Warwick Build Guide

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Warwick, how to stay positive(Jungling)

written by AnimaNova

Warwick Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Eternal Thirst
    from Level 1 to level 12 this will be healing you the most, every hit you do thats physical damage heals you for flat damage and stacks.

    Hungering Strike
    this is your RANGED ability, it can help finishing running people off and also help keep you alive while in teamfights, but it only does flat damage on minions so after level 15 its not as useful for healing on neutral monsters and minions.

    Hunters Call
    GREAT skill for high level teamfights(level15-18) this gives alot of attack speed but its best to put points in this as 3rd priority after hungering strike.

    THIS ALSO GIVES ATTACKSPEED TO YOUR TEAMMATES use it near teammates when in teamfights.

    Blood Scent
    this is your I CAN SEE YOUUUU! ability that also increases movement speed when an enemy with low hp is close to you

    Infinite Duress
    bread and butter of warwick, your CC, your stun, your healing ability and damage ability. its the main ability that should ALWAYS have prio on levelling up.

  • Introduction

    Warwick doesn't take much skill to use but to be always good with him even with a bad start takes alot experience and mix and match in items and ability priority, tried going attack speed, damage and even tank(lol) i tried everything and some items aren't used as much as people should use them. I'm Anima Nova and i've had so many people call me noob then end result of game ive done most damage most kills and still carrying alot of assists and least deaths. tho i do lose as well, no one wins everygame. just remember this build isn't perfect for everyone since you have to find your own taste in items but for me this build is unbreakable.

    PLEASE REMEMBER experience pays a big role in LoL and paying your way to level30 profile will make things harder on yourself, levelling up yourself is always better for yourself since you'll have the same ammount of experience as every other player your with when you do hit level30.

    (also sorry if this makes no sense for you but you should understand what i said)

  • Masteries + Runes

    PLEASE remember if your not using ghost or exhaust to exchange the mastery point in haste or cripple for something else since without those summoner spells there is no reason to use that mastery spell.


    Okay the reasons i used such average runes last time was because i never had any others, but now i have mana regen runes and have to be said, are great. althought you can use dodge, armor or magic ressist if you feel like you need it its what i specifically use, your choice.

    for runes you can use anything as long as you KEEP armor penetration runes, there the most important.
    the runes I USE:
    Greater Quintessence of Desolation
    Greater Mark of Desolation
    Greater Seal of Clarity
    Greater Glyph of Fortitude

    these aren't specifically meant to help with jungling other than the ArP runes which you dont really need as well, its meant to help when i attempt to gank.

  • Skilling Order

    theres 2 skill orders ive seen work, this is MY skill order

    and then ive seen people use this skill order which i dont recommend but you can try it out if you feel like it, might be better might be worse.

    this build relies on its blood scent to always be on there tail and see anyone with low hp in the jungle.

  • Items

    many people say get Cloth Armor 5x Health Potion but i say NO get Cloth Armor 2x Health Potion AND a Sight Ward and put the sight ward between the middle lane where the 2 lanes leading to the golem buff so you can see if anyone tries to gank you since at high levels you do see 2 or 3 people heading to the jungler to get first blood, so that will keep you alive from being ganked at early levels.

    first item: [item=Madred's Bloodrazor] or Wriggle's Lantern

    I often get Madred's Razors first and then Pickaxe and then Recurve Bow if im going for madred's bloodrazor's, but if you really need map control since the lanterns active is a free ward its okay to go for it just not what i use tho.

    second item: boots:
    Mercury's Treads
    if they are mostly melee
    Ninja Tabi
    if they are weak as hell
    Boots of Mobility
    third item: Spirit Visage
    MOST UNDERUSED WARWICK ITEM IVE EVER SEEN i use it all the time and i win in warwick fights!

    by now you should of won.... but if it carries on..


    The Black Cleaver
    The Bloodthirster

    last items:
    Infinity Edge
    IF your not being focus'd at all in teamfights since youd gain extra crit also 50% crit damage and you'd be doing terror damage after you get this.
    Phantom Dancer
    SAME reason as above this could give you that extra movement to catch people and some dodge incase someone tries to target you down and extra crit/attack speed for you!
    Frozen Mallet
    this is so you last longer, hp is always great to have but its not always best. but if there damage isnt that strong you should just get more hp since this will slow them and give you hp AND a little damage
    Banshee's Veil
    if your being focus'd this is always a great item to have i often choose this when i dislike being ulti'd when i run in or stunned.
    if your facing a put physical team or mainly physical damage team this is a great item to use, you gain 100 armor which is an amazing ammount to have and it sends 30% of the physical damage done to you back to the owner, 2 great reasons to use against a physical heavy team.
    Frozen Heart
    same as before heavy physical damage team? armor, just this seems to keep you with some mana all the time, you shouldnt even need a blue buff/golem buff with this!

    there my recommendations but REMEMBER theres alot of items you can get other then these, this is just MY opinions.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Smite NUMBER 1 PRIO FOR JUNGLING, not good enough answer? its efficient. alot more then not having it, i recommend it 24/7 since it will make jungling faster also you can steal baron with it(you can i do)

    Exhaust great since warwick has no CC i mainly use this as my first choice and smite my second.
    Exhaust slows and reduces physical damage dealt and magic damage dealt by the person who is exhausted

    Ignite not as useful as smite but can give you that little bit of damage to finish off someone whos running or if you have full masteries(level30) can use to jungle so you have that little bit of damage to help gank, not my top recommended but alot of people prefer to have ignite.

    Flash always a great spell to use, I'd recommend it but theres other spells that are more useful, not the best to use for warwick but definately viable.

    Ghost Good spell can chase enemies and run away from them but if you get slowed its pointless, useful in some area's but other spells would be more useful in my opinion, but mine isn't always the best.

    Clarity good for warwick, but if your jungling who needs it? besides warwick is bad at laning all it will do is make your laning 10% easier, tho it wont be easy at all anyway. and besides that you should be jungling since you need the money and exp without interuption, and the ability to gank.

    Cleanse great for breakings stuns/blinds or getting poisons off you, don't use as warwick but love the spell none-the-less.

    spells i prioritise in order:
    1. Smite, jungle efficiency and speed.
    2. Exhuast, a slow, reduces enemy damage, what else?... running after = slow them...
    3. Ignite, helps gank and also if theres a mundo on there team, COUNTER ULT.
    4. Cleanse, easy. you end up being focused down and can break stuns or take off debuffs or exhaust with it.

  • jungling

    THIS IS MY ROUTE THAT I USUALLY TAKE, also i cross mid to do a little bit of harrass make him nervious and curious and not so aggressive against the mid person, helps alot and 70% of the time i'd get a kill at mid.

    as it says at the end get dragon at the 7 minute mark if you want i could do it quicker in 5 minutes and such but its best to leave it to 6:45+

    Also please look on the enemy team to see if there team comp interferes with your way of jungling, 1 of the easiest ways of finding out is what heroes do they have? rammus? amumu? sion? while your jungling keep track of whos appeared, if you dont see these appearing on the map then obviously they are jungling. also at the loading screen check for smite.

    whats my point in this? jungling with warwick " can " take the entire jungle area and if that is the way you jungle enemy junglers will mess this up for you, you need to change how you jungle and if you want get a teammate help gank the enemy jungler.

    if you did not know already warwick is 1 of the strongest if not the strongest junlger out there, sure rammus is difficult but thats his defensive abilities making it so, thats why i said a teammate to come with you.

    jungling is dangerous business compared to the laning.

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