible, finish your main item (Shroud/RoA/Archangels).

    Why Boots of Swiftness/ Boots of Mobility?
    Because you are not a nuker and not supposed to get focussed.
    Ever. If it happens, boots won't save you.

    Your build should now look like this:

    Now it is time for you to make decisions:

    AP/Support Path:
    Is your team owning? Mejai's Soulstealer!
    Is your team lacking defense? Aegis of the Legion!
    Is your team getting raepd by Twitch/Xin/Yi? Frozen Heart!
    Is your role shifting to a damage dealer? Rabadon's Deathcap!
    Is your champion too squishy? Haunting Guise!
    Is the enemy team too bulky? Deathfire Grasp!
    Wanna mix things up? [item=Soul Shroud]!

    Support Path:
    Is your team owning? Mejai's Soulstealer!
    Is your team lacking overall defense? Aegis of the Legion!
    Is your team getting raepd by Twitch/Xin/Yi? Frozen Heart!
    Is your champion too squishy? Shurelya's Reverie!

    Other useful Items
    Abyssal Scepter - More AP and more penetration for the whole team.
    Banshee's Veil - Great defensive item, especially against CC.
    Guardian Angel - Now you're immortal. Only recomended as very last item.
    Will of the Ancients - If your team is pure AP.

    Also remember to buy even more Sight Ward/ Vision Ward. This wins games.
    Also consider buying Elixir of Brilliance/ Elixir of Fortitude, they can
    really give you the edge.

    Items you shouldn't buy
    Nashor's Tooth Why the hell would you buy attack speed?
    Hextech Revolver Spell Vamp is useless on Janna.
    [item=Rylai's Scepter] Your spells are pure CC already, not needed imo.
    Lich Bane No. Don't do it. It's a trap.
    Warmog's Armor Nope nope nope nope nope.

    Late Game, your build might look like this:

    Damage Dealer / AP (Example)
    AP/Support Defensive (Example vs Nuke/CC)
    AP/Support Defensive (Example vs Phys)
    Full Support (Example - Balanced)

  • TL;DR

    Masteries: 9/0/21

    Skilling Order:
    Duo Lane with carry or vs harassment: R>E>W>Q
    Solo Lane or independant lane mate: R>Q>E>W or R>Q>W>E

    Summoner Spells:
    Good: Flash Clairvoyance Exhaust
    OK: Clarity Teleport Cleanse[spell=Fortify]

    Core: or or [item_icon=Soul Shroud]

    Offensive possibilities:

    Defensive possibilities:

    Support possibilities:

  • Farming

    That's the easiest part: On Level 4/5, Howling Gale instantly kills
    the caster minions when fully charged, and leaves the melee ones for an easy last hit.
    Always charge the gale so that it will hit all minions, making it easy to score lasthits
    before your gale reaches the Level where it kills the caster minions. Also try to hit
    the enemy Champion with your gale in the laning phase, which is achieved by launching it
    from out of your target's sight (through walls/out of bushes/far away).

    If there are many wounded minions, you don't have to charge the gale,
    releaste it instantly to get all the kills.

    If you have a laning partner who is more item dependant than you (this is usually the case),
    make sure he gets all the lashits and just weaken the minions for him. Also, if he is melee,
    support him by shielding him. This will make last hitting for him a lot safer and easier.

    Hint: After directing gale, you can actually retreat a few meters
    and let the skill charge, allowing you to divert players from the charging tornado.
    This also allows you to farm a wave of minions without staying in the lane.

    Only use Zephyr for finishing important creeps when necessary
    (i.e. dragon, nashor, blue buff), not for farming or creep stealing.

  • Creep Jungling

    You can launch a lvl 4/5 Howling Gale at the Ghosts or Wolves and eventually grab Blue Buff from time to time, but generally just when there are no creeps in range. You will get plenty of XP and Money from laning and you have an above average staying power.

  • Saving your Teammates (Laning Phase)

    If a summoner gets ganked or followed by one or two superior champions, you can help out greatly,
    assuming you already have your boots of swiftness. If the ally manages to run away in a route that
    you can reach, go for it. Save his ass. Follow these easy steps:

    1. Check if any other followers might appear behind you, killing you.
    Use clairvoyance if possible and take into account MIA calls.

    2. Shield him with Eye Of The Storm. This is always the first spell.

    3. Quick-cast a Howling Gale to disrupt the followers and give
    your mate a little time to run.

    4. Snare out the fastest or most dangerous of the followers with Zephyr.

    5. If still necessary and available, pull a Monsoon.

    9 out of 10 teammates who are able to run away choosing a smart path can be saved with this.

    REMEMBER: If you don't have enough mana, don't even try.

  • Working in the team

    This is where Janna really shines. The behaviour in a teamfight is
    very dependent on the composition of champions, in both teams.

    The first and most important rule in a teamfight: You stay behind your team. It is your job to
    keep your team alive and support it, and you have excellent escape mechanisms that allow you to defend
    the base for a while if anything goes wrong. Position yourself in a position that gives
    you a good view over the battlefield.

    Even before the teamfight starts, it is quite common that both teams stand facing eachother, trying
    to poke the other team with skillshots in order to weaken them and force them to use defensive spells.
    Your gale is such a poke-spell that is excellent if you shoot it from bushes or through walls. It will
    disrupt and distract the enemy team and maybe even deal decent AoE damage. The enemy might jump out
    to search for you, but you are long gone since gale can channel without you. In that case, easy gank on
    the enemy hunters.
    It could also force the enemy team to react in haste, which might cause drastic mistakes in their strategy.

    When shit is about to go down, make sure your gale hits the enemy team (as many champs as possible)
    in the exact moment your team attacks. It doesn't have to be fully charged, it just has to disrupt them,
    aborting their ordered spells and allowing your teammates to position themselves at their targets or
    landing skillshots such as heimers [skill_text=concussion grenade]. Also make sure your Initiator,
    for example Malphite or Garen, recieved an Eye Of The Storm, and your carry gets one, too.
    That way, the initiator survives the first damage burst unharmed,
    and your carry has a little more survivability AND a FREE B.F.-SWORD!

    After this initiation there are a few scenarios that could take place:

    Scenario A: Your team totally devastates the enemy
    That's the best case scenario. In this case, make sure you cut the
    way of fleeing enemies with a gale and trigger it in the right moment,
    and slow the closest fleeing enemy with Zephyr.
    The gale will also allow you to grab as many assists as possible for your Soulstealer.

    If any serious damage occured, heal it with Monsoon and order your team to push.
    Support tower diving/tanking with Eye Of The Storm and clear the way of minions
    with your Howling Gale.

    Scenario B: The winner of the Teamfight is not determinable after initiation
    You can still do a lot here. Start a Howling Gale into the fray as often as possible,
    give fleeing or focussed champions a shield with Eye Of The Storm and slow chasing/moving
    champions or champs without magic resistance with Zephyr. If it looks like your team is loosing,
    flash into the fray and trigger Monsoon, and keep it channeled until all allies are
    out of the critical HP range. Try to push the enemy heroes in places they don't want to be.
    IMPORTANT: Do your Monsoon-Flash before[!] the first nukers/carries/assasins of your team drop down.
    Then shield your weakest teammate and start the hunt with your Zephyr.

    Scenario C: Your team gets RAEPD
    UH-OH. Start an Howling Gale right across the battlefield, throw a shield on the
    weakest ally and instantly Monsoon-Flash in. Keep it channeled until the enemy approaches
    again, then shield the slowest of your fleeing allies. That is unless you managed to turn the tides,
    then continue like in Scenario B. Else, get your mates running. You are fast enough,
    you can stop and start a Howling Gale or put down a shield and still escape.
    If the enemy is close, cast a gale and release it instantly to disrupt them. This should allow
    at least 4 of 5 team members to escape to the nearest tower.

  • Pros / Cons

    + Loads of CC
    + Saving people's asses frequently
    + Fast as lightning
    + decent pusher
    + game-changing ultimate
    + not very item-dependent
    + often ignored
    + excells at laning
    + good staying power / lane defense
    + easy farming
    + queen of assists

    - You will hardly get kills
    - You can't 1 v 1 enemy champions
    - Without runes/masteries mana issues earlygame
    - Not good at jungling
    - Retarded Teammates will flame you for character choice and killstealing
    - you will often not get credited for your work

  • Conclusion

    This was basically it, I hope my guide was helpful and that some people decide
    to give Janna a try after reading this guide. If I forgot something, if you want to
    add something, or if you just want to give feedback, please rate this guide and comment.
    I'll be improving this guide according to your feedback and I'm always open for constructive

    Please comment and rate this guide if you are interested, it would really help improve
    this article and I'd be happy to hear your thoughts on this guide :)


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