Fiddlesticks Build Guide

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Fiddlesticks; Never Go Negative!

written by Poruku

Fiddlesticks Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    LAST UPDATED: February 27th

    NEWS: I realize this guide is outdated but I am in the middle of finals. I will update it sometime in May.

    One of the many qualities about Fiddlesticks that many people fail to realize, is that magic penetration and magic reduction are ultimately a better stat to have than AP. Follow this guide to maximize your MP, MR and maximize your score.

    I'd like to credit wildfire393 for his rather spectacular amount of feedback, which I will be referencing throughout the guide.
    Also, Heat n Serve's helpful post which aided me in making this guide work in theory as well as practice!

  • Abilities

    This skill is your passive bonus which helps bring everything together and makes Fiddlesticks the only champion viable for MP and MR (Aside from his AP ratios being rather low). Please note, it actually reduces heroes by 10 magic resistance reduction, unlike what the tool tip ingame says.

    This skill has amazing potential. You can disable and enemy for a huge amount of time when this is rank 5. You will be maxing this out first (Note, I say maxing out, that does not mean you will get it first). Consider this a tool of great use, as it can save allies, trap fleeing prey and if you are lucky, draw close enemies, into a tower. Some people even tend to 'help' people who are feared by running into your ulti. Sucks to be them.

    An okay late game skill, when you are being targeted or somehow have taken on the temporary role of tank. I only find this viable when fighting a non-CC enemy that is determined to auto attack you to death. Not worth getting it early, as you will have the one point by level 13. Competent laners will harass you when you use it. It is debatable whether or not you want one point in this. I, personally, never get it, but if you are not soloing, it might be beneficial. I stand by that it is not worth getting until you have to.

    Drain is slightly Elo dependent, meaning, it will have less use as you go into higher skill brackets.

    Dark Wind
    This skill really does a great job of making sure you can walk around freely without being slowed or stopped during your ultimate. At rank 5, if you are fighting against two enemies who out do your health by 600 each, a dark wind will surely change the tide of battle. Be wary that this skill determines it's next target, during the time which it is flying to its current target. This can be used to get huge ranged on this skill

    Crowstorm is the keystone. You will be using this from just about any bush, and then flashing the rest of a distance to get to an enemy. There is almost no place on the map that isn't within a flash and and ulti of a bush. Your allies truly do make great bait. It is also good to ensure you have enough movement speed to keep up with the enemy, however, sprint is not necessary.

  • General Information

    Since this guide is based a lot on magic resistance reduction and magic penetration, here is an explanation on how they work from wildfire393.

    "Magic Resistance Reduction is not the same thing as flat Magic Penetration. Magic Resistance Reduction is applied by things like Fiddlesticks's aura, Abyssal Scepter's Aura, Soraka's Starcall debuff, Evelyn's Ravage Debuff, Amumu's Passive Debuff on hits, etc. There are two key differences between Magic Resistance Reduction and flat Magic Penetration: Reduction applies before % Penetration, while flat Penetration applies after % Penetration, and Reduction can Reduce MR into the Negative, while Penetration cannot."

  • Who this guide is for

    This guide is designed for players who essentially can produce the following traits:
    -During intense battles, they are able to micro their skill set accordingly to maximize damage and utility. They remember to use their elixirs, as well! (I forgot often when I was first making this)
    -Are able to get a solo in the game they are in (Ideally, top lane) without teammate complaints/trolling
    -Understand or are willing to find out that fiddlesticks going into the jungle with drain is not the best/only option
    -People who want to win team fights and have potentially massive lane control at level six, but understand they will not be carrying. Winning the team fights should be enough for your carry to get an advantage in the game.
    -Preferably those who are level 30, but really, you only need level 9, make sure you get the offense tree filled out first.

  • What can Fiddlesticks do and not do?

    Fiddlestick, in brief summary:
    -Wins team fights easily
    -Gets pentakills and steals baron at the same time
    -Can solo and score a double kill at level 6
    -Reaches his peak strength at level 16
    Fiddlesticks cannot:
    -Carry (Sorry, its just his nature, no exponential type growth)
    -Have sufficient inventory space (But hopefully the consumable slot is coming soon!)
    -Be a strong contribution if he is forced to duo lane and begins to get out farmed (But that's most champions!)

  • Summoner Abilities

    Teleport Flash
    You can adjust these to your wants, but teleport and flash are two optimal choices. It allows you to lane as a solo, and when you get to level 6, get a double kill, you can go and spend your gold and be back in lane for your enemies.

    If you are looking to replace teleport, I suggest Clairvoyance or Heal
    If you are looking at heal, consider the alternate partial defense spec I mention later.
    Some people are a fan of [spell=Sprint], but the utility tree speed bonus is good enough.

    The Ghost issue.
    Ghost is a good spell, and it's advantages with Fiddlesticks are good, but I get better use of some combo of Flash and another. Take this spell of your own accord, but I recommend you at least try the others first to compare.

  • Runes

    Greater Quintessence of Insight
    Greater Mark of Insight
    Greater Seal of Fortitude
    Greater Glyph of Clarity

    Alternatively, you could get Greater Seal of Clarity and Greater Glyph of Fortitude depending on whether you prefer more HP or more mana regen. I prefer the HP.
    I also want to suggest this, and I'll provide and explanation for it. Greater Quintessence of Swiftness
    I'll start from the beginning, as it contradicts my whole guide, telling you to take out magic penetration.
    If you take the very expensive (Over 6k IP if you want 3) Greater Quintessence of Swiftness, you will go with the 9/7/16 spec and in game you get to take Sorcerer's Boots. The trade off will look something like this...
    -You lose about 6 magic penetration from the 3 runes, but gain about 20 because you can always take Sorcerer's Boots.
    -You lose one stage of movespeed because you can't take Boots of Swiftness and instead need Sorcerer's Shoes to make up for the magic penetration lost.
    -You will achieve about 25-35 mana/5 and hp/5 each game from having the defense spec that boosts HP regen and are still based into utility (As well as blue runes for mana regen)
    -You don't get teleport, but the heal is great for staying in lane longer. Remember to use heal before you do potions, as potions do not have a cooldown.
    Here is where you make the deciding factor...
    -You lose 6% cooldown on spells and 15% cooldown on summoner spells.
    I justify the cooldowns as not needed, because you can still ulti and flash frequently enough for my tastes. You still have Blink of the Eye to reduce flash, and reducing it more, I find a little overkill.
    In the end, it looks a bit like this.
    -You gain 14 magic penetration
    -Your move speed is about the same
    -You have more hp/5 and heal as a spell
    -You can't teleport (But you can't be sneaky and get to a bush if you are teleporting anyways, most of the time)
    -You cannot flash as often, nor ulti

  • Masteries

    You will be looking at a 9/0/21 build with the following allocation:
    *Bolded means essential

    3 Archmage's Savvy
    1 Deadliness (This is just a holder so you can get the next tier)
    4 Sorcery
    1 Archaic Knowledge

    1 Spatcial Accuracy (You could get something else if you did not take teleport as a summoner spell)
    3 Perseverance (Your item build includes no mana regeneration items, therefore, this is better than less dead time)
    4 Awareness
    2 Expanded Mind
    3 Meditation
    3 Quickness
    1 Blink of an Eye (Flash is very essential to this build, and you will want it for every time you crowstorm!)
    3 Intelligence
    1 Presence of the Master

    If you want more survivability (In the form of HP regen) go 9/7/14. This would entail getting heal as a summoner spell instead of spacial accuracy, meaning you get 1 point into Good Hands, and only 1 point into Quickness (But you still have Blink of and Eye!)
    The defense tree would be 1 in Mender's Faith, 3 in Resistance and 3 in Strength of Spirit. I do this more often as I enjoy the bonus HP regen.

  • Skilling Order

    Dark Wind1- Dark Wind
    Terrify2- Terrify
    Dark Wind3 Dark Wind
    Terrify4 & 5 Terrify
    Crowstorm6- Ultimate
    Terrify7- Terrify
    Dark Wind8- Dark Wind
    Terrify9- Terrify (Maxed)
    Dark Wind10- Dark Wind
    Crowstorm11- Ultimate
    Dark Wind12- Dark Wind (Maxed)
    Drain13 to 15-Drain
    Crowstorm16- Ultimate (Maxed)
    Drain17 & 18- Drain (Maxed)

    If you're a keener for drain, this guide will not stop you from taking it early. I suggest you wait till you need it and then get one point the next time you level up. You might want to get it for a golem, or extended laning (Against non-harassive enemy players).

  • Items

    The following items are my personal choice. Most of your choices will depend on whether or not your enemy is getting Magic Resist. Your goal for itemizing is like this: Keep the enemies MR as low as possible, speed, mana, survivability/power.

    I starred items that I personally favour. 1-3 stars, 3 being the best.

    To Startup
    Elixir of Brilliance***
    Health Potionx3
    Mana Potionx1*
    This is your starting set of items. You want to get a solo lane and when you hit six, run into a bush and use the potion followed by your ultimate. To improve your 'quality of the ultimate', dominate the bush early game if possible, so it does not look odd when you go into at level 6. Go backwards in your lane and through the river to get the right bush if you have to.
    Sorcerer's Shoes* or Boots of Swiftness
    Get these as soon as possible. Your ultimate isn't much use of enemies just run out! If you took the 9/0/21 build, it is suggested you get Sorcerer's Shoes (As you have about 10 speed boost from masteries). If you go 9/7/14, you may need the Boots of Swiftness since you will be a tad slower. You only really need to upgrade your Boots of Speed when the enemies do. The ideal situation here is that you can head to getting mana next, but be careful if any enemies have over 30MR (50MR is the approximate threshold if you took Sorcerer's Boots).
    Sapphire Crystal
    If enemies are getting MR soon, get this and move on.

    The sapphire crystal can be upgraded at any time once you have all other objectives completed. You can choose from a Catalyst the Protector and later to either Banshee's Veil or Rod of Ages or Tear of the Goddess (if you have immense mana issues, ie no mana regen/lvl runes or are level 1).

    After this point, you will get what you need, as you need it! Get -MR items if the enemy is getting MR, get survivabilty/power if they aren't! Here is a little formula to determine if you need to get -MR items next.
    ((Average Enemy MR) - (Magic Resistance Reduction))*(1-%Penetration)-(Magic Pen)
    If this number is negative, don't get anymore -MR (Note here, that even though its negative, enemy champions may not show negative because MP cannot make a hero go negative). If this number is less than 10, you should be okay, if its greater than 10, start checking some -MR items. I generally do not include extreme values (Like a hero with 20MR while all the rest have 100 or a hero with 100 while all the rest have 20).


    At this point I would like to mention something. Not all items will show the MR of the enemy going down. This only happens for items like Abyssal and your aura that show it numerically. Most other things apply on every spell you cast, but are still there even though you cannot actually see the enemies magic resist going down.

    Abyssal Scepter
    See this item in Survivability.
    Void Staff**
    This will punish any enemy who thinks they can out do your -MR by stacking large amounts of Magic Resist themselves. This is 'effective' only if enemies have more than 100MR and you have all other MR items.

    NOTE: This item no longer gives mana or requires a sapphire crystal, gimping and buffing Fiddlesticks at the same time. He can now get a Catalyst instead of the Void staff, but its another slot to take up.

    Haunting Guise
    This is a quick 20 magic penetration and some hp regen/mp regen/cd red. Caution when getting this, it is cheap, but still takes a whole item slot. I rarely get this. Also, having high CD reduction on Fiddlesticks is nice, but not that great. You usually want your ulti to come off when flash is done as well. Get this item either soon and sell it later, or if you are struggling for cash for bigger items.

    Abyssal Scepter*
    This is your MR item. If your enemy team is low magic, move onto other items. If enemies are getting huge MR, though, you may want to check this a second time.
    Sunfire Cape*
    This is a late game item that you can get, but only get it if you have plently of gold. Games will rarely last this long and it is more ideal to buy a bunch of Elixir of Fortitude and Elixir of Brilliances.

    If you fight teams who are highly magic, after abysmal, consider a Chalice of Harmony (If you lack all forms of mana regen, ie you are level 1), a Banshee's Veil (If you are focused with crowd control effects or they have lots of crowd control anyways) or Mercury's Treads (If you are 9/0/21 spec and they enemy is not getting MR themselves).
    If the enemy is highly physical attack based, after sunfire, consider getting a [item=Sage's Ring] instead of the Sapphire Crystal and head towards a Frozen Heart (Only one person on your team needs one) or a Thornmail (Yes, but this is a more extreme case. It's to get those Yi's and Tristana's off of you and make them crit themselves for 1000 damage)

  • Summary

    Early Game
    You should ask for solo to start with. Top lane is preferred. Bottom lane works well, too. Middle is much harder to work with. The reason for this, is bush placement. When you reach 6, if you already have domination over the bushes (Which you can acquire from having rank two dark wind at level 3), you will be able to ulti to the enemies, no matter their distance, thanks to the help of flash. This will be your prime example of how to use your ultimate (IE Come out of nowhere when many of the enemies are clumped together).
    You go into lane and at level 3 can harass with your rank 2 dark wind. The point where you and your enemies are level 2 at the same time will be the only real hard laning time you will have. At 6, which arrives very fast, pop your mana potion and hp potion if needed, as you prepare to ultimate. Go into a bush and use your brilliance potion. From there, ultimate to the opposing heroes in your lane and flash if you need to get closer, upon arriving at the other hero, fear them, as about 1 second before fear runs out, dark wind them. If the hero is below 1000HP to start, they should be dead. If they are not below 1000hp, or they have a heal or something up their sleeve, it is recommended you either harass them, OR call for a gank. Make sure the ganker is watching you for the startup of crowstorm. I tell allies a double ping is queue for my ulti charging.
    You have now completed the basic strategy of this guide. You will be able to win your team a victory with your amazing ability to shift team fights. You can pop out from no where and into the middle of a fight with double flash.
    Middle Game
    This is where your solo will come in handy. You should have been in lane at scored a few kills, you can now buy items. You want to follow the item chart to fit the game you are in. Generally, you have boots and another potion and are working towards mana. You will now go to another lane, well, the side of it, and ulti from there. Your original brilliance potion will have ran out, but you can buy one before coming. You will want to proceed by clearing a lane of heroes by ulting into it, and then pushing. Focus (With your team, even allow them to be bait) on getting all of the outter turrets. You will probably use a total of 2-3 brilliance potions in mid game. Keep all enemy champions running back or dead, so your carry and the rest of your team can take an advantage!
    Late Game
    Your advantage of taking the solo will shine brightly (As you hit 16) but begin to die down once the enemy team is 16. You want to win the game as soon as you hit 16. Get into a group with your team and follow behind them, being careful, not to cross the river yourself. You want your team to scout, but still be able to back step in case their team comes from behind. If they get you, flash to your teammates, and keep running. When the team battle is engaged, get to the nearest bush, and ulti. Make it look like you are still running from the other team, though.
    In late game, just continue to get items. If you think the game will be a long game, I suggest you get Sunfire sooner than later.

    Make sure that you always carry around a brilliance potion, it is key to the build. At level 13, feel free to go get a mana buff from the golem. Enjoy this strong build, as magic penetration and magic resistance reduction can be simply underestimated (Mainly because it's a stat your opponent cannot see!)

    At the end of the game, your magic penetration will be the following if you got all -MR items:
    10 magic penetration from runes (Rounded down a bit)
    15% magic penetration from masteries
    16 magic resist reduction from your passive
    *The above is what you start the game with and worth about -30 MR
    20 magic penetration from Sorcerer's Boots
    40% magic penetration from void staff
    20 magic resist reduction from your abysmal staff
    20 magic penetration from Haunting Guise

    For a grand total of... 36 magic resist reduction, 50 flat magic penetration and 55% magic penetration!
    Enemies who neglect to waste money on Magic Resist will easily regret their decisions, some will even go negative (If they are less than 36 MR).

    I hope you had a blast learning about Fiddlesticks! Screenshot and post your end game score as a comment to this guide! Here's mine:

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