Gangplank Build Guide

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written by deathgreeter

Gangplank Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Grog Soaked Blade
    very nice, you will love the poison!

    early game, you last hit creeps, later on you deal dmg whit this

    Remove Scurvy
    use this only to escape, and when you have to much mana. it has a big cooldown, so use it wisely

    [spell=Raise Morale]
    realy good. deny youre opponents xp. always deny a 1 cannon creep in your lane. if there is no one, deny a melee creep.

    Cannon Barrage
    your ult. use it to save people and to kill some.
    what you realy wanna do is, go in, focus a squishy one, and let the opponent fight in youre ult(yeah like taking a shower - a deadly one).

    dont waste it, it has a long cooldown, you want this up for teambattles, and important situations.

  • Introduction

    this is the guide from solomidnet "Beastiality and a Pirate?!"

    dont get this guide wrong, youre not gonna tank or shit like that (let shen, amumu or ram do the tanking job).
    have you seen lately garens just stacking sunfires and still owning faces.
    or udyrs go all tanky, and deal still sick amount of dmg.

    this is like that...

    UPDATE: played a lot of tankplank, and you will have over 200dmg, 4k life, and will deal 1k crits.
    i beat every single Goldplank (edge, phantomdancer, avaric blades) and not lost one duel (luckyly, otherwise i would be flamed)

  • Masteries + Runes

    Runes: Armor Pen reds, Mana regen/lvl yellows, Magicresist/ cooldwon reduc blues, and Arp/Flat hp quints


    3 deadlines,
    1 archemages,
    4 sorcery,
    1 archaic

    21 utility:

    1 spatial
    3 perservence
    4 awereness
    3 meditation
    2 utility mastery
    1 (in greed or mysitcal vision, or ghost)
    3 intelligence
    1 presence of the master

    spells: teleport or clairvoyance, and ghost.

  • Items

    1. meki + pots (meki into chalize)

    2. boots

    3. Sunfire Cape

    4. Merc Treads

    5. Frozen Mallet

    6. Atma impaler/... before or after atmas, sell chalice Banshees

  • Skilling Order

    1 in parley, 1 in raise moral, 1 in fruits,

    Ult>Parrley>Fruits>Raise Moral

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