Gangplank Build Guide

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How to not suck with Gangplank

written by I am the Walrus

Gangplank Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Gangplank has a bad rep with some players, mostly cause all they've seen gangplank do is feed. I'm here to fix that. I've played gangplank across all stages of ELO ever since the tail end of the beta, back when parrrley was magic damage and even back when philosopher's stone was cool (It was way back when, trust me. What, you don't trust me? Come on its totally safe to trust a pirate. O wait.)

    Gangplank is difficult to play at first, as he has a really weak early game and takes a good amount of itemization before he truly hurts. Still, he'll always been my favorite champ, as criting that Ashe in the back of their team pre-fight for 2/3 of her health always brings a smile to my face. I've had success even at high-ELO with gangplank (feel free to look me up), and I want to help all the feeding, avarice stacking gangplanks out there, as well as provide a mildly entertaining read. It's time to learn how to not suck with Gangplank.

  • updates

    9/11/10 : added section on manamune

    9/26/10: updated item and tankplank section

    11/6/10: Updated grammar and spelling in some sections, and tweaked a few parts to reflect recent patches

    12/5/10: Updated to reflect changes in Doran's ring, and corrected/updated a few sections

    12/15/10: Updated to reflect Patch

    12/23/10: Updated to reflect testing of last whisper changes

    1/08/11: Updated to reflect new patch items

    2/17/11: Updated items section

    4/17/11: Minor Updates, waiting to see if gp remake comes out within the next few months before fix out of date sections

    4/27/11: Major update to reflect gangplank's remake. R.I.P. Trollplank, you will...kinda be missed.

    5/7/11: Added replay section

    6/22/11: Updated to reflect patch

    7/24/11: Small update to reflect state of game.

    9/27/11: Update to include the various new gangplank builds, as well as a (lacking) dominion section.

    10/15/11: Small tweaks to outdated sections

    12/11/11: Small temporary update

  • Temp Update 12/11/11

    So the gangplank I knew and loved is officially dead. Yes he's technically more viable now and in a good spot, but he's a completely different character to me.

    The meta has shifted, Masteries and Summoners and different, his skill set is completely different, and even his model is different.

    Critplank is only worth it in normals now, in ranked you pretty much have to go for the gold/10 or wriggles+tank build due to the way the game's currently played, jungle or top lane.

    Runes are still the same, although incorporating crit chance quints or marks might be worth it because the new crit masteries are crazy strong.

    Masteries obviously need to be at least 21 in offense with the other 9 wherever you feel like putting them depending on your items (9 in def if you're getting philo first, 9 in utility if wriggles or else wise).

    Summoner spells: Flash ignite is pretty popular, though Heal and Teleport are strong as well. Ghost and Exhaust are still ok, but situationally useful.

    I'll give this guide a serious update eventually, but recently I just can't bring myself to play this generic/bland tanky dps version of the character I once loved. Once (hopefully) atmogs and tankydps get gets nerfed, critplank might come back, but for now he's nothing more than a novelty.

  • About Heat n Serve's guide

    If you're looking for a gangplank guide on league craft you'll inevitably find his, in fact, his guide helped me greatly back in the day. Unfortunately, I feel its outdated, as he has abandoned gangplank and moved on to Mordekaiser. Heat excelled at magic pen gangplank, and as a result his play style doesn't reflect gangplank's current state. Still, many of his guide's sections, like his parrrley mechanics guide, are still great. Check out his guide, +1 it, and give the man your respect, as he deserves it considering he's one of the few people that actually know what they're talking about. That being said, on to the guide.

  • Pros / Cons

    -Crazy high damage output which becomes ridiculous with crits
    -Surprisingly fast consistent movement speed; great mobility
    -Global ultimate that can assist with fights anywhere on the map
    -Scales very well with items
    -Very good Non-tank survivability
    -You're a goddamn pirate

    -Weak early game against strong laners if not played carefully
    -Requires lots of farming early game before he is useful
    -Damage output can be pitiful without infinity edge and significant critical chance.
    -Cannot withstand constant high-damage focus from enemies unless properly itemized
    -Very reliant on chance until fully itemized

  • Abilities

    Grog Soaked Blade
    This is a pretty solid passive that ads utility to team fights and extra damage to the laning phase. Early game in laning try to tag your enemies with this whenever you get a chance with parrrley, as the damage will quickly add up. In team fights the chain-slow can be really useful if you isolate a target, so try to hit important targets, obviously without running through their whole team to get to the Soraka in the back.

    Your main source of damage and one of the strongest skills in the game. You harass with it, you farm with it, and you kill with it; this is your main skill. It applies all on hit effects like frozen mallet slow and the red lizard buff. When it crits the damage is phenomenal, if it doesn't crit it can still hurt with a good amount of armor pen. The bonus gold is great for helping you get farmed quickly, but don't neglect harassing your opponent with it early game, especially if they have a low armor stat.

    Remove Scurvy
    A heal and a cleanse rolled all into one. As of right now it cleanses everything that the summoner spell does, and the healing is affected by ignite and other sources of healing reduction, so be careful. Early game the heal is somewhat insignificant, but it becomes pretty significant later on.

    [spell=Raise Morale]
    R.I.P. Deny :(

    So this move is now basically a gigantic self buff (free ghost+bf sword at rank 5) and a strong team buff that lasts for 6 seconds. Use it in team fights, when chasing, when running, or just whenever. Isn't that useful during solo laning so max it last and just use it for ganking early game.

    I've noticed that you can Parrrley and then use this move and if you're fast enough to proc it before the hit the parrrley will deal the bonus damage from raise morale.

    Other than that, its a simple spell.

    Cannon Barrage
    This is a very versatile ultimate with several uses, usually in this priority:
    1. Help a team fight from anywhere on a map
    2. Turn an unfavorable gank into a favorable one
    3. Zoning enemies away from or into enemies
    4. Defend towers
    5. Help champions escape from enemy ganks with the slow
    6. Finishing off low health champs
    7. Cross-map farming
    8. Stealing buffs from enemies

    It can be really unreliable at times, and positioning takes practice, which I will discuss later.

    The size has been DRASTICALLY reduced as of 4/26/11, but all of its uses remain pretty much unchanged, you just have to be much more accurate and smart with it now, and it is more reliable now.

  • Masteries + Runes

    This setup is for laning gangplank, for jungleplank check the later section

    For masteries, there are 2 viable options, 21-0-9, or 9-0-21. I personally prefer 9-0-21, as the utility tree has much greater masteries later on to pass up. Movement speed, cooldown reduction, and the extra mana regen really have helped me more often than moderately increased damage. Still, it all comes down to personal prefreence, here are both specs:

    The mana regen and cooldown reduction allow for more spells to be used, and the movement speed buff in conjuncture with raise morale allows you to stay at level 1 boots for a while and keep up with other champion's movement speed. The extra experience masteries and extended buff duration are always nice as well. Greed has obvious synergy with gangplank's tool tip buff. The most important aspect of this is having your summoners up faster for important fights.

    21-0-9 is somewhat difficult to build, as alacrity, offensive mastery, and brute force are all terrible masteries, so picking between them is difficult. Archmage's savvy gives you a moderately stronger heal, but it's still pretty bad for gangplank as well.

    *due to the mastery changes other mastery options might be more ideal, feel free to experiment to see which suits you the best, as things like 0-9-21 or 15-0-15 can work better in certain situations

    I've messed around with pretty much every rune type, and I've found 1 set to work the best. Armor pen reds and quints, mana regen/level yellows, and magic resist/level blues. Cool down reduction or mana regen blues can work, but generally magic resist blues have the most utility on gangplank, as the extra survivability really helps. Health quints are ok, but I generally find that the extra armor pen is more useful after level 3-4.

    Why no Crit chance/Crit damage runes?
    Armor pen runes are very strong in their current state. Crit damage runes suck until really late game, and Crit chance runes cause your non-crits to be very weak vs armor pen runes. It is also MUCH easier to buy crit chance items than it is to buy armor penetration items. Armor pen runes allow for a much more consistent early game; with crit chance runes you'll be relying on luck way to much, and good players don't need luck to win.

  • Skilling Order

    Max parrrley first for the damage output and increased gold gain. Max Remove Scurvy after for the decreased cooldown and increased healing. Grab a level in your ult whenever possible. You can experiment with prioritizing raise morale over remove scurvy, but the stronger heal is generally more useful early game than the slight damage/move speed increase.

  • Summoner Abilities

    :::::The best goddamn gangplank spells:::::
    Pick 2 of these to best suit your playstyle and your enemies.

    Flash: 9/10 people these days carry flash, and the only counter to them flashing away over a wall is you flashing over a wall. With your movement speed you really don't need this to catch or run from people, but sometimes this spell is mandatory.

    Ghost: Allows you to chase and run away from whoever you need. If they don't have a Jarvan/Anivia/Trundle or anyone that mandates a flash, you can choose this over flash, as it covers more distance and has a lower cooldown. Gives you mad swag speed when you proc your level 5 E.

    Exhaust: This gives you a great advantage in 1v1 situations, and allows you to go toe to toe with both physical and magic dps enemies, and can counter most enemy tower dives early game. The slow gives you reliable crowd control, which is always nice (your ult is not reliable crowd control, as much as I wish it would be). I pick this is my second spell 95% of games. *since they changed his passive, gp now has reliable cc, but an exhaust is ALWAYS nice if you don't need the healing reduction of ignite.

    Ignite: Useful for an early first blood and for countering mass healing teams. This is more of a counter-pick spell to healing teams than anything else, as after the laning phase you will not need this to secure kills most of the time, and exhaust will be much more useful in ganking.

    :::::Things you might fill the other slot with but usually shouldn't:::::
    Clarity: If you can't afford mana regen runes just yet, you may need this when starting off as gangplank. He is extremely mana hungry early game, and this removes those mana problems. This spell loses a gigantic chunk of usefulness after the laning phase, so try to ween yourself off of it when you start to play more seriously, as it isn't viable in ranked games. *only conisder taking this if you aren't lvl 30 yet and don't have mana regen*

    Clairvoyance: Never hurts to have one of these on your team. Doesn't have any synergy with gangplank beyond spotting for your ult, but if you're a team player and the enemy team doesn't any auto-attackers or healers, go for it. *IF YOU ARE PLAYING SUPPORTPLANK, TAKE THIS SPELL*

    Teleport: some people really like this spell, and it will help you farm faster. Really loses utility once you hit 6, as your ult is global, and can be used to solve pretty much any problem that teleport can. Again, I prefer exhaust, but once again, if you can't afford mana regen runes, go ahead and grab this.

    Cleanse: if all 5 of your enemies have a butt-load of single target disables (Ashe ult, Warwick ult, Morgana snare, etc), then you might want to consider taking this. Your Remove Scurvy cleanse will get out of any one of these, but the second one will result in one deadplank. This is extremely situational, but one out of 100 games you just might have to take this. Combine this with a Quicksilver sash for surprise-triple-cleanse-plank to really piss off your cc-stacking enemies.

    Smite: Your teammates need the neutral buffs (lizard and golem) more than you do 99% of the time, so you shouldn't be getting them. This may help your farming a bit, but moderately easier farming is not worth devoting a summoner spell to. *Only take this if you are jungling*

    :::::Other spells and why they suck:::::
    [spell=fortify]: This is really unpopular for two reasons: you need the mastery to make it worthwhile, and the cooldown is gigantic. Don't get this ever.

    Heal: You have a heal on a much shorter cooldown. Flash, Exhaust, and ghost will save you more than this will, especially later game. Never get this.

    [spell=rally]: This spell has been nothing more than a joke since the nerf that removed its healing aspect way back when. Don't take it.

    :::::You need help Kid:::::
    Revive: While the movement speed boost will definitely help you turn your swagger on, the cooldown is so large that you actually have to do some substantial math to figure out how many minutes before it's back up. Pirates have no time for math, so never, ever get this.

    :::::Stop hacking:::::
    Promote: This was removed from summoner's rift riot will ban you

  • Intro to items section


    Gonna just put a disclaimer here.

    The most important aspect of winning as a champion is playstyle. This includes aggression, positioning, lane dominance, engaging properly, etc.

    Champion build is meant to enhance and support your playstyle: if you like to be aggressive and in people's faces: tankier is the way to go. If you like to 1v1: lifesteal can help a lot. If you like to burst people for half their health while still being able to survive the enemy burst, a unique mixture of items is for you.

    The following build is based off of my playstyle: Critting people with parrrley for an ass-load while still being able to enter melee range and not die instantly.

    If you have a build that you like more and you win games with it: Go for it. I've won (normal) games with 5 tiamats because of my knowledge of the character.

    Basically, just experiment if you don't like a build, and tweak it to something you like, this is a guide, not a rulebook.

    The following build is intended for laning as an ad-carry/dps, a section on jungling and support will follow after, skip ahead if you are doing either.

  • Items TLDR

    In case you're lazy or just don't want to listen to my rambling, here's a list of builds that I will cover. Here you go people that don't want to read:

    Laning Critplank
    Doran's Shield or [item=Meki Pendant] or Boots of Speed
    Infinity Edge
    Mercury's Treads
    Atma's Impaler/ Phantom Dancer
    Last Whisper
    Frozen Mallet or Sunfire Cape or Banshee's Veil or The Bloodthirster
    Phantom Dancer/ Atma's Impaler or Youmuu's Ghostblade

    Wriggle's Lantern
    Mercury's Treads
    Trinity Force
    Warmog's Armor
    Atma's Impaler
    Banshee's Veil or [item=Force of Nature]

    [item=Heart of Gold]
    Philosopher's Stone
    Mercury's Treads or [item= Ionian Boots of Lucidity]
    Trinity Force
    Warmog's Armor or Banshee's Veil
    go from there

    and buy [item=Elixir of Agility] and Elixir of Fortitude after edge if you're losing

  • Standard Laneplank build

    Critplank is (at least in my opinion) the most enjoyable version of gangplank, and is completely viable in a solo lane against a standard team composition (i.e. they have a mixture of tanks, dps, and support, not all tanky dps or other oddities). If you want to play tankplank, jungleplank, or supportplank, I'll list those later.

    :::::Starting off:::::
    [item=Meki Pendant]: if you're new to gangplank, or aren't level 30 with full mana regen runes it's really easy to run out of mana fast. Start with this and 2 health pots. You can upgrade it to a chalice if you're under level 30/don't have runes, but if you do have the mana regen runes then you really don't need it, and should just sell off the meki later on (you only lose ~100 gold by doing this).

    Doran's Shield: Once you're more comfortable with your mana usage, you can try a shield. Both starts allow for constant raise morale denying, but the shield allows you to sustain more harassment. Meki grants more parrrleys, but with the shield you can actually sustain harassment and freely farm and harass with your auto attacks. Grog soaked damage adds up fast, and can really hurt healing based champs like Vladimir and Nidalee. Basically if you know that you're going up against a scary lane or if you actually want lane presence during the first 4 levels, you might wanna grab a shield instead, but with a shield mana regen runes and the regen masteries in utility are completely necessary.

    Boots of Speed: if they have a strong early jungle ganker or a lane that you're really afraid of, grab these. They give you the mobility and 600 extra health with the potions, allowing you to make it to at least level 6 before you go back to buy.

    -grab a meki if you're new or don't have runes/masteries
    -Grab the shield if you expect heavy physical harassment in your lane
    -grab boots if you're scared or if you want to rely on the regen of health potions.
    -Doran's blade gives inferior lane stability to the other two options, so pass on it until at least your first trip back to base (don't start with one but buying 1-2 later on is acceptable)

    :::::Mid Game, The race to Infinity Edge:::::
    Your goal is to get Infinity Edge as soon as you possibly can. That doesn't mean don't buy extra health potions and wards when necessary, as a dead gangplank can't farm very well. Buy whatever pieces you can of infinity edge whenever you have to go back, preferably bf sword or pick axe first, as the extra damage will help your farming and sustained harass more than the critical chance will. Grab level 1 boots when you can, and if you're having a bad game against a dangerous lane and reallly need mercury's treads, you can upgrade those before infinity if you don't have the money for the edge yet.

    Avarice Blades are only for people who have trouble farming and people who rush a Youmuu's Ghostblade. You are neither of those (hopefully). It takes 25 minutes for an avarice to pay for itself (not including selling it back), so you need to rush one to make it worth it. Gangplank needs to rush infinity edge in order to deal high damage before the 35 minute mark. That's what you call a conundrum. You can't rush both unless you're fed a double kill or higher early game along with first blood. Even in that bizarrely rare case, you need damage items in order for parrrley to deal consistent damage, instead of just hurting when it occasionally crits. If you grab more than one gold/10, you won't be able to get infinity edge until 35 minutes into the game, which is waaayyyyyyy too late. With no crit chance and no damage items your crits won't be able to keep up with enemy armor growth, and you'll do less and less damage against any competent player. For these reasons and more,




    Glad we see eye to eye.

    *disclaimer* If you suck at farming you can buy one, since you'll probably wont be able to get a fast infinity anyway. You probably shouldn't be playing gangplank if you suck at farming though.

    :::::After Infinity Edge:::::
    At the 25 minute mark, you should have at least this:
    Doran's Shield or [item=Meki Pendant] or Doran's Blade
    Infinity Edge
    Mercury's Treads or Ionian Boots of Lucidity
    If not, try and work on your farming or your not getting murdered 5 times. Either or will help. 12 minutes is my record for infinity and boots of speed in a serious ranked game (i got 5 kills because the people I was laning against had a death wish and didn't know what minion aggro was), I encourage you to try and beat that. Getting Infinity and level 1 boots at the 15 minutes mark is ideal if you can farm most of your lane's minions and get a kill/assist or 2 (usually with your ult). Still, 20 minutes is a good marker to see if you're ahead, and 25 minutes is a good marker to see if you're behind.

    Mercs vs CDR boots: If they have slows and other spammable cc's and strong magic damage, get mercs. If you're going against a cc/magic damage light team, the cdr boots can be ok sometimes. It's personal preference really, but I tend to prefer not dying over shooting my gat half a second sooner

    Now you Want to work on:
    1. Atma's Impaler
    2. Cloak of Agility or Avarice Blade
    3. Last Whisper
    4.[item=Elixir of Agility] and Elixir of Fortitude

    1. Atma's is by far the second best gangplank item. It gives you 18% crit chance, more than 40 damage, and extra armor to keep you alive(you will have 112 armor at level 18 with this item) Grab the cloak of agility first, and feel free to grab item number 2 before completing the Impaler, as you also need ~50% crit chance through the mid game.

    2.Grab a Cloak if you want a Phantom Dancer later as your 6th item or grab an Avarice if you want a Yoummu's as your 6th item. You will be upgrading these last due to the greater need for the subsequent items. Whichever you build is personal preference, which i will discuss later. Most of the time the game will not get far enough for you to upgrade this, so I usually go Cloak for the increased Critical Chance. If they are lacking in armor or if you are just fed, feel free to upgrade this item before moving on to 3.

    "Wait a minute, I thought you said Avarices are bad and that you'll gank me in my sleep if I get them with lots of scary bold text" Rushing Avarices is bad. Don't do it. Bold, etc. Getting one later on to build into something is ok, as it is a necessary component and supplies some nice mid game crit chance.

    "Well why don't I just get one first?" Please don't make me post large bold text again, I'm tired of yelling. You miss out on like maybe 300-700 gold max by waiting, seeing as you generally won't get one till the 8 minute mark or so. A pick axe or Cloak of Agility gives you so much more early on, and by sacrificing that small amount of gold you're securing your ability to consistently hurt people throughout the entirety of the game, not just end game.

    3. This is the final touch on your damage output, and is amazing on gangplank since the December patch. You can now destroy high armor targets, including tanks, and have all the damage you'll really need. This is a really great and necessary item for Gangplank, and the earlier you can get it the better, but I feel he he needs all the items posted before this much more in order to survive and actually crit. If your enemies rush armor you may need to grab this faster, so pay attention to your opponent's builds. Parrrley is affected by it's armor penetration as well, since it applies on hit effects, so this is a pretty high priority item. If you want to build this before finishing Atma's, that can work sometimes, but so far Atma's -> Whisper has been working best unless you encounter several high-armor targets

    4. *Edit This is now just a good item when you're behind, don't waste money on this if you're winning, as it is much weaker than it was before.

    *Most games will end by this point (unless you're crazy-farmed/fed), but some will last longer, hence, we need more items, so sell your doran's ring if you haven't by now, cause we need item slots(I generally sell it to grab a Giant's Belt)

    1. Frozen Mallet or Sunfire Cape or Banshee's Veil
    2. Phantom Dancer or Youmuu's Ghostblade
    3.Optional replacement for 1: The Bloodthirster

    1.This is the slot for your Survivability item. If you find that your 100-ish armor and magic resist is enough to keep you alive, then grab a frozen mallet, as it adds the most damage (34 including Atma's) and the most health. Grab a Sunfire if you need the Armor, or a Banshees if you're having trouble with their magic users or their crowd control. Grab the giant's belt or negatron cloak first depending on what you're upgrading.

    2.This item is reserved for those Hour long games that never seem to end. At this point, I find that the Extra damage and armor pen from Youmuu's is pretty useless after you have a last whisper and it's %penetration. The cooldown reduction is nice, but not completely necessary, as it only really benefits Parrrley in team fights. Youmuu's is an early game item, and there's no way in hell you'll be able to afford this early game. Still, sometimes you just need an item that will let you get shit done, and when you activate this you are an unstoppable murder machine (for a few seconds). Phantom Dancer's attack and movement speed on the other hand, allows for an almost constant Youmuu's state, although slight less. Combine this with the extra 15% crit chance and the movement speed for some extra kiting and chasing, and I feel that Phantom dancer is the better 6th item choice. Phantom dancer is technically less cost-efficient than Youmuu's, but latelatelate game money isn't a factor.

    "If Youmuu's is such an early game item, why don't I just get that instead of Atma's?" You need the armor from Atma's much more than the damage output of Youmuu's. Most Physical Dps characters carry flat penetration runes and might even have their own Youmuu's or Brutalizer, so buying Atma's practically doubles your current armor, which is extremely important if you want to survive long enough for that penta-kill at baron. Ghost + Raise Morale + the Movement Speed Masteries gives you enough movement speed to catch almost anyone, so you don't really need Youmuu's for mid-late game chasing either.

    3. If the enemy team is low on cc and lacks coordination or focus, a Bloodthrister is an excellent 6th item after phantom dancer. It allows you to crit for 1300+ with the right setup, and makes you an unstoppable killing machine 1v1. The problem with bloodthirster is that you have to keep attacking in order to benefit from it. If the enemy team can stun lock you all your damage is worthless. Also, it's really only good as a final item, as life stealing a 600 crit is ok, but life stealing a 1200 crit is much more useful. Basically, buy a bloodthirster if you're owning them and want to continue owning them harder.

    :::::The game STILL hasn't ended, what do I do with this money?:::::
    You really only have a few options left.
    1. Constantly Load up on every Elixir, maybe even Oracles
    2. Sell your Mercury Treads for another Phantom Dancer, just make sure the drop in magic resist won't get you killed. You'll still keep up in movement speed, so don't worry about that.

    :::::About the Manamune:::::
    From what I've seen so far, this item can work on other champs, but you need your infinity edge asap, so this is nothing more than a gold sink. Gangplank loses his mana problems after the laning phase, so if you just can't manage your mana during laning, grab a chalice, but try to work on better management.

    Manamune can work on tankier builds, but for the most efficient dps, Infinity edge is your weapon of choice on gp.

    :::::The Changes to Last Whisper and the Elixir Nerfs as of 12/15/10:::::
    Overall, I think Last Whisper a better item for gangplank. Parrrley will hit even harder, as will your auto attacks. The only real problem is that you're left without an attack speed item for a loooong time now, so I've been contemplating switching out the second cloak of agility for a zeal. Green pots no longer give enough attack speed to carry you to whisper (you need slightly over 1.0 to be effective imo).

    Green pot nerf: Buy these when you're losing, and that's it. Having the crit cut in half hurts hard, so always having one of these active doesn't really help that much anymore.

    Overall, this patch buffed Gangplank's raw damage output, but nerfed his attack speed hard. Fortunately, attack speed isn't important at all on him until those 35+ minute teamfights where everyone has items and you really need to lay into the enemy carry hard and fast. Like I said before, consider switching the second cloak of agility out for a zeal, but the downside of that is 7% less crit. If you're in a game where the enemy team all has

    :::::The New Cool down Reduction Boots:::::
    If the enemy team lacks crowd control and magic damage, feel free to grab these, as it is the only viable way to grab cooldown reduction on GP these days besides runes, masteries, and Golem buff.

    :::::About Executioner's Calling:::::
    This item is only useful if the other team has multiple people that need healing reduction, like mundo, soraka, taric, nidalee, etc. The stats on it are too weak to justify it over a Bloodthirster in any other situation.

    :::::Changes as of 4/26/11:::::
    Buying a Phantom dancer before Atma's may be more useful against non-physical heave teams with the way the new raise morale works, as you can break 500 movement speed easily without even having to ghost. Tinker around and try what works for you.

  • Jungleplank

    Disclaimer: I am not an expert on jungleplanking, but I've seen plenty of it and what works/doesn't work.

    Masteries and Runes are a bit of a preference, but you're gonna need either armor penetration or attack speed reds, armor yellows, and whatever you want blues/quints. Masteries can vary, but if you want to be safe I'd get at least 9 in defense your first time before trying anything else, unless you're going 21-0-9.

    I personally use: 21-0-9 masteries, armor penetration reds and quints, flat armor yellows, magic resist/level blues

    For summoner spells, Smite and flash/ghost is pretty much mandatory.

    For skilling order you want to get E first, then W, then Q, then proceed to follow the normal skilling order.

    For Items, you can start with either Cloth armor or a Vampiric Scepter, the former being safer.
    Build Wriggles and boots, then you need to move into Trinity Force+tank items, since you will need to enter melee range and will most likely have to play the role of a front line fighter. A common build would be:

    Wriggle's Lantern
    Mercury's Treads
    Trinity Force
    Warmog's Armor
    Atma's Impaler
    Banshee's Veil or [item=Force of Nature]

    Again, builds can vary depending on preference, but I've seen this type of build be extremely successful when jungling. Trying to go critplank after buying a wriggles and being underleveled/underfarmed is going to end poorly, so don;t try it unless you're crazy-fed.

    You are VERY susceptible to counter jungling during your first run so BE CAREFUL and watch the lanes.


    Ganking with red buff is extremely strong, and you can usually force a flash or even get a kill as long as you come at the appropriate time (when the enemy is pushing). Once you get your ult pay close attention to the map, as you can help your team and get buffs at the same time.

  • Supportplank

    So certain high level players have proved that supportplank is viable in the right situations with an ad bottom (Caitlyn, Tristana, etc).

    Runes, Masteries, and skilling order are the same, but playstyle, builds, and summoner spells are different.

    For summoner spells, you're going to need Flash and Clairvoyance 99% of games.

    For Builds, stacking a few gold/10 items then building tank with trinity force is generally best, here is an example:

    Start with Boots of Speed or Regrowth Pendant, then

    [item=Heart of Gold]
    Philosopher's Stone
    Mercury's Treads or [item= Ionian Boots of Lucidity]
    Trinity Force
    Warmog's Armor or Banshee's Veil

    And then upgrade your gold/10 items and buy wards/oracle's elixir all game

    For playstyle, a few things are going to change.

    1.When your lane partner is present:
    -Parrrley an enemy, not a minion, whenever you can. Seriously, Pop as many caps as you can in their collective asses, the damage will add up fast.
    -Only farm the minions that your partner is clearly going to miss
    -Try to coordinate harass with your partner with your E (proc your e then parrrley as ashe volleys and starts using frost shot, etc.)
    -Use Cv to keep track of the enemy jungler early game or any missing laners
    -Ward dragon area and the lane bush when necessary
    -Seriously, shoot that Sona every time she moves up, no mercy
    -When someone comes for a gank from your team, only use your e right when your are engaging, as popping it early can give away the element of surprise
    -When getting ganked, try to tank the initial cc for your lanemate (amumu's bandage toss, taric's dazzle, etc) and then W quickly in order to make sure you both escape unharmed

    2.When you are alone:
    -Feel free to farm up as much as possible
    -You won't be as strong as a soloplank, so be careful fighting, but don;t be afraid to 1v1 the enemy support if you think you can win
    -Make sure you keep up on your wards and try your best not to die to ganks, even though you are a support you're still worth plenty of gold early game, especially if you have an oracle

    3.When with the team later on
    -Your E and your Ult are your main abilities for teamfights, as your damage will most likely be negligible unless you've farmed well
    -hang back and parrrley priority targets and try to bait some of the enemy's cc with your W, only melee if you're tanky enough
    -Keep up your wards and cv coverage

  • Farming


    When laning try to farm as much as possible, and prioritize parrrleying minions early on over parrrleying champions (unless they are very low health/armor and lack health regeneration). Parrrley doesn't really hurt enemies until it's level 2-3, so start harassing with it every once in a while at that point. If you can get a free shot off by all means go for it, and against targets like Caitlyn or Annie that have no regen and low base armor it may be more beneficial to start shooting them right off the bat. Parrrley does draw minion aggro, so be sure to back off after firing.

    :::::SOLO MID:::::
    The general concept and execution is always the same, except you will most likely have to deal with more harassment, and the minions reach the lane faster. Always try to have enough mana for a parrrley and a remove scurvy in case the enemy gets sick or you and tries to kill you. Play defensively and ask your allies for ganks, as the enemy mid will be at your tower most of the time if you're not pushing too hard.

    :::::HOW TO FARM PROPERLY:::::
    DO NOT AUTO ATTACK AND PUSH THE LANE. Pay attention to the rate at which the minions are dying, and make sure you only get last hits. This is necessary for 2 reasons:
    1. The Enemy can not deny you experience or gold. Gangplank has a very weak lane presence, so someone like Garren can keep you from getting last hits very easily if you're not at your tower.
    2. The Enemy has a harder time last hitting. The pressure of the tower will make the enemy more hesitant to use AoE spells and if they don't have any minions at the tower, they can't kill yours without taking a shot to the face.

    A good Gangplank needs to know how to farm at his tower. Early on this is what it takes to kill each creep minion.
    Melee: 2 tower hits and 1 gangplank auto attack. Eventually it will take 2 auto attacks, but a pick axe or bf sword fixes that
    Ranged: 1 tower hit and 2 auto attacks or 1 parrrley. Once you grab a pick axe/bf sword it will be 1 auto attack.
    Tank: Try and make sure you get these, as they are worth a lot of gold. Watch the rate at which the tower/minions are killing it and finish it with a well timed parrrley or auto attack.

    Farm as much as possible as fast as possible. I prefer solo top, as it allows me to use my ultimate assist anywhere on the map, most importantly at the dragon area, while my opponent can not, as we both continue farming. Try to avoid too much running around in the jungle, as you need the early levels and farm. Stay in your lane and pop your ult to help your team when they need it. When opponent gets to your tower, call for ganks, as it will generally be an easy kill 2v1 when the opponent has so much distance back to their tower. If you get ganked, just save your W for whatever cc they have and prepare to ghost/exhaust and run away. Buy wards and play smart.

  • Working in the team

    When you're finally farmed enough and roaming/pushing with your team, you want to do a few things before, during, and after a fight.

    Before: Try and harass anyone in range with Parrrley. Run in an oval, going from the front of your team to the back so you're only able to be focused for the second you're shooting, and keep making laps whenever parrrley is up. The enemy will need to either initiate or recall, as the damage will add up quickly. If they do initiate on you, Remove Scurvy immediately, and run back, ghosting if necessary. They will most like have blown an ultimate, and you should make it out ok, and your team will be right next to you assuming you didn't run too far ahead and overextend. *Make sure you've popped your green Elixir if you have one, as you should always try and use it pre-team fight.

    During: Use your ultimate properly (discussed later). Parrrley their weakest target. Raise Morale when everyone is ready to attack/chase. Exhaust whoever needs to be exhausted. If you're being focused, back off as they chase you in an attempt to kill you and let your teammates attack them, and parrrley when its available (this is called kiting). If you aren't kiting, auto attack an important target and try to focus them down with Parrrley and your auto attacks.

    After: Chase and clean up whoever needs to be chased, but don't run too far as towers can and will kill you. Help your team push with Raise morale and go home to heal or back to farming a safe lane before the enemy team comes back hungry for pirate blood. If you died, Kite harder next time, and see what source of damage killed you so quickly, and buy more magic resist or armor accordingly if you need to.

    Just because you're so item dependent doesn't give you immunity from buying wards or oracles. If either are necessary, be a team played and chip in.

  • How to ult properly

    :::::TEAM FIGHTS:::::
    Your ult has 3 different uses in a team fight:
    1. Initiation
    2. Zoning
    3. Damage output
    4. Helping the team escape an unfavorable fight

    1. Typically there are better initiations, but dropping this on a key area such as baron or a tower as your team rushes to get in there can be very effective. The damage and slow can cause a disruption in their coordination, and may disrupt their positioning.

    2. Your ult can also be used to keep enemies out of a key area. If your enemy's friends are coming to help, this can force them to either take a different path or cause them to take damage and be slowed. This is more effective when in the jungle.

    3. This is your ult's most common use, as well as its most difficult one. You need to wait for the enemy to commit to the fight (i.e. if the enemy Amumu or Malphite ults, the fight will generally take place in that area) before you drop it, so the enemy simply doesn't just walk away or through it, and so the majority of the cannon balls will hit. This takes patience and practice, but eventually you'll learn the right time to ult.

    4. Sometimes things just go wrong. Help your team escape by ulting the enemy's chase path. If they run through it, they will most likely be damage and slowed, which might give you the opportunity to turn that shit around and win the fight.

    :::::Other uses:::::
    1. Defending towers
    2. Helping ganks
    3. Finishing off low health champions

    1. Sometimes no one's around to defend the tower, and there's a big minion wave or and enemy there that's gonna drop the tower. It happens. Position the center of your ult in the center of the minion wave, and all the minions will die within 2-4 seconds wit a few exceptions. Usually this is enough to defend a tower, unless you're facing an exceptionally large wave or a really strong enemy push. Be sure someone will get there soon though, as the next wave is still a threat.

    2. This has the same uses as it does for team fights, but using method 3 is the best in most situations.

    3. This is my least favorite use of my ult by far. Lets face it, your ult can be really unreliable at times. Sometimes you men drink too much, forget to put on their glasses, and can't hit shit. The enemy causally walks past EVERY SINGLE GOD DAMN CANNONBALL and recalls at peace. This is incredibly frustrating and a waste of an ultimate, and will most likely result in a "/all sick ult pirate" from the enemy. If you do want to try this, make sure you position the ult so that they're most likely to get hit, i.e. put the center on where they're recalling or place the center slightly ahead of them if they're running in a certain direction. If you do get a kill, good for you, you're a greedy pirate and you profit from it. If you don't, it should be up in 100 seconds or so, so it isn't a huge waste.

  • Things to watch out for

    Enemies stacking lots of armor: This will lower your damage output significantly, so be ready to get an early last whisper if you see this

    Exhaust: really hurts your damage output and kills your movement speed, making you very vulnerable.

    Blind: Disables your auto attacks, but fortunately, not parrrley

    Characters with any spell shields or abilities that stop physical attacks: Pretty much everything that can stop something will stop parrrley. Be ready to deal with it.

    Ignite: This will cut your heal from Remove Scurvy as well as deal more damage, essentially negating it, which can seriously mess you up early game

    Silence: This can also mess up your Remove scurvy, as sometimes you will get the cleanse effect but not the healing effect when silenced due to the buggy nature of this game. Try to wait for the silence to end before pressing w, unless you're in a seriously life-threatening situation.

    Another Gangplank: You must be better than him. Period.

    Spell Shields: They will completely negate your parrrley, including physical ones like Pantheon's Aegis. Assuming your enemy is competent and will actually block your damage, be prepared when going one-on-one with one of these characters as they can bait you into an unfavorable situation. Certain shields will still apply your grog debuff (like Pantheon's), but others won't (like banshee's), be knowledgeable.

  • Dominion???

    So the new gametype is pretty fun, and after playing several games with gangplank, I've come to the conclusion taht he's pretty damn strong on the map. I am by no means an expert on the new gametype, but I thought I'd just share what I've experienced so far as well as a few tips/tricks.

    I generally use the same runes/masteries/build, with a few exceptions.

    I honestly don't know what summoner spells are best in this mode, but I'm a definite fan of exhaust due to its crippling 1v1 potential.

    At the start I get 1 point in each skill and I go for boots and either a cloak of agility or a prospector's blade.

    From there build tank-trinity/atmas or critplank with a Sanguine blade and/or entropy. Cooldown reduction boots are great here because of how broken your ult can be.

    -You can be a gigantic asshole with your ult and stop captures anywhere for up to 10 seconds with a property positioned ult.
    -Your E is great here, abuse it whenever possible, especially at the start of the game during the race to the windmill top
    -You rarely need to go back to base as long as you pop W once or twice and grab 1-2 health packs when necessary
    -You excel at chasing and 1v1ing, just make sure you don't get 3v1'd out of nowhere (pay attention to the map)
    -You are one of the fastest characters in the game with your Raise morale, abuse your mobility for caping points and ganking.

    Obviously this section is subject to debate/updates, and I'll tweak it once people actually learn how to play dominion properly.

  • Trollplank's OUTDATED Guide to Raise Morale

    *Why does it say outdated now? What happened?
    They removed the minion targeting aspect of raise morale?


    I'm hacking the servers to reinstall the old patch. And possibly changing Parrrley's base damage from 120 to 1200.


    Sup noobs, I'm here to tell you how to use raise morale to make sure your team knows how awesome you really are. Feel free to deny friend requests at will after this shit.
    Things to shoot:
    1. Allied Wards: your ally just spent 90 gold to ward an important area. Guess what, you need to move faster. Kill that ward and get back to farming faster. Wards are overrated anyway.
    *edit: WTF i cant kill these things anymore. They only cost 75 gold now and they're immune to troll bullets LAME AS FUCK BRO

    2. Annie's Tibbers: Annie is clearly too difficult of a character to play while moving Tibbers at the same time. Relieve her strenuous burden by sending that bear back to...wherever the hell it goes. It'll be back. Take note that by level 3 that bear will wise up to your shit and beef up a little. Now he takes two shots, so use caution when taking him down.

    3. Heimerdinger: That little nerd is too attached to his turrets. Those turrets steal your gold, so put that afro-having bookworm back to work by busting his turrets. Note this was much more effective when heimer had 5 turrets and had to manually upgrade every one from yellow to red. You could keep him working all day, and have races between how fast he could build and how fast you could wreck his shit. That's a race where everybody wins.

    4. Malzahar: This guy thinks he's so cool, floating around everywhere. Why don't you tell us all how to fly Malzadick? Keep shooting his scrawny little minions till he shares his secret. UMAD BROZAHAR? These clever insults will get to him, trust me. If that isn't enough here's a few more. Malzabad, Malzasuck, Malzafail(save that gem for when he fucks something up), and MalzaResponsibleForSpreadingAids.

    5. Mordekaiser: This guy is actually kinda scary, and you don't want to get that metal shit in your eyes. You can't shoot his pet, so don't try.

    6. Shaco: So your best buddy Shaco's setting up a bunch of Jack in the boxes at lizard. Everyone knows it only takes 4 jack in the boxes to kill lizard, not 6. Correct his mistakes by standing next to him and shooting every jack in the box he puts down. If he puts them down too fast tell him, preferably in all chat, that he's putting down too many clown toys at lizard, and that someone needs to come deal with this shit. If he starts yelling at you, tell him that the twisted fate's passive is giving you 2 gold for ever box, and that the team is profiting from your bold judgment calls. You can try and shoot that creepy-ass doppelganger he gets later on but it never seems to work.

    7. Teemo: Give the stupid Koala something to do. Shoot his mushrooms for fun and watch him scamper around trying to fix the mess you're making. If he asks why in god's name you keep doing this, tell him that the enemy team has oracles, and that you're denying them from getting the gold for killing his mushrooms. He will thank you at the victory screen. *If he tries to tell you that they removed the gold gain from killing mushrooms, tell him that they patched it back, he has no way of knowing.

    8. The Last minion that's helping you push a tower: Let the tank tank the tower that's all his fat ass is good for. Teemo's tanking it now? Little rat's fine he's got move quick. Oh he died. Shoulda moved quicker.

    This is all I have for now bros but be creative (not that you'll ever be on my level, but whatev). Btw ignore this I am the Walrus guy. How does he answer people anyway, "I am I am the Walrus?" That tard sounds like he's stuttering. Who the fuck names them self after an obscure Monkees song anyway, what a fag. Ignore that shit he says about Avarices too, you get sooo much gold for stacking 4 of them. It's totally hre;/ehnar'igqjherio[

  • RE Trollplank

    I told you I'd get you for stacking those. ANYWAY, back to the guide. Oh, seems like he was working on something else too.

    "How to be a team player: 1.Always steal kills with parrrley, even if you have to ghost and flash to get there, because you get the bonus gold, and that means more gold for the team from that kill."

    Yea that's probably not the best idea.

  • If for some reason you feel like playing tankplank and you aren't jungling

    Ever since they added the innate slow to your passive, tankplank has become exceedingly more viable. While not as fun as Critplank, he can still work and is generally pretty viable in most situations.

    If you're going to play tankplank, your masteries, runs, summoner abilities, and skilling order should be the same. The only thing that differs is your build order, which should be something like this with obvious changes depending on teamcomp/playstyle.

    1.[item=Meki Pendant] or Doran's Shield Same start
    2.[item=Mercury Treads] Same boots
    3. Warmog's Armor Good health and great synergy with Atma's
    4. Trinity Force good damage and a fair amount of utility
    5. Atma's Impaler This only slightly adds to your defense, but it allow you to actually do some decent damage
    6. Spirit Visage Boosted heal, cooldown reduction, and magic resist, nice and cheap too
    7. Sunfire Cape More health plus more damage, never a bad idea to get one of these whenever you need one, feel free to grab this before a mallet if you really need the armor.

    Things like these can also be substituted in
    Aegis of the Legion Great aura + boosted damage
    Frozen Heart plenty of armor, mana, and cooldown reduction, and a good aura
    [item=Soul Shroud] Good team aura plus health
    Banshee's Veil Good against magic users
    Randuin's Omen Adds more utility and crowd control
    Manamune If you want more damage and want to do something with that meki

    *side note: my tankplank friend likes to buy a sunfire and stand in his ult, declaring that he's the eye of the storm. This would be really cool, if that wasn't the exact opposite definition of eye of the storm.

    All in all tankplank can be fun, but he is only viable if you force the other team to focus you by aggressively assaulting the enemy with your passive and sticking on a target, only running when both sides are committed and you've done all you can do. If they're smart, they'll just fight around you unless you're insanely farmed, thus negating your role as a tank. Still, he's more viable than Ap gangplank.

  • AP gangplank? wut

    Crap I shouldn't have said that. Take note that this is for Practice games only, as your team will most likely hate you.

    Same masteries, runes, etc, although you might want more magic penetration.

    So the idea behind AP gangplank is to use Lichbane to make Parrrley hurt while having a devastating ult and a surprisingly strong heal. It can be fun, but requires a ton of farm. His heal scales at a 1:1 ratio and with Lichbane Parrrley consistently hurts, but will pretty much never crit. His ult doesn't have the best scaling, but magic penetration makes it hit pretty damn hard, and the cannonballs do fall very fast, so if several hit, it's a lot of damage. Problem is you're really weak for a long time and require even more items than normal Gangplank, which is what makes this completely not viable. Still, it can be fun to try in a practice for the sheer lolz value.

    Typical Build:
    1. Doran's Ring Same as always
    2. Lich Bane So Parrrley isn't useless, buy sheen first then upgrade to lich once you have a good amount of ap
    3. Sorcerer's Shoes For the magic penetration
    4. Mejai's Soulstealer More quick ap, optional though if you aren't confident
    5. Zhonya's Hourglass/ Rabadon's Deathcap Duh
    6. Deathfire Grasp Cooldown reduction and another source of damage]
    7. Void Staff more magic penetration
    or whatever other silly item you want to buy.

    Try and farm as much as possible and good luck kid, you'll need it

    *I've been told that with parrrley the bonus ap damage from a lichbane CAN NOT crit, so don't bother going hybrid.

  • Q&A section

    "Why no Sheen or Trinity Force"
    -Trinity Force scales with dps additively, not multiplicitively. Dps is determind by Attack damge, attack speed, and crit, and the trinity force proc is unaffected by all three of those (besides base attack damage), meaning that it is less efficient in terms of increasing your total dps for the price than other high end ad carry items like infinity edge. Yes it does give a little attack damage, crit, and attack speed, but for the price, and infinity edge is always stronger when combined with other dps items. As a stand alone item trinity is great, which is why trinity+tank is so popular these days.

    "Why no boots of _____"
    -Boots of speed are completely overshadowed by the benefits of mercury treads, and don't really add that much movement speed. Gangplank gets plenty of bonus movement speed from level 2 boots.
    -Boots of mobility are fine until you enter combat, which you tend to do frequently as gangplank. Essentially nothing more than overpriced level 2 boots with no added stats. These are for roamers and initiators, and you are neither of these.
    -Ninja tabi are usually never worth it due to the armor you get from Atma's and (if needed) Sunfire. It's much harder to buy magic resist than it is armor, so mercury treads win again. Ninja Tabi are only really useful when combined with dodge runes and the numbelness mastery, neither of which you will have. Still, these are very occasionally useful if they have a team of 5 auto attackers, so use your best judgement.

    "Why should I listen to you"
    -Gangplank is responsible for a pretty big chunk of my solo queue wins in season 1, and so far him and Alistar have got me into the platinum bracket in solo queue ELO, so I'm doing something right apparently.

    "Why is this guide so long"
    -I have a lot to say and wanted to make it definitive. Also, I wanted to add some humor as well, hopefully some of you got a laugh out of it at least.

    "Can i add you"
    -Sure go for it, I'll talk whenever I'm free.

    "Can i play with you"
    -If I'm sitting online not doing anything then sure. I'm kind of picky about solo queue ranked but I'm up for a normal whenever or even ranked 5v5 if you've got a solid group and I'm not busy.

    "Why are you so awesome"
    -This will obviously be the most frequent question, so...who am I kidding.

  • Conclusion

    I hope you enjoyed reading this or at least got something out of it. If not, well then I just wasted about 15 minutes of your time, ball's in your court.

    Seriously though, I appreciate any support or feedback, and will try to update this whenever necessary. I also wrote a Kayle guide back before they turned her into a good character (and then nerfed her back to obscurity, sigh), and have been trying to keep that up to date ever since, so check that out if you want. My name in LoL is the same as it is here so feel free to add me if you want.

    Please rate and comment, and let me know if there's any errors.
    I am the Walrus

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