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Amumu - Group Hug Time

written by ForceAmp

Amumu Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Cursed Touch
    Decent passive that helps out a bunch in team fights.

    Bandage Toss
    Main initiator. Its a distance closer and a stun with some decent damage. Its an easy skill-shot with a nice range.

    Great AoE. Sustained damage. This the main reason its dangerous to stand next to Amumu.

    Decent passive ability that lets you soak up some damage. Activate it for your main farming skill, which is also usable on champs.

    Curse of the Sad Mummy
    AoE snare. This is what turns around team fights. I'll go more into this later.

  • Introduction

    Hey I'm ForceAmp. Although this is my first guide, I think I did a pretty good job with it. And its not a huge wall of meaningless text. I'm pretty awesome at this game, but I'm sure not the best. I've played Amumu long enough to write this guide. It might help you not suck bawls. (not trying to be rude)

  • Pros / Cons

    - Awesome tank
    - Great initiator
    - Team fight changer
    - Nice sustained damage
    - Decent farming ability
    - Stun/Snare
    - Versatile
    - Fun to play
    - With the right item build, he can be insanely useful

    - Somewhat team dependent
    - Focused a bunch
    - May run out of mana a lot

  • Summoner Abilities

    Abilities I use Ghost: Flash
    Ghost is used for when an enemy flees from your Despair hugs. It could also be used for initiating when your flash is down. Or it could be used for running like a p**** when a team fight goes horribly wrong (which it shouldn't).
    Flash is used for initiating. It should be used instead of Bandage Toss so that you can have a ranged stun after you have initiated to catch a fleeing enemy or to save someone on your team that is getting demolished.

    Other spells that work could work well with Amumu include:
    Teleport Could be used for getting back to the lane for quick bluepills. Could be used to save a lane.
    Cleanse Nerfed spell but still useful if the other team has a lot of CC.
    Ignite More damage.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Masteries - plain old Tank build.

    Greater Quintessence of Fortitude
    Greater Glyph of Warding
    Greater Mark of Resilience
    Greater Seal of Resilience or Greater Seal of Evasion

  • Tank/AP Hybrid Amumu - by zYn

    - Hybrid Tank/AP Amumu -

    This is a versatile build that really shines with the correct use of Despair. Go for this build if you already have a Tank/Hybrid Tank on your team. Or if you just want to "rape face."



    - Sapphire Crystal Mana at start so you can use your Tantrum more regularly for farming. You already get enough +HP early game from your Runes and Masteries.
    - 2x Health Potion So that you can be somewhat aggressive. Health regen is awesome.

    First Bluepill
    - Catalyst the Protector Restores HP and MP every level. Great for early laning.
    - If you have enough money, also get a Boots of Speed

    Core Items
    - Rod of Ages comes first so you can max out the bonus of it early. Gives you HP, MP, and AP.
    - Mercury's Treads Does amazing against CC and has some magic resist.
    - [item=Rylai's Scepter] More AP without giving away HP. Plus your Tantrum can slow.
    - Randuin's Omen Great item extremely useful in team fights.
    - Sunfire Cape This item is practically built for Amumu. +HP, +Armor, and Magic Damage to nearby enemies. Pair this up with your Despair and you are deadly.
    - Abyssal Scepter This just adds on to your Cursed Touch and gives you some +AP. Drops the enemies magic resist to like nothing. Makes you a huge threat.


    zYn's Justification

    AP is incredibly important to Amumu. With Rod of Ages and Rylai, you won't be sacrificing a lot of your tank-ability as you will still receive a great deal of HP. As you can see based on the link above, with the full build you will be rocking 4k HP, almost 2k Mana, with a despair that does appx 6% per second, and you are getting a great deal of benefit for your tantrum, bandage toss, and ult.

    The conbination of AP + Sunfire capes allows your constant DPS to be unmatched, as you present the enemy team with a serious problem. They can't leave you alone, because your despair + sunfire capes does FAR too much damage. So they can either...

    A) Leave you alone, meaning they are taking an incredible amount of damage per second...which they don't want
    B) They attack playing a WANT them to do. And for every successful attack, they are reducing the cooldown on Tantrum, giving you the opportunity to nuke them more often.

    **"Well I don't see the big deal, we have to invest money to change despair from 3.5% to 6%...why?**
    -- think about it in lamens terms...despair affects nearby targets per in 10 seconds, if you build 0 AP, they will lose appx 1/3 of their life, and if you have 230ish AP, they will lose more than half of their life in 10 seconds. That's a seriously big difference when you consider that it doesn't matter how much HP they have :)

    This blends the true powers of Amumu together. His ability to tank and his ability to DPS through the use of his abilities.

  • Physical Tank Amumu

    - Physical Tank Amumu -

    This build is made for fighting a heavy physical team (4 or 5 of them). With this you'l be tanking around 20k physical hp and returning damage.



    You have two options here.
    1) Extra mana at start with pots for laning.
    - Sapphire Crystal
    - 2x Health Potion
    2) Health regen, pots, and a ward.
    - Rejuvenation Bead
    - Health Potionx2
    - Sight Ward or Vision Ward

    First Bluepill
    1) Much needed armor and mana + some reduced cooldowns. And boots.
    - Glacial Shroud
    - Boots of Speed
    2) Insane health regen and armor. Good passive. And boots
    - Warden's Mail
    - Boots of Speed

    Core Items
    - Randuin's Omen Best tank item in the game. You just have to remember to use it.
    - Frozen Heart You can delay the full item till late game, but make sure you get a shroud early.
    - Ninja Tabi +Armor, +Dodge, +Movement Speed.
    - Sunfire Cape Again, this item is made for Amumu. +HP, +Armor, Magic damage aura.
    - Thornmail Returns damage when you are targeted. Awesome addition to this build.

  • Magic Tank Amumu

    - Magic Tank Amumu -

    This build is made for fighting a magic heavy team (4 or 5 of them). With this you can deflect magic spells, regen hp fast, and revive.



    - Ruby Crystal Incredible HP at start if combined with your masteries/runes.
    - Sapphire Crystal Mana at start so you can spam your Tantrum for farming. You already get enough +HP early game from your Runes and Masteries.
    - 2x Health Potion

    First Bluepill
    - Catalyst the Protector Restores HP and MP every level. Great for early laning.
    - Boots of Speed

    Core Items
    - Banshee's Veil Blocks a magic spell every 30 seconds. +HP, +MP, and +MR
    - Mercury's Treads Does amazing against CC and has some magic resist.
    - [item=Force of Nature] Much needed magic resist and insane health regen.
    - [item=Rylai's Scepter] +HP, +AP, and slows. (more effective than sunfire in this build)
    - Guardian Angel REVIVE!
    - Abyssal Scepter This just adds on to your Cursed Touch and gives you some +AP. Drops the enemies magic resist to like nothing. Makes you a huge threat.

  • Noob Amumu

    - Noob Amumu -

    This build is for those who are either new to Amumu or new to the game in general. I assume that you do not have the correct runes yet.



    - Doran's Shield This will make up for the lack of quints. Extremely good for early game laning. Sell later for items.

    First Bluepill
    - Boots of Speed
    - [item=Meki Pendant] Mana regen since you didn't take a Catalyst.

    Core Items
    - Chalice of Harmony Mana regen since you didn't take a Catalyst. Great for using Despair.
    - Mercury's Treads Best boots, really.
    - Sunfire Cape Stack these. That's pretty much the bread and butter of this build.
    - Guardian Angel Get this early if you are having problems. Get this late otherwise. Revive!

  • Skilling Order

    R>E>W>Q (from right to left)
    I urge you NOT to level up Q. I know if you level it up it will give you reduced cool-down and more damage. But your other skills are way more important for farming and damage. Leveling it does not increase the stun duration or range. The cool-down on Bandage Toss at level 1 is good enough. You wont be spamming it early game like Tantrum.

    Take Bandage Toss at 1 if you plan on a lvl 1 fight/gank. I wouldn't recommend it though.

  • Working in the team

    Working in the team is exactly what Amumu is optimized for. In a team fight, wait for the right moment when your teammates are ready, and the enemies get a little too close. Then trigger Despair, Flash into the enemy, then try to get most people that you can with Curse of the Sad Mummy, (nows the time to drop your [spell=Rally] if you have it), then spam your Tantrum. If anyone tries to get away try to Bandage Toss them and HUG so that your Despair/ Sunfire Cape can finish em off.

  • Preferred Teammates

    Your team should be comprised of mostly AoE.

    Some good teammates:
    Anivia ( Glacial Storm)
    Blitzcrank ( Static Field)
    Fiddlesticks ( Crowstorm)
    Gangplank ( Cannon Barrage)
    Karthus ( Defile)
    Kennen ( Slicing Maelstrom)
    Malphite ( Unstoppable Force)
    Morgana ( Soul Shackles)
    Nasus ( Spirit Fire)
    Nunu ( Absolute Zero)
    Pantheon ( Grand Skyfall)
    Ryze ( Desperate Power)
    Twitch ([spell=Spray and Pray])

  • Creep Jungling

    Amumu can jungle easily. Once you reach lvl 6 and get your ult, you should be able to pull off a kill or two in your lane. Ask your partner if you can then jungle for a bit. Get GOLEM BUFF! It helps soooooo much. Can you say unlimited Despair? + reduced cool-downs on other abilities.

    You should get Golem buff every time its up, on either side. But beware of enemy junglers.

  • Farming

    Use your Tantrum to last hit. Try to get all the minions to around 20% first with your Despair (keep an eye on your mana though)and auto-attacks. To utilize your Tantrum to its full potential, tank the next creep wave that comes. Each time you get hit, the cool-down gets shortened by a second.

  • Summary

    Hopefully you don't suck as much now that you have read this awesome guide. Please rate and comment.
    Any suggestions/thanks/criticism is greatly appreciated.

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