Rammus Build Guide

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Rammus the Kamikaze Tank

written by Stackle

Rammus Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Spiked Shell
    An excellent skill that will provide you with most of your attack power. This is the primary reason why I like Rammus as a tank. His attack power and defense both go up as you buy armor.

    Primary attack. This is used for attacking and for escape. As you roll, Rammus gets faster and faster. This helps you chase down heroes and get away quickly.

    Defensive Ball Curl
    This helps assist you when tanking. It keeps you alive for longer, and helps your attack a tiny bit.

    Puncturing Taunt
    Primarily used for luring enemies into ganks, towards your tower, and for keeping enemies in place while you attack them. It also lowers their armor a bit.

    Great skill for farming, and I use it whilst attacking too. It deals an extra bit of damage and hits multiple attackers.

  • Introduction

    Rammus. He's a heavily armored creature with spikes and the ability to roll at high speeds.

    I name him the Kamikaze Tank as when you use this build, you can run right into the fray and mess with your enemies. It should be noted however, that you WILL die. It is almost inevitable that you will die sometimes when you are tanking it. It should also be noted however, that this build is tough. With a guardian angel equipped, it's hard to kill you and keep you dead. With banshees veil it's harder to catch you, with summoner spells ghost and flash, it's hard to chase you. This build focuses on keeping you alive, whilst enabling you to do some real damage.

  • Masteries + Runes

    The best advice I can give here is to focus on cooldown reduction a little, and defense. I also have greed chosen as a mastery in order to boost my gold a little. The best part of this character is his durability, so to enhance that, add a lot of defense. Make him tougher and stronger. Remember, 25% of his armor becomes attack power. Also remember though, that as I mention later in the guide, he needs all the magic resistance he can get, so add some of that if you have no idea what else to add.

  • Items

    To start with, I build towards a [item_icon=heart of gold]. Getting one of these early on will provide you with a significant bonus in gold, and helps boost your armor. It also never hurts to have a little more health at the start of the game.

    Next I buy a . By no means is rammus a ninja, but this is a helpful item. It adds armor, speed and makes your odds of dodging attacks a bit higher. As a tank, these are all important.

    Next, I build my . This is a really good item for Rammus. He gains 100 armor, and returns damage on attack.

    For the next item, there's nothing more I like to do than buy a . This little number will boost you in many ways. Armor, magic resistance and revival are all very useful for this build. Revival can scare off enemies easily. Picture this: You ram them with powerball, hit the curl, start some tremors and then when they recover from the powerball, hit the taunt. By this time, the damage has really started to build, and they are frightened they will die. Even if they do kill you, you come back to life, use your recharged power ball to chase them down and they die instead. Remember though, if you die again, you will stay dead, so take a little less risk the second time around.

    Here, you can go either way, or . If you need to kill more minions and push lanes, you will benefit from more first. If you're getting killed a lot by mages, you may want to consider first. The veil will give you more health, mana, magic resist and block enemy spells enough to let you escape from many encounters.
    It should be noted that magic resist is lower on this character than armor. If an enemy team seems to be killing you with magic, you may wish to lean a little more than way.

    That in mind, buy the other that you didn't buy in the previous step.
    After this you should have 6 items. It doesn't stop there though. The next step is to sell your [item_icon=heart of gold], as it's usefulness has come to an end. Then you can choose to buy whatever you like. I prefer to choose another or , depending on the other team.

  • Skilling Order

    I go with Powerball first, then puncturing taunt, then defensive ball curl. Then priority goes

    Tremors(if available>Powerball>puncturing taunt>defensive ball curl. The reason tremors is first is cos it's only available after certain levels, so I get a rank in it every time I can. Powerball will be at max quite quickly if you follow this.

  • Summoner Abilities

    I usually pick and . These are both helpful for chasing and running away, and thus, for this build.

  • Farming

    Of course, farming is useful for this character, but it does not become as easy until you have sunfire cape(s) or tremors. That means prior to level 6, you want to either powerball into enemies to get last hits, or if that seems too risky in your lane, just attack. If you find it difficult getting any last hits, you could always get a sunfire cape before you get one of the other items, but I don't recommend this.

  • Pros / Cons

    -This character is tough to kill and can one on one many other builds.
    -Rammus can be a great hit and run character, and with this build, he can lead the charge of an attack, and get out again before he is defeated.
    -Of course, he becomes amazing when you have a great team. If you do not have a good team who will assist you, it may be better to play a little more conservative and only go after hero kills if the enemy are scattered. That being said, you're a tank. Suck it up and die a little. If your team wins, it doesn't matter.

    -Magic resist. This build focuses on armor. If you play against primarily magic users or keep getting killed by Ryze or Annie, you may want to change the build a little to suit. I would consider however, changing your runes or masteries to suit first though. Remember though, modifying your armor will lower your attack too.
    -Death. Oh yes, you will die. Death's evil spectre will visit you. If you have a problem with dying for your team, do not play this build. Remember though, it IS a team game, and your death may bring about the deaths of your enemies, allowing your team to run straight for their nexus. Weigh up the options.

  • Working in the team

    You can lead the attacks, you can solo enemies if they are alone(but be cautious), you can solo towers if you like. I prefer to stick by my team where possible because they can assist my kills halfway through when I've taunted them. I would suggest however, that you try to get away if you're low on health. You are a tank, you have a guardian angel, but you're not immortal. Early in the game especially, it's more important to stay alive than it is to get kills. Later in the game, you will make up for your lack of kills. And even if you don't...you're playing a team game. Remember that.

  • Summary


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