Ryze Build Guide

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U shall not pass!

written by sobro91

Ryze Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    This is my first guide ever. i love ryze, and i just hate it when im playing another champ and ryze on my team fucks up the the game for everyone. Ryze is so powerful that even if you were laning middle, and you managed to fuck it up, you can still come back late game to destroy the enemy team.

    I have played Ryze for a very long time, and have been taught this from another master who is probably the God of Ryze. Ryze is quite possibly the most useful nuke and will thrive in a team that can help take hits and are not afraid to go back and attack whenever given the chance (which will be plenty with Ryze). Ryze with even low health is extremely deadly against practically any champions be it tank, fighter, or assassins. Ryze is also a stopper, meaning if you see Ryze in front of you, you should probably turn back or be very afraid.

    This is guide meant for new to mid level ryzes. i have included some tips for people who are starting with ryze or are still experimenting with ryze and have no one set build. this is something that has worked for me overall most of the time. Ryze is a very viable choice for almost anyone. Ryze has somewhat of a skill curve that should be met before playing. however that is mostly strategy wise and knowing what ryze is good for and knowing when ryze would be useful. i hope that you find what you are looking for in this guide, and i hope this guide is helpful in making you a credit to the team.

    Overall Ryze is overpowered. No seriously. lot of credit goes to Willbemine, who is my teacher. his ability to rape shit as ryze will forever be remembered.

  • Abilities

    Arcane Mastery
    Very useful mid/late game when you don't have to worry about mana running out. Simply spam your spells and make your ult cool down faster. with arcane mastery you will be able to keep ulting against your enemies right under their tower making you that much more effective while your enemies would have to go back and come back 3-4 mins later to have their ulti up for battle.

    This is why i focus on having alot of mana (along with leveling up Overload) you will be able to use ult for more than one nuke(usually level 18) and you will be able to keep spamming spells over and over and over again (thats one more "over again")

    Possibly the best spell for taking down a massed group of enemies (or tank). Always good to use it with your ult to maximize its 65% AOE damage. This is the killing blow against your enemy, as it will most definately take a way good chunk of their HP (and hopefully your spell flux will bounce back and kill the enemy champ.)

    Unless you are starting with clarity and mana potions, you probably wont want to spam this spell. it does enormous damage early game and will take a good chunk of enemy champion hp. however unless you have a lane partner that also has crowd control you should not be aggresive. however dont be afraid to use this spell mid-late game. it will do a massive damage and will succeed in killing almost everything that chase after you.

    Tip: NEVER USE THIS SPELL TO FARM CREEPS unless its a massive wave, and if it is aim for the siege creep.

    Rune Prison
    The root. Always use this before you use any other spells (unless its desperate power) to make sure the enemy champ doesn't run away as you pull out other spells. this is good for stopping enemies from chasing you as well. always have one level of this early on in the game to make sure your allies or your self finishes off the enemy with DOT.

    It does decent damage but its not something that you want high level of in early game. Ryze can pull out insane amount of damage in a very short time and is not a champion that was meant to last (unless of course you have tanks all around you). hence this spell will be used for holding the enemy in place just long enough for you to blast out the rest of the spells.

    Spell Flux
    Possibly one of the most deadly and useful spells always get this one first as it is great for farming lanes. any enemy that sticks together will pay. if you are laning in the middle constantly use this to harass enemy champ.

    The farming/harassing spell. it also has magic penetration when it hits a target (except you) and does a fairly good amount of damage. spam this spell as much as you can, however try to keep a good pool of mana to nuke your spells should anything happens. one of the best farming spell out there, will destroy creep wave in conjunction with desperate power.
    Note: it does not pass through allied champs.

    Desperate Power
    AOE plus more ability power? more please! also with cool down so low (not to mention keep being lowered as you use your spells you wont ever have to get any other kind of cool down items.

    always keep an eye out for enemies, judging the distance between you and the enemy is also extremely important also. if you fail to judge distance and you hit this spell too early they enemy will simply run out of range. one thing i came up to remedy this is to click on my root and if they are within the range of my root i active desperate power and then root. it has worked pretty well so far.

  • Pros / Cons

    - Stop enemies dead in their track with rude awakening
    - massive damage output in very short time
    - finishes off just about everything even if they are full HP
    - fighters, mages, and assassins will die very fast.
    - everything has low cooldown
    - Requires very fast finger movements to use all 4 spells in one instant
    - after using all 4 spells you are vulnerable
    - needs Items to guarentee survivals
    - need to have quick decision making skills to decide to go for a tank or mage in order to decide which would damage the other team more.
    - need magic penetration or if the enemy has morgana she can make your spells pretty useless.

  • Items

    Always start with Sapphire Crystal and two Health Potion. You can trade one health pot switch with Mana Potion, but having two health pot will usually guarentee your survival early game. Sapphire Crystal is a MUST, your overload depends on you having a high overall mana pool. i have seen many ryze start off with Doran's ring. Please dont, as that will not help you with your overload spell.

    On your second trip you might want to up grade your Sapphire Crystal to either Tear of the Goddess or Sheen. Tears of goddess will provide a good pool of mana with helping your Overload and let you spam your spells. Sheen is more for helping you make your finishing blows easier. with sheen you will be able to kill enemy champs that might be running away with little bit of health with Sheen's fantastic ability of making the autoattack stronger. If you can afford both you should do so as it will increase your mana drastically which means more overload damage. at this point you may want to get either Mercury's Treads if you are constantly attacked or Sorcerer's Shoes in the enemy team is mainly tanks and fighters.

    On your next trip to item shop get either [item=Rylai's Scepter] if you are the focus of enemy attacks. Rylai will most likely guarentee your survival for the rest of the game. If you are doing fine and in fact are destroying enemy champs constantly you might want to invest in Mejai's Soulstealer.

    after this you have the options of choosing [item=Zhonya's Ring], finish up the Archangel's Staff, finish Lich Bane, and get Void Staff. If you have the gold and want to invest in items that have more AP it is also fine to do that too. however this is my core build for Ryze. Hopefully the Ryze users will realize the potential (and even limits) of Ryze and back off when necessary.

    most of my matches end when i pretty much have these items.
    Tear of the Goddess, Sorcerer's Shoes, Sheen, [item=Rylai's Scepter]

  • Item Choices

    This section is to explain the item choices and why i believe that certain items are worse or better than others.
    First off, Ryze is a mage, he needs ability power based items to create havoc amongst the other team. with that being said, the ratio that affects the ability power is terrible(mainly due to the many nerfs that Ryze has received over time.) thus AP should not be the main focus of Ryze's build. (or at least thats my opinion

    Effective items - items that gives Mana and AP at the same time, or Magic penetration.
    Archangel's Staff - Gives good mana and converts it in to AP. This gives everything that Ryze needs to be effective. I usually get this for the mana, as Ryze's Overload can become overpowered with enough mana.
    Lich Bane - Similar to Archangel's staff. AP + Mana and its passive makes you slightly more dangerous. the bit of magic resistance that comes along with it is a nice icing in the cake.
    Void Staff - Flat out AP along with 40% magic penetration. nothing makes nukes more dangerous than having alot of magic penetration which helps multiply your damage.
    Good Items
    [item=Zhonya's Ring] - Flat out AP. I usually never get up to this item mainly because there are other items that i feel is more important than just flat out AP. the activate is pretty nice most of the time unless your team is dead and you are left by yourself.
    [item=Rylai's Scepter] - Hp + AP nice combination which helps Ryze very hard to kill. this is not my focus item however as long as the enemy team doesnt focus on you.
    Rod of Ages - another HP + AP item along with Mana. Its actually a great item except i never implement to my build. the fact that i have to make this through ruby crystal has discouraged me. by the time i build ROA i would have tear of goddess and sheen making way for lich bane and Archangel staff(while giving me insane pool of mana.
    Mejai's Soulstealer - i generally dont enjoy snowball items. dont get me wrong, they can be hugely useful but i find that if you are doing bad or you are simply not getting the kills this item can be pretty useless.
    Deathfire Grasp - I like the effect and i like the mana regen. but there is no mana pool which is no no for me. i would implement it to late build rather than core build.
    Probably not a good choice items
    Abyssal Scepter - AP + magic resist. things i dont focus on.
    Frozen Heart - cool down and armor, but i feel that cooldown items take space and wastes gold. ryze already has great cool down and i feel that armor is unnecessary.
    Guinsoo's Rageblade - stacking AP is nice but there are better items than buying for AD.
    Hextech Gunblade - too expensive for stats that are not primarily importance for Ryze.
    [item=Malady] - ability power is nice? but attack speed? what?
    Manamune - mana is really nice but AD. i have seen better items rather than manamune.
    [item=Kage's Lucky Pick] - i have seen ryze stack this. i believe that items that give gold make you sidetrack from your core build. you can have better items with better effect than getting much gold. not to mention ryze is usually mid game player not late game. having gold for good items at late game makes ryze pretty useless.
    [item=Innervating Locket] - HP and Mana is nice. but there are better items.
    Nashor's Tooth - attack speed and cooldown = most useless item for ryze.

  • Skilling Order

    Basically this is the order of most importance R>E=Q>W. however you will want to at least have 1 Rune prison early game

    Against lots of tanks

    This is focusing on Overload, Hopefully with Desperate power you can take out grouped enemies, not to mention with my item build you will have a good high damage out put with overload early in the game. with overload you do 65% of its damage with AOE effect when you activate desperate power. even without it you will do massive damage once you have a decent overall mana pool. hence it can be extremely useful in taking down tanks and taking down low hp stragglers that chase after your team.

    Against lots of Fighters/Mages/Assasins

    This is focusing on spell flux, this is assuming that the enemiy mages/fighters will group together. combined with Desperate power you will be able to do some major damage if they are dumb enough to stick together. with its magic resistance lowering effect squishies will cry every time it hits them. this combined with AOE effect is another thing that is worth looking at they will not want to stick together

    both skill order have a good level 2 rune prison in them. this is in order to increase the duration of the hold. typically after level 6 will be team fights which will require someone to hold at least one enemy champion in one spot for long enough. having a good level 2 rune prison will do the job well. in almost either case spell flux and overload are equals (or at least i consider them to be equals) and i max out both first.

    when using the skills this should be your order
    R-W-E-Q. this will usually finish off any champs (make sure you are close to the enemy champ if there are no creeps around when using Spell Flux in order to maximize the bouncing effect.)

  • Summoner Abilities

    Spells that i use (and you should too)
    Clarity - Useful if you are just starting out with Ryze. Ryze is very Mana hungry early game and may need you to use clarity every now and then, but it will usually become obsolete by mid-late game.
    Ignite - This will most usually finish off most champs that manage to hobble off with little health after you wipe them out.
    Clairvoyance - have i mentioned the deadliness of Ryze in the bush? but Ryze will most likely die if hes the one ambushed by another champ in the bush. I suggest using this when you have alot of experience with Ryze and his ability to drain mana constantly

    Spells that i might use (but i dont)
    Teleport - usefull only sometimes. As Ryze you will only be going back to base and coming back to lane when you die.
    Ghost - same as teleport. the cool down is too long to even consider this.
    Flash - Flash is useful ganking tool as ryze is often slow and requires the rune prison to hold the enemies in place.
    Cleanse - a viable one but ryze isnt a tank and should stay to the back of the group to make sure there isnt twitch or shaco coming up behind the team and only go in when the tanks are already in the fight.

  • Runes and Masteries

    I typically go all magic penetration for Ryze, i try to bring out survivability through items rather than runes. in most cases i find rylai's to be a good survivability item. i feel that theres only few items that can help with Magic penetration, and runes are very helpful in that aspect and can help you do much more damage
    Greater Seal of Knowledge x9 There is no Magic Penetration for seals, so i simply increase the mana pool
    Greater Mark of Insight x9
    Greater Glyph of Insight x9
    Greater Quintessence of Insight x3

    This is my standard mastery when using clairvoyance. i find clairvoyance to be extremely useful so i can check the surroundings for ganks and i find it useful to have low cooldown and longer duration.

    I find that this works pretty well also. this would be useful if you are not using clairvoyance.

  • Working in the team

    Generally you want to be the rally point of your entire team. If your team has low HP but you are still fine, you can rally your team and manage to suprise the enemy team if they are stupid enough to chase after you. You are the enemy stopper, if they are attacking the tower and you show up, they should be running away from you just because you have such a massive damage output in such a short time. With all the good things being said, you have to be careful not to be the focus of attack from an enemy team. stay in the back of the pack until you see a good opportunity to go in and wreak havoc or watch the back of the teammates from back gank. generally you want to be able to survive to go in there and nuke the living shit out of everything. Ryze in the bush is also extremely dangerous. to this day nothing has been able to stop my Ryze in the bush (unless i went up against extremely higher level tank.).
    Never be the initiator as your team will most likely leave you once they see you getting raped. (this is from personal experience)

    also make enemy champs that sticks close pay. your Spell Flux does outrageous damage early in the game and if they are dumb enough to stick next to each other, your spell flux will most likely take away a good portion of their health. Not to mention use your spell flux on your enemy when they are close. i cannot tell you how many times i managed to survive attacks and ganks from numerous enemies just because they were dumb enough to get so close to me.

  • Tips for Ryze

    Here are some scenarios and what i would do in the situation.
    Scenario 1 - Your team was destoryed but they managed to weaken the other team alot. you are still alive with one or more teammates.
    Spam QWE, to lower your ult down, keep using W to root them from chasing you, however if they keep coming after you and your ult has cooled down, coordinate with your teammates and initiate the retaliation with your ult. this will most likely end in your victory unless your team just runs away and let you die, (this is also great to do within the range of your tower.)
    Scenario 2 - You are soloing mid against other Champ.
    always harass the other champ with your E spell. when you manage to get it down to about hald and you are level three (and hopefully have QWE ready) charge in (when he comes near the creeps to attack or he can simply move away from your range) hit WEQ on the enemy finishing with your ignite. this will almost always lower their health to less than 100, you want to keep auto attacking, and most likely he will either die or manage to live with 1 hp. keep in mind that early stage of the game is extremely important and nothing can actually stop a Ryze that is ahead of everyone else.
    Scenario 3 - Bush
    Bush is an extremely important aspect of Ryze's life. Why? Ryze cannot simply jump out of nowhere like Tristana. (and i do recommend not using flash) Bush is useful because it can give the enemy a false sense of security while you wait for them to get in the range of your root. once you have them in your root, theres no way for them to simply escape and they are at your mercy. this is what i mean by ryze in the bush. theres simply no way to stop it because the moment ryze pops out with his ult on ready to root you, you better hope you have flash or something to escape in that instant.
    Scenario 4 - when to back off and when not to.
    lets just leave it at that if you have used all 4 abilities and they still have a good chunk of health left (and your teammates are nowhere to be found) its probably a good time for you to back off. also ryze should be able to defend against at least 3 champs under the tower by himself. remember that tower is more important than you. if they get close just nuke them with your abilities.
    Scenario 5 - Using root
    Root is just awesome. you can use it to stop the enemy from chasing, or stopping them from running away. either way you will save countless lives and take countless lives through root. always use this before any other spell other than root, and if they give chase make sure to use it. (also extremely useful if they tower dive and tower attacks them.)
    Scenario 6 - Spells
    Many ryze users say that Spell Flux is better than Overload. I will not lie, Spell Flux is indeed good early game against weak opponents, and you will have very easy time wiping them out. but once you are up against the tanks, spell flux will not do much. Overload has very good single focus damage that if combined with the ult can do a massive AOE damage. if they are sticking close together Overload will take away a MASSIVE chunk of their hp. Always use Ult before going in for nuke it will do that much more damage. also dont be afraid to nuke it out. if they are pouring in one by one, you can nuke each and each and still have everything cooled down for each of them (thats why ryze is awesome)
    Scenario 7 - Early game
    if you can get early kill, do it. nothing can stop fed ryze with massive AP and MP. basically dont be too afrad and at the same time keep an eye on the surrounding (tower, MIA, enemy champ HP/Mana). if you know you cant chase them down dont go for it. thats basically all i can say about going for kills and not going for kills. i tend to play the game a little conservatively which usually doesnt get me kills (yup i usually end up with 9 kills with 20-30 assists) but if you want to be brave go ahead, all i can tell you is to be very watchful of the surrounding.

  • Who you should lane with and Who you shouldnt lane against

    Typically Ryze is flat out AP. i have tried going AD for shits and giggles (i did not giggle AD ryze is that bad). as it is, you should lane with and lane against accordingly.

    if you are not mid and some one is jungling you should always take the solo lane. (be careful as Ryze is very squishy early game and gank from bush guarentees your death.) once again i cannot stop stating the importance of having clarivoyance. not only do you see inside the bush you can also see who you will be laning against.

    Who you should Lane with
    Blitzcrank - lets face it. blitz is good with anyone, but his grab makes anyone in bush run away. but Ryze works very good with Blitz.
    Amumu - Stun plus he just jumps on targets and stops them. what more can you ask from your ally? he catches them and lets you kill what he caught.
    Mordekaiser - will and should take damages for you. not to mention he should run in to bushes for you so you can nuke enemy champ(s) in the bush.
    Sion - has stun and can tank

    Basically anyone that is willing to get in there and initiate fights (and has stun to make sure they dont run away at the sight of Ryze). in this sense almost any tank is a good laning partner (as long as they are building tank build)

    Who you shouldnt lane against
    !Morgana! - NEVER LANE AGAINST HER, ESPECIALLY SOLO LANE. you cannot and will not win with her and her spell immunity.
    Kogmaw - Kogmaw does crap load of damage for a especially long range. if you are laning against kogmaw be careful and dont ever get close to him. use the creeps as spell flux target against kogmaw.
    Veigar - he will be very hard to counter. you will have to be very careful and keep a good eye on his stun, ult, and other spells he has. luckily my build doesnt have lot of AP in the early game so Veigars will have some hard time to killing you early. nuke him when he comes in to last hit creeps with his spell. thats just about the only way i have managed to deal with veigars.

    There are few other champs that you shouldnt lane against. but other than morgana (and maybe kayle with her invincibility, but other than that Kayle is no problem) careful strategy and careful gameplay will give you the kills. another important thing of note is that Root does not stun enemies. if they want to unload their spells or autoattack, they can. root only traps them in one spot. this is very important to note as they can easily attack and even kill you as they are rooted. always ult, root, and unleash the nuke, and unless they are about to die back off.