Urgot Build Guide

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Urgot - Exploiting his strengths

written by Bligh

Urgot Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    This guide attempts to exploit the two phases Urgot shines in. Early game and Late game. Early game you will be doing damage and slowing people. Late game you will be a mean little tank swapping positions with enemy carry's and slowing people. Notice I said "slowing people" more than once.

    This is my first guide. Don't be gentle.

  • Abilities

    Zaun-Touched Bolt Augmenter
    Nice passive - reinforces the rule "Always target their carry's" Can turn a 1,000 damage nuke to 850 or 100 damage to 85! That's not too shabby.

    Acid Hunter
    Q - ability. Its great and will be our primary source of damage. Using your E ability turns Acid Hunter into enemy seeking projectiles that smack into your enemies.

    Terror Capacitor
    W - ability. This is awesome and well worth picking up at level 4. Not for the damage absorption. Thats a just a bonus. But for the slow! We love the slow - you must love the slow too.

    Noxian Corrosive Charge
    E - ability. Its damage will not be anything to write home about. It's main use in this build is to give Acid Hunter the ability to bomb on enemies.

    Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser
    R- ability. Urgot's Ultimate. I love this skill so much. I love it for the stun, I love it for putting enemies in bad positions. Sure you often get put in a bad spot too. The difference is you're going to be built to take the punishment. The silly carry you swapped places with isnt. Win! Even if you die in the process your team is in a better position in the team fight. The enemy lost a carry. Your team lost a tank. Still sounds like a win to me.

  • Skilling Order

    Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser should be leveled up First. Simply because the second time you're allowed to choose this spell Acid Hunter will already be at max level.

    Acid Hunter Should be leveled up Second. It should be level 5 by the time you reach level 9.

    Terror Capacitor is our third spell to level up. This spell is actually very very important. Reason for leveling this over Noxian Corrosive Charge is because each rank of this increases your slow percentage 20/25/30/35/40%.

    Noxian Corrosive Charge Is your last spell to level up. We really only need this for the heat seeking ability. We wont be stacking AP so damage from this spell is minimal.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Greater Mark of Desolation x9
    Greater Glyph of Focus x9
    Greater Seal of Vitality x9
    Greater Quintessence of Fortitude x3

    Rune selection is a personal thing. My choice for marks makes us shine a little more early game. My choice of Glyph helps in all phases. My choice of Seal and Quint is mostly for late game survival.

    Masteries = 0/22/8

    Now before you freak out about the 8 in utility let me explain. I don't need all the mana regeneration the other guides crave. I also think its a waste to put the point in Greed. 150 gold at the 25 minute mark isnt worth getting excited about. Where did I put this magical point of mastery? In Resistance. *ducks* yes I took 2 more magic resist over 150 gold and .33 mana regeneration. What can I say? I love magic resist. I also took Good Hands over Perseverance. Somebody did the math and both masteries suck. At least Good Hands can save a tower or something.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Flash & Ghost

    Anything else is a waste

  • Items

    Here is the ideal build facing a balance team.

    This build costs 12905 Gold. Pretty steep for a tank character. Ive never had a B. F. Sword in the 6th slot. If you are Mr. Money bags feel free to turn that B. F. Sword into any of the items it can turn into,,. This late in the game more damage would do you some good.

  • Build Example

    I dont like wasting gold on throw away items. I am also careful with my mana pool. Need to exploit your early game damage so dont waste time on Mana regen right now.

    At start buy Long Sword and Health Potionx1

    I like to exploit his early game damage. Besides taking the makes me feel like I am being defensive. Early game you want to be aggressive. Be, e, aggressive.

    Lane till you have 1250 gold press "b".

    Turn into Phage and buy Boots of Speed

    Now you're ready to annoy people and help your team kill things. Now is also when you notice your mana pool goes away pretty fast. Lets fix that.

    As soon as you get 890 gold press "b".

    Pick up Chalice of Harmony

    As soon as you have 500 or 850 gold finish your boots.

    Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads.

    I lean towards Merc's 90% of the time.

    This is your Early game core.

    Early game phase has passed by now and you are no longer scary. Time to become a tank.

    Once you get 1100 gold press "b".

    Pick up Chain Vest and Sapphire Crystal

    Once you get 1175 gold press "b".

    Pick up Glacial Shroud and Cloth Armorx2

    Once you get 800 gold press "b".

    Turn & x2 into Frozen Heart

    Once you get 1190 gold press "b".

    Pick up Regrowth Pendantx1 & Negatron Cloak

    Once you get 1450 gold press "b".

    Pick up Regrowth Pendantx1 and finish [item=Force of Nature]

    Your resists are now at an acceptable level. The game is probably over and you've spent 9,120 gold.

    Here are your stats.

    Game still going?

    Once you get 1935 gold press "b".

    Turn onto Frozen Mallet

    Here you are at the end of the game.


    Game STILL going?!?!?

    You have a ton of choices at this point.

    1. Pick up an elixir of your choice.
    2. Pick up another armor item if their physical dps still kicks your ass
    3. Pick up another magic resist item if their magic damage dps still kicks your ass
    4. Pick up some nasty +damage weapon and help your team wreck shop.

    Its so late in the game right now I leave your 6th slot item completely up to you. Most of the time you wont ever be this late in a game.

  • TLDR Build Example

    and x1
    and buy

    or .
    and x2

    x1 &
    [item_icon=Force of Nature]

    Game still going?

  • Working in the team

    Lane Phase

    Your job in this phase is to live and harass. You cant harass foolishly though. Not with this build. you need to be smart with your spell usage and not a spamming machine. Harassing becomes easy once you start dropping heat seeking Acid Hunter's on the enemy. If you can coordinate with your lane partner when using your ultimate.

    MAIN COMBO for attacking w/o your ult.


    Start of team battles

    You will be strong for the first couple of team battles. You wont be superman but you will be annoying as hell when your're dropping long range, heat seeking, slowing Acid Hunters on the enemy.

    MAIN COMBO for attacking w/ your ult.

    on their carry.


    End Game

    Your job now is to make the enemy team angry at you so they target you as much as possible. Use to help you slow things constantly. It stacks with and even so slow the hell out of everything. You're no longer the main source of damage on your team. BUT! You can finish off runners easily with your ++ combo. Kill those runners. and Switch places with those enemy carry's. Your team will love you for it.

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