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Gragas, the Drunken Master

written by Boscogn

Gragas Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Happy Hour
    The bread and butter for this drunkard! 2% Health regen on every spell cast why not right?

    Barrel Roll
    Share your joy with your enemies! Great for harassing, farming and also can be used to punish the fool, that is chasing you, for making a fat man run.

    Drunken Rage
    This eventually happens and usually end results are not pretty. This should always be acitive!

    Body Slam
    Your a big fat guy of course we can do this. Great escape mechanism and initiator.

    Explosive Cask
    Molotov cocktail anyone?

  • Introduction

    Hey everyone this guide will show you how to build a Drunken Tank! Ever gotten into a bar fight with a drunkard? If you have you would know they aren't very coordinated and kinda slow, but boy can they take a beating! I have derived this guide based on this ideal.

  • Masteries + Runes

    I went with a 0-21-9 spec for this drunkard!

    Tier 1: 3/3 Resistance and 3/3 -Hardiness Armor and Magic Resistance what drunk tank doesn't have these?
    Tier 2: 3/3 Strength of Spirit -Mana fuels our abilities why not benefit from it.
    Tier 3: 3/3 Harden Skin -Blocks physical damage after reduction of armor very useful.
    Tier 4: 4/4 Veteran's Scars and 1/1 Willpower -More health yes please! Faster Cleanse yes please again.
    Tier 5: 3/3 Ardor -More AP and attack speed why not right?
    Tier 6: 1/1 Tenacity -Gives 4% damage reduction and stacked with our Drunken Rage gives a total of 30% oh yes that makes me warm and fuzzy all over!

    Tier 1: 3/3 Perseverance and 1/3 Good Hands -More Regeneration I think so! Faster death timer always good for a tank.
    Tier 2: 4/4 Expanded Mind -More mana= more health regen I think I'll have some of that.
    Tier 3: 1/3 Meditation -More mana regen! Why not greed? It only gives us a measly 320g an hour. I could only buy 1 drink(elixir) with that. Plus who buys drinks when you got your own cask?

    For Runes I thought it important to focus on our health pool.

    9 Greater Mark of Vitality

    9 Greater Seal of Vitality

    9 Greater Glyph of Vitality or 9 Greater Glyph of Knowledge if you want more mana.

    3 Greater Quintessence of Vitality

    So to conclude this section you see this drunk man has a substantial health bonus and mana if you choose it. We want this because of our passive Happy Hour and late into the game we'll get [item_text=Force of Nature] both of these determine our regeneration based on current/max health. You could go for the flat Hp increased runes if you prefer the extra health early game but we don't tend to get our regen items untill late game thus why I choose vitality instead.

  • Skilling Order

    The reason why we want to level Barrel Roll first is to increase our farming and harassing ability early in the game. Late game our barrel wont do much and we start becoming a damage sponge more than a DPS threat.

  • Summoner Abilities

    1. Cleanse
    This is perfect for our drunkard if you ever had to deal with one nothing can stun or slow those pesky buggers. Great for when you charge in and get debuffed to all hell and back and need to disperse the enemy team(ulti) before you die.

    2. Flash
    Have you ever had to watch a drunk person? One minute they are passed out on a couch and the next minute they are naked in a bathroom? Wonder how this happens? I'll tell you how, it's because they have flash and it's great for everything. This ability is good for escaping, initiating and irritating your enemies. Also has great synergy with Body Slam for those epic escapes like running from the cops or in this case a greedy carry.

    3. Heal
    This is also nice if you find yourself not using cleanse all that much. This might be more beneficial all you would have to do is move that 1 point from Willpower to Mender's Faith in your masteries.

    4. Clairvoyance
    There might be times your team calls upon you to get this skill which helps in coordination of ganks and such and isn't so bad, so if your team says, "get it" suck it up and get it.

  • Build Example

    Here is my Build Example and why.

    Rod of Ages Has health, mana and AP... Check!
    Mercury's Treads Has magic resistance and reduces disables hmmmm.... Check!
    [item_text=Soul Shroud] Has health, CD reduction and mana regeneration. Yup you guessed it... Check!
    [item_text=Force of Nature] Has magic resistance health regeneration with an additional passive health regen to stack with our Happy Hour that's a no brainer.
    Frozen Heart Has armor and finishes our hardcap of 40% CD reduction with more mana how can I pass this up?
    [item_text=Rylai's Scepter] Giving nice health, ALL our spells a 15% Slow!!! and MORE DAMAGE!!!!

    Some might go for an [item_text=Innervating Locket] But IMO it's not as good as Warmog's armor. Due to the fact you aren't spamming your spells every 3 seconds its more in the 7-11 second range.
    As well Leviathan might be tempting to stack on our 30% damage reduction but honestly who can keep a 20 stack? You will die sooner or later and there are better items.

    Item Build Example:
    Game Start-

    x1 Sapphire Crystal
    x1 Health Potion
    x1 Mana Potion

    Early Game-
    x1 Catalyst the Protector
    x1 Mercury's Treads You can hold off on upgrading this and just get the boots if you want to get RoA faster.
    x1 Rod of Ages For increased AP early for farming.

    NOTE:As mrjensen brought up in comments he found it beneficial to pick up [item_text=Rylai's Scepter] instead of Warmog's Armor stating how it's awesome for our endgame damage that is lacking and still gives health. To top it off all our spells 15% slowed movement making our Explosive Cask more deadly seeing as if a carry gets blown into the woods he has to run back at reduced speed!

    Middle Game-
    x1[item=Rylai's Scepter] You want to capitalize on damage early game so you get this before our CD reduction items for increased farming and harassing.
    x1[item=Soul Shroud] Next we want to get our CD reduction cap so we can spam that barrel.
    x1 Glacial Shroud Note: After this we will be only -5% from hardcap of 40%. If you find your enemy is lacking physical damage you could get a Spirit Visage instead or Banshee's Veil if u have the extra money. but we lose 8% cd reduction and later 13%.

    Late Game-
    x1[item=Force of Nature] This has amazing synergy with our Strength of Spirit mastery and Passive.
    x1 Frozen Heart After this we will finally hit the hard cap of 40% and have decent armor and a handy debuff.

    Note: Sapphire Crystal turns into Catalyst the Protector and that turns into Rod of Ages. As well Glacial Shroud turns into Frozen Heart.

    This is quite an expensive build so early game we must focus on farming and last hitting. You want to shoot for the 150+ creep kill mark 30min into the game. Most games will end before you can get all the items. I usually finish with RoA, Merc Treads, Soul Shroud, Glacial Shroud and Scepter

    Also when getting items, always get the items that add to health so we may benefit more from our passive Happy Hour.

    UNDER TESTING!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    mrjensen's bar fighting for dummies build.


    -This is a build focusing a little less on durability and more on damage notice the nuke from Deathfire Grasp because of our next to zero magic pen this will be helpful against tanks.
    Side note on this is this can be considered our Bar Stool Throw in our bar fight :D

    -As for Spirit Visage since we are less durable I picked up the summoner Heal and this will give us an extra 30% on this and our passive Happy Hour.

    -If you notice the runes were changed to Greater Mark of Insight, Greater Seal of Shielding, Greater Glyph of Insight and Greater Quintessence of Fortitude because this build is not focused on the end game so I went with runes/masteries that benefit us early.

    -I chose Mercury's Treads so its harder for us to get locked down and for the magic resist so we will have decent MR with boots, spirit visage, masteries and seals.

    -Note we don't have max cap for CD reduction we have 15%(item) and 3%(mastery) so golem buff is vital for this build. As well we have very little armor I tried to make it so we take less damage from physical but its not much, so with that in mind be careful with physical enemies harass harass harass but keep your distance!

    -The 2 summoner spells I think are great for this would be

    Optional spell could include
    For the heal debuff
    If you seem to always be focused first.

    This is still under testing feel free to dick around with this build and post comments thoughts in comments thank you!

  • Tips 'n' Tricks

    Pointer #1- Getting chased? Not a problem! With Flash and Body Slam you will always be able to escape your opponents, unless they come from all sides and trap you in of course no one is god after all. Also if you leave behind some Barrel Rolls for them to get hit by while running it can work to the effect of Singed's poison trail. If you time your Body slams and Barrel rolls you could have a 100% up time on your Happy Hour passive while running away as well!

    Pointer #2- Chasing that injured enemy? Want to kill him? Simple! Just chase with Body Slam if you hit him hes Slowed! As well throw Barrel Rolls in front of the enemy and hit "Q" when he is near it. Finally just when hes about to get to his turret, allies or base pop your Explosive Cask and push him back to ya if that doesn't kill him well why are you chasing full health champions? lol.

    Pointer #3- ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS before fighting make sure your Drunken Rage is active. Use this ability every time it's off cooldown.

    Pointer #4- In team battles try and hit the whole enemy team with Explosive Cask and knock a carry or 2 towards you or into the jungle. Split up the enemy team and make it easy for your carries to do the "dirty dirty" on poor little Annie. :( Then spam Barrel Rolls and see Pointer #2 for chasing instructions.

  • Sober Thoughts

    Well this is it for my guide please question and comment likes and dislikes. I hope my humor has at least entertained you a little while reading this. Remember if you like this guide rate it +1. I look at my guides every day so if you leave a question expect a quick response thank you for reading.... Hiccup!

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