Kayle Build Guide

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Kayle, turn balanced into broken

written by Maganic

Kayle Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Holy Fervor
    This is our bread and butter early game, you automatically gain 17 Ability power just off base AD. So when you stack AP runes you are looking at a ~40-50 AP without items. This in turn will buff your AD by ~8-10.

    [The ability that will get you filed for harassment] You're main initiating nukeyish spell, with a slow and DPS increased attached....whats not to like?

    Divine Blessing
    [The ability that will let you lurk ...stalk...creep and succeed!]12% movement speed = winrar. The heal is nice but not our main focus, we like speed.

    Righteous Fury
    [Hey baby ever make love to a woman with a flaming sword ;D] The "ouch" part of our combo, where you will flame your enemy (and get flamed back for being "OP").

    [Bubble hearth anyone? lol WoW reference sorry...] Turn invincible for 6 seconds at max 2 seconds at min. 2 seconds may not seem like a ton, but thats ~2-3 shots from a turret you can avoid early on, or save mord's ass when he dives waaaay too deep because he thinks he is so l33t. He will then type in chat and I quote "I LOVE YOU KAYLE" caps included. You feel warm and fuzzy and continue your flamin'.

  • Introduction

    A short intro, I'm Maganic I play on the US servers. I'm too scared to play ranked games so this is mostly aimed at the solo unranked cue I suppose, although it is quite viable in ELO. This is also my first guide so sorry if it sucks but hey I'm trying more than the leech's out there >_>.

    More importantly today class we will be learning about how to play an underrated hero, make her popular and then get her nerfed! yay!

    [Oh guides are meant to have humor (mine sucks but I try) so anything in []

  • Pros / Cons

    -Rape early game
    -beautiful set up for a carry on top since you don't need too much gold to be effective
    -Tower diving made easy
    -Burning stuff as a smexy angel :D

    -If you aren't good at LoL you will fail hard on Kayle because she requires skill and prowess with a mouse, also good timing.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Many people will probably disagree with me here, so its a matter of preference.
    I like to go
    Blue: Greater Glyph of Potency
    Red: Greater Mark of Potency
    Yellow: Greater Seal of Potency with maybe 3-4 Greater Seal of Vitality
    Purple: Greater Quintessence of Force

    Ok so thats what I do, I like to have the extra "Fear me" from levels 1-3 to establish my purpose in the lane.

    If you like to go all AP per level (it is more beneficial in the long run) go ahead, LoL is all a game of preference anyways.

  • Skilling Order

    Your priority skilling order goes R>Q>W>E>W

    wtf Maganic you put W on there twice nub. Well thats because your E and W are situational. Your W gives you the movement speed 12% not matter what level, so if you are getting harassed all to hell, I'd put a few more points in W. If you think you can pull off hitting a little harder go E.

    Generally this would be the start though.


    I sorta loosely follow that, like I said its all situational, you always wanna be maxing up Q when you can though to put on pressure.

    Also a note: I tend to rofl at the kayle's that get their E skill first, I mean its a good skill but only if you use it in a good combo. by itself it won't be as useful at level 1 as your Q (because it has a slow = more hits = first blood).

  • Summoner Abilities

    Standard 9/0/21 for the mana regen/ spell pen.

    You can change it up if you are ever so inclined, sometimes I like to go deep into the defensive tree to get that extra ability power, but 99% of the time I'll take the mana regen for the spam cannon.

    For this guide and playstyle the abilities you WILL get are


    Clarity is because in essence you are still a support role, you get the talent for it and you give it to your ashe so she can facerape firing off more Volleys. You also want it yourself until you get your tear to be able to support your mario sized spamming of your fireball.

    Flash... Its an escape, initiate, dodge for projectiles, turret dive enabling, whore spell.

    For example, you push to far because you wanna test yourself. A team of 5 (very angry) LoL players charge you. You bubble right before the rape train hits you. They blow everything on you going wtf mate. You meanwhile are mashing on the flash key because a good gank will have you stunned. You flash, then hold ALT and hit W, while clicking away from the gank squad. You now have flash's distance +12% speed to book it into the jungle and hide n' seek your way back to safety.

  • Build Example

    Build Example ... Ok ... so like...items!

    Heres the order I loosely follow, but as all good LoL players tell you don't follow this blindly, use your brain. LoL is subjective figure out for yourself what you need and when you need it.

    Starting Item: Doran's Ring Mana Potion +hp, +10 AP, +mp5. I've experimented with everything from boots and pots to straight up tome. I have found this is the most agressive start you can have.

    First trip back: Boots of Speed [item=Meki Pendant] You're a whore for mana, you are throwing out more fireballs of angelic wrath than mario, you need the mana. you also have 12% speed bursts due to your heal so you can survive with the boots and meki, easier than straight up boots2

    (This is where the build gets kinda hazy and is subjective)

    Second tripish backish Sorcerer's Shoes Tear of the Goddess Normally I would Never recommend getting tear early, but you're a mana whore, you sell yourself at night for mana. Its your drug that lets you win. Your abilitys and runes will carry you until you get enough gold to get the hurt items. For now we want spam. [item=spam] heheh like the food hehehe... *sigh*

    Thirdish-tripish-backish-maybeh Blasting Wand if you have been overly farming Guinsoo's Rageblade

    Note: The rageblade is a b-e-autiful item for us. We get ap for our ad and vice versa, the item gives both at a cheap price. We spam out skills for stacks of the rageblade with out a care because with tear we have infinite mana. We are AWESOME.

    from there on you go with whatever you like.

    I like to finish of my Tear to [spell=Archangel's Staff] (you're an angel you need your pimp stick) for the extra ability power you get off tear why not...

    Then you get items depending on the game

    Getting raped because the other team hates you?

    Get: Banshee's veil for stun and or OP ability one shot heavy teams
    Force of Nature for MR
    Funfire Capes for Physical resist / fun...fire :D

    Huuuuwhaaaaat! no guardian angel.... Well you are a guardian angel why would you need one? With your alt and flash you shouldn't be dying, and its more beneficial for the team to blow everything they have scrambling to get you when you have 1hp with your shield (they get greedy) then to be looking at your corpse and waiting for an hour for the zombie apocolypse to rez you.

    These are subjective items they may not be pro, but if you are pro and would tell me otherwise, then just go ahead and get whatever items you want because you are pro. Therefore have an edge on all other Kayle's and let us learn by example (it sticks better than reading a guide)

    Doing well and want more DPS for your hybrid passive's win?

    Get:(lich bane is probably your friend here if you go that route I'd pick up a blasting wand towards zhonyas after or before for some more umph with it)
    Lichbane (yummy ap stacks into your basic attack plus lichbane proc = win)
    Trinity Force

    I just want AP!

    Get: Zhonya's Ring silly

    Ok so...items I would recommend not getting

    Do not get:
    Rylai's Sceptor - You have a good slow with your Q move, this is overkill when there are better items to get

    Teh Soulstealer - Its just not a good item in general, unless you want to paint a big target on your head that says FOCUS ME. If you are really damn good and you can carry your stacks then go for it but, meh its tricky.

    AD based items, you don't need them since AP is the focus of this build. (AD focused such as infinity edge, thirster, malady, ect...)

    Note: normally after the rageblade I go archangel then zhonya then lichbane. I love the use of zhonya's when you can turn invincible and then bubble its just beautiful *sniffle*

  • Early Laning Theroy to Mid game

    Ok so how does one lane as Kayle? Its actually pretty easy.

    Step one: Buy your doran's ring and fly on over to top or bottom lane, mid if you're feeling adventurous (you're not a carry though so midding isn't super helpful, unless you are going for a counter on their carry which is better left to Katarina or the sort.)

    Step two: If you and your partner bought fast and instantly ran up to the turret, you are allowed to facebush, and get into a ganking position. Wait for your enemy to try and facebush, if they are stupid enough, have you and your partner unload. Fire off your fireball right as they hit the bush so you can get in an auto attack right after. This burst plus your partners skill should kill them or at least send them back.

    Step two:(alternative) If you took your time getting to the tower, Do not facebush, wait paitently.

    Here is a math equation all balanced. FB=FB (facebush=Firstblood)

    Step Three: Let your lane partner get about a 3:1 (2:1 if your greedy) last hit ratio over you. Hopefully they are your carry, or someone important. I usually end laning phase (sometimes games)with ~20-30 last hits and say an ashe laning with me would be at ~50-70.

    So you have all this freetime since your ranged is picking up alot of the last hits, what do you do? You be a douche. Fire off your fireball then retreat to your safety line. Repeat this when its off cooldown and the opportunity permits, Try to hit the same person everytime (they should be the squishier of the enemies or their carry). Its also good if you don't have an enemy carry in your lane to deny there tank.

    What this does is it keeps the enemies from last hitting while your carry gets fed. This is a quick way to get GG.

    Sometimes you can also stand at the back of the enemys casting creep line. When they are low on health from your fireballs and fearing you for doing crazy damage early game they will back away from you, this will but them outside the creeps experience zone, and put you ahead.

    Useful tips for early game:

    Your best combo is W>Q>E this give you movement speed, you book it fast towards them, fire off your Q fireball, then hit E to start auto attack flame bursting them. This burst damage will cause them to flee like a little girl, but they are slowed. So you then proceed to move a few inches hit them with fire, move a few inches hit them with fire, all the way to their turret. This hurts and will make them fear you and push them away from creep xp.

    Also a note:
    1) Kayle is an amazing tower diver! Wait till your opponent has ~2-4 bars of health. When your creeps start attacking the turrent you can either fly over, or flash into the range of your enemy. W before the flash / dive, Q to hit him, ALT+R to shield the first 2-3 turret shots, and E to finish him off. Then W again to fly out of turret range to safety. Turret diving is flashy and cool, but be careful with it, this is also a time you can look like a complete noob. So practice on bots or something first. Unless your pro, then make them ragequit :D.

    2)Use your mana pot first around level 2-3 and clarity around 4-5 to allow you to spam them back to their base keeping them underpowered.

    3) Your E move can really melt a tower, with the opponents not even realizing you are flaming it.

    Continue the process till lvl ~ 6-8. We will now move to mid game.

    You continue your same process of your W>Q>E combo when it the opportunity comes about. You can easily gank someone that has pushed too far with a friend. Just flash out of a bush and W>Q>E with the slow your partner in the gank should be able to get a hold of them and rip them a new one.

  • Late game :D

    You did it, you made it this far on Kayle and now the enemy is either

    A) fearing your abillity to never die, run away, hit hard, heal your team, supply them with mana, put an invincible bubble on them to help them run, and burn the enemy in holy flame


    B) You are failing and need more practice / map awareness so go read some LoL 101 general guides.

    By this point you should have the hang of kayle and read team fight theory for how to teamfight endgame.

  • Working in the team

    Ok so teamfight breaks out and wtf is my job as Kayle? Am I DPS, am I support? I'm so lost and alone, so lost and alone ...hold me.

    Heres what you do:

    Target a squishy caster of theirs and or the focus target your team deicded on. After your tank initiates, W>Q>E the target for some heavy Deeps and a slow. Proceed to then cycle your damage skills on them if the situation calls for it. W>flash>Q a runner so your team can catch up ect.


    as all this is going on be sure to watch your main carries and squishy dps's health. Figure out who the target is and wait till your ally has ~2-7 bars of hp left (depending on how good you are and how risky you are) and R>W them. This bubble heal speed boost combo allows them to gtfo out of the most impossible situations. If you time it right the enemy will fire off the "killing blow" ability on your ally and then retreat thinking they killed him/her. You are a douche though you bubble them right before death and your enemies will be Pissed (its awesome)

    If you can successful multi task those two situations together you should be a positive factor in team fights that can really turn the odds.

  • Anything I forgot?

    Message me on here

    Comment on here

    Call meh ;) (just kidding unless you are an attractive rich female companion...then maybe)

    Message me in game: Maganic, US

  • Summary

    tl;dr read the *****ing guide I put alot of time into this on a friday ;_; where is my life.

    I really do appreciate those that read this / try it. It really does work for me and well. I usually go 5/0/x for assists or 17/0/x for assists when I'm in a Killstealing mood.

    I really hope the guide helps, Kayle is an awesome toon to play. If you have any criticism please let me know so I can fix it if it makes sense.

    Remember as a Kayle player we want to build a legacy. We want to show LoL that there are NO tiers its all in how you play a character and build them. We want to show the world that Kayle can be just as gay as garen except a whole lot better to look at. We want her to get nerfed, you know why? That means we are doing a Damn good job at raping face on her.

    Good luck summoners, I hope to kill you in game (or save your ass with bubble if your on my team ;) )

    please if you read this guide and liked it, give it a positive vote so other noobs can read it and the game will be more fun :).

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