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AP Blitzcrank, The Correct way

written by Nemmisis205

Blitzcrank Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    Hello to one and all who decide to look at this guide I suppose. I call this "The Correct Way" because all of the AP Blitz guides I have seen lack a little something. I'm going to avoid dazzling everyone with numbers unless I get enough requests to dazzle with numbers.

    Also, this build is a support tank with a bit (actually, a lot more than a bit) of damage. Your goal is to be as helpful to your team as possible. YOU ARE NOT THE CARRY! Ok? Ok.

    So, without further ado, let's get this goin'.

  • How the Recent Patches have Effected Blitz

    Since the infamous 107 patch, the overly tanky meta-game has been destroyed. This has actually been an indirect buff to this Blitz build. There are now more squishies for Blitz to kill/assist these days. Also, Zhonya's Hourglass if finally a great direct item for Blitz. We needed this. I'm still scared though, I just feel like a nerf-bat is just around the corner...

  • Abilities

    Mana Barrier
    Blitzcrank's Mana Barrier can activate once a minute when he hits 20% Health. This creates a Mana Shield with 50% of his mana.

    This has saved my life countless time. If you've even played one game as Blitz (even if you played the bad DPS builds) this has probably saved you too. With my build, this ability becomes extremely useful. Other guides say don't rely on it. I say abuse it. If you have near max mana and it's up, go tower dive someone with 300 life (later in game of course). Seriously.

    Also helpful to trick that silly Master Yi who thinks he can dive you and live.

    Armor and Magic Rez factor into your shield. (Thanks to McSlaughter for that info)

    With the new update, Mana Barrier doesn't take or refund any mana. This makes me very, very happy. :D

    Rocket Grab
    Blitzcrank fires his right hand, if it encounters an enemy unit it will stun them and deal 60 / 120 / 180 / 240 / 300 (+.8 AP Ratio) magic damage while he pulls them to himself.

    This is the move Blitzcrank is known for. It is a skill shot, so it can be hard to land, but it is absolutely necessary to get good at landing RG's to be a good Blitz. If you find yourself having trouble, play Ezreal for a few matches.

    This has a .8 AP ratio. THIS IS HUGE! Also, the cd is between 22 and 18 secs without cd reduction.

    Btw, if you didn't know, you can pull enemies through walls and forest. Can't steal Baron from his home anymore tho.

    Blitzcrank super charges himself to increase Movement Speed by 16 / 20 / 24 / 28 / 32% and attack speed by 30 / 38 / 46 / 54 / 62% for 8 seconds.

    Amazingly versatile move. Use it to chase, escape, push, and take towers. Also, get good at determining good times to use it.

    Update: Overdrive no longer has any form of underdrive associated with it in any way. I don't know why they keep buffing Blitz, but I'm liking it. I'm just scared of the storm of nerfs that I feel he will get eventually.

    Power Fist
    Blitzcrank charges up his fist to make his next attack deal double his base attack damage and pop his target up in the air.

    This is a fancy way of saying "I R STUN U!" This has 3 major uses.

    1. "I R STUN U!"
    2. Stun-n-Run. You should be about the same distance away as if you just ran, but they have less health, meaning that if someone comes to help, you will surely be getting at least an assist.
    3. Taking out towers (in case of arguments, it really does do double damage on towers. Seriously).

    *Note: I do not know the exact amount of time on Knocked Airborne. If anyone has info, that would be amazing.

    Static Field
    Passive: Lightning arcs off of Blitzcrank to hit a random nearby enemy for 100 / 200 / 300 (+0 ability power) magic damage every 2.5 seconds.

    Active: Deal 250/375/500 (+1.0 AP Ratio) magic damage silencing targets for 0.5 seconds. The passive is not in effect during the cooldown.

    Before I say anything else, I'd like to point out that this has a 1:1 AP:Damage. Remember me yelling .8 being huge? WELL THIS IS ENORMOUS!

    This move has a .5 second silence, which isn't much, but it does stop Death Lotus , Absolute Zero , Requiem , and Crowstorm (before Fiddle teleports of course) or any other major channel moves I may have missed.

    Also, the AoE is big, but not enormous. Not that it matters because this only has a 30 second CD.

    Update: Static Field now has a 30 second cd. :O Epicness. However, it no longer targets stealthed units. Ah well, completely worth it.

  • Summoner Abilities

    With summoner abilities, I would suggest either Exhaust + Flash or Exhaust + Ghost . While the days of flashgrabbing are behind us all, flash is still extremely helpful for setting up grabs. Ghost does offer more versatility though.

    Other options are Teleport , [spell=fortify] , and Ignite .

    I would have to persuade specifically to not get Clarity . In this build, the only time there is a shortage of mana is the first 3ish levels. It quickly becomes useless.

    Ogly made a good point on the comments, Clairvoyance is a great spell to throw on Blitz if you are good with it. I, personally, am no good with it, but it is a good alternative to Exhaust. I wouldn't suggest trading your movement Summoner spells for it though.

    Edit: After learning how to Clairvoyance, I have decided that it is much, much, much better than Exhaust. Your team will love you for stopping ganks before they even happen. Since exhaust mostly helpful for early game kills, it becomes less useful mid-to-late game. Clairvoyance, however, is useful throughout the entire match.

  • Masteries + Runes

    At the moment I'm too lazy to look up the names of the runes,

    however, they are

    Marks = Magic Pen
    Glyphs = Scale CD Reduction
    Seals = Evasion
    Quints = CD Reduction or Movement Speed. Blitz is really slow.

    Masteries should be 0/9/21. The health and mana regen are boss.

    Or you could go with 9 in offense for the CD Reduction and Magic pen.

    Edit: After running 9/0/21 often, I feel this is much better than 0/9/21

  • Items

    I will put down build order first and justify later (like, when I explain playing Blitz).

    1. Sapphire Crystal + Mana pot + Health Pot
    2. Finish Catalyst the Protector
    3. Get a Blasting Wand and finish Rod of Ages if possible.
    This is usually around the 15 min mark if the game is going decently.

    4. Boots of Swiftness or Mercury's Treads.
    5. Get your Sheen.
    6. Choose between getting Void Staff or finishing Lich Bane
    7. Whatever you didn't do at 6

    This is core build. Situational items include:

    Zhonya's Hourglass

  • Skilling Order

    Because of the recent buff to Overdrive, I find it much more useful than Power Fist. But you must have one point on it at least.

  • Build Example


    This is the finished build. Please note that it won't generally get past void staff, especially if you are performing your duties as a tank well.

  • Pros / Cons


    I can kill you, and take the aggro, and assist the team.
    Rocket Grab ftw
    Unlike what the tier lists say, a good blitz can change games.
    Amazingly Powerful Combo


    Not as much damage as pure AP
    How well you do is reliant on your skill shot.
    People will yell at you for having 2-4-20 score (True Story)

  • General Playstyle

    Before I say anything, I would like to reiterate that Blitz is not a carry. He is a tank, and the way I see it, there are 4 major ways to tank (and one really horrible way).

    1. Being a bulky damage threat. This would be HnS-Morde, Shen, and occasionally Garen.
    2. Dangerous CC and AoE. This would be your Cho's, Mummies, and Malphites.
    3. Forcing the battle upon yourself. This would be Rammus, Shen, and Galio.
    4. Indirectly helping your team, generally auras. Taric is the best example here.

    Really bad way to tank: Massing HP, Armor, and Magic Rez without any of the above tanking methods. This would be the bad Mordes.

    Now, with my build, Blitz gets the damage threat with his 3 hit combo (can actually kill squishies), he has 3 forms of CC, he can pull the fight to him and off your squishy DPS, and if he gets either Abyssal or Frozen Heart, he's helping the team.

    So with all of this in mind, pick your lane mate. Some great choices are Katarina, Ryze, Miss Fortune (if for some ungodly reason she isn't mid), Le Blanc, and basically any carry. Burst Casters are also much fun.

    Some funny lane mates are Sion, Singed, Rammus, Udyr, and Alistar. Stun lock is not fun to get caught in for the other people, yet you can't help but laugh.

    Laning Phase

    In the laning phase, you have 3 goals.

    1. Get to Level 2 as quickly as possible.
    2. When you get to Level 2, get your carry as many kills as humanly possible.
    3. Get Rod of Ages within 15 min (my record is something like 10 min 30 sec, so it's not too bad).
    With a good player (ex. one who doesn't run away when you pull them) you can get between 2-6 kills in your lane alone.

    When you get low on mana and health, go back and buy a Catalyst (and a blasting wand if possible). Go back, get more assists. When you get ganked, run to your tower and pull them in, power fist them, etc. When you get a chance, hit their tower hard. Before too long, the game will be in...

    Group Phase

    This is where Blitz becomes amazing. This is also when you need to land the CORRECT pulls. You want to pull the enemy that is highest on this priority list:

    1. Sona
    2. Carries
    3. Squishy Mages
    4. Other supports
    5. (If no one else is there) Tanks
    6. 90% of the time, DON'T PULL GAREN! You will kill your team.


    It is very important to not to pull in the wrong enemy. Kill the healing supports first. They make life hell. After they die, the carries will fall, assuming you don't let the tank do his job.

    After you have RoA and Boots, get Sheen --> Lich Bane. My friends hate me because I do this, but let me explain. When you have a maxed out RoA, it gives 80(?) AP. Generally when I go to build Lich Bane, I only have 80ish damage with my auto attack, meaning that Sheen only procs about 60 extra damage. The AP from RoA alone makes it more worthwhile than keeping Sheen and building Void Staff first. Then again, it's only a 3000ish gold difference between finishing Lich Bane and getting Void, so whatever floats your boat. But once you get both the game will be ending soon.

    So I know how everybody is a fan of the end game stand offs the Inhib towers, but Blitz can stop those quite easily. Just run behind the wall and pull the carry through (or Amumu, I'd suggest pulling him if he's there). This can usually end up being gg if they are not ready for a quick sweep.

    *Note: I know I'm forgetting something, so just comment if theres anything i really need to add in this section.

  • My Justifications

    Here I shall justify anything I think might be controversial. I might accidentally use numbers to Dazzle you.

    1. Frozen Heart > Rylai's Sceptar

    Frozen Heart has 99 Armor, 500 Mana, and Reduces nearby enemies attack speeds by 20%

    At Level 18, Blitz has 77.5 base Armor.

    Physical Damage Reduction = Max Armor/(100 + Max Armor)
    Physical Damage Reduction = 176.5/276.5
    Physical Damage Reduction = 0.638 or 64%

    With 64% Physical Damage Reduction, it's hard for a DPS to kill you. Match that with the fact that said DPS has much lower attack speed. Along with the 250 extra health that the mana can give you makes you reallyreallyreally hard to kill (by DPS anyway).

    Rylai's gives you 500 Health, 80 AP, and an unreliable slow.

    Rylai's does not help the team as much as Frozen Heart does.
    You can't use 500 health for spells.
    You can do fine without 80 AP.

    2. Lich Bane Before Void Staff

    This should be much shorter than the last one.

    Simply, Sheen procs 80% extra damage to your next attack after the use of a spell.
    Lich Bane procs 100% of your AP to your next attack after using a spell.

    Rod of Ages will give you 80 AP when maxed. Lich Bane will give you 80 AP. That is 160 bonus damage with Lich Bane.

    When I build Lich Bane, I normally have about 80ish damage. Which Sheen would proc an extra 60ish damage.

    Why would I wait to build a Void Staff, which is an amazing item, when I'm already halfway to a great item?

    3. Choice of Boots

    Simply put, you are the tank. Your goal is to be where you need to be when you need to be there. Even though I could get sorcerer's for a little extra magic pen, it is more beneficial to the team if I can pop Overdrive, get into perfect position faster than the other team can move, and pull in their squishy.

    4. Tank > Killer

    Blitzcrank is a tank. He is not a killer. The whole point to giving Blitz more damage is to make him more desirable for the other team to target. While Blitz can kill half health enemies pretty well, the gold is more helpful on a carry. The core build is pretty cheap anyway. Just make sure you get your assists.

    *Note: If theres anything I might have missed, just leave a comment and I'll add more justifications.

  • Quick Treeline Build

    I'm too lazy to add much more here than just a build. Maybe later though.

    Sheen This should be rushed

    Then choice of boots.

    Void Staff My favorite AP item in the game. Cheap, great, love it.

    Lich Bane Giving your punches more damage since 2009.

    I consider this core for TT.

    At this point, I'd switch to tankier items, such as Frozen Heart, Thornmail, and Guardian Angel

    Your job on TT is to get as many ganks as possible. Its really easy to pull enemies from the top lane to the mid jungle.

    Also, really funny, you can steal Ebonmaw (Dragon) from the enemy (or your team mates... I trolled my buddies once, quite funny) with your Rocket Grab. Other team gets pissed though.

    I'd also like to suggest getting wards, it makes getting jungle grabs easier and increases the whole teams Map Awareness.

  • Way of the Golem

    This is something I felt like I really need to add. As most smart players know, Blitz is scary. If he has a team behind him, getting grabbed by him is almost an insta-kill. You can actually use this to your advantage.

    One way would be to go around with a carry. If the enemy sees you, there is a good chance they'll run, whether that be to the nearest tower or into the jungle. Depending on the time of the game, if you can get them to run into the jungle, you can have 3 other people ready to ambush him/them.

    Also, in early game, if you lane with a great early game champ (e.g., shaco) it is really easy to deny exp. What you do is push the enemy to their tower, then sit in the edge of the bush (closest to their tower.), then you let the enemy minions push through your minions. If done just right, you can keep getting exp, while the enemy is stuck in their tower because they are too scared to come into the bush with a Shaco and Blitz. Pwnedbydylan and I got really good at doing this. One thing to be careful about though, beware ganks.

    Another way to scare enemies is by getting tower-dive kills. This can be hard early game, but the earlier you can do it, the better, because after a while, it will scare the enemy. Which will make them aim for you late game. :D

  • Conclusions and Acknowledgements

    Basically, as Blitz, your job is to tank. The AP is to make you deal more damage so that the enemies have a reason to target you. Without any damage, Blitz really isn't that great of a tank, because he only has 1 CC that anyone really cares about. With my build tho, he is much more desirable to attack.

    I'd like to thank everyone in my clan (Never Back Down (Message me if you want to get in)) for being so awesome, specifically Why853, for being amazing carry; Uberchicken, for being awesome with useless champs; Yayforwhalez, for tanking when no one else will; and Pwnedbydylan, even though he plays OP Shaco, he is a good player. Also, thanks to Ogly for thoughts on Clairvoyance.

    Again, leave comments, give me rating, even negative if you think I did bad, and thank everyone who decides to read this guide.

  • Version Log Not much is changing for Blitz, I might actually make this an all around guide showing 4 different builds/playstyles with a little help from my friend, Why853, within the next few weeks. (I guess I should have the patch number here instead now): Haven't updated in a while, so I thought I'd do so.

    1.0.7: Updated for patch

    1.0.6: Armor and Magic Rez factor into passive.

    1.0.5: Quick Treeline Build added

    1.0.4: Added Way of the Golem section.

    1.0.3: Clairvoyance

    1.0.2: My thoughts on Manamune

    1.0.1: Added couple more situational items.

    1.0.0: Original Release. Will add things as they become relevant.

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