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Ronakk's Bringing Twitch Back.

written by ronakk

Twitch Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Deadly Venom
    Twitch's attacks infect the target with Deadly Venom, which deals damage each second, stacks up to 6 times, and lasts up to 8 seconds.

    Twitch hides in the shadows, waiting for a nearby enemy. If he attacks, he will gain bonus attack speed.

    After 1.25 seconds, Twitch becomes stealthed for 20-60 seconds. If Twitch attacks a unit while Stealthed, he gains 30-100% attack speed for up to 10 seconds, depending on how long he was stealthed before attacking.

    But getting hit restarts the counter for entering stealth.

    [spell=Debilitating Poison]
    Infects all nearby champions with Debilitating Poison, slowing their movement speed.

    Slows nearby enemy champions' move speed by 30%, plus 6% per Deadly Venom they have.
    2.5-5.25 second duration.

    All nearby enemies secrete Twitch's toxic venoms from their bodies, dealing damage for each stack.

    Deals 30-150 (+1 per ability power) magic damage to each nearby poisoned enemy, plus 20-60 additional damage per stack of Deadly Venom applied to them.

    [spell=Spray and Pray]
    Twitch closes his eyes and fires his crossbow as fast as he can, spraying piercing arrows ahead of him.

    Spell Summary
    Twitch gains 40-80% attack speed and his attacks become long range line missiles for 7 seconds, dealing 100% damage and poisoning all enemies hit.

  • Introduction

    Welcome everyone to Tim Nash's Bringing Twitch Back guide. I have A lot of experience playing Twitch and after getting the hang of him I believe that he is the single best range carry there is in the League of Legends and after getting farmed with a decent team there will be no counter to stopping your brutal rampage. This guide will teach about where to place your self in team fights, how to counter oracles, and how to do your job as the carry "etc".I hope this guide will improve your game play with twitch and inspire you to bring twitch back as someone you don't want to Que dodge when you see them on your team :]*Note this guide will be Updated every Patch and 1ronlung is my favorite Amumu tank :]*

    External Image

  • Updates

    This section is where i put all the changes that has happened to twitch and if any of them change my build.

    Release Notes v1.0.0.103
    Debilitating Poison now has a range indicator
    Expunge now has a range indicator
    Deadly Venom duration reduced to 6 from 8

    Not any big changes you can now tell when people are in your expunge range now.

    Release Notes v1.0.0.104
    Ambush attack speed reduced to 30/40/50/60/70% from 30/45/60/80/100%

    Ah nerf late game this would reduce your attack speed around .30 end game small hit but isn't a build changer.

    Release Notes v1.0.0.105
    Debilitating Poison slow duration reduced to 2/2.6/3.2/3.8/4.4 seconds from 2.5/3.25/4/4.75/5.25
    Spray and Pray attack speed reduced to 30/45/60%, from 40/60/80%

    More nerfs kinda sucks but you have to live with it the slow isn't that bad since nothing really gets to live that long but the spray in pray nerf is kinda bad combined with the ambush nerf you lose around .20 attackspeed for a totally of .50 so now when you spray and pray along with coming out of ambush your attackspeed late game should be 2.23 instead of the hard cap of 2.5 steal not an build changer.

    Release Notes V1.0.0.106
    Spray and Pray duration reduced to 6 seconds from 7.
    Base movespeed reduced to 305 from 310

    Really more nerfs that is 4 in a row since i released this guide the spray in pray nerf might not look bad but it is end game you attack around 2.3 times a second which means thats 2 attacks you are not spreading across the enemy team but still no build changer since it wouldn't effect this nerf anyway. Now the movement speed nerf isn't bad but it is really annoying when you are trying to gank a lane.

  • Masteries + Runes

    I use the common 21/0/9 build getting improved ghost if you decide to use that summoner spell.

    I choose this rune book to get a little less squishy early and late game this is the downfall to most twitches they just focus on damage but then get blown up the very second they come out of stealth. This book will also improve your early game farming allow you to take more blows then your enemy letting you farm minions longer and reaching your carry status as fast as possible.





  • Skilling Order

    *Note Getting Expunge early will get you some easy kills*

  • Summoner Abilities

    Lets talk summoner spells now

    The summoner spells i bring are Ghost and Flash The reason i bring these is because unlike most carries twitch doesn't have that good of a escape besides a fast stealth if you get ganked a flash stealth you will almost for sure get away. Another reason why i bring flash is because it counters exhaust if u get exhausted you just flash away till the exhaust is gone. Also ghost is almost a need on pretty much every reason chasing/running to ensure the kill is always good to have, also to get to your team fight is awesome. A lot of people like to bring Exhaust but there really is no need Exhaust is only good against melee dps and sense you are a range damage with lizard buff's slow and your slow you can kite him all day till he is dead.

  • Items

    -First Buy Doran's Blade and x1 Health Potion lane as long as you can.
    -Second buy if farmed well Berserker's Greaves and x1 Avarice Blade.
    -Second buy if not farmed well is just Berserker's Greaves.
    -Second buy if you are doing really bad and dying in lane x1 or x2 Doran's Blade.
    -Third buy if farmed well Pickaxe or B. F. Sword if you can buy it.
    -Third buy if you are still doing bad in lane Vampiric Scepter or [item=Emblem of Valour]
    *Note you shouldn't be doing bad this late in game unless your team feeds*
    -Forth buy if farmed well finish the Infinity Edge and start your [item=Emblem of Valour]
    -Fifth buy finish up the [item=Stark's Fervor] and work on a Phage.
    *Note fast games normally end by this time*
    -Sixth buy finish your Frozen Mallet to improve kiting and your hp.
    -Last Buy Atma's Impaler gives you more crit some armor and Around 65 damage from your hp.
    *Note not many games will last this long*

    *Note Remember that if you don't have the gold for the item you want and you have already backed to base pick up[item=Elixir of Agility]and Elixir of Fortitude these Elixirs will help you gank/farm and will earn the gold back what you spent on them in no time*
    *Also Note If you are fighting a team where 3+ members have over 100 armor don't buy a [item=Stark's Fervor] Instead buy a Last Whisper to increase your overall Dps on tank targets. But remember when you don't have a starks you don't have lifesteal which gives you a less survivability in teamfights so play it save.

  • Build Example


    [Color=#1E90FF]*Note these stats are without Elixirs*

    UNIQUE Aura: Gives nearby allied Champions 20% Lifesteal, 20% Attack Speed, and 30 Health per 5 seconds regenerated. Reduces the Armor of nearby enemy champions by 20.
    Passive: Gain an additional 5 Gold every 10 seconds.
    UNIQUE Passive: Enhanced Movement 2
    UNIQUE Passive: Critical hits now deal 250% damage instead of 200%.
    UNIQUE Passive: Physical attacks reduce your target's Movement Speed for 2.5 seconds.
    UNIQUE Passive: Physical attacks deal an additional 2% of your max Health in damage.

  • Pros / Cons

    -ganks enemies easily
    -has a high AoE damage in team fights
    -has a good slow
    -easy last hitter
    -really long range with ultimate
    -can 1v1 well


    -very squishy
    -gets countered by pink wards sometimes *not as much oracles*
    -needs someone to start the fight for him

  • Team fights

    This part of the guide is going you the general idea what to do in team fights from where to be before it start to when to get out of stealth and use spray and prey and give you tips on how to shake off exhaust and getting focused.

    Before the fight

    Before the battle you are going to want to have lizard buff to improve your dps and the ability to kite the melee with a slow. This will also give you some good chasing ability after the fight. After getting lizard buff you are going to want to look at your enemies to see if they have oracles.

    Starting the fight

    If they don't have oracles you are going to want to scout them out for your team mates. Waiting for them to fall out of place for your team to jump on them killing as many as you guys can. Another thing you could do is place your self at max distance behind your enemy *On there Side* and have your tank*Note the best tank for twitch to have on his team is Amumu his ultimate plus spray and prey equal win* run in making your enemies start fighting them after around 1 second from when the fight starts from max distance come out of stealth using spray and pray hitting as many targets in a line as possible soon as you see an enemy turn around use your slow just in case lizard didn't slow or you didn't have lizard keep hitting the targets till you reach 6 shots fired use Expunge Dealing around 650 more damage leading towards a win in the team fight.

    What to do if Exhausted or focused

    Alright now lets talk about if you get Exhausted in the team fight or you keep getting focused down. There are a few ways to counter Exhaust there is cleanse but i don't bring it there is Quick silver stash which i recommend getting if you are having a hard time fighting and or if you are fighting a morde it will get his ulitmate off you.The last way to counter Exhaust is flash soon as you see Exhaust around you, you are going to want to flash away from the person your objective when exhaust is to get as far away as you can from the targets trying to target you so u flash and run in till exhaust is off then you turn back around and continue to do damage. If you are getting focus wait a little bit longer to come out of stealth and try and focus the target that is keep killing you in team fights first get them out of the way as fast as possible.

  • Wards

    This section is to teach everyone about map awareness and how to counter oracles and pink wards.

    Where to place wards

    This is really different each game and you are going to have to observe the players and see what path they take to switch lanes but i have came up with a screen shot on the basic places to place wards.

    External Image

    This image shows all the spots on the map that wards are placed remember if you are pushing a lane and you don't want to get ganked place wards in the jungle to see enemys incoming. Example my i want to push bottom and you are blue side so right before pushing bot place a ward at there golem and along the river this will give you warning that they are switching lanes to prevent you from pushing the tower letting you know that you need to back off.*Note places wards in stealth doesn't break stealth*

    How to counter Oracles/Pink wards

    Most people believe Twitch is useless because he is easily countered by oracles and pink wards this is wrong think about the range of Twitch and the range of the oracle you can sit out of the range in till the fight is starts making the 400 gold they spent on the oracle worthless. Always remember to check your enemy to see if they have an oracle active or in there inventory if they do don't get close to them have your team start the fight on them. Now a counter to pink ward this one is a lot harder to counter then oracles just because you don't know where they place them unless they place them in front of you or a team mate, but if you believe that they have pink wards buy and oracle and destroy them if you kill enough wards you will have your money back in no time.*Note if fighting another stealthy "Eve,twitch, or shaco" you buy an oracle for when they think its save to stealth buy your team because he checked if they had oracles but couldn't check you because you where stealthed they will get greedy and run at your team giving you an easy kill*

    Warding Baron

    Now lets talk about warding baron this is very important with the amount of global exp and gold it gives you and can give your team that edge they are looking for but before trying to do baron you are going to want to pink ward the inside or have someone with the oracle scout for wards to make sure they don't know your doing it if there are no wards your team has a chance to kill him but to ensure you get him you are going to want to ward these spots.
    This is what the blue teams wards should look like before doing baron.
    External Image
    This is what the Purple teams wards should look like before doing baron.
    External Image
    warding these spots will tell you that there team is on there way to check it or steal it and if baron isn't almost dead get out and do it latter or set up in the bush to gank the enemy team when they run in.*Note you are going to want to ward these spots if they are alive and you want to take baron if they are all dead there is no need in warding those spots*

  • Creep Jungling

    Red Buff

    Now lets talk about Lizard buff this should Always go on the carries no matter what specially twitch reasons it is a perfect slow sure you have a slow but having the ability to slow the target with every shot before having your Frozen mault is just perfect.Second reason is in team fights when getting in a good position and your team starts the a fight *Hopefully with an Amumu ultimate or Galio ultimate Etc* with spray and prey all the targets you hit will be affected with the lizard buff dot*Dot means Damage over Time* including you poisons dot and adding a lot of dps leading towards a victory in the team fight yet moving you even closer to an unstoppable carry.

    Blue Buff

    Now blue buff *Blue buff is Golem buff* is simple it pretty much goes to the caster dps or the support, anyone that needs the cool down/Mana. After a victory in a team fight call the Caster or Support over to there blue buff helping him get it remember to expunge a bit before it gets low to ensure the caster/support gets the buff.


    A good time to do dragon is if you have a jungler and you are in bot lane or middle lane or near those lanes and your jungler starts it help him to get the dragon as fast as possible and to ensure the global Exp and gold. Another good time to get dragon is right before your team is rotating bottom to get the tower or push. You could also get dragon after a team fight remember a tower kill is better then getting dragon only go back for dragon if you don't have the minions to push the tower or have enough time to push.*Note Dragon gives your team 130 global gold 200 global experience to the killing team,as well as 25 gold and additional experience to the killer and the Dragon spawns at 2:30 at the start of the game*


    This one is the hardest jungle monster to decide when its the right time to get it but there is a lot more openings then what people see as twitch if you are having a good game and have farmed very well you are going to want to by a pink ward or oracle to counter for wards you also want to place wards to see if they are coming to check if you are doing baron. But the best time i have found to do baron is after team fights when all the enemies are dead and you can't push a tower this is the safest choice you have on taking baron the second is probably if the enemy team is scared to start a fight and is just turtling *turtling means just farming lanes* and you see some in bot lane group your team for a really fast baron this will give your team an advantage buff and the ability to push well. The last way to get baron is only if your team is doing really well and controlling all the lanes group your team for a 15 minute baron no one expects a 15 minute baron before trying this make sure your team comp has the capability.*note the earlier the game the weaker baron is he gets progressively harder every minute*Here is the stats you receive from downing Baron 40 Ap, 40 Ad, 3% increase in Health Regeneration, 1% increase in Mana Regeneration,900 global Experience Points, and 250 global Gold*

    Normal Creeps

    You don't really jungle that much only when all the lanes are pushed past a good point of safety and your team isn't ready to push in yet that is when you go and grab the wraith,wolf camp, and golems. Also another good time to get these camps are on the way back from a gank only if your lane that you left is doing fine against two you don't want to be mean to your team now ;].

  • Credits

    I hope you all enjoyed my guide as much as i did writing it and hopefully this brings twitch back from the dead making you not want to Que dodge when he is on your team.If you have any questions you can add a comment or pm me also Remember to rate this guide thank you

    External Image

    Tim Nash aka Ronakk


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