Zilean Build Guide

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18to88's Guide to Time Jesus

written by 18to88

Zilean Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Heightened Learning
    A decent passive, it gives your team a little edge in the laning phase.

    Time Bomb
    Zil's main attack, great for harassing and with double bombing, provides easy farming.

    Zil's core ability. This ability allows for double bombs and chain slows.

    Time Warp
    Nice ability that allows a low HP teammate to escape or to keep an enemy from escaping.

    Chrono Shift
    Awesome ultimate, there's nothing much to say. It gives Zil the Jesus ability to be Time Jesus :D

  • Introduction

    Welcome to 18to88's Guide to Time Jesus. My ELO isn't in the upper echelon of League players nor is my skill level, but i've seen too many Zil's play with a poor build and end up going 1/6/1. This guide will help teach you the PROPER way to play Zilean.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Nothing special, just the standard 9/0/21 build.

    For runes:
    Greater Mark of Insight

    Greater Seal of Clarity

    Greater Glyph of Focus

    For quints, it's a matter of personal preference. Two of the best are:
    Greater Quintessence of Focus

    Greater Quintessence of Fortitude

  • Summoner Abilities

    Clarity and Flash

    Flash helps for getting out of ganks or if you need to place a bomb or slow on a fleeing enemy.
    Clarity will give you extra time in the lane along with the extra regen from your runes and masteries.

    If you're confident with your escaping ability, then spell=Clairvoyance is a good alternative to Flash

    Alot of people tend to take ghost on Zilean, but there's really no place for it. Time Warp IS your ghost.

  • Items

    More than likely, you'll be in a side lane for your game. Zilean benefits well from the solo xp in mid, but mid is better left for your carry.
    Start with a Doran's Ring and Health Potion and head to your lane. Or if you're against non-upgrading items, then Sapphire Crystal and 2 Health Potion is your next best bet.

    Your magic gold number is 1675, 1275 if you started with a Sapphire Crystal. After you hit that number, head back and grab Glacial Shroud. With this, runes and masteries, you'll have over 36% CDR.

    Your next item will be your boots. Your boots choice will depend on the opposing team comp. Heavy on magic/cc? Grab Mercury's Treads. Lots of auto-attackers? Then Ninja Tabi is your best bet.

    Afterwards, it's time to start on Archangel's Staff. Grab whatever parts of Tear of the Goddess that you can. After that, grab a Blasting Wand then fill it out whenever you can.

    Those 3 items are your core build. After you have them, it's time to start working on survivability. More often than not, I end up grabbing Guardian Angel. With this, it saves you from having to ult yourself when you could have ulted the carry.

    The next items will depend on the enemy team comp. If they're heavy on magic damage, then get either [item=Force of Nature] or Banshee's Veil. if they're heavy on physical attacks and/or melee, get Thornmail or upgrade Glacial Shroud into Frozen Heart

  • Skilling Order


    Max out bombs ASAP, then Rewind. I've tried Maxing out TW before Rewind, but it just doesn't work. Having Rewind on a 3 second CD is alot more beneficial than slowing an enemy for an extra half a second.

  • Working in the team

    As you can see from the items, this guide is meant for Zilean to play as full support. Some people will say "but 18, Zilean's AP ratios on his bombs are almost 1:1 which allows him to nuke really hard." Stop...just stop. If you want to nuke, go play Annie...or Ryze, or Veigar. Go look up their guides and stay off of the Zilean page >.>
    Zilean's bomb scaling is too poor late game to play AP.

    In team fights, your main goal is to keep your carry alive, whoever that may be. But while you're waiting for the opportunity to ult them, start putting bombs up and casting TW accordingly. After your ult is down, be sure to cast Rewind whenever it is up. That way if a fight gets dragged out long enough, you'll be able to save 2 people. Remember, you are the SUPPORT, you're not there to get kills. Sure, it's great to get a few kills, but your main focus is to make sure your carry is getting the majority of the kills.

  • Summary

    If you made it this far, then thank you for reading :D
    Any comments are appreciated, but please keep the flaming to a minimum. Add me in-game if you have any questions.

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