Singed Build Guide

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Roalith's Singed Guide

written by Roalith

Singed Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Empowered Bulwark
    Great passive for our hybrid master, as this will give a noticed hp boost. However, we will not be going out of our way to feed this passive as it isn't worth building around! Some people get a tear early but I have tested this and found it just not worth it.

    Poison Trail
    This skill is not, as most people believe, a press Q and profit ability. A true Singed player masters the ability to toggle this skill on and off to keep the mana shortage from happening. Don't run around with this on nonstop unless you have a means to keep your mana up! Even then I don't do it, it's just poor form!

    Mega Adhesive
    This skill is great for saving yourself, saving team members, kiting, initiating, following up a previously used Fling, and other things. You can easily fling over walls to prevent people from getting away or to save a team member that is on the other side of the wall...You can throw it into the enemy team to slow your target for the incoming fling, you can even fling someone first and then lay MA after to slow them...Or, what I feel is really insulting to an enemy is to lay MA and then fling them back into it(hardest one to pull off).

    This is the game winner here. The way I play singed there is almost never a case where someone can escape this punishment when I choose them as my target. With boots + runes + masteries + ult + ghost, good luck escaping this Mad Chemist. You can easily use this to fling someone off of a team member in trouble, fling someone into your team to initiate, use it in 1vX situations to buy yourself time to kite, or even fling a target over a narrow wall(hardest to pull off but most rewarding).

    Insanity Potion
    Really nice ult, serves perfectly for this guy's usual playstyle, and truly makes this guy deserve the nickname of "The Mad Chemist"! This skill is so useful in many different ways. A good singed player will always read the situation at hand and determine when to use this and how to use it. Sometimes popping ghost + ult to initiate a hard to get carry will be required. Most often I pop it to help kiting and for healing. A good use is to save it for when you are missing a large chunk of health and being chased, people are so intent on killing you that they ignore your poison damage while just looking at your health bar. Flee into a bush, pop this, fling one of the chasers as they enter the bush to finish you, and then juke back the way you all came from.

  • Introduction

    Hi my name is Roalith, and I play League of Legends a lot. I mostly solo queue and I have 1200+ wins. I feel singed is one of the absolute strongest champions in the game when played properly. Anytime my friends want a no-nonsense game where they want a win, they insist that I play as Singed. He is my best character, and I know him quite well. You will sometimes feel like a god playing as Singed, and other times you may feel like never playing him again(rarely) if you have a very slow start.

    Singed does not require a good start to be functional, but he does require farming and/or a good start to be what I feel his job is. I think singed makes a great initiator, especially when at a standoff at an enemy turret where no side wants to make a move. This may be an example where everyone is just too spread out for your tank to initiate properly so you pop your ult + ghost and fling their closest squishy out for an instant 4v5 conversion.

    Singed can also be used as the main tank if required but I feel he is most useful as the second tank/off-tank.

  • Masteries + Runes

    For masteries I run a 9/6/15 build. Going to magic pen in offense, magic resist and armor in defense, and movement speed in utility.

    I originally played singed as a 9/0/21, then moved to a 0/21/9, then a 0/15/15, and I've always felt the best balance to be 9/6/15.

    I came to this conclusion after a match when I was reflecting on things including my masteries and not wanting to be a cookie cutter spec, and realized that the bottom of the utility tree just doesn't offer a lot for Singed because the extra cooldown reduction isn't as useful as on other champs(you're mostly going to initiate/kite), and the summoner spell reduction just isn't worth the point investment when I can get 6 magic resistance and armor in defense.

    Greater Quintessence of Swiftness x3

    I take movement speed quints without a question because singed is an amazing kite champion and his biggest quality is mobility. These really help a lot with your ult+ghost combo and I have had so many times where I have been chased and barely escaped thanks to these quints. Another alternative could be flat health quints which would solve your problem of having less then 500 hp at level 1, but the health quints quickly become a regret as you farm and build tanky items and realize that you wished you had the extra movement speed at end-game.

    Greater Seal of Clarity x9

    I used to take dodge yellows and also tried flat armor yellows but I find that for my playstyle the mana regen is needed. This allows other team members to get blue buff and leaves you able to skip building a mana regen item. If you are conservative with your poison the Clarity seals are enough early game and more then enough late game. You can still run yourself out of mana though if you lane very aggressive with fling and mega adhesive and poison, the mana doesn't go far in that case but you only want to play that way if it is going to net you kills.

    Greater Glyph of Shielding x9

    Singed is a great kite champion so I feel his biggest danger is magic damage. These 9 glyphs help you less early game but more in mid/late game.

    *EDIT* - Prior to this version of the guide I ran 6 per level and 3 flat Magic Resist glyphs. I now feel that with your 6 points in defense going all 9 per-level is much more effective for our crazy playstyle!

    Greater Mark of Insight x9

    Magic pen is the best option here to help your fling and poison do more damage. Very useful marks early game, and a little boost to help you kite late game.

  • Items

    I cannot give a strict item list and say "HERE USE THIS EVERY GAME!!"! A good player cannot use a cookie cutter build every single match, you must adapt yourself as needed. Almost every build I have ever seen for any champion is not perfectly viable if it gives you 6 set in stone items to use every single game. Comps change, enemy comps change, you will need to be open-minded with your champion builds and be willing to counter-pick items based on both your team and the enemy team.

    My only core on any match at all is choice of boots + Rod of Ages. After that I am constantly reading my enemies' items and basing all remaining equipment accordingly.

    I will say that I tried a pure tank Singed and felt damage was too low to even finish off low-hp enemies, I then tried a pure AP singed which is completely epic when you get the rare easy games that allow it to be possible. Then I tried a hybrid that worked the best with a good balance to it. After trying some longer core builds I decided that everything is REQUIRED to be varied according to the situation and game itself, and the only core items should be your boots and Rod of Ages

    On to the build!

    I always start my game with Boots of Speed and then either 3 Health Potion or Health Potion + Sight Ward.

    As soon as possible after gathering 650+ gold go back to get your Boots of Swiftness. You won't need Ninja Tabi(they have to catch you to hit you silly!), and you can get Tenacity elsewhere and have no reason to even consider Merc's. Have these fast boots this early in the game will give your lane an extreme advantage and is likely to cause early rage or even a disconnect before the first team fight.

    Rod of Ages - This is our second core item and you will want to start with catalyst first, or ruby first then catalyst if you are having a tough game. Getting this item directly after boots gives you the chance to get the max boost pretty early. Some people make 2 of these if they get kills early but I find that 1 is more then enough and lets you immediately focus on your real tank items.

    [item=Force of Nature] - Third and final core item. Magic Resist is going to be needed in 99% of every game you tank in and this item gives the most possible for 1 item slot. The hp regen is just great for our Singed, and the movement speed just means more control for you, and more frustration for the enemy team! This item has amazing Synergy with our run/mastery setup combined with Boots of Swiftness


    Randuin's Omen - I like to take this if either the enemy team has several AD champs or if I know I am going to be the main initiator on all team fights. Popping your ult + ghost, rushing in, laying your MA, activating this item, and flinging someone out can very often decide the outcome of a team fight. The slows on the omen are awesome, the armor is great, hp is always nice along with the regen, and the CDR helps a little(though not as much as certain other champs).

    Banshee's Veil - Our Singed is a true Mad Chemist and he requires a crazy playstyle. Certain times you will be in a match where you cannot initiate due to a certain character CC'ing you before you get to your target. Banshee's Veil is a wonderful item to counter this, and there have been many occasions where enemy teams have seen me build a Veil + Guardian's Angel and then just openly surrender out of frustration. This item combined with Force of Nature will truly make you unstoppable against heavy AP teams!

    Thornmail - Thornmail is what I go for if after randuin's and other options are exhausted I know I'm still having trouble with physical damage. Also, I like to play a lot of 3v3 games and if you notice early on that the enemy team is all 3 AD, build one very early(right after RoA hopefully). Sometimes it just becomes too much for someone to finally counter your movement speed advantage only to realize that they can't attack you without killing themselves.

    Guardian Angel - Some teams will make it a point to focus you, or maybe you need a good item balanced to counter both AD and AP teams. Enter Guardian Angel! Medium armor, decent magic resist, and best of all a free revive once every few minutes. Prepare to see a few surrenders just from people seeing the aura around you!

    Sunfire Cape - This can be a good item to build but you need to use your judgement in the game. If the enemy team is not giving you any trouble and you don't feel you need to complete one of the above items a Sunfire Cape is nice at times!

    [item=Rylai's Scepter] - If I am having issues with characters that are too fast to kite(rare) or if I just need more hp or damage. I often skip Rylai's unless I NEED the snare though because the snare does discourage people from chasing you, which means not as many kills from people that are 100% intent on finishing you off. If you notice you're having trouble kiting and need more ability to survive then Rylai's is great for that match! Also this can be used both offensively and defensively to set your team up for kills or to slow someone to save your team(zig-zag across the lane to put an effective poison wall across to give your team an easy retreat when needed). I feel that I build this item in maybe 20-30% of my games, it really depends on how you and your team are interacting with the enemy team. This item does discourage kiting as people will notice the slow and turn around.

    Warmog's Armor - If you do plan to get this it is best to get it early to make sure you can get it farmed quickly. I do not consider this to be a core item at all and to be honest I rarely ever build it.

    [item=Eleisa's Miracle] - If you do need Tenacity this is your item to go for. Mana regen, even more health regen to stack with your other regen items, and 25 Tenacity!

    Moonflair Spellblade - This is your Tenacity item of choice if you like to be more offensive and don't mind losing out on the extra regen. I tend to think that if the enemy team is really beefy I like the extra regen to help kiting and if they are overall a squishy team feel free to grab this for faster kills/assists.

  • Summoner Abilities

    I almost always run Ghost + Teleport.

    Ghost - I fell that ghost is an absolute requirement for singed. I rarely play against an enemy singed that gives me trouble if they do not take ghost. It's like trying to play mord without ignite, rarely is it pulled off effectively in comparison. Ghost is perfect to stack with your ult or to use them seperately for a slower but longer movement speed duration.

    Teleport - This puts you where you need or want to be on the map, and quickly. If enemies are out somewhere and you teleport in, it's hopeless for them to get away most times. This also allows you to teleport to a turret to defend against creep waves and get in some quick farming.

    You can also use it in a manner similiar to the Twisted Fate ult, except with no warning to the enemies over their heads. Essentially find a friendly object or npc on the map close to where you want to gank and pop in on them for an easy kill(bonus points if the object is in a nearby bush!)! Teleport is also extremely useful for backdooring when the enemy team is distracted for a minute and you have minions or a friendly object in the enemy base. A trick I like to do is to go farm a lane but stay on my team's side, let my icon pop up on their map, let them start to come gank me, then teleport into their nexus for the win. If you notice a team member is in trouble you can teleport to their rescue, or you could even teleport on the minion closest to the enemy to scare him from chasing your friend. There are so many uses for this spell that it is hard for me to play a Singed game without it. Your ult gives you the ability to backdoor the enemy inhibs and nexus and it is very unexpected to them.

    Flash - I have also tried Flash which is pretty nice but you already have so much speed that it's just overkill.
    On 3v3 I have been using ghost+flash often instead of ghost/teleport due to people dodging my game when they see me having teleport. Flash is extremely useful for finishing an enemy who is running away low health. Toggle poison on and flash in front of their running direction and fling. The poison+fling almost always gets them if they were already low. Also great if you have someone cc you then try to run away low health, just flash to them. Also, enemies such as corki or tryn who go through a wall to escape while low will end up being frustrated when you predict that movement and also flash through to fling/poison for an easy kill.

    Ignite - I've seen this used on singed players before. Yes it does go nicely with your poison, and might get you an extra kill but I find teleport to be so much more useful, often getting me more extra kills then ignite could have. To me I feel that poison+fling is enough in most cases, and the rare case that ignite may have gotten you the kill teleport is still more useful overall on singed.

    Heal - Ok so heal is for noobs blah blah blah. Sometimes though, it does have a place on your team. Mostly I am talking about Twisted Treeline. I have tried this spell out a few times on this map and it is very useful for getting first blood if the enemy team tries one of the popular level 1 team fights. It can also outright cause a surrender if the enemy team has to deal with chasing you down, losing 1-2 people, and then having you heal and escape death. It gives them a confidence barrier where they believe that no matter what they try they will never kill you. My best ghost+heal game on Twisted Treeline I believe was 18/1/20+. Singed is already godly on the map, heal is just brutal.

    Anything else could be useful situationally but I find the first 2 above the best for my playstyle and for frustrating the opponents.

  • Skilling Order

    If you are going for first blood use this one :

    If you are absolutely not going to try to get a first blood then use this one :

    You can also go heavy into Mega Adhesive early on if the extra slow will help you get a carry fed.

  • Pros / Cons

    Pros :
    -Decent damage for a hybrid tank
    -Huge annoyance to enemy team, to the point of singlehandedly causing surrenders or rage quits
    -High ability to stay alive if you build according to each game and play smart
    -Very fast, anyone would be hard pressed to outrun you
    -Huge map mobility and control due to speed, ult, ghost, teleport, etc

    Cons :
    -Shut down pretty hard with CC as this is what prevents you from kiting and doing your thing
    -Can be sometimes hard to lane against ranged opponents due to not having a good ranged ability, or by having an opponent not intimidated at all by your poison
    -Lane often pushed further then a ranged last hit champ would play due to poison trail. I am all for last hitting but with singed I clear creeps with poison toggle starting at the beginning of the game(level 1 or 2 depending on first skill choice).

  • Working in the team

    Ok some games you will be the whole team, as in you will solo the whole enemy team sometime, annoy them all the time, and have so much speed that your team might just want to sit back and watch you work.

    In a good game though you will play the role of offtank/initiator in team battles, while maintaining a role of a medium dps annoyance all game beginning to end. You will want to make a lot of use of kiting.

  • Tips and Tricks

    A good way to kite if you're dying is to right click the direction you're running, then target fling onto the guy chasing you while your poison is up, and run the way he came from. I have never had an instance where the opponent's autoattack landed before the last fling. Essentially you are extremely low on health, he chooses to keep chasing you hoping for that last hit, and you suddenly swap directions, fling him further the way you were previously going, and escape the way you just came from. This will always kill a low hp champ, and even someone that was chasing you with high health will have to stop and decide if it is worth it to switch directions and navigate all that poison again.

    Make sure to exploit bushes to your advantage as well. Popping in and out of bushes, hiding in a bush, or running in a bush then back out the direction you just came from are all good strategies that should be practiced. For example if you are low hp and have someone coming up on you that requires a click on you to activate their skill, fade into a bush, when they get close to you, fling them over the bush and sprint out the way they came from, leaving poison behind for them to choke on.

    Also remember Fog of War on this game can be exploited so heavily to keep your enemies on their toes and wondering what you are up to. Whether you go out of their fog view to base, gank another area, backdoor, wait for a team member to come help, or to flank or reposition yourself for a gank on the same person, it is a very useful feature on the game that more people should pay attention to!

    There are so many other little tips and tricks to this guy but it is late and I am forgetful, more tomorrow I'm sure!

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