Miss Fortune Build Guide

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Have a blast with Lacey's super MF guide!

written by Lacey

Miss Fortune Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Ah! How I love this passive. Getting to your lane in 5-10 seconds keeps her in the game constantly and allows for some of the best ganking in the game. We'll talk a lot more about this skill later.

    Double Up
    Miss Fortune's best harass skill, period. Taking a good bank shot off a near dead minion into a champion that can't afford hits(TristanacoughAshecough) will make sure you dominate mid/solo/lane without any kind of problem whatsoever. Then when your opponents try to get Rambo, meet them with the barrels of your pistols.

    Impure Shots
    Passive: What? Free minion kills and extra champion damage?
    Active: What's a tower? Who's Soraka?

    But seriously. This passive will make farming SO MUCH EASIER and then you can just wreck towers in about 15 seconds or if you're really pissed off at that enemy Soraka and her heals or your opponent's health potions early game*hinthint* you can make them useless at little to no cost to you.

    Did I mention this makes Jungle work a hell of a lot easier? No? Well, I should've.

    Make It Rain
    GP's ult - annoying laughter and the giant range and chances not to hit you at all + Jungling capability, easy kill setups, decent damage, and good lane minion farm? Yeah sure, why not. I'll take it.

    This is usually the indicator that a team fight is about to end REALLLLL fast, and not terrible harass. If your opponent isn't paying attention to your Double Ups, which is laughable in itself, this will certainly grab their attention and can be used to save allies in some scenarios.

    I'll admit though, I'm not too in love with it.

    Bullet Time
    And this is why. Bullet Time will be your main kill/teamfight spell. It's a nuke with a giant range and some serious damage. This spell can hit one target up to EIGHT TIMES and has no limit on how many targets it's actually hitting. With some good AD, you'll be smacking people for about 130-150 a shot.

    Doing the math on that, that's about 1200 damage in one ult before reduction/penetration.

    Ouch. Be forewarned though, to get real effectiveness out of this ult, you're going to need to train yourself on how to use it and when.

  • Introduction

    Hey guys, my name is Lacey, IGN:SerenadeMoon, and I want to show you guys exactly what you should be doing as Miss Fortune and why.

    I'll admit, I haven't tried AP yet and at some point, I will and that'll get into this guide too, but I want to show you how to build AD/mid/Jungle Fortune so that you can rock some socks off in the game and really learn how to play her rather than blindly complaining that you can't do it or that's she's overpowered.

    Miss Fortune is an AD Carry in my opinion because she can 1. Nuke a teamfight and 2. push towers fast and hard.

    However, like most carries, Miss Fortune is squishy. Very squishy. So squishy in fact that at first, you may have trouble staying alive as her because she has some real trouble fighting off not getting targeted with anything but trying to slay you before you slay her.

    This guide will be split into two sections:
    AP, and AD. AP is obviously not started yet as I haven't tried it out, but I promise I will soon.

    TL;DR, AD is easy to kill but an easy killer, she can jungle and I'll add AP at a later date. oh and my name is Lacey.

    Credit to AnalBlast, TexturedMango, and Sokuro for helping me out while I try out some new builds for this guide! They're the best!

  • Quick Guide

    This is for the intelligent souls that went into champion select and went "Oh god how do I play Miss Fortune!?"

    [builder=Miss Fortune/5f509cc1f4ecff919babb043972fca09]
    Start with [item=Meki Pendant] and two Health Potion! Rush Manamune! Good luck!


  • Attack Damage!

    This is the Attack Damage portion of my guide that I'm slaving over recently. Miss Fortune is a very strong champion her abilities, but never neglect her fairly large range and the strength of her auto attacks! It may just get you that kill you're coveting! Anyway, on with the guide.

  • AD Masteries, Runes, and Summoner Spells!

    Let's start off with Masteries:

    As much as 3 whole attack damage and a whole 4% attack speed allure me, I think I'd rather take 9% CDR and clip some time off of my skills rather than a difference I can't even notice and be able to spam my summoner spells more. If you really think the 3 and 4% will help you THAT MUCH, go for it, it may be a better decision than I can tell, but it's just my preference. Remember, this is a guide, and it's here to help you figure out how to do things to efficiency, not the OMGTHISBUILDCANTBEBEATUSEITORYOURANOOBQQQQQQQQ!!1!!Q1!1Q!...Thing.

    AD Runes!

    Greater Mark of Insight
    Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but if you really want Bullet Time to be ridiculously effective to everyone, you going to want some magic pen. Fill up your marks with these.

    Greater Seal of Replenishment
    Miss Fortune is a tad mana hungry, and this will reallllyyyyy help you harass, especially early game.

    Greater Glyph of Focus
    Combined with the 9% in your masteries, this 5.85% will give you 14.85% CDR right off the bat. Not too shabby. WARNING: You CANNOT Use these Glyphs and Masteries WITHOUT THE SEALS. Your Mana Hunger will overcome you really fast, and even with the seals if you don't know how to be efficient with your mana it'll prove difficult.

    Greater Quintessence of Desolation
    This is your support for Double Up. It'll make your shots hurt just a little more since you're piercing some of that base Armor that even squishies get.

    Last is your Summoner Spells:

    I tend to prefer the use of Exhaust and Teleport but here are some good ones you can always use.


    Exhaust Before you go flaming that it's not as useful as Ghost, let me explain to you a few things.
    1. Miss Fortune has very little CC, and her passive is a good escape mechanism. Also, if you're getting hit, chances are you just got CC'd in someway and she wouldn't be able to escape from that due to not having a removal of crowd control like Remove Scurvy. In my opinion, that's really the only reason Ghost works so well for GP. He can remove CC and then pop ghost to get out. Miss Fortune doesn't have that kind of luxury

    2. I'd MUCH rather ADD Crowd Control rather than try to get away from it, as after I've slowed my target efficiently, I know I can nuke the crap out of them.

    Teleport This one is great, despite the fact that you can move around the map pretty fast. If you're fighting and you realize that Pantheon over there is Backdooring and you want to stop him, but a stupid caster minion just hit you and you need to strike fast, Teleport will make you a force to be feared, and it increases your general map control by tons. Not to mention, it's a hell of a lot easier than walking!

    [spell=Rally] You'd be surprised at how well this one works for Miss Fortune. Good Towerpush help, and if you're about to channel Bullet Time, drop this bad boy and your nuke will do a good amount more than it was before.

    Cleanse Not a terrible choice, but not a great one. Makes Ghost more viable.

    Flash Nuke from behind a wall with Bullet Time, Flash through, Double Up whoever lived, and start pushing towers. Not a terrible choice.

    OKAY Summoner Spells:
    Ghost It's up to you. I don't like this one because... well read my reasons for why Exhaust was better. No need to repeat myself.

    Clarity If you're having a lot of trouble with mana efficiency, grab this one. It'll help you train yourself on how to better use your mana. Think of having to use Clarity as a bad thing. It'll help your mindset and keep yourself from being reliant on it when there are better choices.

    Smite If you're jungling - USE IT. If you're not - You don't have a great need to for it, but it's the same thing for Clarity except for last hitting minions. Use it to help you and then gradually get better at it. You'll get used to it.

    Ignite If you're having trouble killing off champions and they get away with just a sliver of HP, you can use this I suppose. But seeing as how you already apply the Bleeding status with Impure Shots, you're only really using it for damage, not making it the greatest use of a summoner slot.

    BAD Summoner Spells

    Heal This is just flat out not needed for Miss Fortune. Just buy Health Potions early game.

    Revive Once again, you're only using it to res yourself considering you have a passive speed buff and extra HP is just not needed. Don't use this.

    [spell=Fortify] This spell ROCKS. But it doesn't rock FOR YOU. This one's a no-no for squishies.

    Clairvoyance I don't like this spell for her. It promotes your map awareness, but... Bah. Just not great. Only use it in premades that need it.

  • AD Items!

    Your CORE BUILD should consist of this:

    Manamune = I cannot get ENOUGH of this item. Elimination of mana hunger + A LOT of extra damage easy if you rushed Tear of the Goddess and got some uses out of it before upgrading, due to your mana pool increase from the passive, and cheap to get early game, not to mention you don't need to rush boots because of Strut. Absolutely wonderful as your first item. You should rush the completion of it ASAP.

    Mercury's Treads or Boots of Mobility - Merc Treads are nice if there is a lot of CC, but Boots of Mobility will increase your ganking ability a lot. Up to you, honestly.

    [item=Madred's Bloodrazor] I LOOOOVE this item on Miss Fortune. Attack Speed appeals to Impure Shots while Attack Damage appeals to Double Up and Bullet Time not to mention auto-attacks = HP destruction and some minute survivability. Great item for Miss Fortune.[/i]

    Next, we can focus on some things that are pretty good for Miss Fortune:

    The Bloodthirster I do love this item indeed. It'll give you some good attack damage, and a little bit of Lifesteal is ALWAYS welcome. If you fully charge it, which is easy since Miss Fortune is a good farmer, you're getting a really nice bonus on your attack damage, which will help you a lot.

    Youmuu's Ghostblade Hmmm. Not my favorite item, but not bad. CDR, APen, a little damage, attack speed, all the good stuff. It's up to you on this one. Grab it if you're having trouble with super tanky opponents on your team, really. If you do decide to grab this one, prioritize The Brutalizer. It's the better item of the two you can grab.

    Last Whisper Pretty nice item for her. Good Attack speed, APen, and a very small amount of damage can help you out in some games. However, I tend to lean towards The Black Cleaver.

    The Black Cleaver I like this item better than Last Whisper because your Impure Shots already gives you a nice buff on attack speed and the Cleaver here has more damage bonus, but you can use either LW or BC.

    Sword of the Occult If you're melting faces on a regular basis, ABSOLUTELY grab this item.

    Frozen Mallet This one isn't bad because it makes your Double Up slow, but if you're having trouble with Survivability, just do yourself a favor and grab a Banshee's Veil.

    Banshee's Veil Not a bad item in general, it''ll increase the damage out of Manamune, give you some survivability out of 1 less CC, and more mana is always nice.

    Guardian Angel this item is viable on just about anyone, but chances are if you're dead, 40% HP won't do too much for you anymore. You're probably dead anyway and wasted a hell of a lot of gold getting there.

    Guinsoo's Rageblade I'm really on the fence about this item here. She CAN use it, and while it's not terrible since you can up your attack speed with it, all you're really appealing to with it is your Make It Rain since your AD will be higher than your AP. I will say though, I could see it being very useful in an AP situation.


    [item=Malady] Just... No. Plain unnecessary.

    Sword of the Divine Okay, I'll admit, I used this the first couple of times, but I discovered I don't really need it with all of the other items I have, I traditionally have attack speed.

    [item=Stark's Fervor] This item may be tempting at first, but it's nothing more than a flashier [item=Malady] and we really just don't need it with the 25% lifesteal we already have with a fully charged Bloodthirster and the attack speed off of things like [item=Madred's Bloodrazor] and Last Whisper. Don't bother with this one.

    Personally, this is what I think a finished build should look like.

    [builder=Miss Fortune/5f509cc1f4ecff919babb043972fca09]

    After some reasonable debate, Last Whiper and Banshee's Veil are interchangeable. Both good items for her.

  • AD Lane

    Remember to start with [item=Meki Pendant] and two Health Potion

    Alright, lets explain this a little here. As Miss Fortune, you want a lot of kills so you can carry and get more kills late game, this is why I suggest Make It Rain first. It'll really smack the shiz out of people in that "Gank for First Blood" phase or at least disorient them, giving your partner the chance to jump in there and blow his load while you're shooting at them, not to mention, with the CDR, you may just have time to get it off once more before they run, although that's really doubtful unless they fight back.

    After your first Champ fight, you're going to want to farm minions, and get leveling! Oh hey look! I grabbed my best farming skill first! How convenient! In short, just spam the hell out of Make It Rain and make sure you're getting last hits. I'm serious. Miss Fortune will do little to no damage without gold and she realllyyyyy needs to do some damage. Hence, you can prevent your enemy champions from harassing you off the creeps by casting Make It Rain because it's a lot larger of a range than Double Up.

    As your champion grows, you'll start to lean from killing creeps to killing champs, and with some good harassing and last hits, you should have at least a Tear of the Goddessand rushing Manamune to completion. Remember guys, do not buy boots in between your Manamune! Strut will carry your speed to what it would be if you had boots until you can actually buy them, trust me. Being that now you should have all three of your skills, you can start combos. Honestly though, depending on your lane comp, I've been in situations where I just wait until I'm level 6 and can use Bullet Time before I really get aggressive towards enemy champs. That right there is the real downside to Miss Fortune. She is pretty heavily dependent on her lane partner's abilities to support her. ALSO: Make sure you're in constant contact with the Middle Lane, Miss Fortune is a GREAT ganking champ due to Strut and Make It Rain.

    Before the lane phase is over, I usually have Manamune by level 4 or 5, and my boots for the match by 7 or 8. Next I'll start prioritizing [item=Madred's Bloodrazor] in this order. Madred's Razors, Pickaxe, Recurve Bow. Madred's is a hard item to get due to how expensive the parts are, I know. I suggest that you jungle creeps in between team fights to keep your build rolling while staying out of immediate danger.

    After the Lane Phase is over is really where Miss Fortune shines, as a team fighter. You're going to find that, a lot of times, champs will either A. Completely ignore you, or B. Obsess over you!(I think it'd be a lot easier for A to happen more without all the open cleavage) You need to hope for them to ignore you more than they target you, because, as I said, you're pretty easy to take down after you've been CC'd. However, we can force A. upon them by showing up later in team fights than everyone else does. After all, we have to be fashionably late.

    Personally, I always wait for the initial burst of CC and deaths/skill usage before I pop Make It Rain and Bullet Time to make sure the team is immobile enough that they'll get fried by your ult. [Warning: This will get you QQ'd at a lot for not saving them, and sometimes they're right. Use your own discretion on whether or not you need to hop in and fight earlier than you would like to.] I notice that nine times out of ten, I'll get multi-kills on the champs that are lower in health and lower the ones that aren't to health I can knock out with some help from my team and a good Double Up, Impure Shots and autoattacks.

    On the topic of pushing towers, make sure you always have Impure Shots ready so you can melt that towers health fast and get out of there before the team shows up or you run out of minions.

    If you're worried about Late Game efficiency with Miss Fortune, you shouldn't be and if you are, you probably did something wrong. I've personally never had a huge problem with late game efficiency but remember to use conditional items to stay on top of the game's flow. By the end of the game, Elixir of Fortitude, Elixir of Brilliance AND [item=Elixir of Agility] are all GREAT consumables for her. If you're farming well enough throughout the game, you may want to pick a few of these up to tip the scale a little. It really does help.

  • AD Mid

    For Middle Lane, you're going to want to be able to harass, but also push towers.

    Personally, as a mid champion, I like to gank with bottom, (A possible chance to get First Blood and an edge on my opponent in mid as I have more EXP and gold going into the lane phase) but you don't want to sacrifice your ability to harass for mid, so keep Double Up instead of Make It Rain and if you really need the slow in a fight, just activate Exhaust and get that kill! Maybe if you're lucky you'll rebound into another low champ and a DKFB, even more of an advantage! O:

    After that Gank phase, you go into your middle and start fighting. Use Double Up to keep your opponent off of the creeps while Auto-attacking until you have Make It Rain and then really start harassing hard. Do it right and you'll be on your opponent's tower, smashing it in with Impure Shots and harassing the creeps like you have before. If your gank was sucessful, you should note that your opponent will play a lot more defensively. DON'T GET AGGRESSIVE JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE A HIGHER LEVEL. You may have an edge, but that doesn't mean you're superwoman. If you try to be, you'll lose that edge and get wrecked in mid. If you're in mid, it's a lot easier to get Manamune and my boots, so you should be able to get them pretty fast, in my opinion.

    Be sure to keep in touch with your wings and, if you feel uneasy, to check the bushes with Make It Rain. Every once and a while, if you're given the opportunity, take out the Dragon with this combo of spells: WEQ and autoattacks. Remember, Mid is all about having more EXP and Gold than your opponent, and Dragon is generally good for a team.

    In the event that you get ganked, I tend to say that you shouldn't fight back unless you're positive a kill is in your crosshairs. If you think that with a good ERQWAuto you can get a kill or two, go for it, but make sure you're absolutely sure they'll melt if you try it. If not and you want to run, slow them with your E and then Exhaust if you're getting tailed too hard for your liking.

    Being that you're probably the strongest character on the map if you won mid, you're going to want to gank A LOT to keep it that way. Remember, the faster you have Manamune and boots, the faster your enemies will die!

    If you're having a lot of trouble with ganks, I suggest trying to urge your team into ending the lane phase with a 5-man gank/push in mid and unbalancing the scale in your favor. Sure, you won't be the highest level on the map if you've been getting harassed off a lot, but chances are you'll be a lot better off with something like an ended lane phase so you can get to your stronger point, team fighting.

    Team fighting is very easy for Miss Fortune as her ultimate can pretty much cover the entire span of the battlefield and end the fight itself pretty fast too. If you plan on unleashing Bullet Time, make sure your team is aware so they can do whatever they can to seal the deal and get your team pushing.

  • AD Solo

    Okay, personally, I find Soloing kind of hard to do as Miss Fortune, but I suggest you prioritize Make It Rain for one reason and one reason only:

    It's your only CC and lets face it, you're going to get towerdived. So we might as well make them pay. If you can exhaust + Make It Rain near the tower, you may end up with both of them dead if you do it right, but maybe not. Once you get to level 6, it'll be a lot easier to fight off tower dives, but before then, you better cover your ass. Also, frequently ask your jungler to gank in and wreck some guys to get an edge and if it's 4v5 and you're soloing.... God help you. I honestly can't say much because I don't see Miss Fortune as the kind of champ to solo, but you can try. Good luck with it.

  • Some strategies for Mid lane!

    Now lets go over specific strategies for specific people.

    Anivia - Boy is this one annoying. Make sure you're just banking shots with Double Up to harass her off and stay away from Flash Frost and Frostbite and you should be fine, of course this is easier said than done. When it looks like she's about to attack, deter her from doing so with Make It Rain and don't go after her. Anivia's too hard to kill for you to get risky, because she will punish you in an instant.

    Annie - Not NEARLY as annoying as Anivia, but still rather deadly. Since she's very squishy as well, just hit her with a few rebounds from Double Up and she'll be tower hugging faster than you know it.

    Ashe - This one is an AD carry, just like you, and her volley HURTTTTSS. But there is only so much she can do until she has Enchanted Crystal Arrow. Try to counter her Volley with your spells and keep your last hits up and yourself in the game. If you're not on your toes, she'll take over fast, so be quick about it.

    Cho'Gath - Not that this one is too used anymore, but in the event that it is, watch out for Feral Scream and Rupture. If you're hit by either of the two, chances are the next one is coming and fast! This can result in a lot of pain reallllyyyy fast. Use Make It Rain to hit the minions while Cho'Gath is harassing with Rupture and harass with Double Up whenever possible but don't leave your comfort zone!

    Ezreal - This one's a pain in the ass. Stay away from being in a direct line with him and keep yourself at an angle that makes it hard for him to hit you with his skillshots, and be on your toes always! If he starts to arc around the minions, do yourself a favor and back up and cover the end of the arc with a good Make It Rain but DON'T GET AGGRESSIVE. Ezreal will tear you into cheese before you know it.

    Fiddle - Another uncommon one lately, but in the event that you see it, try your best to keep yourself from being one of the possible rebounding zones of Dark Wind and WHATEVER YOU DO, don't get feared! If this happens, you can kiss a large portion of your health goodbye!

    Galio - Bah. I hate this one. Galio is very strong early game and his spells can be irritatingly strong early game. All I can say for this one is stay more focused on the minions than trying to kill him because his spells hit like a truck early and considering you don't have that much defense to back his strikes, he's going to harass you pretty well.

    Heimerdinger - After his nerf, his popularity has gone down as a whole, but if you still see any diehard Heimer players, keep in mind that his turrets do still hurt and that his spells give great harass. Make sure that, if you can manage, to Double Up into both of his turrets to make them weak. When it comes to Heimerdinger, it's always minion kills > Turret Kills > Heimer Kills. Because if you don't kill minions, turrets, minions, and heimer will destroy you. If you kill minions but not the turrets, the turrets will eat your health like crazy, and if you have both of those down, Heimer's defenses are greatly decreased.

    Janna - Janna's got some pretty good harass with Howling Gale, but luckily for you, that's the only spell you have to be super concerned with as far as damage goes unless you get close and she hits you with a hard slowing Zephyr. Remember, Janna is non-divable! Don't even try it!

    Karthus - Boy, does this one get irritating. Lay Waste will harass you like crazy while he uses Defile on minions. Make sure you give him a reason not to want to stick around with your harass skills and remember, if you're in low HP, you probably just have a better chance of fighting to your death, rather than damaging the whole map and putting your team in danger.

    Katarina - Personally, I don't think Kat is cut out for mid. You can shut her Shunpo down with a good Double Up to the face and a good Make It Rain a little ahead in her direction can't hurt. Watch out for Bouncing Blades when they become useful, obviously, and if it looks like she's setting up her ult, remind her why yours is better.

    Kennen - Boy. This is another tough one. As long as you can keep minions in front of you, but far away enough that you won't get hit by Lightning Rush or Electrical Surge. Make sure that if he tries to use Lightning Rush to get through your minion waves, to hit him with a good QE combo to keep him from wanting to continue to do it. It'll help you in the long run.

    Kog'Maw - Yet another really tough, really solid middle laner. He can outrange you by a mile, so I don't suggest trying to harass with auto-attacks, and the more you can stay out of the range of this fella, the better for you. I honestly suggest ganking to take this sucker down, because he's realllly tough. It may even be mildly tempting to build some defensive items early to keep yourself alive against this one.

    Malzahar - Despite how strong of a farmer this guy is, you can beat him without too much trouble! As long as you keep his Voidling's down, you can hit him with a flurry of spells and he won't have too much to hit you back with, seeing as how if he wastes too many spells trying to fight back, his mana will be drained and that honestly only makes him weaker. You can get aggressive with this one.

    Master Yi - This one is a cakewalk. Every time he Alpha Strike's, just punish him with everything you can throw at him. Him flying at you with "immense speed and force" is just asking for a bullet to the face, and you'll be the one to finally give it to him without an argument.

    Another Miss Fortune! - O: This type of battle is more just about who can harass better. With your CDR runes, that should almost always be you unless you're really dedicated to your minion kills, and even then. Good luck with this one, should be a snap if you know what you're doing in mid.

    Mordekaiser - I hate this one. I really do. There isn't much you can do to win this one other than play defensive by staying out of the range of Siphon of Destruction and punishing him as hard as you can without putting yourself in any kind of danger when he makes any kind of mistake at all. Fighting a Morde is all about your aggression control and your harass control.

    Morgana - Dodge Dark Binding, stay out of Tormented Soil, hit her with whatever you can after a Black Shield and you've got an easy win. It's the same concept as with Ezreal. When you see her arc-ing around the minions, Make. It. Rain!

    Nidalee - For the love of god, whatever you do, stay away from [spell=Javelin Toss]! This will hurt you like CRAZY and if she's level 6 and you get with one of those, well, lets hope your partners can cover mid lane, because you will not survive too many hits out of those things, as it's easily one of the most damaging abilities in the game, and you don't like damage at all.

    Ryze - This one isn't too popular anymore either, but his RWQE will still hurt you a lot, so make sure you're dodging Spell Flux and hitting him with Double Up and Make It Rain. Despite the fact that Ryze is tankier than the other mages, he still can't run around taking bullets to the chin, so lets make sure we do that!

    Sivir - Almost as challenging as Morde. She can outpush you almost every time, so do your best to get minion kills and don't face off with her 1 on 1 without minions. The less objects Boomerang Blade has to travel through, the faster you're dead.

    Soraka - This one is actually surprisingly difficult. Starcall can harass minions while she damages you fairly decently with [spell=Infuse] and her armor goes up with Astral Blessing, meaning that Double Up won't do as much to her after she's recently healed. I laughed when I saw that she was actually a fairly tough opponent counter to Miss Fortune. Be careful with this one. She's crazy and can heal herself. TWICE.

    Teemo - This one may be adorable, but he is TOUGH to fight for you. His Blinding Shot will shut you down for a few seconds and especially if he's AP, that shot will hurt you a hell of a lot! Not to mention, he can turn invisible, so you can't aggressive if you never saw him die or go back. Also, After Level 6, really use your intellect to tell where you should tread. If you're thinking the two bushlines next to you... Use more intellect. Or someone elses.

    Tristana - This one is pathetically easy. There is literally nothing she can throw at you that you can't do better, but I will warn you about one thing. Her Buster Shot can stop you in the middle of your ult, so make sure she's used her's recently before you go using yours! No need to waste a perfectly good nuke. O:

    Tryndamere - I know it sounds funny, but Trynd is actually a pretty scary mid. Spinning Slash and all of a sudden he's critting you like a monster! If you fight a Trynd, abuse the fact that you have range over him by always keeping a certain distance that's hard for him to travel and remember, you have Strut! You can outrun his Spinning Slash as long as you predict it coming!

    Twisted Fate - Definitely not popular anymore, but if you see it, make sure you stay away from Wild Cards and his Yellow Card. He can still dish out buckets of damage before you blink if you can't predict at all. Which brings me to another thing. Make sure you know how to predict your enemies before going in mid!

    Twitch - Definitely one of the more comical fights you'll ever have in mid. Shooting a random minion with Double Up and having it hit that cloaked Twitch and causing him to run away with his tail between his legs is always hilarious and better yet, it'll do a lot of damage to the squishy bastard! And as soon as you can get him to reveal himself, hit him with Exhaust and Bullet Time! Oooh, I can hear the sound of ragequits!

    Urgot - This guy is pretty strong early game, yes, but he's not uncontrollable. As long as you stay away from his AoE, his missile isn't that scary and then you can take free shots at his giant blob of fat, scary, scary fatness. But watch out for level 6! A well coordinated gank with that ult pretty much means you're doomed.

    Veigar - Another impopular choice for mid. As long as you stay away from Event Horizon and out of range for him to blow his load all over your face, you should be alright and it'll be fairly easy.

    Vladimir - Luckily enough for you, Sanguine Pool won't totally ruin all chances of you killing him! The only thing severely detrimental to him pooling is that you can't shoot him in the face, and that's fine with us. We'll get him later. Just stay out of the range of his ridiculous spells, because he may have low health, but not for long if you stick close. Haha.

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    This is all I have for now but I'm practicing vigorously trying to get the AP part out and even harder to work out the kinks in the Jungle portion! Please rate and comment constructively!

    UPDATE - 9/11/10 I'm still working really hard on both portions and I'm glad to say I think AP is almost done! Thank you all for waiting so patiently!

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