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[Updated: 10/10/10] A Miss Fortunate guide to stacking Tiamats.

written by Kueson

Miss Fortune Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Nobodys had the time to draw a sweet Miss Fortune fan art, so im'a steal a fan art of eve from rusPigletss Eve Guide for the time being. (Hey artist that did this, MISS FORTUNE PICTURE PL0X!)

    External Image

    What up mo fackles! Names Kueson, and I bought Miss Fortune with IP!
    Yup. As as soon as the concept art was put out there, I rerolled an account to gain a more, uhm... Fitting name for her, have played nothing but her ever since.

    So! In this guide, well focus on what is to be considered more of a "fun" build, but don't take it lightly, its probably about as viable as all the Manamune+Infinity Edge builds that have already flooded this site, but this builds got a little more flair, and makes the other team QQ even harder when they see just what your build was while you were kicking there @!#.

    Also, I took the time to write it, please take the time to rate and comment it. Criticism is fine, but please dont turn this into a "WTF TIAMATS SUCKS YOU NOOB, BO BACK TO PRACTICE GAMES" thread. Id like to hear your experiences with the build, you challenging my math, and all that, but i don't want a million comments about how tiamats is bad, with no reasons why.

  • Updates

    [10/10/10]: Because i have the magical power to update things 24 hours in advance! Further overhaul of most of my guide.

    - Added better build example links, alternate items, runes and other such things for those of you who like options!
    - Core items further updated.

    [10/08/10]: Revamped my guide after much, MUCH playing in various styles of play, on Twisted Treeline AND Summoners Rift!

    Originally done threw pure theorycraft, i put that math into the game, and was yielded better results then i could have hoped. Sadly my fascination with dodge items had to be scrapped in the name of innovation... QQ.

    - Updated core item list,
    - Added optional starter items build,
    - Updated skilling order,
    - Updated masteries page.

  • Summary

    The quick of it all, for all you lazy asshats out there.

    Mastery Build Link (22/0/8):

    Ideal Rune Setup:
    Purple: 3xGreater Quintessence of Desolation
    Red: 9xGreater Mark of Desolation
    Yellow: 9xGreater Seal of Clarity (Recommended), 9xGreater Seal of Vitality (Runner Up), 9xGreater Seal of Defense (Jungler Runes!)
    Blue: 9xGreater Glyph of Shielding (Recommended), 9xGreater Glyph of Celerity (Runner Up, AND Jungler Runes!)

    Bullet Time > Double Up > Make It Rain > Impure Shots
    Be mindful to take at least 1 point in Impure Shots at level 4.

    Summoner Abilities:
    Pick Two:
    Exhaust (Recommended)

    Starter Items: (Recommended)
    - Faerie Charm x2
    - Mana Potion x2
    - Health Potion

    Alternate Starter Items:
    - Faerie Charm
    - Rejuvenation Bead

    - Mercury's Treads OR Sorcerer's Shoes
    - [item_text=Tiamat] x2

    End Game Items:
    - Mercury's Treads OR Sorcerer's Shoes
    - [item_text=Tiamat] x2-3
    - Last Whisper
    - Infinity Edge
    - [Filler slot if you chose 2 Tiamats]

    Filler Items
    - Sword of the Occult(Recommended, only if your pro)
    - The Black Cleaver
    - The Bloodthirster

  • Why Tiamats?

    Splash Abuse. Simple enough?

    42 Damage, and a 33% AoE splash proc.

    At Level 18 you have 101 base damage.

    One [item_text=Tiamat]('s): 143 Damage, one 47.19 Splash('s)
    Two [item_text=Tiamat]('s): 185 Damage, two 61.05 Splash('s)
    Three [item_text=Tiamat]('s): 227 Damage, three 74.91 Splash('s)
    Four [item_text=Tiamat]('s): 269 Damage, four 88.77 Splash('s)

    As you can see, things get out of hand, real fast. Not only does getting 4 [item_text=Tiamat]s nearly double the damage your splash deals, but it also means QUADRUPLE the amount of splashs! Everyone around your target takes 355.08 damage every attack! Thats nothing to laugh at. But even this isn't the height of the build yet.

    Double Up:
    This ability can apply on hit effects. This included [item_text=Tiamat]. Aimed at a creep wave, you take out the melee minions with 1 hit, and the 2nd hit bounces to the mages and takes them out. 1 shot, 6 kills. Your like some uber sniper sent from god.

    In a team fight, this can be abused even farther. Assume theres at least 2 people standing next to each other on the opposing team. In a zero armor situation: (Remember rank 5 also adds 175 damage into the above table)

    Hit One:
    Enemy 1 takes 444 Damage
    Enemy 2 takes 586.08 Splash Damage

    Hit Two:
    Enemy 2 takes 532.8 Damage (At 120% damage increase)
    Enemy 1 takes 703.296 Splash Damage

    Now we all know you'll likely never be in a zero armor situation, but your runes and masteries make it close. So allow me to say,


    With 2 targets generally close together, thats 2266.176 damage with ONE BUTTON. And you people scoff at [item_text=Tiamat]. Now lets say by some act of god, you also had 1, or even 2 more enemies packed even remotely near either target and the splash damage just gets ridiculous.

    Now in this guide, we only use 2 [item_text=Tiamat]s anymore, but you can see how this gets out of hand, yes? Even with only 2 [item_text=Tiamat]s we increase out damage output by a large ammount, assuming at least 2 champions are "close" together.

  • Pros / Cons

    - Massive AoE Ability - (One Double Up, and an entire creep wave dies. End of story)
    - Great Team Fight Ability - (For the same reasons as the above, if the enemy team groups up to much, you punish them with an iron fist!)
    - Insane Turret Damage - (End game you should have about 300-350 AD, combined with your 50% attack speed from Impure Shots, you'll kill turrets in no time)
    - Cost Effective - (Your core cost 11200g, 14595g if you complete the build with my recommended items, which is nothing compared to what some guides will tell you to buy. And each part cost less as a whole, so you don't have giant gaps in between item purchases, letting you feel like you have a little more control over your inventory.)
    (Don't forget, the more [item_text=Tiamat]s you stack, the easier last hitting, or just flat out soloing creep waves gets, making the money roll in much, MUCH faster)

    - Squishy - (Aside from your really high health/5, you will pack next to no survival items. You will have decent resistance to either abilities or physical attacks due to your boot choice, but whichever you don't get, will rip you to shreds.)
    - Easy to Counter - (If your enemies arnt stupid, they'll get to armor stacking real fast. But even if that happens, youll likely still mow thenm down via your Last Whisper.)

  • Abilities

    "Miss Fortune gains an additional 25 movement speed after 7 seconds of not being attacked, increasing each second up to 80 maximum bonus speed."

    Not much to say here, but that its a solid passive. You're less likely to use it to run away, but it is probably one of the top 3 ganking passives in the game right now, nothing like farming creeps in the bottom lane then showing up in the top lane to finish off a kill only a few seconds later.

    Double Up
    "Miss Fortune fires a bullet at an enemy, damaging them and a target behind them."

    Your bread and butter, and the reason were stacking [item_text=Tiamat] in this guide. Each of the 2 hits that this ability provides, will deal AoE splash damage for EACH [item_text=Tiamat]s you have equipped. If your targets happen to be within 250-200 units of each other, each one of them when hit, will also splash to the other target as well.

    In a team fight, always try and abuse this, and aim for the highest chance of a double hit that will hit the most champions. The AoE capable here is ridiculous.

    Impure Shots
    "Miss Fortune passively increases damage dealt to a target with each strike. This ability can be activated to increase Miss Fortune's attack speed and cause her attacks to lower healing received by the target."

    Nothing to special here, the damage takes far to long to ramp up unless you have high attack speed, as well as even at max stacks, the damage really isn't noticeable. Its true use is against towers, because this build will have high AD, making the attack speed scale well and down turrets very fast, and laughing in the face of those pesky life stealing users.

    Nothing better then to just shrug off Warwicks ult and then exhaust and ult him right back.

    Make It Rain
    "Miss Fortune unleashes a flurry of bullets at a location, dealing waves of damage to opponents and slowing them."

    Farming skill + Slow rolled into one tight little package. Learn to place it well while chasing or escaping and you'll learn the value of this real quick.

    Bullet Time
    "Miss Fortune channels a flurry of bullets into a cone in front of her, dealing large amounts of damage to enemies."

    Its stupid how much damage we deal with this ability in this build, really. Every [item_text=Tiamat]s you gain will add 20 damage per bullet wave to this ability. Take note that the splash is not added to these bullets, but it doesn't matter, its damaging enough on its own.

  • Summoner Abilities

    - Exhaust - Highly Recommended
    - Teleport
    - Ghost
    - Smite - Jungler Ability

    Still OK:
    - Ignite - If only for the damage. Its not great, but it just might be enough to last hit.
    - Flash - Recommended if your god at using it. If you suck at flashing, don't touch it.
    - Cleanse - Same as Flash, helps if your pro, sucks if you arnt.
    - Clarity - Only if you have another mana user your lane, never take it solo or with an energy user.
    - [spell_text=Fortify] - lolwhat[spell_text=Fortify]roflstomp! ... Well yeah, the 9 damage vs minions is great if your jungling. I would only ever use it below level 30 tho, when you may need the damage to successfully pull off level 1 golem.

    Don't Fucking Touch Them:
    - Heal - If something as small as a 200-400 heal would have meant the difference between life and death, just choose death, really.
    - Revive - ... Ill murder you.
    - Clairvoyance - You don't need it, better use of a slot. End of story.
    - [spell_text=Rally] - Not really worth it, you don't bring anything to team fights as it is, don't try to do it now.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Mastery Build Link (22/0/8):

    Ideal Rune Setup:
    Purple: 3xGreater Quintessence of Desolation
    Red: 9xGreater Mark of Desolation
    Yellow: 9xGreater Seal of Clarity (Recommended), 9xGreater Seal of Vitality (Runner Up), 9xGreater Seal of Defense (Jungler Runes!)
    Blue: 9xGreater Glyph of Shielding (Recommended), 9xGreater Glyph of Celerity (Runner Up, AND Jungler Runes!)

    Recommended Total:
    Armor Penetration 29.37 - (35.37 with masteries)
    Mana/5: 16.2 Mana/5 Sec - (17.172 with masteries)
    Magic Resist: 24.3 At lvl18 - (30.3 with masteries)

    Alternate Totals:
    Cooldown Reduction: 8.1 At lvl18 - (11.1 with masteries)
    Armor: 24.3 At lvl18 - (30.3 with masteries)
    Health: 174.96 At lvl18

    The armor penetration runes are pretty much 100% required. Aside from that, use what you like, or just try something new and exciting. This is what I use tho, and have great success with it.

  • Items

    Starter Items:
    - Faerie Charm x2
    - Mana Potion x2
    - Health Potion

    Alternate Starter Items:
    - Faerie Charm
    - Rejuvenation Bead

    - Mercury's Treads OR Sorcerer's Shoes
    - [item_text=Tiamat] x2 - Why two? Because saying a core of boots and one item is stupid, plus [item_text=Tiamat]s really doesn't shine until you get a second copy, just one splash is a little weak.

    End Game Items:
    - Mercury's Treads OR Sorcerer's Shoes
    - [item_text=Tiamat] x2-3
    - Last Whisper
    - Infinity Edge
    - [Filler slot if you chose 2 Tiamats]

    Filler Items
    - Sword of the Occult
    - The Black Cleaver
    - The Bloodthirster

    Early game the added mana regen from the Faerie Charms and backup from the potions will keep you laning all night long if your good about knowing when, and when not to use your abilities.

    From here, you need to build your first [item_text=Tiamat] ASAP. If you get lucky and get 1-2 early ganks on, you should be able to complete one around the 6-8 min mark. This will dramatically increase your last hitting ability, and AoE in general.

    After you have crafted your first [item_text=Tiamat], you need to assess what the situation is. Can you quickly farm out a 2nd [item_text=Tiamat]? Or do you need to get your boots now. This is largely based on your skill as a player, If your good you can survive with just Strut alone for a few more min. On the subject of boots, if you really need the added survivability figure out if the enemy team is heavy on crowd control effects, or your able to get boots to boost damage output. And get either Mercury's Treads or Sorcerer's Shoes accordingly.

    Late game, by now you should have your boots, and all of your [item_text=Tiamat]s, crafted Last Whisper and finished, or nearly completed Infinity Edge. Its now time to figure out what item to end your build with. Below is a small list of what items I would recommend as great end game finishers to the build, and why;

    Sword of the Occult: If your badass enough, i would build this before last whisper, maybe even before your second [item_text=Tiamat]. This item will give you a massive boost in damage early to mid game with just a few stacks, and late game if you manage to get 20 stacks, no-one will ever be able to out run you. A solid choice for those that know how to survive.

    The Black Cleaver: Is your enemy still really heavy on armor? Last Whisper just not cutting it? Fear not! The Black Cleaver exists! More damage to make things die with your pew pew bullets! And yields amazing armor penetration to boot! A 5 stack of this plus your runes and masteries, and slicing anyone down should be a walk in the park.

    The Bloodthirster: If armor is not a problem, I would highly recommend picking up a [item_text=Blood Thirster]. Your ability to last hit minions and creeps is just epic, so getting a stacking item that gains power from this is a no brainer. Not to mention you already have lots of damage and a nice chunk of crit, some added life stealing is icing on the cake.

    Frozen Mallet: Armor stacking not a problem? Already downing turrets fast enough, and able to out run everyone on the other team? Frozen Mallet! It slows, which is basically the same as saying you gain movement speed, it gives you a little more damage, and more damage means higher splash damage! But the biggest reason to get this item, is the health. 700 health provides you with enough health to survive 1-2 more abilities, this works wonders for your survivability.

    Alright Choices:
    Youmuu's Ghostblade: Facing facts, you already have enough attack speed between Last Whisper and Impure Shots. While its not like your capped, you will barely feel the attack speed bonus. However, the crit and armor penetration here is lovely! Not to mention the pseudo Highlander active effect on it makes it not such a bad choice in a few situations.

    [item_text=Stark's Fervor]: Same attack speed faults as above, but in this case, this would become your life stealing and armor reducing item! I would actually highly recommend capping your build off with this, only if by this point in the game, nobody else has bought one yet, and your team has 2-3 physical damage champions.

    Phantom Dancer: Lost a lot of synergy with the removal of [item_text=Ninja's Tabi] from the build, and [spell_text=Nimbleness] from masteries. Really not worth the investment anymore.

    Last Whisper: Added it to the core dummy! Don't be sad, you have it!

    Trinity Force: With the guide no longer running upwards of 4 [item_text=Tiamat]s, the ability to make insanely massive splashes with its proc are dead. Just don't buy it dude!

  • Skilling Order

    Just do it dude! Its obvious you max your best skills first. The only options here is Impure Shots and Make It Rain. Its generally better to max Make It Rain before Impure Shots, even tho we put one point into it a level 4, just to down towers faster and get the most benefit from it for early champion ganks.

    Nub Build:
    Do you suck at life, and suck even more in game? Well congratulations, theres a build for that! Max out your AoE abilities and never kill a champion in the game, ever! At least you got all the gold in the world at the end of the game, right?

  • Build Example

    Starter Build: (Early Game)
    Generally the best way to go, build the Faerie Charms into [item_text=Tiamat]s eventually, potions to gain a little extra staying power.
    [builder=Miss Fortune/605d414f25d59f660130c0b86320589c]

    Core Build: (Mid Game)
    This should be completed around the 12-15 minute mark. This will setup your damage to be really high in the early team fights, as well as being able to quickly walk over to a lane and snipe the minions in 1 Double Up and 1 Make It Rain, then enter the team fight fray once more.
    [builder=Miss Fortune/69994e815cd891931e27f4c33aae3073]

    Normal Complete Build: (End Game)
    This build can be completed anywhere from the 30-50 min mark, depending on how well you are doing. By this time you should be able to take down towers in just a few hits with Impure Shots up, one shotting minion waves with Double Up, and all out owning in team fights, with the damn game already!
    [builder=Miss Fortune/3c1a8eb4fc53c6db9332d7631caba834]

    Pro Complete Build: (End Game)
    Same as the above, just the slight change in that it uses Sword of the Occult. Depending on how your stacks are, and if you seem to be gaining or losing some, it may be worth it just to sell it off and get a The Bloodthirster and charge it up. It'll provide nearly the same, if not more damage then your Sword of the Occult, as well as providing a healthy amount of life stealing.
    [builder=Miss Fortune/eb5286aa3797d356802ccec030d75546]

  • Farming / Creep Jungling

    Step 1) [item_text=Tiamat]s
    Step 2) ???
    Step 3) Profit!

    Get a [item_text=Tiamat]s, hit things, laugh your tight little @!# off as you roll around in your mountain of gold. Remember each [item_text=Tiamat]s you get will make it just that much faster, and easier to kill even faster, and raise chances of last hitting, you'll farm out the full build in under 30 min most of the time.

    Creep Jungling
    Once again, you have [item_text=Tiamat]s, they will do all the work for you. [item_text=Tiamat]s makes life just that much easier.

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