Tryndamere Build Guide

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Tryndamere: FouFromage's Attractive Barbarian Guide

written by FouFromage

Tryndamere Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    I've seen a lot of people try and play Tryndamere, and a lot of people do not play him well. There are some who can hold there own, but hopefully this guide will help out the rest who would like to give him a shot.
    If you find this guide hard to play, feel free to ask questions, look at other guides for other useful tips/ways to play.
    This guide is not the only way to play Tryndamere, nor is it the best. It is just one of the effective ways of using him, and how I play him.

  • Updates/Things to Do

    I haven't updated this guide in a long while, and the movie on YouTube that is with it probably won't change. As of 8/26/2010 I have updated it, but will probably be the last update.
    Don't base the guide mainly off of the items, hopefully I will incorporate more of a "basic guidelines" with the other techniques that will enhance your understanding of the barbarian king.

  • Abilities

    Battle Fury
    This is why I would not worry about crit % runes when playing with Tryndamere.
    The lower your health is, the more beefy you become. Use it to your advantage.

    SPAM when you need health.
    -Great at restoring health.
    -Very effective late game to up the damage even more.
    -Useful for healing after ULT wears off to stop a tower from killing you or such.

    _Early Game: Based off luck since your crit% won't be very high. Late game it's a guarantee.

    Mocking Shout
    -Great at disabling opponents.
    -Slow from behind + lower damage = easy chase.
    -Use this to try and break up enemy teams. (When they go forward back forward back, the unlucky back will get slowed and not be with the team anymore.)

    _Early Game: I start off with this skill now. It's really effective at the first 2v2 fights.

    Spinning Slash
    -Great for farming minions mid-late game.
    -You can spin through trees/walls with this skill, use this for ganking/escaping/kicks and giggles.
    -Use when you can while chasing someone. Combined with your shout, you should be able to catch most people.

    _Early Game: I use to start off with this skill, as it's a nice bonus damage at first. Your call however.

    *CAUTION* Use of this skill once your Rage wears off or with one hit left while running away will cause instant death. Other side effects may occur. Ask your summoner if Spinning Slash is right for you before use.

    Undying Rage
    -6 seconds of not dying.
    -Most of the time when you use this, you'll be at 1 hit left, making for massive crit %.
    -Wait as long as possible to use this, but not too long that you die.
    -Works wonders with Kayle's or Zilean's ULT, use yours before they use theirs.
    -Tower diving is possible, and quite easy with this skill, just remember to slash through the trees and heal before it wears off.

    *CAUTION* If the enemy team knows what they're doing, a simple exhaust/stun will render you useless. Sure you won't die for 6 seconds, but you probably didn't manage much in that 6 seconds... This isn't Yi's Highlander, you are subject to serious side effects.

  • Masteries + Runes

    My Rune Set Up:
    Greater Quintessence of Furor x3
    Greater Mark of Furor x9
    Greater Glyph of Celerity x9
    Greater Seal of Evasion x9

    *This is just my rune setup, it tends to work for every champ I play. If you have the points to spend on runes, you can go with what seems like the best option. But I am currently limited to these.

    My Mastery Set Up:
    My Masteries

    *This is set up for my Exhaust + Ignite spells, your masteries may vary due to what spells you use.
    *Yes, I know I have some odd choices, but it works for me.

  • Items

    [item=Malady] Berserker's Greaves Infinity Edge Phantom Dancer Phantom Dancer The Bloodthirster

    There are also the pure Crit % builds, but with his passive, I go for more of a life steal route. I'm pretty sure other guides cover those builds if you'd like to check them out.
    Not one build is the best... just how you use them.

    Recent items being added and buffs have changed the building of Tryndamere. Here is what I now currently get.
    Mercury's Treads/ Ninja Tabi The Bloodthirster Infinity Edge Phantom Dancer [item=Stark's Fervor] Youmuu's Ghostblade

  • Skilling Order

    This is my normal way of skilling. Having W first is great for early fights, since it lowers enemy damage and potentially slows them down.


    Since my experimentations with potions, I've found that getting Q first is the better option for the build. With an [item=Elixir of Agility], your critical chance goes up, and so Q becomes more effective.

  • Summoner Abilities

    There are pretty much endless possibilities to what summoner abilities to use.

    Ghost - Good for chase or running away. Gives a nice extra speed boost while they're slowed. Works wonders when used alongside Ghostblade's active.
    Ignite - This is a personal favorite of mine. Very good for close calls, and makes people annoyed.
    Exhaust - I use this with every champion, just something I've come to love.
    Blind + Slow = Whatever you want to happen.

    So on and so forth. It is really your call. I've seen people use all sorts of spells and still do well.

  • Build Example

    Always go with a partner, Carry's are nice, Zilean is amazing, but any will do. You can solo if you're up to it, but it's not the best option.

    Start off with a Vampiric Scepter. You may be saying to yourself (but his Q skill gives him life)... yes it does, but it's not a constant thing. More life steal the merrier.
    Try and stay in your lane until you get enough for Berserker's Greaves.
    Keep on farming and ganking (if you feel like it), until you get enough to up the Vampiric Scepter into [item=Malady].
    Here's where you can start jungling. I wouldn't go for dragon just yet, but everything else is ok.
    Spinning slash is great for clearing out waves of minions. Farm your way to a BF Sword, and eventually an Infinity Edge.
    You'll notice now that you can take on most people 1v1, some 2v1, and I even took 3v1 (Rammus, Mundo, Twisted Fate)+ the dragon with just these items. Mind you I got a tad lucky, and came out of it with about 50 health... but 50 health is all you need when everything else is dead.
    If you're doing well, you should be racking in the cash. Reward yourself with 2 Zeal. Don't upgrade them yet though.
    If the game is still going on, and you are still having fun, get a The Bloodthirster.
    NOW, if the game is still going, up the Zeals to Phantom Dancer.
    Games usually end before this stage, but if you're lucky enough to get here, you can solo the baron, take out the dragon within seconds, or continue helping your team in team fights. It's all up to you.

    This is when you can start jungling and take on the lizard without too much worry.

    And here is what it ends up being late late game. (*This has my rune set up, yours may vary).

    The damage noted, 304, is the base damage. Once your bloodlust gets its stacks it'll be even high. And i'm not sure if this counts the BloodThirster as being fully stacked.
    Notice the amount of damage being dealt out (click on further details and "battle theory". Now combine that with your team also attacking. You get the picture of why he's normally #1 focus.
    Since this guide is based around how I build him, AKA Above, we won't worry about other ways to build him. There are other guides for that. ON TO BUSINESS!


    As of late, I've been finding potions very effective. Since Tryn'd needs criticals to be effective, I've started taking an [item=Elixir of Agility] + 3 Health Potion. The extra attack speed + crit% at the start is extremely nice. If played effectively, you shouldn't have to B until you have a decent sum of gold, and then you can start your normal build after that.

    I have also gone for a Blood Thirster after beserker greaves. It worked out for me in a few games, so you may want to try this. The extra damage is very useful

    Since patches have buff'd people, nerf'd people, and added more champs and items, I have changed how I play Trynd.
    Depending on how I feel, I'll either get Brawler's Gloves + 5x Health Potion, or I'll go for an [item=Elixir of Agility] +? Health Potion. Either way, play careful and only go for the kill if you're certain. Both items are good for crit%, and the pot will up your attack speed as well.
    After laning for a good time, reward yourself with some boots.
    Mercury's Treads/ Ninja Tabi
    Return to your lane and keep helping push/defending. I work on getting either [item=Stark's Fervor] or Youmuu's Ghostblade at this point, both are crucial later on, and both will help you out. If you go for Stark's, get the Recurve Bow first. For Ghostblade, get Avarice Blade.
    After you purchase [item=Stark's Fervor] or Youmuu's Ghostblade, save for an Infinity Edge.
    This is probably where most games will end. Not saying that you'll be OP and dominate the other team, just the amount of gold it takes to get here is where a lot of games end. But just in case it goes on, here are a few examples of what else to buy in no order (Order depends on what's happening in your game and what you need).
    The Bloodthirster [item=Force of Nature] Phantom Dancer Last Whisper Frozen Mallet [item=Madred's Bloodrazor] Guardian Angel
    Most other items don't do anything good for Trynd, he's not an AP, and his ult already makes him a tank.

  • Working in the team

    Avoid being the team fight initiator.
    Use your spinning slash to enter battles through trees.
    If someone is being chased down, use Mocking Shout and Slash to catch up to whoever you need to (savior or assist) and help with the kill. Also don't forget to activate Ghostblade when fighting.
    I would advise to try and not steal kills... although I play with my group of friends that love to get me fed. It's up to you. Just don't make people mad.
    Playing as a team is essential with Tryndamere. You might think because his Crit is so high % and your ULT means no death, that you are unstoppable. This is not the case. If you think like this, you're going to end up the non victor.

  • Creep Jungling

    Wait until you're at least level 6, as you may get ganked. You can farm early on against the littler guys, but the buff people take way too long and have the chance to kill you. Once you feel confident enough to kill things quickly and effectively, you'll want lizard buff on as much as possible, and you're team would probably appreciate dragon kills whenever it spawns.
    If people happen to gank you, use your spinning slash to hop through trees and over walls.

  • Farming

    Use your spinning slash to your advantage. When you have high attack speed, you'll be taking out waves of minions as fast as they can throw them at you, even Super Minions.
    Farm when possible.

  • Summary

    Tryndamere is definitely a late game character. His critical hit chance % goes up as he loses life, making him the perfect candidate for critical damage. Theoretically, the more life you lose, the harder it is to kill you. .. Think about it..
    If possible, do not be the first one on your team to jump into team fights. If the enemy has a brain, they will target you with their stuns and blinds. Your ULT may save you from dying for 6 seconds, but if you are blinded or stun'd, that's just another 6 seconds of not doing anything useful.
    Try looking at other guides, I've seen people go straight for Crit % and no life steal. It works, but i find it more risky. To each there own.
    Have fun playing Tryndamere, and may the people you play against not have fun playing against you!

    If you have any suggestions, comments, questions, or concerns... feel free to state them in the comments section!

    *Please leave feedback as to what could be added and or fixed/changed.

  • Pros / Cons

    - Massive Damage
    - Can farm easily
    - Can take massive damage with his ULT active
    - Solo Baron late game easily
    - Can carry a team

    - Blind makes him rather useless
    - Skills use health, making it easy to suicide after ULT wears off due to use of spinning slash
    - Usually the #1 target during team fights
    - His right arm is bigger than his left arm

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