Master Yi Build Guide

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AD/Crit Master Yi: Catch me if you can

written by jc1337

Master Yi Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    I can't add anymore sections for some reason because it never saves so I'm just putting everything into Items sections which i'll be writing different sections in there.
    This is a guide about the AD/Crit Master Yi.
    This is my first guide I have made, so be nice :D
    Please give me constructive critisism to improve this guide.

  • Abilities

    Double Strike
    Master Yi's deals a Double Strike on every 7th attack.

    Not bad of a passive. Try landing the 7th blow on an enemy champion for maximum effectiveness.

    Alpha Strike
    Master Yi leaps across the battlefield with blinding speed, dealing magic damage to multiple units in his path with a chance to deal bonus magic damage to minions.

    Great for farming, pop this on a minion and watch 4 of them instantly die when this is maxed. Also great for ganking. Be careful, champions with summoner ability flash, can flash back to turret mid way through your alpha strike and you'll appear at turret. Cya.

    Master Yi rejuvinates his body by focus of mind, restoring health and increasing his armor and magic resistance for a short time.

    I suggest getting at least one on meditate, in case a karthus uses his ultimate, you can pop this on and survive (early game.) If you're an AP Master Yi, this makes you like a tank

    Wuju Style
    Master Yi becomes skilled in the art of Wuju, passively increasing the power of his physical attacks. Activating Wuju Style doubles the passive bonus damage for a short time, but the passive bonus is temporarily removed after the effect wears off.

    An excellent ability. Passively increases attack damage, and an active that doubles that damage. Use this is all fights you get in.

    Master Yi moves with unparalleled agility, temporarily increasing Master Yi's movement and attack speeds as well as making him immune to all slowing effects. Additionally, killing a Champion refreshes all of Master Yi's cooldowns.

    This makes Yi who he already is. Massively increases attack and movement speed, ignoring all slows. However, you can still be stunned and disabled. The best thing about this ability is that when you kill a champion, refreshes all Master Yi's cooldowns and half for assists.
    That means when you done killing one enemy, you can do highlander again to another.
    Try to grab blue buff (ancient golem) and some lifesteal if you keep on getting non-stop kills to stay on lane and prevent going back until you really need to.

  • Items

    For items we are aiming for movement speed, attack speed, crit chance and crit damage. You might suck early game but later on you'll get better. Trust me :)

    Start off with a Boots of Speed and Health Potion x2 for the speed to run away and chase for certain kill or escape, and don't need to explain the potions.

    Upgrade boots into Berserker's Greaves for extra speed and attack speed.
    Another boot you can upgrade into is Boots of Swiftness for more movement speed.

    Next item you should aim for is Phantom Dancer or Infinity Edge.
    Phantom dancer if you want more movement speed earlier, Infinity Edge if you want harder crits earlier. Buy the ingredients of the items however you want, doesn't matter.

    If you got phantom dancer, get infinity edge, vise versa. This is your core build.

    Core build:
    [builder=Master Yi/f183f0029e9112bb78bfbc4ec43823cf]

    From here on, you can choose to buy whatever you want, but it has to include lifesteal or crit chance to be effective with our core build.

    Here are my suggestions:

    Executioner's Calling - Decent crit chance and lifesteal, and if you're versing a
    Dr. Mundo, it's active can be very effective against him. Plus all other health regen champs and lifestealers (a.k.a warwick)

    Phantom Dancer - You can always buy another phantom dancer to further increase your crit chance to 100%, more movement speed and more dodge. It is not a must though.

    Youmuu's Ghostblade - 30 attack damage, more crit chance. Passive gives you 20 armor pen, CD reduction, active gives you more movement speed and massive attack speed. Perfect for a DPS.

    [item=Malady] - Malady's an okay item, due to its on hit effect for more damage and its lifesteal, good for Yi.

    [item=Stark's Fervor] - Only buy this if no one on your team already has. Perfect attack speed and lifesteal.

    The Bloodthirster I always buy at least one if not two of these, its just pure awesomeness

    Wit's End Great for eating the mana out of -CASTERS- and the attack speed is good too.

    [item=Madred's Bloodrazor] Very good for eating -TANKS- for breakfast, lunch and dinner, since you are an auto attacker.

    The Black Cleaver The armor pen. is good, but there are better items to consider.

    [builder=Master Yi/9965d6b4c1ba2abb6096c8b8c0f518da]

    4.Summoner Abilities

    I choose the usual combo for the slow, blind and easy early kills.

    Ghost You can always use ghost to reach a crazy speed as high as 500 when combined with Highlander.

    Heal Can be used to heal yourself to get that last, finishing blow you die for.

    Flash Flash is okay, if you get this use it to catch up to enemies faster by just normal flashing or flashing to walls to get shortcuts to kill the enemy.

    Teleport It's not 'noob' to have this spell, its just not really needed for Yi, it's still okay for getting back in lane or for ganking other lanes.

    Are you nuts?:

    Clarity You noob -.-.

    Revive Well sure, it can save your team late game when people are in your base attacking nexus or turrets when they have aced you, but there are WAY better spells than this.

    [spell=Fortify] You are not a support. Do you really wanna support instead of killing?

    Smite You don't need this, even when you're jungling, you kill really fast anyways.

    [spell=Rally] What..? Maybe I heard you wrong.

    Clairvoyance This is for supports.

    5. Skilling Order

    You can build however you want really, but i prefer get alpha strikeat start for harrassing, max wuju style for maximum damage, grab one in meditate just to survive ults like karthus'(early game)
    Obviously you'd want to put one in Highlander whenever you can at levels 6, 11 and 16.

    You can adjust this build however you want, just do what you feel is right.

    6. Masteries/Runes

    For masteries I take 21/0/9 for increased crit chance, crit damage and increased attack damage.
    For utility, more experience gained for an advantage and longer lasting neutral buffs.

    For runes I get:
    Greater Mark of Furor x9
    Greater Glyph of Malice x9
    Greater Seal of Malice x9
    Greater Quintessence of Malice x2
    Greater Quintessence of Furor x1

    Crit damage for better damage when you crit, crit chance for more chance to crit early game for more kills.
    Crit damage, crit chance, what more could you ask for?

    7. Pros & Cons

    - Yi gets a hell of a lot of kills if used correctly
    - Very fast attack and movement speed
    - High DPS
    - Pro pusher

    - He usually gets targeted first in teamfights because of his high damage
    - Squishy (dies fast if focused)
    - No AOE (area of effect)

    8. Laning

    Level 1-5 Go top or bot, Yi was not made to go mid. Harrass enemies with alpha strike by popping on a minion close to the champion to hit him. This should lower his health down to a decent amount.
    Alpha strike the enemy when you feel the time is right to kill.

    Level 6-10 - By the time you're level 6, you should either be taking down a turret or ganking other lanes. Hide in the brush, pop Highlander and chase them down. You can now level off minion waves or creeps in the jungle.

    Level 11-15 - This is where you should really get a lot of kills, and items. Backdoor more turrets and kill even more, easy.

    Level 16-18 - The game should be finished, if not nearly. If the game is like those games which are really even, you'll just have to Backdoor -INHIBITORS- to win, if not, the -NEXUS-.

    9. Farming

    Now, how do you farm you ask? Easy. You can either clear minion waves by using alpha strike or you can simply auto attack, since you attack fast. Late game, you can clear minion waves automatically by auto attacking one minion an let Yi move on to the next minion without clicking anything else, and you'll get all the last hits most of the time.

    10. Creep Jungling

    Basically the same as farming minion waves. Since there are only 2-4 mobs of creeps in the jungle, you can easily alpha strike them for instant kills (alpha strike hits up to 4 monsters.)

    11. Master Yi's Role

    Most people know Master Yi for his ability to Backdoor (BD). His attack speed and damage is so good he can eat a turret within a few seconds using Highlander.
    Even without it, he can still eat a turret very fast. He can sneak through the jungle without being detected to Backdoor and inhibitor which is critical in this game, since they release the Super Minions. Yi's usually push lanes while his teammates and enemies are concentrated in a teamfight to take down yet another turret.
    Don't be too greedy for turrets, sometimes you forget to stop pushing for turrets, then you suddenly realise that the teamfight is over and they are coming for you, but its too late.
    If they are smart and send one person for you, then just join in teamfights, ace them, then take down a turret.

    12. Summary

    Well, that's my first guide. Remember, this guide is never finished. Please comment suggestions of what sections to add, I might have forgotten some little things.

    Thank you all for reading and have fun!
    - Published the guide, yay for me!
    - I have now added the build example in "Items".
    - Added more items in "items", more to choose from.
    - Finished typing up "4. Summoner Abilities", Theres the spells that I use and there are also alternatives and bad spells that you shouldn't pick.
    - Just finshed "Skilling Order", which is my skill build I use.
    - Added "Masteries/Runes" section.
    - "Pros & Con's" added.
    - "Farming" and "Creep Jungling" is now in the guide.
    - Added a few more summoner spells which you should not use and a mini descripsion of why.
    - "Master Yi's Role" and Summary" is now added.
    - "Laning" is in the guide, levels 1-5, 6-10, 11-15 and 16-18 is included with a mini description of what you should be doing at those levels.

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