Ryze Build Guide

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Take this scroll and stick it... somewhere safe...

written by petphot

Ryze Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    This guide is a simple (not anymore) guide on the wonder that is AP/Tank Ryze. I have seen a few guides on similar builds to this already, alas i havent found one on leaguecraft yet, so i decided to try making one, please bear with me and please give me some feedback.

    I would first of all like to point out that this build is many MANY times more efficient then the many of the pure AP ryze builds i have seen out there, sure it gets less power... but its still more then enough to critically injure if not kill all the enemies on the opposing team with ease.

    The forte of this build is that it maintains an insanely high degree of power, while giving you alot more survivability and also max Cooldown Reduction to increase Ryze's usefulness in teamfights.

    Oh yeah? Didn't i mention it? AP Ryze sucks ASS in teamfights, he pretty much casts everything into cooldown and then sits around and/or dies. Hoorah!

    Of course, im talking about games where you are facing competent teams, any ryze build can solo the enemy team if they are bad.

    Ah well, enough with the intro, press on and il get into the gory details of this build.

    NOTE:This Ryze build is meant to take on higher level players, not the random scrubs in solos or practice mode. Though it still rips a hole in scrubs and practice mode anyways.

    This build maintains a great balance of AP and survivability, without going overboard on either. It also maxxes out on cooldown reduction, for note: Max cooldown reduction is 40%.

    WARNING: This build does take a fair bit of skill to use, and getting killed can set you back a bunch. This build is best used in a premade that you cooperate well with. Though since you also focus on survivability with this build, you shouldnt be dieing too much.

    I usually average 0-4 deaths per game, and usually average 10-30kills per game with this build, forget what i usually get for assists.

    UPDATED! So many nerfs... o well. Most of the changes to this guide will be in the item section.

  • Pros and Cons

    -Quite tanky, you get a big chunk of hp.
    -Really powerfull, even though your not full AP, you still rip chunks in people.
    -You make a tempting target, you are an target that the enemy loves to chase.
    -You can actually participate in a teamfight without feeding.
    -With the right summoner skills (see "Summoner Skills") and tactics (see "Workin in the Team") AP/Tank Ryze can actually have a very big presence in a teamfight, unlike the pure AP build.
    -He /dance's like a pro.
    -/taunt... nuff said.

    -Noobs love to pick ryze, you may get called noob just for picking him.
    -After dominating with ryze, you may get called many provocative names for using an "OP" hero. Do not be worried, ryze is not "OP", he does have some pretty huge weakpoints. They just suck (you may tell them so if you wish).
    -More difficult midgame thanks to not being pure AP and actually spending some gold on being able to survive.
    -After experiencing the awsome that is AP/Tank Ryze, you will find yourself cringing everytime you see a pure AP Ryze.

  • Abilities

    Arcane Mastery
    [Passive] This amazingly helpfull passive reduces all of your cooldowns by 1 everytime you cast a spell.

    Remember to take advantage of this spell to reduce the already low cooldown on your Desperate Power, after using your Desperate Power and destroying someone, kill a few creepwaves or go grab the golem buff, give yourself an excuse to use your other spells.

    Not only will this increase your cashflow, but it will let you get your Desperate Power off cooldown faster so you can facerape faster.

    [Active] This is your strongest single target nuke, and your harassing spell. You will be using level 3+ to keep the enemy tower hugging.

    Remember that this spell gets a fairly massive boost based off your max mana.

    Rune Prison
    [Active] Arguably the best disable in the game, this snare not only holds them in place, but also damages them significantly also.

    Try to Rune Prison them as close to you as possible in a 1v1 situation with no creeps around. Otherwise Rune Prison them at any distance. The reason has to do with our next spell, and our most damaging spell of them all.

    Spell Flux
    [Active] This baby is a total powerhouse, though it doesnt look it at first, this guy bounces 5 times.

    Something to remember, this spell can bounce off of 4 things only: Neutrals, enemy heroes, enemy minions and YOURSELF. So if there arent any minions/neutrals nearby, make sure to get close to them before you Rune Prison them. But remember, they arent gonna just LET you walk up to them, that is where flash and ghost come in handy.

    Also since this spell hits multiple times, it applies magical penetration multiple times. Use this right after Rune Prison and before overload for maximum effect.

    Desperate Power
    [Active] A fairly straightforward yet utterly amazing ultimate. It pretty much amplifies all your other spells by adding a flat amount of AP and a 65% AoE to ALL of your spells.

    This baby can be tricky to use since it only lasts 8 seconds, especially in a teamfight. In 1v1 situations its usually pretty easy pull off perfectly, since you should have the element of suprise.

    Also remember, if you have this off cooldown and are being chased by a solo superhero (probably ashe/teemo/twitch etc...) and you think you wont make it, turn around and use this + Rune Prison followed by your combo. Ive seen many a cocky carry chasing a low hp Ryze get instaburned because the Ryze's Desperate Power came off cooldown.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Masteries? Whatever suits your fancy. 9/0/21 is probably best.


    And before you say "wtf? you got 21 in utility but you didnt get INTELLIGENCE? 6% cooldown reduction?" read the note at the bottom of this section. Besides, the neutral buff increase and the flash/ghost buffs are far more helpfull. If you feel down cause your missing out on the 6% from intelligence, kill the freaking golem you big baby, with the 30% neutral buff increase you will be able to use it for a long time before it wears out.

    As for runes, once again its up to you.
    but heres some suggestions:

    -HP Runes
    All mages love HP, Ryze especially.
    Scaling HP runes are usually better, cause by level 5 your scale runes will match the normal ones.

    -Magic Pen. Runes
    Obvious why this is good on Ryze.

    -Ability Power Runes

    -MP Regen Runes
    Not as important then the other runes, but helpfull none the less.

    -Armor/Magic Resist Runes
    Mages love survivability, Ryze is no exception.
    Scaling are probably better, seeing as how they match the normal variety by level 5.

    -HP Regen Runes
    Lets you lane longer, since you are not going to be buying hp regen items, these runes will improve your earlygame.

    -Scaling MP5 Runes
    If your too shy to take the golem, your gonna run low on mana, these with your chalice go a long way.

    Me personally? Id probably take Scaling Magic Resist, Scaling HP, and Magic Penetration runes. They help alot. Though if you take Scaling MP5 runes, i will not fault you (used wrong page once and found them to be okay).

    NOTE: Do NOT get cooldown reduction runes, we are gonna be maxxing out CD all the way to 40% through 2 items. Hence why Intelligence in the masteries is redundant, besides your gonna be grabbing the golem alot to keep your mana up so you can spamm spells 24/7.

  • Skilling Order

    Only one very effective skilling order here:

    Heres my reasoning behind this build.

    Overload is taken third because it gets bonus dmg from mana. But it is leveled last because most of its damage comes from the mana dmg boost, which is the same at all levels, therefore making your other spell much higher priority.

    Rune Prison is taken second because it is an amazing snare that also puts out alot of DPS. This spell has second highest leveling priority simply because it gains both duration AND damage by leveling it, also it is the only spell that actually gets an increase in damage from AP by leveling it (dmg is done by 0.4second ticks, longer duration = more ticks, AP dmg is applied with normal dmg every tick). In other words, this spell has the most to gain through leveling.

    Spell Flux get this spell first, cause it has more to gain per level then Overload does, and because its your best harasser earlygame. Remember that this spell only bounces off you, enemies and neutrals. Another reason you grab it at level 1, is because if you encounter any enemies before the minion waves come, you can get alot of easy dmg out of this spell (no minions to waste bounces on).

    Desperate Power is obviously the highest priority skill here, and for a good reason. It makes you absolutely buff, giving all your spells a substantial damage bonus and making them all AoE!

    Leveling Priority:

    1)Desperate Power
    2)Rune Prison
    3)Spell Flux

    However i will cover four of the other more common skill builds and why they are worse:

    This one is pretty common, and very bad.

    Overload is the one spell of Ryze's that has the least to gain from leveling (the damage increase from max mana has nothing to do with the spell's level). Yet many people seem to think they should prioritize Overload!

    Not only that, but since Rune Prison is delayed so much, your ability to snare the enemy is completely nerfed till much later.

    Out of all the common builds, this is by far the worst one.

    This one is also pretty common, still bad but actually quite viable.

    The biggest issue with this one is the same as the one above it, Overload being leveled so early... Overload gets most of its dmg from your max mana, leveling the spell wont improve that, getting Overload level 1 early on is more then enough.

    This one is much better then the above build, because Rune Prison is also leveled at a similar rate, giving you more snare ability earlier. However still nowhere near as much snare ability as the main build i posted.

    Still a crappy build, thanks to Overload.

    This build is not as common, but i still do see it used once in a while.

    Its pretty bad, but not the worst. The delaying of Rune Prison means that your snaring ability is pretty crap. However the killing ability of this build is pretty hawt, this build has similar killing power as the main build i use by level 6, however it does have a really suckish Rune Prison, so dont expect to get many kills against an intelligent opponent (second the Rune Prison runs out they can flash etc...).

    This one is also pretty common, and actually the best out of these skill builds, heck sometimes i use this build.

    This build has slightly lower killing power then the build above come level 6, however thanks to the increased Rune Prison duration, you have a fairly nice chance of netting yourself a kill or two on your own. Also Overload is of the lowest priority (which it should be).

    To put it simply, this build is a bit stronger then the main build at the top but has reduced snare times. If you have a sucky team, i would recommend this build, since you cant really count on your team to help you kill after you snare em.

    Though in the end the top build is still the best in higher end games, the really long snare times lets you really decimate the enemy. Though for solo queue'ing, this build is what your after.



  • Summoner Abilities

    Ghost and Flash. Always!

    Unless your in a scrub game you are going to want both ghost and flash.

    its hard to initiate against a decent player without coming up behind (risky) or flashing in to initiate with rune prison.

    And you are going to definately need ghost. You are going to be FOCUS FIRED in teamfights, nobody with at least half a brain is going to let Ryze roam free in a teamfight. Try to kite the enemy in a teamfight and run away with ghost when they try to focus you. That will give your team lots of extra time to pound on them while they chase you, and end with you NOT dead and NOT losing Mejai's Soulstealer stacks.

    Once they give up on chasing you, come back and continue kiting. Your going to be one hell of an annoying fly, that has a seriously dangerous bite.

    Although i will admit, that Exhaust is also very amazing for Ryze. If your using my mastery skillchart that i have linked in the mastery/runes section, then exhaust can be used to replace Flash/Ghost. Totally up to you, but personally... i like my Flash/Ghost.

    NOTE: As of recently, flash got ANOTHER nerf... So you may want to consider exhaust even more now... i dont find myself using flash often anymore...

  • Items

    Starting Items:
    [item_icon=Meki Pendant]



    This choice is up to you, but if you skip the [item_text=Meki Pendant] now your gonna need it later... same with the Amplifying Tome, though [item_text=Meki Pendant] will come into use much later if you do grab it first.

    However i recommend starting with Doran's Ring, it has everything ryze will need earlygame all packed into one little bundle, not to mention the max hp bonus makes a level one firstblood highly possible with a good lanemate.

    First Trip:

    (if you didnt grab it first)
    (if you have enough)

    You want your Mejai's Soulstealer RIGHT AWAY! I cannot stress this enough, grab it FAST. Your gonna need your stacks. Every kill will net you 2 stacks and every assist is 1 stack, you get 8AP per stack! Eventually maxxing out at 20 stacks, thats 180AP all for under 1500 gold! (160 for the stacks, 20 for the 20 normally found on the item itself).

    Remember this though, since you got an early Mejai's Soulstealer you just invested all your really earlygame gold into one item, you will be underpowered until you get some stacks... once you get Mejai's Soulstealer instantly grab golem and either coordinate some ganks so your can get some stacks or farm like a madman to make up for the gold spent on Mejai's Soulstealer.

    Second Trip:
    (if you didnt get it last trip)

    "Why did you get the Ruby Crystal? Why not the Sapphire Crystal so that overload gets more dmg!?", right now any mana buffs to Overload really wont amount to alot, the extra HP on the other hand, is exactly what the doctor ordered. You should start gaining stacks on Mejai's Soulstealer pretty fast, at this point, a lot more survivability is more then a little damage.

    Third Trip:

    I think you know what were working on by now. By now you are going to need your upgraded boots cause everyone is gonna be having more MR. Remember to use Spell Flux right after rune prison in your combo, it applies the penetration from the Sorcerer's Shoes each hit. are an excellent boot choice if your worried about spellcasters... which you really shouldn't (spellcasters usually target your carry, or their doing it wrong).

    Since im tired of all this "Trip" bullcrap... These are the core items, what you are going to want every game.

    [item_icon=Meki Pendant] OR


    OR [item_icon=Rylai's Scepter]

    NOTE: it takes 15 minutes for a Rod of Ages to max out. This is why they are gotten so early.

    Now you might be thinking "Why the hell do you get two Rod of Ages? And why are you not working on Archangel's Staff?". Heres my answer.

    Ryze, is an amazing burst AP caster. One of the best, if not THE best. So everyone and their grandma is going to focus fire him INSTANTLY in every teamfight, you do wanna keep your Mejai's Soulstealer charges right? RIGHT? Your gonna want those two Rod of Ages to raise your HP pool by alot, mp pool by alot (buffs Overload) and AP pool by alot (buffs eveything). Heck, if i had the slots for it, id get a third Rod of Ages. They are perfect for Ryze.

    As for the Chain Vest, at this point you should have a decent amount of Mejai's Soulstealer stacks, maybe even a full mejai. You dont want to get ripped to pieces by the opposing carry and lost lots of those now do you? Besides, were gonna be using that Chain Vest very soon.

    NOTE: The last items we are getting do NOT come packed with MR, if you need MR dont get a second Rod of Ages and use the catalyst for banshees instead. You will lose some damage, but if theres alot of AP flying around its better to lose a little dmg then lose your life. Personally, id just use scaling MR runes in my runebook (check the build at the bottom).

    Oh yeah, [item_icon=Rylai's Scepter] is a good item too, if you dont already have both Rod of Ages by 40-45mins then get this instead of the second RoA, just about as good... just less HP in the end and no Overload dmg bonus cause there no mana on it. Really, even if the game is going pretty late i still sometimes get instead of [item_icon=Rylai's Scepter], losing all that overload damage for a useless slow isnt good...

    As for why i dont get ?
    Doesnt offer any HP, and comes with a pretty low MP package too, also the AP that you will gain from this is pretty substandard until it has been used a bunch.

    You need to spend alot of time casting spells in order to build up your mana pool. And in one combo you will only really get +4 to +8 max mana, since there IS a cooldown on the Archangel's Staff's ability, and you will be casting all your spells into cooldown very fast (or your dead).

    All in all a bad item on Ryze that just doesnt deliver the goods fast enough to be of any real use. is far superior.

    If you know what your doing, and farm in between Desperate Powers (more on that in the farming section), you will be able to hit core in 20-45 minutes, heck isnt that really fast? Of course things dont always go so nicely, sometimes it will be 30-55 minutes till you got your core if your failing your ganks (should NOT be happening, Ryze is an AMAZING earlygame ganker).

    Anyhow, after your core is done, your going to be pretty much set. The last two items your gonna want really wrap up the package nicely.


    Il explain the reasoning behind each of these items one by one. Dont think me crazy yet!

    First of all, Deathfire Grasp is a no brainer. Cooldown reduction you need (Mejai's Soulstealer cooldown reduction is unreliable), more ability power, some very tasty mana regen, and a very VERY sexy active that you SHOULD take advantage of, especially since it does get a significant power boost from Ryze's Desperate Power (dunno if the AoE applies, if so that'd be sick). Also uses the [item_text=Meki Pendant] if you already have it.

    when you got Deathfire Grasp, do your combo like this:

    > > > >

    Since Deathfire Grasp's active does 30% (+3.5% per 100AP) of their current hp, it will need to be used right after Rune Prison, and before you pour in the dmg. With this baby, you can even make tanks cry for mercy!

    NOTE: there ARE hotkeys for item slots, they are 1 2 3 4 5 6. Move (you can drag items now to move them) Deathfire Grasp into the top left slot, thats 1.

    so that spell chain becomes:

    R > W > 1 > E > Q

    Not that hard right?

    As for Frozen Heart, not only does it help your entire team with its -attack speed aura, it greatly enhances your survivability against those DPS carries that like to eat you alive, by reducing enemy attackspeed and giving you a whopping 99 armor! Your Ryze can both deal pain and take pain! It also gives a ton of Cooldown Reduction, topping off at 40% when you include Deathfire Grasp (once again, Mejai's Soulstealer's Cooldown Reduction is unrelaible).

    Without this kind of survivability, Ryze can be a total deadweight in teamfights, he will die very fast, though that in itself can be entertaining... Frozen Heart also uses up that Chain Vest from the core.

    Besides, with the Mejai's Soulstealer NOT losing stacks all the time from dieing and the cooldown reduction, you will still be putting out DPS comparable to any AP ryze build out there, just your 5x more tanky and far more helpfull to your team.

    NOTE: I am talking about games against people who know what their doing. Against total scrubs, go ahead, go overkill with full AP and rip em to shreds.

    Oh yeah, and if theres little DPS threat and you feel you dont need more armor, you can get instead of Frozen Heart, same cooldown reduction, some useless attack speed. But has some AP too. But personally, id stick with the Frozen Heart, more helpfull to you and the team. Not recommended, just threw it out there.

    Special Mention Items:
    The item [item_icon=Zhonya's Ring] is definately worthy of a very special mention. It is the second strongest AP item in the entire game (strongest if we dont include the stack dependant Mejai's Soulstealer) and synergizes well with Ryze's ultimate.

    However there are two reasons why this build does not get this amazing item, they are:
    -Cost. The thing costs way too damn much, it is the most expensive AP item in the entire game, heck for the price of this you could almost get a Mejai's Soulstealer and a Rod of Ages, which has the potential to provide you with alot more of everything [item_text=Zhonya's Ring] can give you.
    -Slot space. There's no room for it, honestly there isn't. I love [item_text=Zhonya's Ring] too, and personally use it a fair bit in pubs against people who are *ahem* lacking in experience. But in a serious game, it is hard to pass up one of your other items for [item_text=Zhonya's Ring], as each of them is very critical to your survival and ability to win the game.

    The only item i can see it replacing is Deathfire Grasp, which would be stupid since Deathfire Grasp gives a fair amount of AP, your only source of mana regen, and cooldown reduction that is very critical to your usefullness in teamfights. Not to mention that it gives an ability of its own that actually gives you the ability to shred the enemy team's tank, no matter how much MR he has on.

    In this Ryze build, you only need one AP item of absolute power, and in my opinion... Mejai's Soulstealer is far more worthy of that title than [item_text=Zhonya's Ring] (almost 1/3 the cost with the potential to give almost 2x the AP).

    Final verdict: If your playing against newer players, go ahead and get it and get called many names for playing an "OP" champion (he isnt, hes just good at pub stomping) after you rip them all into little pieces laugh in glee as thier whole team literally RUNS at the sight of you (had this happen recently, 36/1/0 in a practice game, the enemy team consisting of ashe/teemo/twitch/yi/shaco literally begged me to end it). However against better players, it is rarely the better choice.

    Alas, if you find yourself dieing alot, you may want to get [item_text=Zhonya's Ring] over Mejai's Soulstealer for the AP item slot. Especially if your new to LoL or just Ryze, as [item_text=Zhonya's Ring] is far more player friendly (albeit far more expensive).

    Full Mejai's Soulstealer + [item_text=Zhonya's Ring] is insane though, definately worth a try in practice mode on a smurf, you will make many people cry.

    NOTE: As of a recent patch, [item_text=Zhonya's Ring] got majorly buffed and Mejai's Soulstealer got nerfed, it could very well be worth it to get [item_text=Zhonya's Ring] instead of Mejai's Soulstealer if you feel confident in your farming.

    The other special mention item is , i can already hear people saying "wtf, why is this not in the AP/tank item build? it gives AP, it gives MR, and it also lowers their resists!"...

    Here's why:

    1) MR is not as important on ryze as other survivability stats are, the enemy magical nukers and CC'ers will most likely be going after your DPS carry (or their doing it wrong).
    2) The magical resistance lowering is not really needed considering both Spell Flux AND your Sorcerer's Shoes both give magic pen (and Spell Flux stacks it with each bounce).

    Sure the AP is nice, but what is an Abyssal Scepter gonna replace? A Rod of Ages?

    Rod of Ages gives more dmg (mana as well as AP) and it also gives hp, which boosts survivability to everything. What is Abyssal Scepter gonna provide you with? MR you dont really need and slightly more magic armor reduc? Remember that ryze has a built in MR rape spell (Spell Flux) and has the Sorcerer's Shoes too.

    So what happens if you wanna replace Deathfire Grasp with Abyssal Scepter?

    Congratz, you just gave up a flat 30% hp reduction spell (not including AP) and what little mana regeneration you had, for 10 more AP, some redundant MR, and the magic resist lower aura.

    Hint: Deathfire Grasp active is 100000000x more usefull then the puny magic resist aura.

    So what happens if you wanna replace Frozen Heart with Abyssal Scepter?

    You become a feeder come lategame, end of story. Seriously, without that armor you are going to be ripped to PIECES by the enemy DPS, who will actually be gunning mainly for you. Also you will spend alot more time standing around being useless while your spells are on cooldown, cause last time i checked, 25% is a hell of alot of cooldown reduction.

    So what happens if you wanna replace your Mejai's Soulstealer with Abyssal Scepter?

    Stop playing ryze, now. This thing is a MUST on ryze, playing Ryze without Mejai's Soulstealer is like playing Singed without Rod of Ages, it could work... but how bout no.

    So what happens if you wanna replace your Sorcerer's Shoes with Abyssal Scepter?

    See above. Ryze needs kills, you cant kill what you cant catch.

  • Farming

    Earlygame to midgame, while waiting for a gank or waiting for your Desperate Power to come off cooldown, always go into an abandoned lane or into the jungle and spamm spells. Not only does this get you more gold/exp, but each spell takes off 1 second on all spell cooldowns thanks to your passive. This gets your Desperate Power up and ready alot faster. You should have the mana to support this easy, thanks to the Rod of Ages 1 and 2 adding so much mana/hp.

    Just remember to initiate with Spell Flux in the jungle, cause once the creeps are near you, Spell Flux will bounce off you also, wasting some possible bounces.

    Dont be afraid to take the blue golem buff too, it helps alot. Dont take the red though, if by some odd chance you die... someone on the opposing team is gonna have both red and blue buffs, and if its the opposing teams carry... your team is gonna be hurting.

  • Working in the team

    Harrass, harrass, harrass until level 6, make sure you got your Mejai's Soulstealer soon after, you dont want to miss out on the stacks.

    Once your level 6, call together your teamies and start the gankfest, with your damage from your ulti, they should drop like flies.

    Though i will mention this, unless you grab an early Blasting Wand, or unless they are already fairly hurt, you wont be killing anyone solo till you get some Mejai's Soulstealer stacks. It is essential that you get someone to gank with you, preferrably the carry on your team, cause you can let him have the kills and you still get 1 Mejai's Soulstealer stack for each assist. You wont be able to burst anyone down in one combo until your get some Mejai's Soulstealer stacks, so use that snare you leveled up early to get tons of assists.

    Remember that the best way to win a game is teamwork.

    Also, before a gank, grab 1 or 2 hp potions and go kill golem (heal up while fighting so you dont have to recall and heal before ganking), the buff will give you some great early CDR and amazing mana regen, letting you easily switch between ganking and farming at the drop of a dime.

    Always be doing something! Ganking or farming! Dont spend an eternity in the bush on the chance that you will gank someone, you end up losing more gold off lost time then you gain, even if you do score a kill.

    Unless you didn't get enough Mejai's Soulstealer stacks, things should still be easy for you, destroying them at every gank and small (2-3 person) teamfight. If you didnt get those Mejai's Soulstealer stacks up, your going to need to do that soon! Or else your going to gimp your team with a weak Ryze!

    If by some wierd reason you have massive troubles getting Mejai's Soulstealer stacks or killing their champions, start farming for your Rod of Ages and try to get assists for Mejai's Soulstealer stacks, even with 4-8 Mejai's Soulstealer stacks, ryze can bring most heroes down to 1/3 or even 1/4 of their hp (assuming by now youve gotten at least one Rod of Ages and probably the Blasting Wand for the last one).

    Also, although it is kinda cruel. Try to feed off of the other team's weakest link. Even in games with good players, sometimes someone just messes up a build, or has a crappy earlygame. Capatalize on that and feed off of them for Mejai's Soulstealer stacks.

    I feel like a jerk for saying that, but this game is about winning, not being a moral person.

    Here is where it gets hard to play Ryze. The age of Ryze has passed, even though he still is a 1 man powerhouse, the enemy now travels together with their entire team, which you should be doing too. You should be at the back of the pack in a teamfight, you pop in to cast your spells and you pop out while waiting for cooldowns. This late in the game, your Desperate Power will not be as much of a boost as it was earlier, but if you got all your items, and a respectable amount of stacks on Mejai's Soulstealer, you can still rip anyone to pieces.

    If their team has any form of intelligence, they are probably gonna try and CC/gangrape you first. That is why you try to pop in/out of battle and stick to the back, so in order to get you, they gotta chase (ghost/flash is essential for escaping), if you get someone to chase you in a teamfight you have done well, your team will happily destroy them in a matter of seconds while they try to chase you and separate from the pack.

    This is why pure AP Ryze build is totally not viable. It works in scrub games, but halfway decent players will mop you up fast unless you have survivability too. This is also why Ryze isnt picked very much in competitive games (might be picked more now that hes been buffed a bit, dunno). A pure AP Ryze can easily get 1shot by other heroes (like... say... another Ryze?).

    Oh yeah, try to always be packing the golem buff in a teamfight if you dont already have capped CDR, your useless while your spells are on CD, so the faster they are up, the faster you can join in again.

    IMPORTANT: Oh yeah, and after your team has won a teamfight, you MUST SAY /taunt or /dance, this is an advanced form of psychological warfare! IT IS A NECESSITY!

    Important thing to remember:

    no really, i mean it.

    example: if a blitzcrank on your team pulls an enemy right into the middle of your team, what do you do:

    A)Unload everything you have on him!
    B)Ignore him. Pay more attention to the enemy team, as they may try to come and rescue him.
    C)Rune Prison him. Save the other spells for his team, incase they decide to stage a rescue.

    Common sense would dictate B or C as the correct answer, if you do A... not gonna go there.

    But how do you decide whether B or C is right? That is up to your judgement. Just remember, saving your Rune Prison might just net your team the win, or the loss.

    What im trying to get across with that seriously messed up example is that you should fine tune your common sense in team matches, dont Rune Prison that 1-hit-away-from-dead-teemo-whos-stunned-and-surrounded-by-your-team, save it for the angry-friend-of-said-teemo-who-is-charging-in-without-his-team-only-to-realize-teemo-is-screwed-and-he-should-run-for-his-life.

    And for god sakes, dont unload everything on an enemy whos going to die anyways, if you KNOW that enemy is gonna die, throw 1 skill (preferably Spell Flux, it has the lowest cooldown) his way to net yourself a Mejai's Soulstealer stack or two and save the rest your skills for whomever might be about to pop out of the brush. This is extremely important especially in teamfights, as many teammates have the habit of charging in when the enemy team is ganging on one member (bad habit, but even most pros do it sometimes, these kinds of things can be hard to judge properly).

    This is important on the flipside too, if your jungling warwick find himself alone surrounded by 5 baddies, asses the situation, dont just charge in.

    A) Warwick is at about half hp, and has managed to separate himself from the enemy team and is pretty much getting away, except for one or two of the enemy who is keeping up with him on the chase.
    B) Warwick is stuck in the middle of all 5 enemies, he is trying to escape, but the whole enemy team is easily keeping pace with him since he constantly being CC'd.

    In situation A, pop in and throw out everything you have then pop ghost/flash and get the HELL out of there, you probably just saved Warwick's life, as well as critically injuring and/or killing the two who were chasing him, back to fountain for them.

    In situation B, abandon him... i know its heartless, i know it sucks. But in that kind of situation, running in would cause more harm then help by probably resulting in you dieing too.

    But lets say you charge in during situation B and die too, now your team is 3v5 instead of 4v5. 4v5 is enough to effectively defend a tower and/or base if played right, not only that... but if an enemy gets greedy you can quickly turn it into 4v4 since the defending side usually has an advantage (one word: tower). 3v5 is a good way to end up feeding them by either dieing while trying to defend (a tower isnt enough to replace two teammates), or just letting them destroy your towers while they wait for you and warwick to revive.

    Choices like these make a massive impact on the game, so hone your LoL senses (I should say common sense, since these things do seem a little obvious).

  • Build Example

    Heres an example of an endgame Ryze with this build.

    He is using 9/0/21 and for runes:
    Red - Magic Penetration
    Yellow - Scaling Max HP
    Blue - Scaling Magic Resist
    Black - Movespeed

    The reason i chose movespeed for Quints is simply because i find it helps alot in catching those hard-to-kill heroes, it always sucks when that 5 hp left teemo just barely gets away. But thats a personal preferance.


    Just for comparison purposes, below is what i consider the best pure AP ryze.

    He is using 9/0/21 and for runes:
    Red - Magic Penetration
    Yellow - Scaling Max HP
    Blue - Scaling Cooldown Reduction
    Black - Movespeed

    Movespeed quints is a must if you want to be able to fill your Mejai's Soulstealer with stacks and actually keep them, thanks to your fail hp your going to go squish unless you have the reflexes of a god and the movespeed to back it up, HP quints would just prolong your suffering, not let you escape it.

    Notice that he only has about 50% more AP (its actually about 55-60%) but has almost literally half the effective health of the AP hybrid?