Xin Zhao Build Guide

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XinZhao #1 off-tank

written by Kampfbanane

Xin Zhao Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    [spell=Tireless Warrior]
    it will keep you in the lane for pretty long time (viable as jungler)

    Three Talon Strike
    awesome knockup (stun) on a repeatable basis with damage boost

    Battle Cry
    more attack speed and cdr. combined with Q and E will make you a nice disabler and chaser

    Audacious Charge
    one of the best blinks in the game. aoe damage and slow

    Crescent Sweep
    awesome ulti. it will melt down squishies within seconds combind with your combo

  • Introduction

    Hey, this is my first guide ever. If you have any advice, you let me know!
    pls refrain from flaming my english skills, i am not native englsih speaking^^
    This guide will give you an inside of how i play off-tank Zhao, which is in my eyes the best way to play him tanky. other then most guides, my focus lies in maxing first. explanation why: see below! have fun!

  • Masteries + Runes

    *9 -more damage is always good
    *9 -mana regen is always nice to have
    *9 -cdr will safe your ass several times when your and come off cd the second you need them :)
    either *3 for more damage or for more surviveabiity.

    I prefer the penetration quints, becuase this guid will make you tanky, therefore you dont need that much more hp. the penetration runes and masteries will provide 35 penetration which gives you pretty much true damage the first levels, awesome for FB

    for improved damage output and more speed with ghost + manaregen
    take the cdr in offence, not the atk speed, but still the penetration!

    click here

  • Summoner Abilities

    ghost is just awesome, i use it in 95% of al my games. awesome for chasing and fleeing.
    sinnce you are tanky, you dont need flash or cleanse to qickly escape, your charge is perfect for initiating
    ghost>flash in this case
    ignite will gurantee you FB more often than not.

    should be picked by your Support
    should be picked by your Support
    [spell_icon=Fortify] can be picked by your main tank
    should be picked by your jungler
    can be picked by your carry who needs quite some farming
    should be picked by players who want to feed and lose the game

  • Skilling Order

    it will make lasthitting and harassing easier. max this after E

    lasthitting and harassing will be much easier. it provides a nice burst and will drop the enemy with the E->Q combo really low :)

    me in a bot game featuring how to propperly lasthit with E and Q...

    below you can see a video of me doing some harassing in a public game. janna+garen was an extremely hard lane to fight against. normally i always ban her in ranked games if possible

    cdr is awesome for chasing and harassing. max this last. 1 rank will provide enough cdr for Q and E with your cdr runes and masteries in offence
    now start to max E first, at rank 5 it will provide an insane aoe burst damage couppled with your ult :) (ult is still priority #1)
    quickly chat with your lane partner and decide whom to nuke down...
    it should be the most vulnerable enemy champ at your lane.
    with your runes, masteries and items and ignite you are guaranteed a kill more often than not!

    activate -->-->-->-->autoattacks now the enemy should be dead :)
    make sure you use Q and E for lasthitting every now and then.

    now comes the big question....
    why does he max E first and Q/W afterwards? oO
    simple as that: E is a nuke that deals nice aoe damage and slows aoe.
    couplled with R you will deal tons of aoe burst dmg, which will give your team an advantage in early teamfights.
    Q is nice ofc, but it is some kind of a dot, because it requires you to attack several times, whereas E deals its full damage directly up front.
    additionally E can hit and slow the entire enemy team if perfectly timed with Galios/Amumus/Sonas ult. (this happened several times to me and got me a penta kill once:) )
    i have tried the same build with maxing Q first, but my experience is that maxing E first is way better. just sayin...

    if you dont believe me, try it out yourselves and decide if you max Q or E first.
    !-->-->--> is the way to own!

  • Trivia

    Here you can see a video of me doing a bot game, you can see how easy it is to farm a large minion wave with Crescent Sweep. this should be the least size of a minion wave that can be wiped with R. everything smaller than that E and Q.
    everything bigger than that->Crescent Sweep is your friend
    keep in mind to not use it when its abound time for a teamfight.
    even with cdr runes and masteries as well as W, it will take some long seconds until its available again.

  • Items

    1.)start out with either for more damage or for more surviveability couppled with 1
    i prefer to start with the shield. my runes and masteries already provide enough damage, therefore you will need some surviveability.
    you dont need because you have enough mpregen with runes and masteries.

    2.)purchase and [item_icon=Heart of Gold] or depending on the enemy set up. + 1 if you like
    (i do it always, map controle wins games!)

    3.)now upgrade your boots into or depending on the enemy setup.
    most of the time you will have to buy mercs, because of the current CC/AoE metagame...

    4.)-heavy magic damage? [item_icon=Force of Nature]Force of Nature is your friend
    -heavy physical damage/atk speed? is your friend
    -heavy CC? is your friend

    this is your core build.
    now buy the item that provides the most profit for your team!

    5.)much phydmg on your team? grab [item_icon=Madred's Bloodrazor] for some magic damage couppled with and [item_icon=Elixir of Agility]
    or [item_icon=Stark's Fervor] for some support couppled with and [item_icon=Elixir of Agility]Elixir of Agility
    -if your team seems to lack CC/disable drink a for increased cdr on your disables and


  • Items i do not recommend for Zhao as off-tank

    -this items is nice, but you should not be the one to get it. the main tank or supporter should buy it

    , , ,
    -all of these are really strong and awesome and stuff, but as an offtank your job is to deal burst damage and keep the enemies disabled. this can only be reached by an item that provides atkspeed!

  • Build Example

    1.)against heavy magicdmg
    [item_icon=Force of Nature]

    2.)against heavy CC ,

    3.)against heavy phydmg

    The last item depends on your/enemy team setup.
    [item_icon=Madred's Bloodrazor] [item_icon=Stark's Fervor]

  • Working in the team

    keep in mind tht you are not the one to get the red/blue buff in the first place. it is for casters/supporters and carries!

    let your tank initiate the fight, wait a few seconds (2~3).
    activate your
    charge in with
    and activate

    your job is to hit as many enemy champs as possbile with charge and ult!
    charge the most threatening enemy (caster/carry)
    nuke him down with your combo and ignite.
    now he is either dead or runs for his life.

    ignore the tanks and offtanks if you can, head for the next vulnerable target!

    mainly, your job is to melt down the papers of the enemy team, disable where you can and chase as good as you can. make their carries/casters be scared of you!!

  • Last words

    I hope you like my style to play Zhao and my guide.
    Feel free to try it yourself!

    Screens and Videos will follow when i have gathered enough footage :)

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