Ashe Build Guide

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Ashe: a beginner to intermediate guide

written by Fallen

Ashe Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Ive seen this passive ignored many times. While it isn't the best in the game by a long shot, it does have some good uses. You should always save your first shot of the game for the enemy champion for a guaranteed crit followed by a volley for some nice damage. Also if you find yourself hiding in the bushes waiting for a gank its nice to know that your first shot will be a crit. Effectiveness goes down as the game goes on and you get better items and are critting more often.

    Frost Shot
    Use to slow enemy champions, nothing else. It doesn't add any damage and drains mana per shot, so save it for when you need it.

    Your bread and butter skill. Max this first (while taking arrow at appropriate levels). Use this early game sparingly. Ideal volleys will finish off 1-2 creeps and hit the enemy champion. Don't spam this just to kill creeps. It is a very good harass early game. Mid to late game you can use it to harass enemy champions who are defending a turret, as your volley has longer range. Late game its damage effectiveness goes down, so use primarily for built in slow, although you should use it whenever its up for added damage anyway. When fleeing enemy champions, aim volley behind you to slow their team, then continue your retreat.

    Pretty useful after they changed this skill. That being said one rank can last you till the end of the game till you are forced to level this again. I always take the one rank at level 4, because you don't have to give up a rank in volley to take it. You aren't taking this for the extra gold, although its nice. Use to check bushes and prevent possible ganks. Very useful if you are laning mid and someone calls mia. Wait a few seconds, then fire one into top or bottom bushes - gank averted. Beware, the enemy knows you are near when you fire this, so if you use it to initiate a gank, be prepared to arrow immediately after, as they will most likely retreat when they see hawkshot.

    Enchanted Crystal Arrow
    Your signature skill. This is why people should fear you. Global range, great stun, decent damage and it splashes. Use this to stun fleeing opponents, initiate a gank, or save your own ass in an escape. I will cover more advanced strategies for this skill later.

  • Introduction

    Hi guys, this is my first guide here on leaguecraft. I'm by no stretch the best Ashe out there, but i do consider myself pretty decent. Before they took away normal game stats, i had a nice win/loss ratio w/ Ashe, i had roughly 2-3x more kills than deaths, and about 2-3x more assists than kills. Im assuming the ratios have stayed more or less the same. Most games that i win, i either have a great k/d ratio or a ton of assists, and rarely do i die a lot, even in my losses, which can be challenging as Ashe. Now that isn't to say that i never have a bad game or a day filled with frustrating losses, everyone does. But i think i have enough success with her to warrant writing this guide. Ive seen a few great guides here on leaguecraft, and many bad ones. It seems people are just interested in rune/mastery/item builds and not strategy, which i think is the most important part of playing a good Ashe. Enjoy my guide, i hope a few of you find it useful, and please leave constructive feedback =)

    Also, a very important note before i start the guide. Its important when you are playing Ashe, especially solo mid, never to overextend yourself by auto attacking and killing creeps too fast. You leave yourself open to ganks the closer you get to the enemy turret. Practice last hitting, and even stay closer to your turret if possible. If you are pushed back to your turret, you can time hitting creeps to get kills. Melee creeps will die in 2 tower hits + 1 of your attacks, and ranged creeps will die with 1 tower hit and 2 of your attacks. So for melee, wait till tower hits them 2x then get the last hit, and for ranged, hit once, let tower hit the creep, then get the last hit.

  • Masteries + Runes

    For masteries i go 21/0/9. I find that the crit and extra damage from the offensive tree is better than the benefits gained from the utility tree, as its our job as Ashe not only to slow, but to deal good damage as well.

    For runes i like to use armor pen quints, armor pen marks, mana reg per level seals, and glyphs can either be mana reg per level, magic resist per level, or cd reduction per level. Right now im running with cd reduction, but feel free to sub as needed with any of the glyphs i mentioned. The marks are non negotiable, as flat arpen yields the greatest damage boost. I do not intend to mathcraft anywhere in this guide, but if you dont believe me, you can do the research yourself. Many people have crunched the numbers that show arpen is superior. The seals are there so you wont need any mana items at all. This is important because some of the items we will need are expensive and you cant afford that early game mana reg item, it will put you in a hole. I find i have enough mana regen with just the seals, but like i said you can sub for mana reg glyphs if you feel a little starved for mana.


  • Items

    For starters, I almost always go with + . The extra 120 health is great for early game survivability, and the added damage and lifesteal help as well. If you feel you are going up against a champion that harasses well, can be used as well. Occasionally i go for , but only if i feel very confident that i wont need the health or lifesteal. If you can, wait till you have 2200 gold for your first trip back and buy + . Your goal is to finish as soon as you can, and should always come first. If you aren't having such a great early game, either getting harassed or just need to back early than expected, go for instead. You must also build at some point early on. Whether you build them after is up to you, judge based on how the game is going. I rarely use any other boots on Ashe, as i feel the stun reduction from is great, but if you get caught and stunned on Ashe you are pretty much dead anyway. The extra speed helps you kite effectively and always stay in the proper position, as well as close in on team fights faster. After , you have an important decision to make. You are going to build attack speed, and there are generally 3 ways to go. If they have a lot of tanks stacking armor, go with , getting first. If they have a lot of health but arent heavy on armor, i like to go with [item_icon=Madred's Bloodrazor]. Lastly, if they arent heavy on tanks or armor i like to go with , starting off with . After these two core items are built, the rest is not set in stone. See what kind of champions you are up against. Is not cutting through enough of their armor? Then go for . Running low on cash? Build into . You can even get both for added arpen/cd reduction. Do they have a lot of cc/casters/dying too often? build . Your main focus as Ashe is damage output, so build to that. Your survivability comes from your ability to kite and positional awareness, so you shouldn't need to build defensively. Also, at some point mid to late game its not a bad idea to get a so you can heal yourself up on creep waves, and then build it into .

  • Skilling Order

    Skill priority on Ashe is very simple. > > > . Make sure to pick up one rank in at level 4.

  • Summoner Abilities

    For summoner abilities i almost always go with + , as i feel the ability to escape and avoid taking damage is the most important part to playing Ashe effectively. Also you can flash offensively to finish an opponent off. Other alternatives are for getting back to lane fast and added defense/map control, as well as for getting rid of that fatal stun. I would always keep , however, if you do decide to sub out flash for one of the others. It is the best escape skill in the game.

  • Pros / Cons

    Near endless slow
    Team slow
    Great damage
    Global ultimate

    Slow movement speed early on
    Very item dependent
    Ultimate is a skillshot so its easy to miss until you have practice with it

  • Creep Jungling

    Ashe will not jungle at the start of the game, ever. Mid to late game feel free to kill some neutral creeps as you are passing from lane to lane. Also if you extend too far in the early laning phase, its ok to back up and kill the wraiths while you wait for the creeps to meet in the middle or closer to your tower again, just as long as you dont have a jungler on your team.

  • Working in the team

    Ashe functions best in team fights if you are careful. NEVER are you the first one in to a team fight. You will die very fast and will be watching your team finish the fight within a few seconds. As Ashe, you generally want to do one of several things in team encounter situations. If your team is losing the fight, its your job to secure escape for your team with spam. if the enemy team is turret hugging, harass with . It is also your job to initiate as well as pick off escaping champions with . If theres a large team fight, stay to the rear, attacking anyone in range, and mop up afterwards. NEVER run past enemy champions to attack their weaker champions at the rear. That is a very good way of getting yourself killed. That job is better suited to melee champions that can close range quickly, or beefier damage champions. Also with Ashe you must learn to quickly decide whether your team is winning or losing the team fight, and chase or retreat accordingly. Its better to retreat and have one champion die and you live than you thinking you can win and both of you dying.

  • Unique Skills

    Heres where im going to discuss in more depth. This skill has a great many uses, and mastering it is required if you want to have success with Ashe. First off, its a global skill, so it can be fired anywhere on the map. Its stun duration increases the longer it flies, and it has a rather fast speed. The primary uses for it are saving your own ass, initiating a team fight, or picking off stray enemy champions that are careless in their position or are trying to flee.

    Now, this isnt an easy skill to master. Knowing when to use it is just as important as aiming it. If you use it at the wrong moment, you are likely to get several of your teammates killed, as most people instinctively engage when they see an arrow hit. If the entire enemy team is retreating close to their tower and only 1-2 of you are chasing, dont fire arrow, it will be wasted.

    If you are soloing mid, and most of the time you will be, your arrow can be used to help either the top or bottom lanes score a kill. Note that this is the toughest angle to aim the arrow, as it is firing perpendicular to the enemy position.

    The easiest shot to land with your arrow will be down the center lane, either from your base or from somewhere in the center lane. This is because it fires parallel to the path the enemy champion will be on, and if they are retreating chances are they will be moving back in the lane, and the arrow will hit. If they are top or bottom lane, you have to lead them with the arrow to compensate for them retreating.

    Be aware of what is happening in a team fight. If your team is winning, anticipate the enemy retreating and try to aim your arrow behind where they are standing, unless of course you are close enough to have it hit them where they are standing. Also pay attention to how fast your arrow flies compared to enemy movement speeds. This takes a lot of practice, but knowing where the enemy will be in a few seconds is crucial to leading them with an arrow and scoring a hit.

    Make sure you ping your target, before and after an arrow hit. This will let your teammates know to engage, or that you have hit a fleeing enemy.

    Look for choke points. Is the enemy retreating?? Chances are he will pass through the jungle at some point, and have to pass through tight corridors. These are some of the best places to fire the arrow for a guaranteed hit, as the champion must pass through certain areas or run around obstacles while retreating. For instance, if a champion is retreating towards the top lane and is running in the river past baron, wait till he is going to have to pass through the first bush to hit him with your arrow. You have a much higher chance of hitting him in that tight space than you do while he is still in the river. As always, make sure you or a teammate is chasing and will be in range after your arrow hits to finish the kill, or that the arrow will kill the champion by itself.

    Use hawkshot. If you cant see where a champion is and you know he is retreating, dont forget to fire hawkshot to see exactly where he is so you can score a hit.

    Use your turrets. I cant count the times where this strategy has paid off. If you find yourself being ganked close to your turret or one or more champion is trying to tower dive you, wait till he gets in range of your turret and hits you at least once and arrow him in the face. He will be stunned and your turret will help finish him off. Make sure to volley the champion as well as hit any hostile creeps so the tower targets the enemy champion. Even if you die, the tower will most likely finish the kill for you. Also if you are being tower dived, make sure to circle the turret. Keep the turret between you and the enemy champion by running tight circles around it. If they are melee they wont be able to hit you, and you can arrow and attack safely.

    Sniping. Possibly the most satisfying way to use your arrow is to snipe an enemy champion who is very low on heath and retreating to get a kill. Pay attention to the path he will be taking, and if you dont need your arrow immediately in the team fight and are confident you can hit him, take the shot. Also its possible to snipe a champion retreating behind his friends. Simply sidestep the champion in the front to get the correct angle to hit the fleeing champion in the rear.

    Stealing buffs/dragon/baron. Remember that your arrow only hits champions, but the splash damage it does hits monsters as well. This is much harder to pull off, but it is possible to steal dragon and even baron with a well timed arrow just as they are about to kill it. Make sure you can see whats going on, either with a ward or hawkshot so you can time your arrow.

    Also, make sure to switch to bullet line in targeting options. This will help see exactly where your arrow will hit, as well as see the angle that your arrow is coming in.

  • Farming

    Ashe is a great farmer. She can mow through creeps mid - late game and with the added gold from hawkshots passive, you should have no problem earning a nice amount of gold. Remember to hit as many champions as you can with your arrow to rack up the assists as well.

  • Summary

    Well, thats my guide to playing Ashe. Sorry if its a little long, but i felt i had to address some important things i havent seen in other guides. Once again, this is my first guide, so if anyone sees any mistakes or notices anything i left out, please feel free to leave constructive feedback. Thanks for reading and i hope this guide helps you to play a better Ashe =)

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