Miss Fortune Build Guide

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Scratch's AP MF Guide

written by MrScratch

Miss Fortune Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Last updated: 9/11/10

    To put it bluntly this is how I play Miss Fortune. Late game you can do some serious area of effect damage. Late game is purely group fights. Area of effect damage wins group fights. Winning group fights wins games. It's as simple as that.

    Yet... sometimes things are just not that simple. There is a reason most players recommend going attack damage with Miss Fortune. Attack damage MF dominates early game. She is great mid game, and strong late game. Then factor in that most games end at the 24-40 minute mark and you'll see why there are so many MF's rocking B. F. Sword's. So why would you go AP MF?

    Me personally, I find it more enjoyable. Early game you play it safe. You farm, you get payed. You start buying those AP items, and no one gives a damn about you because your harassment is pretty much just harassment. It's not life threatening, so if you're lucky people are going to underestimate you. Next thing they know your Make It Rain is starting to happen more often, it's starting to hurt. Eventually you throw down that well timed Bullet Time right as you drop a Make It Rain in the middle of two guys. Out of nowhere you've pumped out some serious damage into your lane by sharing it between your two opponents. They're gonna need to back off if they want to stay alive between your teammate and your AOE. So they play the tower game. Big deal, Make It Rain is your primary source of damage. Run in throw it on the ground and run out. If they get hit it's gonna kill them, if they stay way back you're just going to drop their tower with Impure Shots' attack speed increase. This is just the pressure you personally are bringing to the table. Your teammate has his own bag of tricks.

    This is all hypothetical of course. However it is easily possible when played right along with proper timing. That is why I play AP MF. Your personal positioning, timing and exploitation of your opponent's placement are solely the reason as to why you got that clutch multikill. It's the reason why your team has a chance at winning those group fights even when you're against the odds. And it's the reason why you are dead when you do something wrong. If that's not your cup of tea then by all means pick up those B. F. Sword's and let your boring auto attack decide your fate.

    Protip AD MF's: Here is a link to Kog'Maw, http://leaguecraft.com/champion/Kog'Maw. It's the Champ you should have bought had you not been blinded by Miss Fortune's enormous rack.

  • Abilities

    (Innate): Miss Fortune gains an additional 25 movement speed after not taking any damage for 7 or more seconds, increasing each second up to 80 maximum bonus speed.

    Similar to Teemo's Move Quick ability except minions will also break your speed. Excellent for harassing, however if you're terrible like I am you will most likely be using this to get back to your lane quickly after you double tower dive on half life with a glass cannon champ.

    Double Up
    (Active): Miss Fortune fires a single bullet at an enemy target, dealing damage to that enemy and another target behind the first.

    You will not be using this as much, should you actually listen to my nonsense. I've seen some MF's pull off some impressive (IE: Extremely ****ing annoying) shots with this however I've only been able to have it last hit a flee'ing champ unintentionally. Further ruining my reputation with my team via kill stealing. It scales with attack damage, Manamune helps however it is not as effective for us until we get our Lich Bane.

    Impure Shots
    (Pasive/Active): Miss Fortune passively deals increased damage to an enemy the more times she attacks them. Can be activated to give increased attack speed and lower healing received by targets that she attacks.

    Impure Shots is pretty awesome once you get a decent amount of attack speed and ability power. However it is not the focus of this guide. If you wanna be all John Woo then you're better off just going attack damage.

    Primarily this is used to kill towers, or when your first pick bans Dinger/Shaco. Then hogs Eve all to himself. Which causes the opposing team to get really mad because they are now forced to pick Taric. Other then that it's awesome when Tryn hits his "I can't die" button, just make sure you hit him with the active in group fights for the -50% heal debuff. If it's 1v1 then just run of course, unless you're like me deep in their jungle ignoring all the people spamming my chatbox with the letter B. Haters gonna hate when you Strut back to your team after the rez.

    Make It Rain
    (Active): A flurry of bullets is fired into the air which soon land at a target location, dealing damage and slowing enemies inside of it over a few seconds.

    This is the go-to ability for AP Miss Fortune. With 0.8 AP scaling, decent AOE size and a built in slow this guy right here wins team fights. So long as people stand in the "don't stand here" circle. It's amazing how many people ignore it when in the heat of an epic team fight. One last thing, as mentioned in her Champion Spotlight the slow can be used as an escape should you need to run away. Also don't be afraid to Strut towards a fleeing teammate and drop this in front of him, it will save his life.

    Visual Example:

    Bullet Time
    (Active): Miss Fortune hysterically unleashes a massive barrage of bullets into a cone in front of her, channeling for a few seconds and causing large amounts of damage to enemies.

    Bullet Time is a channeled AOE that shoots loads of bullets in a very large cone. Meaning that point blank shots are highly discouraged as people are just going to take a slight step to their left and type out an annoying smiley like " :/ " while you channel a wasted ultimate. To top it off stuns, silences, taunts and every other ability that has the power to move Miss Fortune from her current channeled position will immediately cancel it.

    It has 0.3 AP scaling which might not seem like much however you're firing alot of bullets. With enough ability power this just shreds late game group fights, just make sure you abuse that range. Otherwise you're gonna find out why I keep stressing how awesome Strut is.

  • Skilling Order

    I use the priority method when it comes to choosing skills. As always your ult (Bullet Time) takes priority over everything.

    Make It Rain is your go-to ability. It deals your damage. It farms your creeps. It wins your team fights. It builds your stacks. Don't **** with it.

    Impure Shots Comes next. This guy gets you your golem buff. It's what allows you to effectively auto attack people as a "caster", and to top it off it's heal debuff slaps Soraka in her stupid moon shaped face.

    Last comes Double Up. This move is simply amazing, if you are AD. While it has the power to land that clutch RNG (random number generation) kill on the guy fleeing with one bar, it's still not worth it for us early game since Manamune is the only guy helping out and by the time we've finally maxed out our mana pools to get the most from it we're already mid-late game.

    So to sum it up. Bullet Time > Make It Rain > Impure Shots > Double Up.

  • Summoner Abilities

    I not going to lie to you. A big drawback to playing AP MF is the fact that your strongest move is the move you are supposed to use when you need to escape. Because of this you end up with a big issue similar to that of Kog'Maw's. If you're running for your life chances are something didn't go as planned. Make It Rain was used to kill someone and you screwed it up. Or you pulled it off with a smug grin on your face until you notice that jungling Warwick hiding in a nearby bush toggle on his Blood Scent. There's too many scenarios in which you can place yourself in a unfavorable position. Make It Rain has a habit of being on cooldown when you need it the most to save your life.


    No exceptions.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Masteries: I go with 9/0/21. Your main targets are [spell=Sorcery] and [spell=Intelligence] for the CD reduction. As for the rest those are usually up to your personal preference. Remember, you're going deep in utility with this setup. It would be wise to pick up [spell=Haste] and [spell=Blink of an Eye]. It should go without saying that after putting four points into [spell=Sorcery] you would have to be a fool if you did not put that ninth point into [spell=Archaic Knowledge]. However I will say it, don't forget to pick up [spell=Archaic Knowledge].

    Runes: Min/Max wise I am not sure what the best setup is for Miss Fortune. Hopefully I can get some help by some pro theorycrafters later down the road. At the moment I use the following.

    Greater Quintessence of Fortitude x3
    Greater Mark of Desolation x9
    Greater Seal of Evasion x9
    Greater Glyph of Focus x9

    (Note: I don't actually use greaters. The reason behind this is due to my issues with stupidity, I am constantly blowing my IP on useless champions that I only play for a week.)

    Health quintessence goes without saying. As for the seals I've switched to dodge. They provide survivability, and give you a small chance to counter the haters hating on your Strut.

    Switched to armor penetration for my marks, ArP along with Manamune makes our early game easier. That and nine magic penetration is a joke mid/late game which is when our AOE really starts to count.

    Glyph wise I use cooldown reduction. Make It Rain has a decent cooldown. We want to lower this as much as possible. Same with Bullet Time.

  • Gear

    Starter Items:
    [item=Meki Pendant] + Health Potion x2.

    First Trip Back:
    You want to try to build that [item_icon=Meki Pendant] into a Tear of the Goddess and pick up a pair of Boots of Speed. That combined with your Strut will give you an immense speed advantage over everyone in the game. Provided you don't get hit by anything at all of course.

    Second Trip Back:
    At this point you want to turn your Tear of the Goddess into a Manamune. It helps your basic attacks along with Double Up. However the main focus is that it's cheap and buffs your early game since you will not get many opportunities early on to make the most of your AOE.

    End of Early Game Shopping:
    The next item that we are gonna be working on is a Archangel's Staff. Once it is completed 3% of your maximum mana is converted over into spell power. So spam as much as you can because we wanna get as much as we can from these guys by the time we complete our mid game [item_text=Zhonya's Ring].

    Mid to Late Game Shopping:
    Here comes the hard part. We need a [item=Zhonya's Ring]. Not only because the 25% extra AP scaling works out really nice but most importantly for it's invulnerability active. At this point you should be on the verge of team fights if not already in them. You're a glass cannon with a target on your back and your escape tool is your damage dealing tool. This ring will save your life. As for the components it doesn't really matter which one you get first. If possible grab the Needlessly Large Rod over the Blasting Wand, but if money is tight and you have no choice but to B out then just grab the Blasting Wand.

    Once your [item_text=Zhonya's Ring] is completed you have two choices. If you're just too god damn good at this game then start building a Lich Bane. With the amount of spell power you're rocking MF's signature Double Up can hit like a Mack truck. Provided you are respecting your cooldown. You're still going to be opening up with your -> combo, however once the slaughter is over and the stragglers are running make sure you hit em hard with your Double Up. After that immediately active your Impure Shots, the reason behind this is that Lich Bane now has a two second cooldown. You don't want to blow your proc on an autoattack, save it up for your Double Up. (NOTE: LOL now features a buff icon showing you how long until your short two second Sheen type proc cooldown lasts, keep an eye on it.)

    Aside from the your other option would be to turn your into some Mercury's Treads. Do this only if you are running into crowd control issues (which nowadays is almost every match).

    End Game Shopping:
    I highly recommend getting yourself a Void Staff for obvious reasons. This late in the game people are going to wearing Banshee's Veil and other items that feature magic resistance. Since we're going full blown AP here this is the best bang for your slot that you can get magic penetration wise. It also gives you a nice chunk of AP.

  • Farming

    Honestly this is my favorite part of the guide. The secret to farming with AP MF is quite simple.

    Step 1: Exploit Strut to beat fellow teammate to a feast of creeps.

    Step 2: Apply Make It Rain to said feast of creep.

    Step 3: Exploit Strut to beat other teammate to other feast of creeps.

    Step 4: Fuel your Ego with your teammates furious anger and strike down great vengeance upon those that attempt to poison and destroy your brothers.

    Visual example:

  • Laning:

    Honestly this is my least favorite part of the guide, The laning phase.

    First things first, Miss Fortune normally plays a deadly solomid. Key word being normally. You are not normal. You are not bouncing those 250 damage B. F. Sword infused Double Up's on that flavor of the month solomid Vlad. And you are definitely not bouncing them onto those Ez's chilling on the side lines hating all over your Strut by spamming those Mystic Shots.

    Your sole purpose in this army is to Make It Rain on those creep waves while scoring last hits. That is it. That is the only spell you should be casting until level six unless your teammate provides you with a golden gank opportunity, or if your first pick Eve landed you that Taric (poor guy) and you need to hit him with Impure Shots' heal debuff.

    Push those waves. Ideally you want them on their tower, their tower is not afraid to throw them under the bus. As a matter of fact, their tower thrives off ruining their last hits. Remember though, it's not your friend. Tower's are loose, they don't care what side they are on. They don't care if they're stealing their teams gold, and they don't care if you shoot them. But if you hold out on your offer of free friendly minions or you start shooting champions that the tower is forced to protect then they are gonna bomb you out. So again, make sure you feed their towers your minions before you go in there. Or at least wait for your lane partner to go in first. MF's patch further buffed the tower's "I don't give a shit." motto, if it's shooting your teammate it's not going to switch to you if you help them tower dive that big dummy sporting one-two bars of life.

    Make It Rain, Make It Rain and Make It Rain. I can't stress this enough, this is the guy that makes or breaks you. That generic "Don't stand in this circle." circle. You don't just fire this guy off every time it's off cooldown. You fire it when it means something. It can show players in bushes and fog of war if it hits them, so what. Who cares, if you're randomly shooting it into bushes chances are you already know someone is in those bushes. If your intention is to hurt them then your damage output on them can be comparable to RNG as your target area is luck based since you can not see your opponents. If it works and you were lucky enough to get them right on the edge of the circle while they are in a position that forces them to run through the entire length of it then that's cool. If it doesn't, which is almost always, then you just wasted your main damage dealing move along with a chunk of your mana. Ideally you want to hit all 6(7) minions with it if you got two opponents with range in your lane. If possible you wanna drop it when they move in to attack your minions so can you at least give them a few harassment ticks. If you have opponents in your lane with melee then you want to position it so that it discourages their melee from attacking your fearless melee minions. You want it placed so that A if they attack them they're gonna get hit by your Make It Rain, or B they will have to walk around it placing themselves in a unfavorable position. The kind of position that would allow a Morg to glue them to the floor via Dark Binding or allow a corporate Mundo to chuck a cellphone at their face.

    When it becomes tower time throw it in a position that will hopefully discourage your opponents from pushing you away from their tower. Make the most of those two seconds and get in as many hits as possible on that tower with your Impure Shots' temporary attack speed increase. Those nickel and dimes add up. This is really important, you must make that tower fall! It allows you to start roaming around.

    Visual example:

    The other key factor to dropping their tower is that it puts a big target on your own personal tower. As AP MF your primary source of damage is AOE. Let them bring three or four people to your tower. With a large creep wave at their side along with multiple enemy champions most opponents are not afraid in the least bit to zurg your tower. Make It Rain into a Bullet Time, their creeps will almost instantaneously die and now your tower will get at least one or two shots on them. Not to mention with all those clustered people taking serious AOE your teammates can usually mop up with no issues. Don't forget that your AOE isn't an "iwin" button. If four people are zurging your tower and absolutely no teammates are anywhere near you just run. Yes you are going to be pumping insane amounts of damage, but it's being spread throughout your enemies. That's why it's called AOE. You're not gonna instagib the zurg all by yourself, you're just gonna go down in a useless blaze of glory.

  • Working in the team

    Now it's time for the group fights. I don't want to make it seem like I got lazy in this section but honestly there isn't really much to it. Wait for someone to initiate, when the dogpile starts Strut your fat ass in there and drop that Make It Rain. Back up a little bit and hit everyone with that Bullet Time. If it's safe enough for you and you got your Lich Bane then run and smash the closest person with your Double Up. The key is timing, you need to hit everyone with everything you got. If you do that then your team should have no issues cleaning up whatever you left them and your opponent's Sunfire Cape Garen will DEMACIAAAAA away from the 5v5 gone 5v1 (or 4v1 or 3v1 etc etc). Screwing it up however could cost you and your teammates their lives. No point in packing this kind of ability power if you blow your AOE cooldowns in a group fight and only end up hitting one guy.

  • Pros / Cons

    Finally we're gonna end on some basic Pros / Cons.


    Excellent farming.
    Strong pushing.
    Powerful late game AOE.
    High movement speed for a "Caster".
    Decent auto attack damage for a "Caster". (Manamune plus rank five Impure Shots with a measly 200ap can add up to 94 free magic damage to your basic attacks.)


    Glass cannon.
    Nerfed early game.
    Dependent on player "skill".
    Your escape tool is your damage dealer.
    Teammates trolling you for buying AP items.
    Semi-useless when your Bullet Time is down.
    Huge target on your back late game.

  • Conclusion

    All and all AP MF is alot of fun. It feels great when you land those late game clutch AOE multikills allowing what's left of your team to smash towers and break inhibs. As to whether or not AP is superior to AD or visa versa I can't really answer that for you. It all comes down to your personal playstyle, that and the eventual mathlords that will eventually drop the theory bomb on us later on down the road completely killing the community's perspective on one of the builds.

    That's all I have for you in regards to my personal AD MF playstyle. Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions. I'm terrible at this game and have absolutely no issues with stealing your ideas posted in the comment section while pretending I came up with it all on my own.

  • Change log

    -Fixed a fictional statement in regards to Manamune and Archangel's Staff. Thx deebee.

    -Removed Mejai's Soulstealer. Replaced it with Manamune and Archangel's Staff, this required alot of minor edits throughout the guide. Also, comment section is bugged out. Can the guy that wrote the huge wall of text please leave another message so I can credit him for his suggestion.
    -Changed skill order.
    -Changed Marks.

    -Recorded a few clips from a random match today to provide visual examples.
    -Changed Seals.
    -Garona reminded me why I'm trapped in ELO-Hell. Added Lich Bane to the guide.
    -Replaced the words "Bread and Butter" in the Make It Rain description with "go-to". It seams "Bread and Butter" is flavor of the month every month here...

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