Tryndamere Build Guide

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1 HP vs 100% HP ? Sounds fair :: A Guide to make the enemy cry

written by cogume

Tryndamere Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Battle Fury
    THIS is definitely one of the most OP passives in Early Game. It's not really thaaat gamebreaking in Lategame once you've obtained some Crit Items, but you won't even need it anymore since you're going to 2-hit the enemy anyways.

    Amazing Ability, we're going to Max this first. This plus our Passive is what will bring the "WTF-effect" since they make you hit fucking hard, especially in Early Game. Not only the damage increasement is great, the Heal will also keep you safe when you attempt to kill an enemy.

    Mocking Shout
    Makes you able to check bushes without running in and risking your life, lowers their damage caused, slows them when they try to run away. Pretty freaking good.

    Spinning Slash
    GTFO-Ability. This and our Ultimate is the reason why everyone hates Tryndamere. You can "whirl" through Walls to either escape, jungle faster or chase your enemy, this is an awesome thing and you're gonna love it. Also, since its cooldown is reduced by 2 Seconds when you crit (and you will crit a lot) it's a great ability to harass your enemy, or score a kill by "charging" on him, when he doesnt expect it.

    Undying Rage
    This is what makes Tryndamere Tryndamere. This is the reason your enemy is gonna cry. This is why you will have a safe feeling, no matter where you are or how much HP you got. This Ladies and Gentlemen, is Awesome.

  • Introduction


    Tryndamere, everyone hates him and his Ultimate. He's called overpowered, unbalanced, non-skill, whatever. I've heard it so many many times. But is that really the truth? Does he really require no skill at all? Is he really overpowered as hell?

    ACTUALLY, Yes he is.

    BUT, it's not as easy as it sounds, at least if you really want to own stuff. Sure, you're free to just randomly pop your Ultimate and attempt to kill some stuff, but that's not gonna work until you're fed. For that to happen, you're good to know some basic stuff about how this Champion works, and how to maximize your ownage.

    What is Tryndamere?

    - Awesome
    - Overpowered (seriously, he is, not gonna doubt that)
    - Fun
    - Probably the best Carry ingame, since you can Pentakill the enemy Team during your Ultimate

    What is he not?

    - Bad in Mid
    - Easy to kill

    This is a quick Sample Video of what you're going to do as Tryndamere

  • Masteries + Runes

    21/0/9 is what you want. Not gonna explain why.
    BUT, in the Utility Tree, get 1/2 Duration increasement for Neutral Buffs instead of the Gold thingy. You like Neutral Buffs.

    For Runes:

    Greater Mark of Malice x9
    Greater Seal of Malice x9
    Greater Glyph of Warding x9
    Greater Quintessence of Malice x3

    With this Runebuild and Masteries, you will come to a 20% Raw Crit, which will make you rock Early Game, and still helps you in Late Game.

  • Items

    We are NOT going to get shitloads of as I see a lot of people doing so, simply because with our Build, you will get so many kills, you won't even need the Gold per Second. And also, once you got all your Avarice Blades, the game is pretty much over anyways.

    Core Build:

    Basic Build:

    [item_icon=Stark's Fervor]

    First off, we start by buying Brawler's Gloves and 2x Health Potion. Once you got 1700 Gold, you're going to B and upgrade to Zeal and get Berserker's Greaves.
    In case you die before having 1700 Gold, your priority will be Zeal before Berserker's Greaves. Then wait for 1850 Gold to get B. F. Sword and finish your Infinity Edge

  • Skilling Order

    You will need the Slow.

  • Summoner Abilities


    These Summonerspells are pretty much the best for you to pick up. Ghost can help you either way, offensive or defensive, and Ignite is just awesome.

    Other viable Summonerspells

    Kinda okay, but i prefer Ghost, depends on your playstyle though.
    Some people like it, I don't, you got some awesome slow already, and the Blind effect isn't that useful considering your Ultimate.

  • Gameplay, what to do?

    To know what your job in the game is, you need to know what you should do, and what you shouldn't do. Heres a quick List and a Video showing some Teamfights, and stuff. Check out the Video in the Introduction aswell, to see some stuff that you are able to do.

    So what is Tryndamere there for?

    - Kill low-HP people in the crowd, without dying. Thanks to you Ultimate, you can easily Semi-Assasin squishy or low-health Champions down, and get away fast, using your E spell.
    - You're THE carry, so try to get as much kills as you can and dont be afraid of stealing. Seriously, be mean like that.
    - As soon as you got your Ultimate, make people hope to get you down when you're on low HP, then surprise them with your Ultimate, and kill them. Your damage is a lot higher when you're on low HP. NOT GONNA WORK ON HIGH ELO PLAYERS.

    What is he not there for?

    - Being scared of Teamfights
    - Being scared of 1v1 against non-Tanks / Sion

    As you can see, your Job is easy, basically, it's killing people and not dying. You're not one of these

    "Oh I'm joining this fight, killing one enemy and then die. ONE FOR ONE, FAIR DEAL LULZ!"

    Champions. No. You should think like this:

    "Okay, so theres Ashe, Sona and Yi together. AIGHT, gonna try to kill some, focussing the Healer first. I may kill Ashe aswell, since she's got a 5-Streak, she's gonna give me some shitloads of money. Then I'm going to get the FUCK out of the fight whirling through walls and stuff. N FREAKING P!"

    This is how it works, basically.

    Starting with Early Game, I usually try to go for mid, because that's my style, I don't advice you to before you feel really comfortable with Tryndamere. If you do, go for it and win.


    Lasthitting Creeps is so damn important, especially as Tryndamere. It's giving you 1 (2/3) Stack/s of Bloodlust and Money you're definetely gonna need. It's one of the most important things in Early Game.

    Okay, so in Early Game, try to stay near your Tower. Why? Simple, because there's no point in pushing to the enemies Tower until you're going to actually destroy it. You're safe on your own Tower. You don't want to die. To do damage and get early kills, try to keep yourself on low HP (about 50%), this will increase your Crit Chance up to 53% (passive ownz!). When you're going for a kill, stack your Bloodlust up to 6. If this was a Checklist to kill your enemy fast, it would look like this..

    - You're on less than 70% HP ? Nice!
    - You got 5+ Stacks of Bloodlust ? Nice!
    - You and the Enemy are near your tower? Nice!
    - The Enemy is not a Champion that is able to Stun / Blind you ? Nice!
    - He does not have any Escaping ability like Flash, Ghost, Exhaust? Perfect!

    Alright, if all this is the case, feel free to Spin to your Enemy, and giving him some Nutshell of damage. You should be able to outdamage him easily since you're crit rate should be about 50%. A lot of enemies get scared of your damage, when you crit 2 times in a row (because you actually hit 200 each crit) and run away. When they run, that's awesome, throw some Chicken at the enemy () or Spin in front of him, and chase him down.
    If you happen to drop below 20% HP, yet see a chance to kill your enemy, use your Q spell to heal yourself up, and you should be on ~50% HP again, if you used my Skill Order.
    If you drop to low HP, but don't see a Chance to score a kill, which may happen sometimes, use Q to heal yourself up, and get back to your Tower using Spinning Slash (If its cooldown has been reduced by critting) or use Ghost.

    Using this Strategy, you're good to go to score some early kills before you get your Ultimate.

    By the time you get your Ultimate, feel free to engage fights on 10% HP while your enemy is on 60% HP, and then GTFO again if he's got one of his friends coming. Make sure they don't have a stunner though.
    Also, you're good to Towerdive now. See this 30% HP Ashe right next to the Tower, feeling safe and comfortable just because you're on 20% HP yourself? Fuck it, charge her with Spinning Slash and kill her during Undying Rage. Then get away using your Spinning Slash again. Remember, its cooldown is reduced by 2 Seconds everytime you crit.

    So as the game goes on, if you did well, you will be pretty freaking fed and you're able to 2v1 pretty much everything (no Stunners, stuns suck.). Since you've got Zeal and Berserker's Greaves you're going to have 420 Movement Speed, which actually is, kinda cool :).

    Lategame is basically the same, just your damage will be SOMEWHAT (a lot) higher. You're going to 3-hit anything but Tanks and High HP Characters.

    Coming to Teamfights, in Teamfights your Job is to take down low HP characters fast. In case you're being focussed, feel free to use your Ultimate and fight for another 6 Seconds, or run if you're about to lose. Anyways, I like to use my Ultimate, fight some, and spin through walls / just spin away from the fight to leech my HP on some jungling Creeps, and come back fighting.
    Heres a Video of me doing some Teamfights, recorded in one fast Game though, so no epic Best-Case footage, just for you to get an image of how it works.

    Yea. I guess that's pretty much it.

  • Build Example

    Basic Build:

    Makes you 3 hit everything that doesnt have more than 3000 HP / loads of Armor, + passive Slow

    Heavy Armor Team:

    ARP is what you want, increases your damage a fucking lot

    Heavy Caster Team:

    Simply because Casters die fast, but Slows, Stuns and Roots fuck your Ultimate.

  • Pros / Cons


    - Hits harder than any other Melee Character ingame
    - Wins every 1v1 because of his Ultimate
    - Makes you freak out iRL when you realize how awesome you are
    - Best Carry ingame
    - Owns Mid
    - Awesome to Towerdive with
    - Safe feeling, no matter what happens
    - Pretty much the best Escape ability ingame (that is not an Ultimate)
    - Enemies are greedy and dont expect your Ultimate, most of the time


    - Stuns, Roots and Slows hurt, especially when your Ultimate is on
    - No one believes that you own Mid
    - Squishy on Level 1

  • Creep Jungling

    Go for Lizard Buff as often as you can, the Slow and the Extra Damage fucking rule.
    Also, I would go for the Golem Buff aswell, because with your Ultimate maxed out, it's gonna be a 54 Seconds cooldown with Golem Buff. That means, you're immortal for 6 Seconds every 54 Seconds. OP.

  • Summary

    Alright Guys, thanks for reading or scrolling down.
    This was my first Guide, I hope you liked it :)
    Feel free to Comment, Rate and do other fun stuff.

    I don't play League of Legends anymore, so this will not be updated.

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