Anivia Build Guide

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Anivia: Have you heard?

written by ryaneklipse

Anivia Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    THE BIRD IS THE WORD!!! -Family guy :P

    Hello all. My name is Ryan, and I have been playing anivia for a long time now. Most of my games go well, and I usually get at least 15 stacks on Mejai's Soulstealer My summoner name is Ryanks, and I have just recently obtained level 30 not that long ago. I have been great with anivia, and from august to November i had not lost a single game with anivia. The only reason it ended was due to three, yes three, leavers at the very start of the game, we had no chance :(

    Anywho, this is my guide, i hope it is helpful, informative, and useful.

  • Abilities

    This passive is great for kills. I have seen countless times where a champion will try to tower dive me, and yet forgets about the egg. They always end up dying.

    Some people recommend that if you are low on health, you let a minion finish you off to get full health back, but I do not recommend it because then your stuck for 3~4 minutes scared that someone will tower dive you or kill you. Just don't do it. Honestly just wait for a good moment to base.

    This is the ability that will let you, if you are careful, go a whole game with 0 deaths. And as Anivia always says, laying an egg isn't as easy as it seems. XD

    Flash Frost
    This is your harassing ability that lets you harass even more! This is awesome. All you need to do is just auto-attack some minions, and while other champions fight the minions, wait for a good moment, and let this out.

    Make sure you try to stun them AFTER you let the ball go through them because it will apply the damage twice, but you don't have to. This ability also makes the enemy "frosted" which makes your frostbite do double damage. You should really only use this ability if you can use frostbite on them after you stun them.

    Overall a good ability with a decently low cool down.

    OMG awesome. This ability is great for when team fights break out in jungle, when your running away in jungle, or just to scare people away. What I like doing is to, when I am hurt and need to run, use this. Then the champion must choose one way to go to, which lets you predict where they are going. This allows you to use flash frost and stun them very easily.

    I like to also use this ability to split up a team member during a team fight. It works great, but you must also be aware of where your teammates are. If you make your teammate stuck on the other side with the entire enemy team, they are dead and are gonna be pissed at you. Really be careful with this ability and try to get better in time with this. I was not good at this at first either.

    It takes practice. practice makes perfect :)

    Your bread and butter. Has a VERY low cool down and at level 2, this ability is great for harassing an enemy to death. Use flash frost to stun, then frostbite, and PRESTO, half of their health disappears.

    During team fights you want to hit the lowest health champion with this or at least make sure it is always on cool down. This ability will do upwards of 500 damage at level 18 with enough AP. This is also used with Glacial Storm to harass someone.

    Overall this is the best ability on Anivia.

    Glacial Storm
    Ok, this is a great ability. Slows and frosts all enemies inside, great for running away, and my favorite ability to kill a whole wave of minions in 3 seconds.

    At level 18, if you are doing good, this ability can do over 300 damage per second with your AP. I like to use this on an enemy champion, and quickly run in for frostbite. Once frostbite hits, or you at least use it, turn off glacial storm because if you do not have the golem buff, it will suck your mana away like nothing.

    Edit- Due to the recent nerf on this ability, it costs much more mana for your combo R-E. This nerf was not terrible, all you have to do is get golem whenever possible. Anivia is fairly good at killing golem quickly, so it should not be much of a problem, just make sure you have more than half of your mana and health.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Well for masteries I like to go 9/0/21
    I personally get golem buff several times a game, so the utility mastery really helps.

    As for Runes, this is up to you. The ONLY runes I really suggest you get are magic penetration marks. The rest of the of the runes are up to you, but be smart, like don't get armor or magic resist for seals.

  • Items

    Ok, I like to start off with [item=Meki Pendant] and two health potions because a nice mana regen with 2 potions is always nice. This set-up with allow you to stay in lane for a long time before you have to go back.

    On my first base I usually have enough gold for Tear of the Goddess and Sorcerer's Shoes

    After that I rush for Mejai's Soulstealer because the longer you have it, the more stacks you can get, and if you get 20 stacks, you win because frostbite along with the cool down from Mejai's and golem buff, it is almost spammable.

    Next, finish up your Archangel's Staff and then start on Rabadon's Deathcap.
    Once you get your Rabadon's Deathcap, the game should almost be over. If not go for a second Archangel's Staff. If you get that, then just keep getting Arcangel's staffs because when you get a lot of these, your AP begins to climb. I at one time had 4 staffs and zhonya's ring, which gave me a grand total of.... 1008 AP!

    Also, if you are new and you can not hold stacks on Mejai's Soulstealer skip it. You do not need it, but it is really nice if you can get a few stacks.

    Also, if you have extra gold, but not enough for an item, you can buy an elixir of brilliance for the extra ap.

    So the order is this

    1. [item=Meki Pendant]
    2. Tear of the Goddess & Sorcerer's Shoes
    3. Mejai's Soulstealer
    4. Archangel's Staff
    5. Rabadon's Deathcap
    6. Archangel's Staff
    7. Elixir of Brilliance
    8. Archangel's Staff

  • Skilling Order

    The reason why I get a level of crystallize so soon is because even at level one, when your in the jungle, you can block some paths against larger champions like cho gath.

    Here is a video of me in a practice game showing anivia's abilities

  • Summoner Abilities

    This is great because once you get level 6, when you can start harassing fairly quickly, you will begin running out of mana like nothing. This is the only one I say you NEED.

    This is my second spell. I use this all the time to chase champs, run away from champs, or, on the off occasion, if I place a bad wall, I will flash over it. This helps to ensure that, no matter how bad you are at placing a wall, there is always a way out.

    This is good for Anivia, but I personally do not use it.

    Any other spell I really do not recommend.

  • Pros / Cons

    Great at harassing
    Great at getting away
    Can easily go a round without dying
    AoE slow
    Only champion that can create new walls (my favorite :D) (edit- trundle now has a wall, but still isn't as good as Anivia's wall :D)
    One of the best champions at getting away

    Slow champion
    If you do not have a reliable team, you will not stand a chance in living in a team fight if you go into egg

  • Farming

    At levels 1-5, you can really only auto-attack, so try to last hit.
    Once you get , you can really just set it down and run out of range of other champions while you watch all the minions quickly die.

  • Summary

    Overall, Anivia is great at harassing and is not countered very easily. I NEED constructive criticism so leave comments and please rate because I really want to make this a long guide that isn't incredibly tiny compared to other guides, but I really do not know how else to lengthen it, so PLEASE leave comments so I can make this guide better. Also, leave comments or email me at [email protected] if you see any small errors or want to help me. Pre thanks to all your support. Oh also- RATE!!! :D TY!!

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