Miss Fortune Build Guide

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Guns Blazing - A comprehensive guide to Miss Fortune

written by Burnatrix

Miss Fortune Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Given Miss Fortunes long attack range, strut is great for lane harassing by running up, taking a shot, and running back. With impure shots stacking, you'll be someone to look out for.

    Double Up
    I max double up first because of the kill potential. I've killed tons of behind camping behind their towers with 100~300 health with this.

    Impure Shots
    Max this last, Impure Shots are OK to have early on, but don't serve much usefulness.

    Make It Rain
    This skill is maxed 2nd. The slows and AoE damage help you push creeps, escape, initiate, and kill your enemies.

    Bullet Time
    Best if used THROUGH a wall, this skill has incredibly long range. Use it to surprise your enemies and get some cheap tower kills. Placement will be discussed more later.

  • Introduction

    Hey guys! Welcome to my Miss Fortune guide. This guide is a full AD build, which IMO is the best way to go.

  • Masteries + Runes

    External Image
    External Image

  • Items

    Early Game:

    Mercury's Treads -or- Berserker's Greaves

    You want to get Manamune as early as possible because it almost doubles your attack damage and will provide you with mana throughout the game.

    Mid Game:

    Frozen Mallet
    The Bloodthirster

    During Mid game you want to be focused on staying alive. Miss Fortune is super squishy and you're often the first target in team fights, so HP helps. Frozen Mallet also slows your opponents allowing you to chase/let your team catch up which is very important.

    Late Game:

    The Black Cleaver
    Last Whisper

    At this point you need some more damage, so this is the perfect combo.

  • Skilling Order

    Skill Order

    Level 1: E
    Level 2: W
    Level 3: E
    Level 4: Q
    Level 5: E
    Level 6: R
    Level 7: E
    Level 8: W
    Level 9: E (Max)
    Level 10: W
    Level 11: R
    Level 12: W
    Level 13: W (Max)
    Level 14: Q
    Level 15: Q
    Level 16: R (Max)
    Level 17: Q
    Level 18: Q (Max)

  • Summoner Abilities

    For abilities, I recommend going with either Flash/Ignite, Exhaust/Ignite, or Exhaust/Flash.

  • Build Example

    External Image

  • Pros / Cons

    Great Early, Mid, and Late game.
    A fed Miss Fortune will carry your team no matter what.
    You have many abilities that can change the tides of battle.

    You're always the first target in team fights.
    If you aren't smart early game, the match will be a lot harder on you.
    Difficult to master, think outside the box.

  • Working in the team

    Positioning During Team Fights:

    Tank (-) -|+o|| Enemy (|)
    DPS (o) +
    You (+) + (Ultimate)

  • Farming

    Miss Fortune is a great farmer. Simply focus on one target, and as soon as one target drops below your kill level, target him. It comes naturally with practice.

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