Twisted Fate Build Guide

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Sir Lionheart's Guide To AD TF

written by Sir Lionheart

Twisted Fate Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Heil, and well met. I go by many names among the various online communities I visit, but here I have chosen one of my older personas. I'm a writer and a role-player at mind, with a wit to match. Speaking of wit, Twisted Fate is perhaps the epitome of wit in the league. Clever, deceptive, and smooth-talking, all befitting a gambler of his stature. Almost coincidentally, a player with such a wit may be best suited to his style, which involves precise positioning and wise use of his two ultimates (destiny and gate) and pick a card.

    I'm just going to say that I have absolutely nothing against Ability Power and Hybrid Twisted Fate... I just don't find those builds to suit my style.

  • Abilities

    Loaded Dice
    Fairly useless passive. Doesn't affect our gameplay. Your team will slightly enjoy the extra gold, but whatever. In your mind, you don't have a passive.

    Wild Cards
    Ignoreable in this build. While an AP or Hybrid TF may love this move, I don't. It is too easy to dodge (and thus only useful to either make opponents move or damage them while they are stunned). In addition, it costs too much mana to use regularly. Wait till you have to put points in it to put any in it.

    Pick A Card
    Great move. This gives Twisted Fate a free source of bonus damage (Blue Card), an AoE damage and slow (Red Card), and a very low cooldown stun that lasts up to 2 seconds at max rank (Gold). The cards will go in the order Blue, Red, Gold, Blue, etc, though the starting card seems to be pretty random. Learn how to time it to get the Gold every time you need it. Your teammates will cease to hate you when they see how well you can stun foes.

    Blue Card is for bonus damage against Towers, Dragon, and Baron.

    Red Card is for AoE damage in a teamfight, as well as slowing or finishing off injured champions (or groups of them.) It is also very good for farming creep waves.

    Gold Card is your stun. Against any champions, use it often and and use it wisely. Think about which target will be your higher priority.

    Stacked Deck
    Honestly, this should be Twisted Fate's passive. It provides him with a nice amount of passive Cooldown Reduction and Attack Speed, while also giving him extra damage every fourth attack, effected by ability power. It is the main focus of this build, just like any other AS or AD TF.

    Twisted Fate's ultimate can either be incrediby useful or incredibly useless, depending on the player. When used well, it gives your team great map awareness and makes you a potent ganker, lane pusher, and backdoorer. When used poorly, it results in you dieing.

    It is also your only real escape mechanism, albeit a very bad one in most situations.

  • Items

    The backbone of any character. When building a dps build for Twisted Fate, we have to keep in mind multiple factors:

    1) Twisted Fate has mediocre range at best. Even Ezreal and Corki now have a better auto-attack range. Thus he must enter the range of the enemy team to do his job, meaning he will need reasonable survivability.

    2) Twisted Fate needs to obtain high damage and reasonable attack speed to backdoor properly.

    3) Twisted Fate will need protection from enemy CC, especially prevention from being stunned before he can stun.

    4) Cooldown reduction is important on Twisted Fate to unleash the most stuns and most uses of Destiny possible.

    So now on to the build:

    Start with:

    Doran's Blade or Doran's Shield and 1 Health Potion.
    This will provide the best laning you can obtain, effectively allowing the Doran's to more than pay for itself. Sell the item back mid to late game.

    Then Build:

    The Brutalizer
    This is an incredible early and mid game item that gives you attack damage, armor penetration, and cooldown reduction. It also upgrades into Youmuu's Ghostblade, a costly but effective late game item (that you will not worry about building until much later).


    Boots of Speed
    This is important for ANY character, as mobility helps win games. It helps that boots are very cost efficient. Now, take a look at the enemy team. If they have lots of magic and/or CC, build a pair of Mercury's Treads. If they have no CC and rely on physical damage, build Ninja Tabi. Note that you will almost always build Mercury's against any decent team. Never, and I repeat, NEVER build Berserker's Greaves. While these pug-stomping boots can help your damage output somewhat against a team with absolutely no CC, you cannot deal damage while stunned, nor can you hope to survive while stunned either.

    Now we have to focus on Twisted Fate's survivability. He is simply too squishy to be of any real use in a teamfight without armor, magic resist, and/or health. "BUT I NEED MY DAMAGE!" you say. Well, most will tell you to go jump off a bridge, but I believe in chivalry, which is why I've optimized the survivability item choices in a way that also provides the card master with some extra damage.

    You have two main survivability options:

    Banshee's Veil
    I can not stress the importance of this item on Twisted Fate enough. This gives him a potent combination of a large amount of extra health, a fair amount of extra magic resist, and a lot of extra mana. It is also very cost efficient. Most importantly, however, it blocks a spell from the enemy team, allowing you to sometimes dodge their CC to throw your own (incredibly important with TF's range.) Build Negatron Cloak if you need some magic resist quick and have 740 gold to spend, but can't afford a veil yet.

    Atma's Impaler
    Great item for AD Twisted Fate. This item grants TF additional armor, additional crit chance, and even gives him more damage based on his max health. Now, if TF is using the runes I've given and a Banshee's Veil, he will gain roughly 52 attack damage- slightly more than a B.F. sword. Not bad at all for a cost-efficient item that also gives armor and crit chance. Build Chain Vest first if you need some quick armor and have 700 gold too spend but can't afford the Atma's yet.

    These are the absolute optimal defensive items for an Attack Damage Twisted Fate in most situations. If you are facing a team that only uses one kind of damage, they are probably going to lose anyway. If the opponent is using all physicals, however, replace the Banshee's Veil with a Sunfire Cape. It will give you the same hp bonus while giving you extra armor and a nice damage passive to discourage melee dps from hitting on you. You can also elect to use a [item=Soul Shroud] to provide a banner for your team and get a larger mana bonus.

    Now we return to improving TF's damage. With only the Brutalizer, an Atma's, and possibly a Doran's Blade to provide him with damage, he is starting to become pretty weak in comparison to other ranged physicals, so now we have to remedy that.

    First, we will get:

    Last Whisper
    Great item for any physical dps. Helps TF's attack speed by a large amount while providing a slight AD bonus and a large armor penetration percentage. This is the optimal AS item for Twisted, but can be replaced with [item=Stark's Fervor] which costs more and provides a life steal, AS, and Armor Reduction aura. Keep in mind that TF is more of a backdoor or solo style character and using a banner will place a giant target on his head. If a better-suited physical carry can use Stark's instead, let them. Either way, get Recurve Bow first, as it builds into both and gives you nice Attack Speed till you can get the remaining gold.

    Another alternative is to build a Zeal, later upgrading it into a Phantom Dancer. I do not recommend this because, while cost efficient as a Zeal, really hurts your economy when upgrading it. The extra crit, dodge, and move speed is nice and all... but I'd personally prefer the more cost efficient Last Whisper that does not require building an expensive item to get decent AS. The armor pen also really comes in handy, especially in the current tanky meta.


    The standard attack damage item. This gives you a nice chunk of damage for an affordable price and builds into some of the greatest damage items in the game, namely Infinity Edge, The Bloodthirster, and The Black Cleaver. In most situations, I am going to recommend the Infinity Edge, as this provides a lot of AD and really lets you capitalize on your now rather high crit chance, though The Black Cleaver is preferable against heavy tank teams and The Bloodthirster may suit your style (and wallet) better.

    Now we just have to upgrade either The Brutalizer or [item=B.F.Sword] into something more useful. The Brutalizer will obviously become a Youmuu's Ghostblade, while the B.F. Sword will become whatever fits your style, situation, and available gold. To me, it doesn't matter which item you upgrade first, but get it done if (for some reason) the match is still going.

  • Farming

    TF starts out really bad at creep farming. Just last hit them. By the time he gets his Last Whisper, however, he probably won't even need his red card to efficiently farm.

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