Singed Build Guide

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They see me trollin'!

written by Gorick

Singed Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Empowered Bulwark
    Awesome for tanking.

    Poison Trail
    The love of your life.

    Mega Adhesive
    Chasing is just that much easier.

    Throw people around!

    Insanity Potion
    Good for everything!

  • Introduction

    Singed is often underestimated, but hes great for many things. He can take a hell of a lot of damage. He does good magical damage, people always stay surprised "what the hell!? I died!?". That slow and fling are damn effective CCs.

    The point of my singed is to take damage, go fast, deal damage, go fast, chase, go fast, farm, go fast, initiate, go fast, dance and last but not least, go fast!

  • Masteries + Runes

    Here are my usual masteries.
    External Image

    You could also get a lot of points in defense to get Ardor, but I really prefer getting speed from utility.

    For runes
    3x Greater Quintessence of Swiftness VROOOM!
    9x Greater Seal of Vitality I WILL SURVIVE!
    9x Greater Glyph of Knowledge Mana because it gives hp too.
    9x Greater Mark of Insight Poison is just that much more effective.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Favorite (best synergy with Singed)
    Ghost Really awesome, can't go without that.
    Flash Just great (also good for flash fling, or fling flash)

    Good, but not the best.
    [spell_icon=Fortify] Could be a good choice for the "fling on the tower" trick.
    Some people like this, I never know when to use it.
    Always decent, never best choice.
    Same as heal.
    Same as Clarity.
    Could be good but you alrdy have plenty of slow.

  • Items

    Start off with a Sapphire Crystal + 1 potion of each. Gives mana + hp.

    Then in order* go for these:
    *First and second items are not necessarily in that order.

    1. Most move speed while taking hits.
    2. Gives all you need except move speed.
    *If your doing excessively good, and got this before the 10-15 minutes, you might want a second one.
    3. Really awesome since now your poison and fling slows.

    Now that you have those, some choices need to be done.

    Tank (vs Physical)
    HP, armor, more damage around you :)
    If they are hitting hard and fast, and you want some CR.

    Tank (vs Magical)
    Mostly if the enemy team is hardcore CC.
    [item_icon=Force of Nature] MR, HP regen, move speed whats not to like :D

    Tank (vs Both)
    If they are hitting you hard and your dying.

    Shit ton of AP! Makes your spells so much more powerfull.
    Decent since it helps your team and when you run around you gain life :D

    Gives MS, AP, Mana (so HP too), MR, and a near useless passive. Pretty good.
    = Lich Bane. Pros: More HP/MS. Cons: Less AP/Mana, more expensive, no MR, passive doesn't use your AP.
    A lot more AP, and when your in the doodoo, pop the active.
    Great item. Gives MR, removes enemies MR, gives AP.
    The more the merrier!

    MY favorite is probably

  • Build Example

    Overall in the best situation
    Or if a team mate picks up an Abyssal Scepter

  • Skilling Order

    Here's what I go for

    Ultimate is most important, followed by poison, then it doesn't trully matter, it all depends on the situation, but I like going for fling for more damage, and then the slow.

  • Farming

    Use the poison and run between/around minion waves, try and last hit the ones you lower with it. If the ennemies are strong try not to run too close to them. You can try and scare the enemies on your lane using the slow so they think your going for them, but that wastes some mana, so don't do it too much. If your wave has died, get close to the ennemies one and run back to your next one (or tower) and it should get the entire next wave. Jungling is hard for you and laning is easy as pie, so stay on track.

  • Working in the team

    Initiate with fling. If people have ultimates like Miss Fortune or Ezreal or Katarina or Fiddlesticks (yeah you got my drill, aoe ults) use your slow on the enemy team. Run in the enemy team with poison then fling the weak ones around, OR the ones trying to run away, OR the ones channeling, OR the ones running after your weak teammates. Use the slow after to get people who run away, or to help your team mates to run away, your fast and you can take a lot of hits so use that to your advantage.

  • Pros / Cons

    - Good tank
    - Good harassing DPS
    - Awesome chaser
    - Heavily underestimated
    - Great team hero

    - Mana hungry at start
    - Start can be a bit long
    - Isn't a pure anything

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