Dr. Mundo Build Guide

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Mundo train!!

written by Sjujimako

Dr. Mundo Build

Table of Contents

  • Who is Mundo?

    Lets start with the basics of Mundo:

    Mundo is, as his title suggests, a madman. He has incredible lane staying capabilities, he can harass effectively, and he is not reliant on DMG items to kill people. End game, he will usually have enough HP to initiate team fights, and tower dive for kills.
    He can slow with his Infected Cleaver, while he hits like a truck with his Masochism, and still have around 4K HP.
    In this guide, i will focus mainly on his tanking abilities, but also provide a view of an alternate damage version of Mundo.

    I have also seen a spike in the number of players who view Mundo as more of a carry than a tank, but i still encourage you to play a little tanky, as i actually find it to be more effective.

    Also, i find that video is useful, no matter what champion you play:

    I don't care what you think about her voice, see the video through, and adapt this into you gameplay before you go further!!

    Also, not too long ago, i found out that Motas had written an exellent guide to tanking in general, which describes it as good as i could hope too, so if you, like me, prefer the tanking role, you ought to read it: http://leaguecraft.com/strategies/gameguide/80,How+To+Play+As+A+Tank

  • Abilities

    Adrenaline Rush
    This is you Early game lane staying ability. With enough HP, this allows you to spam your Infected Cleaver, and still have plenty HP. With this, you should also regenerate enough to be able to harass, and take the few hits you might when last hitting. Lovely passive!

    Infected Cleaver
    This is what makes Mundo Mundo, no doubt about it! This is the main ability, and also your first priority through most of the game. You will be using this nearly every time it is off cooldown.
    It should be used for everything, basically. Every time an opponent in your lane exposes themselves, cleaver to the face! Are they keeping you away from last hitting? Cleaver-last-hit the minions! Also, if you have watched the above video as i told you, you will know that this is amazing for zoning the enemies, due to its cooldown.
    This is also your main jungling ability, since it deals damage based on %. It does nasty damage to any major creep.

    Quick aiming tip: First of all, you should be aware of the invisible edge on minions, which can only happen by practicing. Then, the cleavers range is slightly longer than the area shown, which you will also learn. Champions thinking themselves out of range are often easy targets. Thirdly, if you are facing opponents good at dodging, try to foresee where they will move. Aim your cleaver slightly besides your opponent, and they might even run into it.

    Burning Agony
    This is also efficient in multiple ways. I prefer getting one level in this fairly early, because the damage doesn't increase tremendously as you level it. If you are doing a good job with keeping you lane opponents in line, this can be used to farm minions. Hit them all to make sure your minions doesn't steal your kills. However, the most useful part of this end game, is the CC reduction it gives. So:
    Early game: Free sunfire cape!
    Late game: Gimps stuns!

    This is why Mundo hits so hard! It is my favorite second priority, simply because it catches your opponents off guard. They see that you have low damage, and therefore they do not fear you enough. With this you might be able to net yourself a early game kill.
    Also a quick note: Even though it gives an additional damage bonus based on health missing, ignore that. It is no reason to be running around at 50% HP, an easy gank victim. Do not misunderstand, the HP missing scales nicely, but it should not be a reason to lack HP.
    This skill is also a monster for taking down towers in all the phases of the game, especially if paired with a Trinity Force.
    With the low cooldown, you can have this neet buff around 3/4 of the time! Nice indeed!

    This must be the best laneing ability in the game! You just need to know when to use it. As stated above, you should not be running around with low health. Why would you do that, when you can heal 50% of your health every 60 seconds? You should not save this for anything if you are low on HP.
    You should also feel free to use this chasing, since the movespeed, cleaver, and burning agony combo makes you virtually unstoppable.
    Another use for this, is baiting. A champion sees you with low health, and engages for an easy kill. You pop you ult, regenerate and laugh at him as you pop masochism and eats him up. Be careful with this, though. The heal is not instant, and some champions will also be able to kill you, even through the healing (EG. Yi, Twitch etc.). Also, since the coming of Executioner's Calling, this is even more risky.
    So in general, be creative!

  • Summoner spells

    It is, as with many champions, up to your personal preferences, and depends a lot on you playstyle.
    My choices could be Ghost/ Exhaust
    I prefer ghost since it helps with just about everything. Getting to lane? Chasing? Fleeing? Ghost is great for all of them Exhaust is for the slow so you can chase/kill, but in teamfights, remember to coordinate it with your team, as it can completely shut down a physical carry for 3,5 seconds.

    Spells i recommend

    Exhaust = Slow and blind, what more do you want? This help quite a bit with early game kills, and lockdown late game. Even so, you have your cleaver for the slow when you learn aiming it.
    Teleport = Useful for being anywhere on the map at any time. You should however be able to do enough running to skip this.
    Ghost = This makes you an extreme chaser! This stacks on top of your ultimate and boots, which easily knocks you over the 550 movespeed. I use this alot, in fact it is nearly necessary.
    Flash = Are they hiding behind the minion line from your cleaver? Flash to the other side, throw a cleaver, and start devouring. This can also be used to escape over terrain when running. Situationally useful.
    Ignite = Finish off that running Shaco or Nidalee? Yes please!

    Spells i do not recommend

    [spell=Rally] = As Mundo says, he goes where he pleases, which tends to be many places. Also, since the nerf in the recent patch, this is rarely worth getting anyway. A member of your team could have it for team fights, but leave that to the more supportive champions.
    Cleanse = This removes CC effects, but we have Burning Agony for that. It gives you a staggering 35% reduces CC. This stacks with Mercury's Treads, for 75% reduced CC, which will not only last a silly 2 seconds.
    Revive = I don't recommend this on any champion. Ever. We prefer not dying!

    The rest of the spells can be decent, however i will allow your preferences to guide the rest.

  • Runes

    9 * Greater Seal of Fortitude
    9 * Greater Mark of Desolation
    9 * Greater Glyph of Vitality
    3 * Greater Quintessence of Fortitude

    This rune build will cost a total of 24600 IP, which is pretty expensive, but worth it. It focuses on the Mundo-Truck i like so much. The extra HP at the beginning of the game, helps you passive, and makes you less likely to be targeted, and the extra armor pen. boosts your damage more than you would think.

    The accurate stats:
    + 17,64 Armor pen
    + 232,83 Health at level 18.

    You are of course welcome to vary this build, or make your own entirely, however this is the way i roll.

  • Masteries

    I would have uploadet a picture of my mastery build, but Leaguecraft removed the option for the time being.

    So there are 2 options i would recommend, offensive, and defensive:



    As long as you remember to grab improved ghost if you have the spell, you should usually be fine. I use these 2 mastery builds equally much, but defence is mostly if i want to have that extra early game survival, offense is if i feel like going killer

    This is not the biggest impact on the build, so feel free to experiment to your hearts content!

  • Items

    This build is how i currently feel Mundo is supposed to be played. Mundo is still in my opinion a tank. What defines a tank? A tank needs to take the hits for the team. A bad tank is a character to either dies instantly, or is ignorable. Mundo will with this itembuild become nearly unkillable, and still be eating the carries that refuse to focus him. In other words, he is capable of tanking by damage rather than CC, just like Mordekaiser. Now on with the build.

    This build starts out like the others, with a Ruby Crystal, which you build into a Warmog's Armor. The faster you get this item, the stronger you get.
    Again, boots of choice, i like Mercury's Treads, and if not; Boots of Swiftness

    The we rush the [item=Force of Nature], since we want that MR! And not only magic resist, also a lot of regen, and even more regen in the form of the unique passive. And both the passive and the regen adds on to your next item:

    The next item will be a Spirit Visage. This is what makes this build good. I know that this has been nerfed, and may even be again in the near future, but i still love it. You get 20% increased healing AND regeneration! Since you have ridiculously high regeneration, this makes it even better! With a healer on your team, and your ultimate up, you will be near invincible!

    The next item should contain some armor. I consider Thornmail to be an OP item. You will be untargetable by the physical carries, they will simply kill themself before you go down.

    The final item here, is the Phantom Dancer, since it really is awesome. 20% extra physical damage health? More map presence? Chasing? Damage output? With this, you will become a avatar of doom, trust me. Some people prefer getting another tanky item, but i would only suggest that if you trust your carries. With this item, you cannot be ignored. Your damage will match most Ashes, but they will still not be able to kill you! God, we love damage-tanks.

    With this build the stats will be:
    [builder=Dr. Mundo/1c8dbe089b4bfbabe6da7c17a709917d]

    You should see that you effective health is enough to survive the initial burst you will be target to when you initiate. After that, you health regen kicks in. You have nearly 300 Hp/5, not including your passive and [item=Force of Nature]. If your carries are doing their jobs, the enemies should be dying by now, so start attacking the enemy team, you have a ton of damage from Masochism, and you should also position yourself so that you Burning Agony will hit as many as possible. Remember, each target adds 100~ to your DpS before Magic-resist.
    Your regen is what keeps you up in this phase of the battle. The physical carries will either be targeting you, thus killing themself, or your own carries. In either case, target them, and help bring them down.

  • Damage Mundo

    This build also starts with a Ruby Crystal, because it adds to the lane-staying. This item, you will upgrade to you next item on the first trip back:

    When you have the Phage, which shouldn't take long, you must build your boots. For damage build i prefer Boots of Swiftness, since it brings your movespeed up to 410. Once you get this, you are already able to chase pretty well. Alternate could again be Mercury's Treads, for the same reasons as the above build.

    It is now time to build your first endgame item, which will be Trinity Force I haven't been seeing any Mundos using this besides me, and frankly i do not understand why! Looks at the stats it gives! Damage? Yes! Crit? Movespeed? Slow? and even gives a lot of your attacks 50% extra damage! The only thing you wont use, is the AP, which we will ignore. Gives you 6 damage in your Burning Agony, which doesn't really matter. You will be chasing with 450 base movespeed, critting 600 damage with your Masochism, as soon as you get this. You spam your Infected Cleaver and Masochism every 2 seconds or so, so the 50% damage will hurt!

    Now you should be able to do some killing, so the money should be flowing. Even if you are not killing do not worry. You next item will make short of anyone. Last Whisper will boost your damage, but most importantly, armor pen. and speed! With this you can also start dealing heavy damage to tanks, and even squishies will feel this!

    Now for even more speed, get a [item=Stark's Fervor] This increases you speed but a lot, and furthermore, it makes you valuable in teamfights! Mundo is plenty viable for this item, since he really likes attack speed. Also, the boost you now provide in teamfights will be considerable. Unless you have a Sivir that wants this, get it! If you do, get a [item=Malady] instead, since that will also give you plenty attack speed!

    Now the time has come to boost your crits, to which you will want a Infinity Edge, just as every other physical damage champion. You will be critting a lot, so this boosts you damage insanely. It also gives you flat damaga, which is welcome too, due to our speed.

    If the game drag out longer than this, you will be getting squishy. Get a Sunfire Cape to boost your health and armor, and still increase your damage in form of aoe, again useful for teamfights!

    With this build, your final stats will be looking like this:
    [builder=Dr. Mundo/3e4528c5c88467a767d51aa8b5a6db8c]

    I will also remind you, that the damage output will be higher than this, since the builder doesn't include your Masochism, or the bonus damage from Trinity Force. You should be able to carry your team pretty well, and dominate in 1v1. You can chase down any runners. The only champions able to match your speed should be Udyr or Yi.

    You should pick your build depending on your own, and the opponents team composition, and judging which of these you should use, is what practicing is all about! Both builds are viable against most team compositions, but i will allow you too judge how to play. Also, you shouldn't just follow my builds, but seek inspiration in them, and find your own way of going where you please!

  • Skill selection

    This is the way i usually build my Mundos:


    The reasoning for this is quite simple. You love the cleaver! You want it early to harass/last hit minions/slow champions for a kill. Then you want the Masochism to boost your physical damage. This will take most opponents by surprise, since they wont expect the Train to hit so hard early game. You want to keep leveling this as a second priority.
    You will still, however, want an early level in Burning Agony, mostly for the CC reduction, but also for the farming capabilities. Once you get this, keep leveling you cleaver and masochism evenly, and get you ultimate while it's up. You can vary from this as you please, as long as you keep cleaver in high priority. EG, you can level masochism more if they allow you to hit them more etc.


    Again, simple reasoning. Early cleaver for harassing/last hitting/killing. The difference in this build is that you will level masochism earlier, because you will be moving faster, chasing more, and thus be able to hit even more. This means you cleaver will initiate and slow, while your auto attacks to most the killing. Also, the cleaver will proc your Trinity Force, so remember to hit them once before activating masochism for max damage. Still, grab ult whenever you can for chasing/laneing.

  • Early game

    Since both our Mundo builds start out with the same item, of course they are to be played the same in the early game phases of the game.

    If you lane against ranged champions that are pushing pretty hard, you should just stay back and last hit with you cleaver. If they get too cocky, throw a cleaver to put them back in line! You may want to arrange a early game gank with you lanemate, as you want the gold no matter what build you are choosing.

    You should push every time you have the option, and never miss out on cleaving the enemy. Your Adrenaline Rush gives you a boost to early health regen, which allows you to harass with less concern regarding your HP. Still, you should watch out. You are in no way immortal (yet), and they could be hiding in the brush, waiting for you to leave your turret. You should also be aware of any stealthers, and they tend to initiate ganks.

    As long as you don't act to courageous, and have your teams call out MIA's, you should be fine. You have alot of HP, so initiating ganks with your cleaver will be fine, just remember to watch out for opposing ganks, and you might even want to have your own stealther hiding in the brush to surprise them.

    Gate back for your next item, when you have enough gold. If you are going with the damage build, you should save enough to finish Phage and the buy your Boots of Speed in the same trip back, not to waste efficiency.

    Around level 6, the mid-game begins

  • Mid/late game

    Now that you have your ultimate, your should have infinite lane staying power. Every minute you will be able to self heal quite a bit. If you remember to play it safe, you should not have to leave your lane. Remember to keep last hitting all you can, too keep the gold flowing.
    As either tank or damage you should be able to chase and kill most running opponents, however you will still want an ally to help if possible. Especially if that ally has a slow or Stun.
    Damage will be running faster from the moment they get Zeal/ Trinity Force which if course in direct proportion helps your chasing.
    Since damage, obviously, will be dealing more damage, this is the best build for chasing/killing. If you are going tank, you should play a little more defensively, unless you have an ally to help you.
    Damage should still be aware that every brush is a potential threat, so dint chase too far, or they might setup a gank on you!

    From mid game and forth you should be able to gank, if you see an opponent running around on their own. You should not miss a chance like this. Hide in the brush, initiate with you cleaver, and pop all abilities and start eating. If they start running, activate you ult ad aim your cleavers well. If will catch them, and you will kill them. That said, Yi might be able to outrun you, but you just pop your Ghost then, and he will most likely not be able to escape.
    When chasing like this, alway have in mind where you opponents turrets are. You don't want to miss a chance when they run behind a turret, and you most certainly don't want to die for tower-diving to early.

    Once you have your Warmog's Armor/ Trinity Force and your boots, you can start being offensive a little more. Boots help a lot, no matter if you want to chase or escape. Also, do not forget that you might have a ghost for the situations too.

    Still, do not be too cocky. Some Ranged champions will be able to hold you back, and if you are losing a lot of life, don't get cocky and try chasing one of them down with you ult, you will most likely get killed. It is for situations like this Mundo grows closer to his cleaver. You THEY start acting too cocky, a midgame version of the cleaver will remove roughly 1/5 of their HP, which usually keeps them at bay.

    The late part begins when you get your second major endgame item, which is either [item=Force of Nature] or Last Whisper. Both builds can, at this part of the game, either initiate or tank, but if you are playing damage, you may want to gank more, and initiate less, since you die fast when faced with an entire team.
    The tank build will at this part of the game be able to tower-dive. This also comes with a warning. You can take a few hits from a turret, especially with your ult, but you should know who is on the other side of the turret before you start diving. If there is a Evelyn missing, don't try it. She could be waiting to stun you when you enter turret range. The might also be other champions there, and since you can only take a few hits their contribute to the damage could prove fatal to you. So any champion with a snare makes this a bad idea. Wait until your reach around you fifth endgame item, and you can pretty much ignore the turrets.

  • Teamfights

    The part of the game that shakes the two builds apart is the teamfights. Here is what you should do with each build:


    You are most likely your teams initiator. Teamfights will most likely start by both teams gathering, and standing relatively close to each other, and they will only be throwing harass spells until someone charges. That is going to be you! Let your team know what you are going to do, and pray that they are going to follow you. You will be taking a lot of damage, but that is why your are a tank in the first place! Pop your ult, since it will heal 1/4 of your health, even if they reduce your healing (which every high ELO team will). Activate your Burning Agony, and you should reach 150 damage/sec, which is awesome in teamfights. As for your melee attack, focus on running down a physical carry, EG. Twitch, Sivir or Pantheon, as they will be doing most of the damage. Your team should also focus on the carry, as they tend to be squishy. You can also focus on their supportive damage, EG. Zilean, as his time-bombs hits to hard, and he can revive his teammates. This part of the game just needs you to initiate, but you will still deal tons of damage due to your Masochism, so remember that it makes a difference who your target.


    As a damage, you will still be a semi tank, due to your ult and Sunfire Cape, so if the enemy team has not gathered completely, initiate before they have chance to prepare for nuking you down. This should not be done if there are more than 3 enemies, as they will most likely just kill you.
    You should, as in the above guide, focus on taking out supports and carries, and you do it well, since you deal tons of damage and can easily take down runners. But always be mindful of you HP, since some champions will try kiting you back to their turrets and kill you. Because of this, always have an escape planned, most likely through the jungle.
    Other than that, have your Burning Agony toggled on for the AoE damage, and spam your cleavers and masochism for the trinity force procs. You will be auto-attacking for about 500, with a speed of about 1,7, which kills mostly anything.

  • How to: Cleaver

    Once again, it annoys me not to have the opportunity of uploading photos, since that makes it more difficult showing the screenshots i took.
    I then decided to make a short slideshow showing my screenshots, so just pause the pictures and read the description.
    I'm sorry about the poor quality, but thats for youtube for ya'.

    Picture 1:
    Whenever you get to your lane, yo will want to enter the brush, but there could be someone waiting for you. This actually goes every time you want to enter a brush. You cleaver's range can go through the entire brush, and hit a potential ganker. When the cleaver hits someone, it makes a nice "splatch" sound, which tells you if someone is in there. This also hit everyone stealthed, so if Teemo stands long enough to stealth, cleaver him. I even killed a stealthed Evelyn once by accident!
    But generally, Mundo should never enter a brush without having thrown a cleaver!

    Picture 2:
    You should most likely be one of the first people in your lane, since you have 320 moevspeed. Therefore you should place yourself in you opponents brush, waiting for them as shown in the picture (remember to throw a cleaver before entering). Bring you lanemate, preferably a stunner or damage dealer if you want first blood. Many rushing opponents will rung into the brush following the blue line. Do not throw your cleaver before thay have entered the brush, to catch them by surprise. The cleaver will take some HP, and you and you partner might be able to nuke them down before they get back to the turret. Even if you dont, you put a scare in them, and that should make the zoning a lot easier. If they do not run into the brush, instead draw back in the brush, and start the harassing/zoning with the cleaver.

    Picture 3:
    As you can see, this Soraka is moving, and therefore we must predict her movement, and throw the cleaver a little ahead of her. This is really easy, and i cannot see why some people do it wrong. The red line i drew is correct, and it will hit her! After that, pop Masochism and eat her. Note that you might want to wait for her to rung further from her turret before engaging. That again, remember to aim in front of her!

    Picture 4:
    Every creature in LoL has an invisible edge, which you cannot see! This is why skillshots can be fairly difficult to aim with. In the picture, you see a Soraka. You you were to aim directly at her, you would instead hit the minion behind her, since it has an invisible edge. Soraka has her own invisible edge too, which is why we are able to hit her in this situation, even though she feels protected. The Red line drawn on the picture shows where to throw the cleaver. Invisible edges require some practice, but they play a huge part in aiming skillshots, and you will not regret taking time to learn how to use them!

    Picture 5:
    You may at some point want to go for a gank in the middle lane, and you will be likely to approach from the side. You should note that your cleaver will not be able to hit a target standing in the middle, while you hide in the brush, therefore you like to gank in top and bottom lane instead. The black line i have drawn, shows how far you cleaver can go, and if any champion crosses that line, do not be afraid of handing them a cleaver. Mostly the champions will be out of your range, however.

    Picture 6:
    This picture shows what most people won't expect from you! You can throw your cleaver across terrain, and since people usually hide near the corner when attacking your turret you can often hide in the brush as shown, and hit them before they ever knew you were there. When thay are hit, run around the corner and start hitting like a train.

    Picture 7:
    You will often be chasing a champion back to their turret, and you want to deal as much damage as possible before they escape. The black line i have drawn, id how far you can go before the turret start attacking you. I am stading on it, so the turret will fire at me in no time. I should be able to get away still, if i react fast since the turrets need to lock onto their targets before attacking. But as soon as you approach turret range, throw you cleaver at the target to maximize the damage done to them, that's a no-brainer! You will be able to towerdive sooner or later, so just be patient.

    That pretty much concludes the tips i have for cleaver usage, but remember: Skillshots need practice, so just go ahead!

  • Mundo and the others

    I decided that it was time to write down what Mundo thinks of the other champions as opponents, and how to deal with them, so lets get started:

    Well, you will rarely see any good Akali. Most of the time, i find that she can't even scratch Mundo int the late game, but her burst potential is among the highest at level 1, so you should watch out early game. If you do happen to see a good one, you will need to check her build to counter her. Mostly she will either focus AD og hybrid, so you will need to stack both resistances. She is squishy, however, and you can 1v1 her anytime. She can be difficult to chase, however since she has a flashlike ability and instant stealth, and might bait you, so do not follow to far.

    Oh well, he isn't much of a threat to you, unless he have flash and really pumps that Pulverize and Headbutt combo. If he has some skill, look out, since he might want to throw you into his turret early game. With the tank build, you should not need to fear him late game, since any skilled Alistar will go for the carries.

    Now this is a tank to be feared by other tanks. Many people consider him underpowered, and i ask of you not to make that mistake. A tank Amumu kan still take out loads you your HP in a combo, especially due to his Despair, so you will need to look out for him. Also, he is probably the most annoying champion to fight against in teamfights due to his AoE, so you will need to look out for this one. Do NOT underestimate his damage, you are however able to kill him in a 1v1 due to Sadism and Infected Cleaver, which makes you kill tanks.

    Blast that bloody bird! Again, many people underestimate her damage, and consider her a support. This is wrooooong, and should be reconsidered. She has the most damaging burst combo of all spellcasters, however it is harder to hit with. A skilled Anivia is dangerous, as she will also use her wall to prevent you from running. Do not fear her, however, since you are dangerous too, and in most situations, she will either stack HP or AP, so she either deals less damage, or is a squishy. As long as you do not underestimate her, and remember that you cannot turret-dive to get her early game, since she will just turn into an egg, and you cannot sustain turret-fire while killing the egg.

    Again, this champion has insane burst, and with even the slightest cooldown reduction, she also has sustained damage, so she is dangerous. Still, do not fear her, your regeneration should keep you up while taking her 1v1, since many Annie's are squishy. Still, consider her Molten Shield. I have once seen a player die by hitting her, and it was so sad it made me cry. All-in-all, use judgment when fighting her.

    Darn that OP Volley! This has way to long range for you to deal with early game, and it hit for too much. When against her early game play defensively. Your cleavers will be outranged, and a skilled Ashe will not be open for ganks. If you do encounter a bad Ashe, hide in the bushes, jump out yelling "RAWR", and eat her, since she is very squishy early game, just remember that good Ashes will not open themselves. Her frost arrow is also annoying, because it applies so fast that out CC-reduction is practically worthless. We still need to counter Enchanted Crystal Arrow though, since that stun gets nerfed to oblivion by your 85% reduction. If you can, throw yourself in between the arrow and a teammate, since it will affect you less.

    Another tank, but this one also has a high damage potential, especially early game around lvl 2. If you are laning against him playing tank, he will most likely not target you, but whoever you are with, but do not open yourself. If his go-go-gadget glove pulls you into the brush where his lanemate is hiding, you will most likely die. As with most other skillshots, keep minions between yourself and him to avoid this death. Lategame, fight hin as you would any other tank.

    Yet another damage/AP tank. How to counter him depends on his itembuild. If he goes tank,which most will, he is not more dangerous than any other tank, but significantly harder to kill with the 5K HP he will be running around with. This means your cleavers hit for even more damage, so nothing to worry about, except that he still has high damage for a tank. AP Cho'Gath however, should not be considered tanks, but high HP mages. His abilities will now damage you visibly, so remember that. Other than that, your cleavers still hits for a lot, since he will most likely have around 3K HP.

    He is not that dangerous to you, he have no abilities to be extra mindful of. He is a damage/nuke, and you should prepare to dodge the missiles, since they actually hurt. If he is rolling Attack Damage build, watch out for the Gatling Gun, since it leaves you exposed, but not for long. You should be able to take him in a 1v1, but most times it is not worth trying, since he will just jump over a treeline or similar, leaving you unable to chase him further. So keep his escaping abilities in mind when wanting to kill him.

    Dr. Mundo
    Well, whattaya know. You might end up fighting another Mundo, and i will not go into detail about his abilities. If you see him on the other team, you might want to go damage, since he has cleavers too. Other than that, just dodge the cleaver, since you know how they hurt!

    Around lvl 3-4 she might be a pain, since her Ravage will start doing a lot of damage. After that, she is not really that dangerous to you, unless you behave stupid. You should however still watch out, because when Evelynn gets a full Mejai's Soulstealer, she will hurt anyone, including you. Since she has no actual AoE, she is not much of a hazzle in teamfights either, but take her down fast, or she will kill your carries.

    Wow, a champion that is even more based on skillshots than Mundo? So it would seem. Just remember: You do not fear this kid in the current patch. If you keep minions between yourself and him, neither of you will be harassing the other, but you can take the initiative and charge him with Masochism activated, and start rolling him over, since he is squishy. If you do not keep minions between yourselves, your cleaver will be more dangerous than his Mystic Shot anyways, since you have so much HP. But of cause you still have to hit with it, so aim properly, and try dodging his.

    This is one of the mages that can take a visible chunk of your HP. Most fiddles stack AP, and they damage alot, but treat them like you would any other high damage mage. The fiddles your really need to worry about are the ones stacking Magic Penetration. If he gets a Void Staff and a Abyssal Scepter, do NOT overestimate your ability to take damage. He can keep himself full, while draining you, and crowstorm deals way to much damage. In teamfights, you want him down ASAP, so get your team to focus on him, or flee from the crowstorm if possible. You might survive a full burst from him, and regenerate with your Sadism, but your Sivir wont.


    Not as dangerous as he once was, but still a hardhitter. Your HP and armor will take the top of his damage, making him just another physical damage, since he rarely gets Last Whisper. There are 2 things you should remember: His passive reduces healing and regeneration, so it basically nerfs your ultimate to hell. Do not think you can outheal damage, or bait like you can with other champions. This is the main reason Mundo fears the Winbeard. The other thing is his ultimate, and you should be weary of it no matter what champion you play. Do not lurk around with low HP, or push towers like you normally would, but remember that damage might suddenly fall from the sky.

    He is interesting, i'll give him that. He is one of the people you should watch out for, whether he builds damage or tank. His ultimate practically rips you to shreds once you hit 1/3 HP, so against him you really need to use your ult, it's to dangerous to hang around him with low HP. Other that that, all his abilities cause physical damage, so if he is on the opposing team, you might want to build extra armor, EG. from a Randuin's Omen.

    He has surely improved since the latest patch. You still do not see a lot of him running around, but he is dangerous now. And AP stacking Gragas will deal a lot of damage, but most likely, he will not pose a large threat to you as long as you do not underestimate his ability to deal damage. But you should have around the same amount of HP, and since he is a tank your cleavers hit him good. Do not fear him, but be cautious, since he might suddenly start damaging.

    Laugh at him! He is not really a problem to you, since he can only place turrets, and fire a small burst wave every 10 seconds. That being said, you should still mind him early game, where turrets can harm you, and missiles hit hard. But once you start building some MR, he is no threat at all. Eat him, and scream nom nom nom.

    Well, she is one champion that might be able to annoy you. Her tornado hits you hard when channeled early game,
    so remember to dodge this. She does not have the mana to sustain spamming it, so she will quickly be discouraged is you dodge them all. If she does not channel them, they will not be dangerous damage wise, but she might team up with a damage champion at just use it to stop you from running, which is dangerous. Some Jannas also build themselves for damage, primarily focusing on their shield to increase their survival and damage output. This build for Janna should not be underestimated early game, since she has quite a lot of survival, and might just put a dent into your HP pool. late game, just make sure you don't think of her as a squishy, since she has heal, knockback, slow, speed up and semi-stun. She really is hard to kill, especially if built with HP, so be cautious.

    Well this guy is a pain currently since he hits hard, but he is not more dangerous than other melees. The latest patch nerfed his passive, which was needed, since he had way to much HP, but now you can kill him again. He still hit hard, which you should keep in mind. Do not engage him with low HP, since he is one of the champion that can chase as good as you. In teamfights he will be using his AoE stun if targeted by physicals, so if possible, have your mages take him down. If not, try to spread out a little so he cant stun your entire team all the time. Since his Empower now gives him full AoE all the time, he is more dangerous in teamfights than EG. Yi, so he should be taken down fast.

    This one is situational. Any good Karthus is able to harass you to hell, while still last hitting early game. This gives him the advantage, if you keep out of range to avoid getting attacked. Just get all up in his face, and start hitting. He is squishy, especially early game, while you are not. Late game it depends. If he has lots of HP, and supportive damage, he can be tricky to kill, but you will have a lot of magic resistance, so like this he should not be able to bring you down. Harass him, and try to take him down. If he build a lot of AP, he will still be squishy, but now he will be able to hurt you. He can be difficult to chase, due to his wall, so get the Mercury's Treads and that won't be a problem. But like this he is a threat in teamfights, with massive damage to show, so focus him down. Also, remember not to run around with low HP, since he can instantly kill you, and never linger around his body after killing him. No point in taking more damage than necessary.

    He is a strange champion. Not much of a threat to you, unless you get to far away from towers. He can be tricky to kill, since he just crosses a wall or the like, and is now out of you reach. Also, his strength against you, come from you spamming cleavers, which allows him to spam Force Pulse. He can still deal alot of damage with silence and slow, but has relatively high cooldowns other that that. You should be able to kill him, if he does not escape you.

    In the recent patch, she was changed again, and now she damages a lot again. What most people do wrong with her, is to consider her as a physical. The only thing physical, is her auto-attack, so against her you build magic resist. And remember to do so, or be ripped to shreds by her Death Lotus. You should, however, still be able to kill her in a 1v1, since she will have to prioritize either health or damage. But remember that her Shunpo is an effective escape tool, so don't over commit.

    Nothing special, really. I have never felt Kayle to be a threat. If she build physical, have some armor, she won't be able to kill you. AP Kayle can damage a lot with her Q ability, but the cooldown means she can't kill you with it. If she goes tank, cleaver handles the problem, and if she goes support, all she has is her ult. You must still remember, that her ult makes her immortal, so try not to over commit to killing her. She also have both slow and speed buff, so she can chase you some time, but she won't want to.

    Wow, this one is squishy! He can stun, but with our reduction you barely feel it, and you just build some magic resist, so he can't damage to much. Just remember that he can actually damage, so use your ult if you don't want him to finish you off quickly. Other than that he doesn't really pose much of a threat, and you can kill him in 1v1, because he rarely builds HP. Masochism and hit, and he'll be running in no time.

    This is one of my worst nightmares. The AP Kog is easily countered, simply by being smart. Avoid the ultimate. But as soon as he stacks Madreds/Attack speed on top of the AP, he hurts like no tommorow. Magic resist is absolutely vital to shut him down. You can still kill him in a 1v1. From the moment you get next to him, he should not be able to escape. His strength is his range, so rob him of it. But do not chase him if you are low on health, because his passive might kill you. If he is chasin you after dying, try suddenly changing direction, as he might not react in time, and explode in nothingness.

    Don't try to kill him, that is way to difficult. His passive gives him all the extra survival he may need, so if he is a tank, you will need to harass him down before you go in for the kill. As a damage dealer, he isn't really that impressive, so he will most likely be a tank. He has the best initiating move in the game, so try not to cluster up your entire team when waiting for teamfights to begin.

    Now this is actually a mage that scares me. After the patch, a lot of noobs will be running around with him, be he really is frightening. He simply has insane AP ratios, so against him you stack magic resist ASAP. Utmost importance. His "the ground does damage" ability can take a percentage of you max HP, so a well fed Malz will deal arounf 14% of you max Hp each second. This we cannot allow, and such we build magic resist. His other spell does insane damage too, so be very catious. Don't wait with acticating your ult, you might get silenced and never get the chance. All this being said, you can still kill him in a 1v1, since he is a tad squishy, have low movespeed, and no escape mechanisms. Chase him, kill him, but remember: If he gets above 200 AP, he gets dangerous!

    Master Yi
    One of the champions that can match your movespeed for chasing and escaping. You can't chase him due to his ult, so unless it's on cooldown, don't try. But against him, do build armor, and that will pretty much gimp him. No extraordinary attacks, or control effect to be mindful of, so if he is too offensive punish him for it. He can't kill you, you can kill him. Remember that.

    This one rivals your tanking, with his passive shield. It can actually absorb entire cleavers, and he can restore it quickly enough to ignore most of your basic attacks. If you want to kill him, remove his shield with cleavers before engaging. Also, his ult scales on your HP, so he is able to deal quite some damage to you. You may even want to go with a little less HP, and more armor against him. In that case, go Randuin's Omen instead of warmog's. Start with [item=Heart of Gold], and keep that for a while while farming for a little more items.
    You respect, and may even fear this champ, remember that.
    Her shield is annoying, and really makes you hate her. Cleavers are not really that effective on her, but the upside is that you can keep spamming cleavers more than she can spam her shield, so do not worry. Her full combo hurts, so remember that she can kill you when you have low HP. In teamfights it would be preferred to ram her down quickly, but there are other champions that take higher priority. Her team-stun is dangerous. You only really feel the damage (which can be a lot!), since you ignore the stun, but your team won't! Do not cluster when she uses it, and try to slow her so she can't follow your carries with her stun incoming.

    Again, a champion with more ways. He can go damage, in which case he should have a [item=Black Cleaver]. If he does, he can punch though your armor, and will do a lot of damage. Also, since it lowers your armor, other carries damage more too. This is dangerous! Build more armor to counter it, since it reduces by a flat amount. If he goes tank, cleavers will burn him down. Make him regret doing that against you. The biggest threat is, however, is his ultimate. He drains life based on HP, so you might want to go armor>HP again. I don't see a lot of Nasuses, but that doesn't make him less of a threat. do NOT underestimate him.

    This champions doesn't scare you. Damage dealer, and with her cougar form and Sheen she actually does a lot of damage, but some armor will solve this, since Nidalee rarely gets armor penetration. Quick note on her spear still: Do not try to outrun it! That is studig. Sidestep it if you can, if not, run towards it. It deals damage based on range, so when you can't outrun it, you end up hurting yourself more.

    Again a tank. Build magic resist to avoid him killing you off. He won't do too much damage, and cleavers take care of his HP, but he can be hard to catch with Blood Boil. The only really dangerous thing about him is his ultimate. This deal insane damage when channeled, and might actually kill you. If you are facing him, hope for a stun, and stun him as soon as he uses it. A good Nunu will still just release it faster, dealing less (but still huge) damage. In this case, use you ult to survive.

    This guy is another of the intense melee carries. He is easy to take on early game, since he is mana hungry. He might harass with the axe, but he can't keep it up. If he get to offensive, kill him, but he still hits hard, so remember not to underestimate that. Late game he is as much a monster as Tryndamere. He is not immortal, but the longer down you get him, the more his lifesteal means, so he is really dangerous. If you use your ult early, you might be able to kill him, depending on how fed he gets.

    Armor is the solution to this problem. He isn't really all dangerous late game, but he still deals a lot of damage before you get armor. He usually gets some armor penetration, so he really have a lot of damage, but your HP is high enough to sustain fire. The most dangerous about him is the laneing phase, especially when paired with a support, like Soraka, because he will keep spamming spears, which hurt to much. If this happens, be defensive, and use your cleavers to last hit when possible, and conserve your HP until you reach level 6.

    This is one of the three reasons i can find to go low HP build, the other being another Mundo or a Warwick. She will build damage, and she will take out large portions of your health with Madred's and her Devastating Blow, so resistances, is vital to avoid being killed by her. Unless you have a clear advantage when engaging, try to avoid going against her 1v1, especially in the jungle, since you might not react, and therefore be stunned for longer because you didn't activate your Burning Agony. This is one of the champions you fear, but be careful, and you can still beat her. Kill her only if the gets too reckless with low HP or the like.

    He simply has to much defense for you to try and kill him alone. Even your cleavers will not hurt him too much. It's best to try and ignore him in teamfights, as with all tanks, but he still deal a lot of damage AoE. CC him, and move away if you can, but try not to lose efficiency by forgetting to kill the other team, or running to much. And the most important lesson about him, is to NEVER get close to him and his turret early game. He will taunt, tower will focus you, you will die. Don't do that.

    This is a one-trick-pony. He has 1 spell combo, and when that's over he will only be casting one spell every now and then. Early game he is one of the most powerful bursters with his Spell Flux, remember that. Build magic resist fast, in the form of [item=Force of Nature]. Late game his damage is still high, and if you cluster up your team, the AoE will take out all your squishies, so try not to do that. You, however, can still kill him. His snare has no effect, and you can ignore the rest late game, while he will most likely still be squishy. But he will most likely not be running around alone, so a chance of 1v1 only occurs when he underestimates you.

    More physical damage. It might even be worth to buy a oracles. Don't try chasing him unless you can kill him with one hit, since his [spell=Decieve] functions as a flash effect, and ports him over walls. The ultimate champion for escaping. On another note, his ultimate creates an explosive clone, so if he is being very reckless, it is a clone, and you should kill it either with cleaver, or not at all. If the clone dies near you, and the Shaco stacks AP, it will hurt you alot. However, most Shacos are physical, because that is better against your squishies.

    Shen is another tank with damage capabilities. The most annoying thing about him is his ability to save his teammates from across the map, which makes our chasing nearly impossible after level 6. He also have a taunt, so if he comes your way, activate you Masochism before he taunts, and he will regret doing so. Other than that, he is a moderate HP tank, so you cleavers will make short of him if he does not stack magic resistance. Some Shen's build damage or AP, but i have never seen one succeed. Feel free to eat them ^^

    Oh dear god, i hate playing against Singed. He can match our movespeed, and he can initiate by pulling you squishies out to his team, and just walk away poisoning you all. The only real counter is to position your squishies far behind until the teamfight has begun, and the tank (you!) is taking damage. If the get to far ahead, they will die. In a 1v1 situation you can still kill him, but remember to have magic resist up before doing so. And do not chase him, since he has a 80% slow. You can neither escape or chase him, remember that.

    Wuhuu! A tank that is all about HP, just like you. He may be difficult to kill usually, but the cleaver handles him quite well. He can also be build for damage, and i have seen one running around with 500+, so you need armor for that. His ultimate also turn teamfight like none other, so if possible, kite him until it expires. If not, pray that your carries can kill their team. either build, his stun is the most dangerous. 2 seconds, every 7 seconds is alot, and means he can shutdown a carry. The stun won't do him any good against you, but it will against your carries.

    Damage dealer carry. She boost her entire team by speed, meaning that the Jax and Warwick just became even more dangerous. She need to be focused, since she has massive AoE damage, but she is still a squishy support champion, so you can focus her, which you should. Her most dangerous part is, however, that she can instanly clear a minion wave and start raping your turret, so her surprise pushes ushes her ult, and happen before you can react. Keep an eye on any unprotected turrets and her face on the minimap. If you surprise her, you can undoubtedly kill her.


    Well this is you favorite sidekick, but when faces against her, she can be a hazzle. Never runs dry of mana, and keeps her team alive through whatever damage you can manage. In teamfights she should be focused, since a living Soraka will minutely save her carry, while they kill you. She is an easy gank if moving out to far, so if she build HP, she is tough too kill with the healing. Against her i advise cleverness. Deem how much of a thrat she is, and react to that. She can't kill you, but it might be hard to kill her.

    Another favorable lanemate, but he will usually build either auras or armor. Either he he is a support, semi-tank. He rarely build magic resistance, so your cleavers kill him, but he offers his team to many benefits as aura-boy, and he needs to die, which sucks since he is hard to kill. You you can, kill the carry by bursting (less than 2 seconds), if you can't, you will have to focus him before he benefits to much. Stupid other tanks!

    I believe i speak for everyone when i say that is hate mushrooms so much, that i can't even describe how much i hate them. They are a tactical advantage by map control, and a nuke/slow when he wants to ambush. You can't gank an expert Teemo after level 6, since he will use scouting mushrooms, and hence know that you are coming, so do it before level 6. In 1v1 he can blind you for 4 seconds while he kills you, so mid-game you can't take him, but both early and late you can kill him if he over-commits. Still, we have enough CC reduction to gimp mushrooms, so when you get [item=Force of Nature], keep the Burning Agony turned on for max reduction.

    Physical carry, not much more to say. She deal huge damage, and deserves to be focused, you you can still kill her. If she build a black cleaver, she will still do considerable damage to you, remember that. Her most dangerous skill is, obviously, her ultimate. It has too many uses, especially jumping into you team, and knocking a squishy into their arms. Therefore you should tell your carries to be defensive, even after thr battle has begun. She can also use it to put a distance between you and her when chasing, making her impossible to catch.

    This man defines carry/glass cannon. Early game he is practically no threat, and easy to harass down. Once he hits level 6, his low health will not matter, since he is now immortal. Lategame, when he have Phantom Dancer and Infinity Edge, he will be killing everything, and if he finishes the item build, he is able to solo a team if not CC'ed, remember that. CC him, and kill the others! Against him a Thornmail really comes in handy, but you armor will reduce his crits to around 500 damage. This is still dangerous to you, but if he builds a Last Whisper, you better be ready to use your ultimate when the fight begins, or you will die.

    Twisted Fate
    Usually build for attack speed and damage, which gives him some hybrid damage, therefore we build both resistances. He has the ultimate map control/teleport/escape. 1 second cast, and he is anywhere, so he is ideal for backdooring along with Pantheon.He deal alot of damage, and helps his team gather gold, so he is a valuable asset to any team, meaning he needs to die. You can kill him quite easily in 1v1 since his stun won't harm you, but in a teamfight his stun is a bother. He has both single-target and AoE damage, so he is one of the carries that needs focusing.

    Damn, can he deal damage. Early game he can deal enough damage to kill you, so don't underestimate that. Use exhaust on him, and watch him fall, since he has the lowest starting HP of all champions. If he gets his kills, he will also domonate anyone in the late game, including you. And oracles would be advised to keep him from ganking. He is still squishy, and any AoE or damage will bring him down, so do so. He takes the highest priority in the killing order. Also, remember his expunge. If he stacks his poisons, don't think "I'm just 2 hit's away from killing him". Expunge, dead!

    Thank god he was nerfed. He can still deal an admirable amount of damage, so he will chase with stun, and start killing the carries. He is hard to kill early game because of Turtle Stance, but yo you keep harassing with cleavers, he will rung out of mana, and be forced to return. Late game he can kill any squishy, and his movespeed and dodge is impressing too, so he might be difficult to kill. You can still take him, but be catious.

    He has insane burst, and he might be able to kill you midgame. If he does not get fed, however, you will kill him easily late and early game. He is squishy, and lategame you can ignore his stun completely. Also you stack magic resist, and that takes his damage, since only few mages think of purchasing magic penetration. Silly little mages ^^ Anyway, he need to be killed early in a teamfight since he will kill your caster in no time, esspecially mana-stacking mages like Ryze.

    If he gets jut a little fed, you fear him. If not, you won't. He also have an ability scalingt with your max HP, so he will deal damage, but magic resist solves this problem, just as it solves his [item=Madred's Bloodrazor]. Most times you can kill him early/mid game if he over commits. Lategame he will usually have stacked enough lifesteal to stand some time against you, but you are still the stronger. He also takes priority in teamfights, but not as uch as others. He will be running in from the sidelines when the fight have begun, and target your carry. The entire team should know this, and keep a CC reserved for him when he comes.

    Well, he has many uses, but the most important one is his ultimate. A smart Zilean can cast it every 20-30 seconds, so he can ressurect a teammember every teamfight. You have 3 options, depending on your team. Burst their carry before he can react, kill two target at the same time, making him choose. These 2 are only available with good damage dealers, rarely possible. The 3. option is to just ignore him, and kill the carry twice. His bombs hurt lategame, but not as much as other carries, so he does not take priority. Also, with the recent nerf to his early game, he is no huge threat. Cleaver him!!!

    Finally done with this section, took some time :P I hope it proves useful to you ^^

  • Thanks for reading

    That pretty much sums up the way i play Mundo, other than that just practice. I hope you can find your very own build, by trying out my build and pairing it with your ideas. Mundo is very fun to play, and has some unique skills.
    I would appreciate any ratings or comments, and please to give criticism since this is my first guide, so any tips are welcome.

    Either of these builds are viable in the high ELO games, so just go out and experiment.
    Enjoy playing Mundo


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