Miss Fortune Build Guide

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Doubly's Min-Max Guide to AD Miss Fortune

written by doubly

Miss Fortune Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Last Updated: 10/10/10

    This is a simple min-max guide to building Miss Fortune as an AD Carry. It assumes you are level 30 and have access to runes. AD carry is best played solo mid, or solo 1v2 if you have a jungle.

    Miss Fortune is an excellent AD Carry and if played properly should have at least 2 to 1 kill/death ratio and 200-300 creep score at the end of a game. Her effectiveness was recently proven at the World Cyber Games and subsequently Elementz has now ranked her top of tier 2. Personally I place her solidly tier 1 and have since her release.

    Her job is to turn the tide of team fights with massive damage from her ultimate Bullet Time, Double Up, and auto attacks, all from behind her teammates.

    Proof this works

    Do NOT be fooled by AD guides that recommend Infinity Edge. Crit has 0 synergy with her abilities.

    Please keep in mind she is RANGED. Similar to Ashe and Ezreal in that you must keep your range from enemy champions at all times!

    NOTE: This champion deceivingly has several ways to play it, this is simply the most direct and effective AD Carry build. Check out other guides for AP and AS builds!

  • Abilities

    This is great for keeping you at range during team fights and ganking side lanes but do not be fooled, it is not an escape mechanism, thus why I grab Flash and Ghost. If used carefully you get to avoid buying boots for awhile.

    Double Up
    Practice using the bounced second shot against your lane opponent, you can become very skilled at landing the second shot of this and it can be used to control the lane early game, forcing your opponent far away from the creeps. This ability deals physical damage but can NOT crit.

    Geeves from Riot says:
    There are 2 areas of effect: The wide area and the focused area. The wide area is 180 degrees behind the target from the direction that Miss Fortune is facing, and the focused area is about ~70 degrees inside of that. Ricochets will always hit the focused area before the wide area.

    Impure Shots
    This will ensure you win 1on1 fights and that the targets you focus die. It adds magic damage on to your auto attacks. Be sure to activate this ability for extra attack speed anytime you are focusing a target with auto attacks.

    Bullet Time
    Positioning is everything with this. Use in combination with Make it Rain. This, like Q, can NOT crit. Deals magic damage.

  • Masteries + Runes

    These masteries cover armor pen, magic pen, magic resist, and health and mana regen. These will allow us to stack damage and ignore mana and defense items.


    Armor penetration gives our Q and auto attacks the punch they need early game to farm and harass. Mana regen allows us to avoid buying any regen or mana items. Magic resist further allow us to ignore survivability items.

  • Summoner Abilities

    I recommend Flash and Ghost with Miss Fortune to escape ganks and pick up kills. This allows you to roam the map for ganks but avoid a bad situation where you are attacked and strut drops off when you need to run.

  • Skilling Order

  • Items

    Core Items:

    Build Order:

    Doran's Blade (starting item)
    Boots of Speed
    Doran's Blade (if necessary)
    Doran's Blade (no more than this unless you're really getting shafted)
    B.F. Sword
    Vampiric Scepter
    Complete The Bloodthirster
    Complete Sorcerer's Shoes
    B.F. Sword
    Vampiric Scepter
    Complete The Bloodthirster

    should be used periodically throughout the game when you have some excess gold or need to beef up for a fight. I try and keep one in my inventory at all times from midgame on and drink it when I get in a brawl. If you go with more than one Doran's Blade then you don't need to use these as much.

    About Doran's:
    Doran's items give excellent stats for the gold spent. You may buy up to 3 to maintain control early game. However, be careful as the longer you delay the B.F. sword, the sooner your damage becomes sub-par.

    If the game hasn't ended:
    If you've completed this build and the game persists, it is ideal to continue building more .
    If you can't avoid getting focused because the enemy has a champion like Akali or Kassadin that teleport to you, then pickup a survival item like or .
    Because Miss Fortune deals both magic and physical damage, the enemy will have to get both defenses against you, however if they stack tons of armor late game you can pickup a as well.

    Buy and use ! These are not just for seeing when a gank is coming, but for seeing when you can gank the enemy as well. Set these by the enemy golem, dragon, and other points of interest where you can dash off and gank someone when you see them wandering around alone. Take advantage of your mobility in this way. Bloodthirsters are expensive, but Miss Fortune farms extremely well and you won't be needing health pots so there's no reason you can't afford these.

  • Item Explaination

    Q and R do NOT benefit from crit and while Q is physical, R is magical. This is similar to the champion Katarina. In order to boost these we focus on damage, armor pen and magic pen. Infinity Edge, Manamune, Phantom Dancer, etc. do not offer the right stats for maxing these abilities. We want raw massive attack damage, and that only comes in the form of The Bloodthirster.

    Starting with a Doran's Blade keeps us in the lane as long as we want, regen Masteries/Runes act as starting regen items, and Strut acts as boots. With these we will be set to farm up a B.F Sword as a first item and still be equally competitive in the lane despite the fact we are not buying any items for a while.

    Manamune and Frozen Mallet are great items on Miss Fortune because they add mana and a slow, which MF needs. However, as the carry you should be working to have golem and lizard buffs at all times. These will provide all the slow and mana regen you will need. With the neutral buffs you can ignore these expensive items and cut straight to the chase with The Bloodthirster.

  • Change Log

    -Added some additional information and cleaned up some text.
    -Updated build to include Doran's Blade for competitive games.
    -Added quote from Geeves of Riot Games regarding Double Up mechanics.
    -Cleaned up each section.
    -Added link to a screenshot of success with this build.

    -Removed Manamune from the build as I've determined it's not required. If you don't have the proper runes/masteries or are having mana issues and can't pickup golem, you might build this first, but it is not the most direct AD build. Thanks to Heat n Serve for the nudge to further polish the build.
    -Cleaned up text and descriptions.

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