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Dr. Mundo, a DPS who Goes Where he Pleases

written by Lazerkin

Dr. Mundo Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Adrenaline Rush
    Adrenaline Rush is not like Garen's Perserverence - it is constantly active. It, however, only gives .3% of your HP/second. If you want to do the math, .3% is equivalent to multiplying by 0.003 ; 66 * 0.003 = 0.198/second * 5 = .99 HP/5. Your passive will not save your butt, it won't let you go toe to toe with a tryndamere. It gives you the ability to chill and regen a bit and lane longer. Enough on that.

    Infected Cleaver
    This is the most iconic thing about Dr. Mundo. Mostly because the enemy fears it. This deals % on their CURRENT health, with a minimum (and a hidden maximum for creeps. no 3 shotting Baron, sorry) that is always higher than the cost. This was significantly buffed recently - it restores half the cost when it hits a target. In the laning phase now, you can SPAM this until your fingers bleed, assuming you hit things. There are MANY nuances about this particular skill when it comes to manipulating positioning and out-thinking what the enemy will do to succeed in a hit.

    This skill is for:
    -Big damage (use it mid combat even if it clips an autoattack, generally speaking)
    -Slowing them
    -Last Hitting
    -Jacking Baron from the other side (lol)
    -Cleaving where you please

    Burning Agony
    Burning Agony is primarily used to reduce CC early game. Late game, you can supply the health to keep it up longer: it can be used for long periods of time even if its hitting nothing, or for looks. This DOES NOT STACK FULLY WITH MERCS. It gives something in the range of 58% CC reduction if you get both of them. Frankly, its beating a dead horse. I'll explain that later.

    This skill is for:
    -Last hitting by toggling on then off
    -CC reduction
    -Turning on in a team fight

    This is what makes Dr. Mundo hit so hard with attacks. He gets a flat amount of damage (massive, mind you) and more attack damage based on his missing HP. I believe from experience that the bonus attack damage you gain from missing HP only applies while masochism is active. No worries, with this build towards the end you can keep it up with only a .3 second interval. Full 40% CDR will give you a cooldown shorter than the duration - not necessarily bad since the other abilities have CDS too, but its not a huge difference. Pop this anytime you are about to melee something. Lifesteal will generally heal you up for more than the cost of the ability.

    This skill is for:

    This is another thing people think about when they spy a Dr. Mundo. In a ranked, it generally means at least one on their team will get an ignite, but I'll speak about that later. This was MASSIVELY buffed (IMHO) in the last patch. At the first rank it does less than it used to, but the other two ranks give 5% and 20% extra max HP healed over the duration over the old (for new Mundos - the old gave flat 50%/50%/50% at each rank). If the healing wasn't good enough - its got a built in ghost. With the ghost nerf lately, this makes you run FASTER than even a ghost with mastery. Did I mention it has a really short CD?

    This skill is for:
    -Laning forever
    -Healing up
    -Making enemies over-commit (more on this later)


    11/19/10 Added a "Quick Tips" section that I will update whenever I think of a cool hint.
    In other news, scored my first PENTAKILL!!!!! With none other than Dr. Mundo (recently, I think it was 5 days ago from the day of this post)

    10/19/10 New patch hit - Updated item information for items that changed.

    10/10/10 (hey!) Added the "Working in the Team" section. Currently I find it needing tweaking, but it is good enough to appeal to the reader. I am just picky.

  • Why Should I read YOUR Guide?

    I do not claim to have the golden key to unlocking an invincible champion that will win 100% of games with at least 10 and 0. What I do have to offer is my choices on the variables in the game (masteries, items, skilling, etc) and my reasoning on my playstyle in the game. I will try my best to back up every statement with logic and/or math. I will dutifully try to update this guide with patches since I seem to get the feeling the sun would stop shining if there weren't patches every two weeks.

    In this guide I will:
    Give bulletpoint-y information for those who are lazy (hey like this!)
    Use logic and math
    Explain choices
    Try and keep it real on these streets

  • Introduction

    Dr. Mundo may be listed as a tank on his character page on League of Legends, but in my opinion he lacks the control to be listed as one. Want to know why? Here's my list:

    High HP so as not to be focused(check)
    Reasonable damage so that you are at least a threat (check)
    Crowd control, i.e. Taunt, stun, knock in the air, silence (nope)

    Let us, however look at a damage dealer checklist
    High damage (check)

    Thats about the only thing I see overarching on every DPS character. They come squishy, they come tanky, they come with and without escapes. For this reason I see that Dr. Mundo fits better into a damage dealer role with moderately high HP so as to deter focusing. He can't make enemies target him or stop them from targeting carries, so whats the dealio?

    TL;DR this is a DPS guide.

  • Masteries + Runes

    (Couln't get the link to work, but I copied and pasted and it worked.)
    are the masteries I use in my build.

    - - - Offense - - -
    First tier - Should be self explanatory. I use exhaust, and I don't use smite. I like crits and I don't care for ability power.

    Second tier - Get everything. I'll explain about the attack speed thing further on in this section

    Third tier - 6 armor pen and 15% spell pen > summoner spell buff for ignite which I don't use and hitting minions for 4 more damage. "I would like to last hit easier," you say? From what I understand, armor doesn't block 6 damage for 6 armor. It appears that armor will give a % of mitigation which scales down as it goes up so as not to give 100% mitigation. This means you'll probably hit for MORE than 6 extra damage with 6 armor pen. Hey, if I'm wrong and 6 armor mitigates 6 damage (which I'm like 99% sure isn't the case) you'll do 6 extra damage and to CHAMPS versus just 4 for minions.

    Fourth tier - I only get 1 into brute force because only 1 is needed to get to the next tier. I'll talk on this talent later.

    Fifth tier - Lethality is pimp.

    Sixth tier - Havoc. 'nuff said.

    ~ ~ ~ Utility ~ ~ ~
    First Tier - Haste is an easy decision, albeit not as good as it used to be it beats the pants off the Teleport mastery since I don't use that spell. Regarding 10% less dead time vs. 4% increased health regeneration, imagine this scenario. Its late game. 2 of your inhibitors are butt naked. Master Yi is about to spank one of them. You died about a minute ago, and still have a few seconds left until you rez. Just as you rez, Master Yi destroyed your inhib and got away. Had you been up 6 seconds earlier (60 * .9 = 54 second rez timer, saved 6 seconds) you might have been able to at least scare him off.

    That example, however, is very very rare. Instead lets look at the mathematical worth of 4% increased regeneration. Your passive gives you .3% max HP per second. Someone not as intelligent or handsome as you or me might think "Well sweet now I get 4.3% per second!" but clearly that is not the case (or everyone would QQ about it). Lets go to our calculator, shall we?

    4% of 0.3% is the same as 0.003 * 0.04. This equals a shockingly high - 0.00012, or 0.012%.

    With these beautifully spent 3 points, you'll regenerate not a measly 0.3% of your HP, but instead a menacing 0.312% Grr!

    Say you had 3000 health, which is close to what you'll get for my guide (its just an easy number to work with). 3000 * 0.003 = 9 HP/second base. Now, 3000 * 0.00312 = 9.36. These values multiplied by 5 to put them into standard HP/5 formula are 45 per 5 and 46.8 per 5 respectively. Lets give the talent a free boost and say instead of 1.8 extra hp/5 its actually 2/5 (remember this is all with our average 3000 hp) and say that our laning phase (because thats when HP regen shines the brightest) lasts a hefty 15 minutes. This is 900 seconds, or 180 HP/5 ticks. Without the talent you'll regenerate 8100 health over those 15 minutes, and with it you'll regenerate 8460. You regenerate an additional 360 health over 15 minutes, averaging 24 health per minute. If you haven't just figured it out for yourself, this is REALLY LOW. You won't even notice. The difference that you WILL notice is if the enemy in your lane harasses better than last time. That 360 Health that you might have needed in that time could've been averted by taking maybe 1 less tower hit on a towerdive or a couple less spears from pantheon, etc etc etc. DO I HAVE TO GO ON??? I won't insult your intelligence, I think you understand.

    Wow, That was all about the first tier?

    Second Tier - I shouldn't even need to bother you. You are smart enough to decide that 5% increased XP is better than a useless talent.

    Third tier - 1 gold per 10 seconds will give you maybe 100 or 200 gold in an entire game. You cant even buy a starting item with that. Its garbage. Get the duration on monster buffs, because even if you never touch the jungle you might get one in a game just by killing somebody.

    - - - Alacrity and Brute Force - - -
    Now, about my decision regarding the talents "Alacrity" and "Brute Force." The way I see it, the other choices are obvious and should be taken in just about every damage build (not magey, though). This meant it came down to the 1/2/3/4 % attack speed increase or the 1/2/3 damage increase. I am not currently looking at my stats in game right now so I'll be honest, at the moment I don't have math to back this up - but bear with me: It seems to me that if I either attack 4% faster or 4% harder, I'll average the same DPS. I cannot say for sure which is more burst, but I bet my money on the speed being more burst. In addition to my betting that way, I am doubtful that 3 damage is equal or greater to 4% of my total attack damage. That is especially impossible with Masochism active, since 3 is 3% of 100 and thats the amount it gives at rank 5! Thats with 100% HP and 0 extra passive attack damage. In light of these things I chose Alacrity. Better luck next time, Brute force.


    Red - crit

    Yellow - HP/level (more HP in the long run)

    Blue - CDR/level (" ")

    Quints - HP/level (" ")

    Explanation -

    Crit makes you do more damage. I have a lot of crit items in this build, including Infinity's, so these fit right in.

    Yellows and Quints are HP/level because I think that they are best spent that way. Health is a tricky stat to get while gearing dps, so you either Rune for it or Buy for it. If you stacked health and runed damage, you'd be doing so much less dps than if you runed health and stacked damage. Kapiche?

    Blues are CDR/level because having a low CD on masochism, cleaver, and sadism makes you so much more threatening. Keeping masochism up 100% of the time is deadly. Try it.

  • Items

    I begin my day as Dr. Mundo with a Doran's Shield and a Health Potion

    My boots of choice are almost always Berserker's Greaves

    (Side note - if you read on and decide that a Sword of the Occult or Leviathan is for you, this would be the time to get it.)

    Next is Spirit Visage. This got significantly buffed in the last patch. Get ready for some math. Just close your eyes and scroll down if you don't want to read it.


    Some may argue that Spirit Visage isn't as useful as real health (the buff is effectively "effective health") because when the rubber meets the road, if you heal equally with 20% more health and 20% less health but a 20% healing buff, the scenario with 20% more health just sounds safer. And it is. What if your ultimate were off cooldown?* What if you couldn't pop it in time? Etc, etc etc.

    Here's my argument on it.

    Scenario 1.
    You have Spirit Visage and 3000 HP.
    Your ultimate heals you for 84% of your maximum health. (70% * 1.2 = 84%)

    84% of 3000 is 2520.

    Scenario 2.
    You do not have Spirit Visage, only noobs would, obviously. You have 3600 hp because that is 20% more hp, and that should counter the + healing loss of not having the Visage.
    Your ultimate heals you for 70% of your maximum health.
    While Ignited, your ultimate heals for 35% of your maximum health.

    70% of 3600 is 2520.

    Wait a minute, I thought this was an argument for Spirit Visage, not saying that its the same as 600 health! (or 20% extra HP) Well, you're right, and you're wrong. It does the same job as 600 health. But find me an item that is as CHEAP as Spirit Visage, has 30 MR and 200 HP baked in like Spirit Visage, and also 12% CDR to boot!

    *The 12% CDR on the Spirit Visage will help keep your ultimate up and ready when you need it to be your homicidal, doctoral self.

    ----------MATH DONE----------

    From there, I get [item=Stark's Fervor] because your physicals will love you, you love it, and its downright amazing. More Mundos need to get this. Mundo's attack speed is one of the best ways to pimp Masochism out, so this works wonders.

    Next, I either aim to get Infinity Edge or Phantom Dancer. I usually get both, I recommend the Phantom Dancer first because its cheaper and movement speed, but the choice is yours.

    The last item is situational. Good choices for this slot are:
    The Bloodthirster Reason: Although the lifesteal was slightly nerfed, the attack damage stil remains very high. This makes this item really great for Mundo because it has his two bread and butter stats. If you cannot seem to keep Occult stacks up, get this. Else, see below.
    Sword of the Occult Naturally if you can keep your stacks up this can turn the tide of a game. This has equal attack damage to the Bloodthirster at 20 stacks, but late game I'd switch it out just because you don't lose as much when you die with a Bloodthirster compared to this. Very good choice, but naturally get it early.
    Leviathan Reason: Similarly to the Sword of the Occult, this stacks and is OP for its cost if you can stack it up. If you reach 20 stacks with this, you should be a juggernaut of death. Very good choice, but naturally get it early.
    Youmuu's Ghostblade Reason: This item is beast. Using this item, ghost, and Sadism will destroy any fleeing enemy. The only problem I see with this item is that the attack speed is stuck inside of the use effect, and I would trade the other stats with the attack speed in a vice versa sort of change. It is definitely cheap, and good. However if you're looking for more attack speed, there are other things out there.
    The Black Cleaver Reason: MASSIVE armor penetration. Use it if their team has a Malphite or something gay like that. Otherwise, slightly costly. Squishy casters die to your cleavers and that 60 armor won't make them die very much faster. On tanks, it will make a difference though.

    Items I don't find to be super duper, but are not the WORST choices and have some situational benefit:
    Warmog's Armor with the new patch this gives a much faster stack component and a MASSIVE base HP count. This may be viable for even a DPS Mundo wishing to survive more, especially coupled with the item below. Needs testing. Feedback appreciated, I will try this out soon. The main reason that I have this up in the "maybe useful" category but poor Frozen mallet is still down in the no-no section is that it provides less HP for more money and an effect that can be obtained by red buff or a good cleaver.
    [item=Force of Nature] Reason: the 0.35% max health regen is decent, like your passive, but not gamebreaking. It won't prevent the other team from focusing you, etc. The movement speed is welcomed, but I get that from my Phantom Dancer along with sweet dps. The MR on this is less effective than the Banshee's Veil, and 40 hp/5 is not that amazing either.
    Atma's Impaler Reason: You do not stack a massive amount of health, so you won't benefit the most from this item. Items mentioned above are more useful, but this isn't going to make other people laugh at you.
    Thornmail Reason: You have no way of forcing enemy dps to focus you. If you can survive their onslaught, they won't focus you. If you can't, this won't stop them from killing you unless you are barely dying and they get away at low HP. And really, in a team fight your allies can just pummel the physical carries first instead of this. However, I understand the situational value, so I will keep it on the table as viable.

    Items I would vote against picking:
    Frozen Mallet Reason: It costs so much. The only benefit from it that you can't obtain from taking a few seconds to get red buff is the 700 HP, which would offset not getting a Spirit visage at 3000ish hp like I mentioned earlier if you were reading everything. But it costs so much more! Most of the value is from the slow, and you have cleaver, exhaust, and can get red buff to offset that.

    Personally, Get more offense over defense. If they die before they kill you, you didn't need defense.

  • Skilling Order

    Take burning agony at 5 if you need it due to CC or an influx of minions up on your jock. I don't find it very useful till I start running around ganking, so whenever you feel that is coming soon, grab it. I don't postpone it later than 9, though, because you never know when a teamfight is going down.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Exhaust, Ghost

    Blind, MR reduce, Slow. Move freakin' fast. Move doubly freakin' fast with your ultimate up. Pass Master Yi by and say whats up as you smash his face.

  • Build Example

    [builder=Dr. Mundo/6ab914c59496f43cf79bd856d86b6f3e]
    [builder=Dr. Mundo/9602419dfbef1e9ab99003ee83c9a8e5] if you can keep stacks up. Lev or Occult are good.

  • Summary

    Dr. Mundo is a high Hp, high survivability, mid/high damage class. He has little control abilities, and shines best when his targets are running away in fear, which he can cause easily. He does significant damage from his Infected Cleaver and significant attack damage from Masochism. His attack speed is horrifically slow baseline, so to scale well with Masochism, attack speed and its buddy - critical strike, are welcome friends.

  • Quick Tips

    - If you are coming in late to a teamfight, pop your ult about 2 seconds before you think you'll make it in the actual fight. This will offset the initial 20% current HP loss (speaking of course at full health start)

    - If you are unsure of if your cleaver will land before you throw it, if there is nothing directly touching your crosshair towards the target, the creep/champion that will be hit will be the one that is under your mouse (most times) and highlighted slightly.

    - Last hit. Everything. Building high damage items early is the best way to kill shiz.

    - In a solo v 2 lane, farm as much as you can. Since you usually cant leave to buy very early, save up for an infinity's if you're doing good on the farm. If you have to recall before you're at least 3/4 to the infinity, just buy boots and spirit.

    - Rushing an Infinity can be very useful depending on the enemy team. Try a crit build out! Use the components in my guide that have crit as one of their stats in your build. Its definitely fun.

    - Pop ghost and Ultimate and Ghostblade if you have it to cross through a teamfight and kill the squishies in the back, assuming it is safe enough.

    - Use your high movement speed with ghost and ulti in a teamfight to kite people or duck out when you are exhausted/being focused.

  • Working in the team

    Dr. Mundo, as described by the Elementz tier list is "Hard to place in a team"

    This means to him that the champion, Dr. Mundo, comparatively to other champions described similarly to him by the Riot classification on his champion description is a difficult choice to add to a team.

    I would agree.

    As you probably have figured out by reading my guide - Dr. Mundo is not a tank. Just say it with me: (No really, get out of your seat, find sombody, even next door, and say this to them.)

    "I play Dr. Mundo, and I am not a tank. I am on the squishy patrol."

    Since I mentioned Elementz system of thought to rating Dr. Mundo, I will also use it to rate the placement I gave him - Squishy patrol. But, before we can do that, we need to understand what the "Squishy Patrol" is.

    Squishy Patrol - n. SKWIH-shee PUH-troll
    A search for enemy champions who lack the ability to defend themselves. Usually followed by a good cleavering and a dose of SMASH.

    Dr. Mundo does not bring any initiation, hard cc, or any way to prevent allied champions from taking damage. But hey, nor does Miss Fortune and shes in tier 2. Why? She is focused on damage, but people who are less smart than us thing Dr. Mundo isn't. He is. Its the only thing hes good at, and hes BADASS at it. Physical carries don't even do as much damage as he does early game. He is so easy to get early kills as that tip the scales in your favor.

    Play Dr. Mundo to bash that ezreal's head in while in a team fight.

    Play Dr. Mundo to get first blood. And second. And whittle that tower down pretty quick, too.

    Play Dr. Mundo to harass to your heart's content up till level 6, carefully monitoring your health, then just when the enemy thinks they can towerdive you - LOL NOPE FULL HP AGAIN. Your laning power is almost unmatchable.

    Simply, Dr. Mundo's position on a team is to so badly steamroll his enemies in his lane that they have a hard time standing up to him in the future in team fights. Then, when the fight breaks out, break the faces of the squishies. Building him correctly (it is a fine precipice, seriously. He is very item particular) will guarantee that you can end lives almost as fast as anyone else.

    Best team composition for a Dr. Mundo:
    An initiate
    A support with some heals
    **A carry that is slightly more threatening but slightly more squishy than you**
    A CC

    If multiple roles are fulfilled in one, Dr. Mundo does not care. As long as there is somebody slightly more threatening (at least in their minds) they won't "focus" you. All the better. Mundo is not above using teammates as sacrifice for greater good. While they focus your carry, your CC and your support with a heal should go to work supporting that carry and CCing their squishy damage dealers while you get to doing the damage.

    This has been wordy, in the future I'll try to whittle it down to something more smooth.

  • What I want to add to this guide

    Working on expanding my guide in general, currently I would like to prioritize tweaking the "Working in the Team" section.

    (In addition I would like to take some pictures to show how to cleaver more effectively. Maybe even a youtube video. Right now its late and I want to publish this, so forgive any typos)

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