Amumu Build Guide

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How to make friends : A guide to Support-Tank Amumu

written by Akathosh

Amumu Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Cursed Touch
    Nice passive, helps you to kill your enemy when they normally would survive. Try to attack once before using Tantrum/Despair/Ult. Also adds to your support, your caster/nukes will love you.
    Use it to help your team take out their carries fast(er).

    Got nerfed a bit with Patch v1.0.0.100, but it's not that bad. Just reduced to 15/25/35 from 20/30/40. I was not able to try that out yet, but I don't think it's that much of a difference, your playstyle should not be affected by this

    Bandage Toss
    Manacost: 80 | 90 | 100 | 110 | 120 mana
    Cooldown: 18 | 16 | 14 | 12 | 10 seconds
    Damage: 80 | 140 | 200 | 260 | 320 damage (+1/AP)

    Decent ability that allows you to catch up to your enemy without problem and makes it a lot easier to initiate. Note that the duration of the stun will NOT get longer on higher ranks, rank 1 stuns as long as 5 does.
    It will take a bit of practice using this skill, as the hitbox is a bit, well, strange, often hitting creeps when you clearly did not hit him (you did, you just didn't see ;) ). After a few games you will know what you can and can't do. Nice AP-scaling, with good damage, becomes a nice nuke lategame.
    Use it to initiate and get that damned runaway.

    Manacost: 10 per second on all levels
    Cooldown: 1 second after triggered on/off
    Damage: 8 + 1,5% | 12 + 1,8% | 16 + 2,1% | 20 + 2,4% | 24 + 2,7%

    A good ability with a lot of damagepotential, but also with the potential to render you useless if used wrong. Always, ALWAYS deactivate it if no enemy is near you, and do not use this to harass early game. Lategame you should either have the manareg or if possible golembuff, so you can use it without problems.
    Together with Cursed Touch it deals pretty good damage lategame, espacially against liftanks like Cho'gath or Mundo. Mundos ulti will be almost useless when Amumu stands besides him. Plus its an AoE, so you can just use it without a second thought at the beginning of teamfights (only when you have enough manareg!).
    Use it to deal damage to there tanks and assist your team, no real use here, just toggle it on when the fight starts and end it when you are out of range.

    Manacost: 50 mana on all levels
    Cooldown: 10 | 9 | 8 | 7 | 6 seconds
    Damage: 75 | 100 | 125 | 150 | 175 damage (+0,5/AP)

    That would be the thing Amumu would be famous for if he did not have his ulti^^ The passive is pretty good earlygame, together with the Masteries you will take 8 damage less on level 9. While that does not sound much, you WILL notice if you have it or not.
    The active is your primary harass tool, attack once to apply your CT then throw a Tantrum to make them retreat. If they do not run away, make them pay by throwing a second/third tantrum a bit later. When you're attacked be a few creeps you cooldown will go down like its less then a second. Good sinergy with, mhh, with itself. The creeps that drop your CD will deal less damage, so you dont have to fear they might do more damage then your actual enemy. Just take care that you don't kill your precious CDR-creeps ;)
    Use it to harass early, and do nice chunks of damage during teamfights.

    Curse of the Sad Mummy
    Manacost: 100 | 150 | 200 mana
    Cooldown: 170 | 150 | 130 seconds
    Damage: 50 | 100 | 150 damage / second (+ 0,35/AP, remember thats per second, thus you have a total scaling of 5 * 0,35 = 1,75!)

    Ah, here we have it : Your ultimate, the reason you play Amumu. Every enemy within range will get caught and be unable to move and attack for 2.5 seconds. In this time your team can hit them like you would hit anyone else you want to kill and who can't do anything ;) During those 2.5 secs you can throw a Tantrum( or before) activate Despair and deal at least 400 damage on level 6. That means carries with low live are almost dead.
    Use BT and Ghost/Flash to get into their team and make them pay for their carelessness.


    This is NOT a stun, it a snare. What does that mean? Well, the difference is that your enemies can still cast and you won't interrupt channels like Katarinas Death Lotus or Nunus Absolute Zero.
    Thus champs like Kennen are horrible to fight against. You use your ultimate, your team tries to kill them and suddenly Kennen pops his ulitmate and your entire team is stunned. So KNOW your enemies.

    Patch v1.0.0.100
    Curse of the Sad Mummy corrected to state that enemies are rooted and cannot attack or move.

    HELL YEAH. Root will now prevent enemy champions from casting Summoners. That means that Flash, Riftwalk and the likes WON'T work during your ultimate anymore. Highlander, Remove Scurvy and spells like that won't be affected though.

  • Summary

    Heres a short summary of what's written below. If you have different Runes / prefer different Masteries, check the sections below.



    Marks :
    Seals :


    3/23/4 (Cleanse and Ghost)
    0/16/14 (teleport and flash)
    0/16/14 (teleport and ghost)



    -Core :
    -against caster : [item_icon=Force of Nature]
    -against PhysDDs:
    -against Stealth: [item_icon=Oracle's Elixir]
    -as much as possible : (or if you're against' stealthed champs)

  • Introduction

    Hi guys, Akathosh here. This is my first guide, and as you already know, it's about our dear friend Amumu. In this guide I will present you my way(s) of playing him and things I think you should know if you want to help him make many, many friends :)

    I'm not a pro or high ELO player myself, so there might be a few things you think you can do better. If so, do it. This guide is a GUIDE, not something you HAVE TO FOLLOW. Some don't like the way I build him and can own with AP-Amumu. Then do so. This guide is meant as an advice, nothing more, nothing less.

    Some abbreviations I will use :

    CT - Cursed Touch, your passive
    BT - Bandage Toss
    Curse - Curse of the Sad Mummy
    MPEN - Magic Penetration
    MR - Magic Resistance
    CD - Cooldown
    CDR - Cooldownreduction
    HPregen - HealthRegeneration
    Manaregen - ManaRegeneration
    MP/5 - same as Manaregen
    CC - Crowd Control ( anything that is reduced be Mercury's Treads, a full list : stun / snare / slow / taunt / silence)
    SS - Summoner Spells

    Oh, and as already stated this is my first guide. So (constructive) critique is always welcome. Tell me your experience with these builds, suggestions what you would change, or things you would like to have in this guide. And please don't forget to rate it ;)

    Now, let's finally start.


    This guide is currently uptodate, but I won't update it anymore, since Amumu is amlost impossible to play in ranked games, simple because he's always banned. Plus I figured that the build in this guide is not bad, but it's without a doubt not the best. I currently use flat-MR for Marks/Quints, scaled MR for Glyphs and MP5 for Seals. So one level 1 I have around 60 MR. Now with Mercurys i usually have around 100 MR on level 4 then I simply stack sunfire and later on ( after first or second Cape ) a FoN. Maybe if facing heavy Phys ( Yi etc) also a Thornmail. Thats more then enough, you just won't die with this. Just so you know what I'm using.
    If Amumu is changed at some point, I might delete or update this guide.

  • Playing a tank

    Who's the tank? Thats you. So what's you job? You tank. Ok, now how do you do that? Well, actually I only consider three champions in LoL to be actual tanks : Rammus, Shen and Galio. I think you already figured out what those three have in common : Taunt. Taunt is the only way to force an enemy champion to attack you instead of your team. Tanks might be a good thing in MMOs, where you're playing against NPCs and you can build up threat. But if you're up against humans, they will just ignore you. So you have to find a way to focus you instead of your team. The only way to accomplish that is to be dangerous when left alive. If they have stealthed champs or someone like Teemo with his Mushrooms, [item_text=Oracle's Elixir] makes it more likely to get focused. And for Amumu, the thing the makes him dangerous is his ultimate. Your ulti can sweep away any team if used right. That's what defines your role in a team : Your ultimate and how you use it. The playing section will come later, but I wanted to make that clear :


    I just told you to learn your champion, yes. But I also told you to learn every other champion. To know what you can do means, to know how you're team can benefit from your actions. Recklessly rushing in with Kayle, Gankplank, Galio and Anivia in you team is something different then rushing in with Soraka, Rammus, Shen and Alistar. Why that's a huge difference should be obvious. If not, reconsider playing Amumu.

    I recommend reading this guide by Motas How-to-play-as-a-tank. It can give you a general overview about the main points when playing a tank.

  • Masteries and Runes

    Ok, now things are getting interesting. Which runes and masteries you pick depends on you playstile. I use:
    Greater Mark of Insight +0.95 MPEN (+8,5 total) helps to make more damage, and help your team.
    Greater Seal of Clarity +16 MP/5 on level 18 helps to keep Despair up.
    Greater Glyph of Shielding + 25 MR on level 18 makes it easier to tank and makes you less vulnerable.
    Greater Quintessence of Fortitude - No real Option here in my opinion. Together with "Veteran's Scars" you get 90+40=130 more HP on level 1! Considering your normal health ( 552 ) that is a 20% boost (almost 700). And Amumu has a LOT health by himself, Ashe for example only has 438. This means you have almost 700 Hp against 440. Told ya you're a tank ;)

    The runes I use when jungling are a bit different, I won't make another short section with Jungle-Mummy. Check out other guides about Jungling, would be to much to cover. About half the length this guide is...

    Like I said, you can use different runes, here are the runes I consider useful:
    Greater Glyph of Warding use this if you want to play more agressive, this way you can stay on your lane longer, but you'll be a bit weaker during mid-lategame.
    Greater Seal of Evasion I don't like Dodge on Amumu, since it lowers your damageoutput, since the cooldown on Tantrum will not drop as fast as it would without. On the other hand it gives you a good survivability. If you want to be more a tank then damagedealer, take this.
    Greater Seal of Shielding or Greater Seal of Wardingsame as Glyphs, though I don't think the seals provide a good enough bonus to be worth it.
    Greater Seal of Resilience or Greater Seal of Defense if you prefer Armor over MR .
    Greater Mark of WardingorGreater Mark of Resilience for more tankyness.
    Greater Mark of FortitudeorGreater Mark of Vitalitymore survivability early/lategame.
    Greater Quintessence of ResilienceorGreater Quintessence of WardingorGreater Quintessence of Evasionif you want to have other Quints, those are also nice

    For masteries I usually pick either a 3/23/4 build, with cleanse and ghost OR 0/16/14 with teleport and flash, or a combination of both : 0/16/14 with teleport and ghost. When using Dodge, leave either MR or Armor and pick "Evasion" and "Nimblness" instead.

    This brings me to the next section:

  • Summoner Spells

    Your summoner spells are teamdependent, or at least can be altered depending on your team.

    GOOD Summoners:

    Cleanse - Cleanse is THE tank SS, it's probably one of the best spells you can have, and in the last patch it got buffed, so almost anything is cleansed now, including blind and silence, this includes Exhaust!
    Flash - Flash is a very versatile spell. It has good synergy with BT and your ulti, it's a lot easier to escape when you have it, you can catch up easier and much more. Tricks with Flash will be listed down below.
    Ghost - Ghost is a very helpful spell for Amumu. You can catch up easier ( together with Boots of Swiftness you can run with 510 runspeed! ) or escape, it's easier to initiate and place your ultimate right and it get's a lot easier to attack while chasing with Despair to get the full damage with CT).
    Teleport - Teleport is an awesome spell, with a lot of neat tricks you can use. I almost ALWAYS pick it in a premade, and Solo I tend to pick it if Teemo, Shaco or anyone else with something to port to is in my team. Or if I see that someone else picked it up, then I ask him if we can try some tricks ( again, we'll come to that later). One might say that you won't benefit from Teleport as much as you would from Cleanse, but it just depends on how you use it.

    Not-as-good Summoners:

    Ignite - Ignite is also a good choice, in particular against healer like Soraka, Taric or Mundo. A Mundo who can't even heal 25% of his health will cry and flame you. Plus it's a bit of a nuke.

    Bad Summoners:
    [spell_icon=Fortify][spell_text=Fortify] - Fortify is not a bad Spell, but personally I don't like it. If your team does not make mistakes, you should not need it early in the game, and in lategame it does normally not make a difference if your turret is indestructible for 10 secs, as it will get destroyed afterwards, since you don't need creeps anymore. And you don't need creepkills that much, so the +9 damage is not really a big benefit.
    Heal - Heal is a nice Spell, and can change the outcome of teamfights a lot, but only during laning on level 1 to 5. After that you have your ultimate and should kill them without problems (at least escape).
    Exhaust - Exhaust is not really a bad Summoner Spell, but you should not be the one to pick it. As Amumu, you should not have to blind them, so let your carries pick it.
    Smite - Smite CAN be used if your in a premade and you want to get Dragon fast and use 2 or 3 Smites. But during the rest of the game it's almost useless, one Minion every 75 seconds (70 if skilled (you'd seriously do that oO ?)) means 0,4 gold per second ( 30gold perminion / 75 secs) or 0,5 if skilled (you ARE serious right?). Like I said, it's only useful to kill Dragon early. And no, you should not need it for the golem, he drops like any other creep with Despair. Same goes for the Dragon lategame.
    Clarity - You should not have any mana problems.If you have, then either you're still in earlygame, you had a clash a few secs ago or you did something wrong. Nothing more to say.
    Clairvoyance - Always a good thing to have, but you should not need it. Let someone else take it, like Soraka or Blitzy No.8.
    [spell_icon=Rally][spell_text=Rally] - I though about putting this in the next part, but well, it can be helpful. Yes it really can, no joke. In these occasions you will gladly thank god, me or your team/enemys that you survived. But their rare. Very rare. Almost nonexistent. Proof of their existence has still to be found.


    Revive - .... You really expect me to write something here? Congrats, you actually managed :(
    No, honestly, do not even THINK or DREAM about picking Revive. There is only ONE, I repeat ONE, exception:
    You ROCK. Nothing else. You are a god in LoL and just want to have some fun fooling around. Make anyone think your a retard and own them afterwards. If that fits you, your free to take it. If not : THIS SPELL DOES NOT EXIST!

    Smite is listed with the "Bad SS", but that only goes for the laning build. If your jungling however, you HAVE to pick this

  • Items

    So now we come to the part you've all been waiting for : The itembuild. It's the a very interesting and important part of all guides. So without further ado, I'll present you my "I-wish-I-could-have-that-at-least-once"-build:

    That's what I would like to build, most of the time I switch Boots of Swiftness with Mercury's Treads, as I'm against caster/CC morst of the time. I'll tell that once, twice or three times, it can't be said often enough : Be versatile. There is no such thing as THE itembuild. It's always, ALWAYS depending on whom you're opposing.

    Facing a lot of CC? Mercury's TreadsandQuicksilver Sashs the way to go.
    Facing a lot of Physdds? Take Thornmail and/or Warden's Mail / Randuin's Omen and/or Frozen Heart and/ or Sunfire Cape.
    Facing a lot of Caster? Guardian Angel and Banshee's Veil and [item_icon=Force of Nature] [item_text=Force of Nature] help.

    That's it for the general advice. On to the order you build them.

    I decided to put everything into one build order, instead of making a few different, covering different enemy champions, because even that would be pointless. You'll find advices about what is good when facing whom.

    I usually start with either Doran's Shield and 1x Health Potion or Mana Potion or Ruby Crystal / Sapphire Crystal .
    Doran's Shield when I know I'll need more health then I'll need mana and im going to get harassed, so I'll also need some HPregen.
    Ruby Crystal when I know I'm going to build [item_icon=Heart of Gold][item_text=Heart of Gold] and later Randuin's Omen.
    Sapphire Crystal when I'm going to build Glacial Shroud and later Frozen Heart.
    Normally I'm taking Health Potion instead of Mana Potion because I'm fine with my Manaregen from runes and masteries and I don't harass that much. If you tend to play agressive and/or did not take Manareg-runes feel free to get a Mana Potion.

    On your first trip back get Boots of Speed.
    This is were you have to decide what you're going to need. Against caster and nukes you want MR, against autoattacker you'll need Armor. But even if your up against Annie, Malzahar, Ryze and Yi, you'll have to get more Armor, when Annie, Mal and Ryze got all killed 4 times and Yi is already dominating. At this time of the game you can't really tell who will kill you/do the most damage. Thats why it's really important to learn your enemy. Not just the champion, that's easy, but also the player. In the above example the three caster suck, and Yi seems to either be a really good player, or your team is bad ;) (Or it's AP-Yi, but that's something else).

    Ok if your facing strong CC, you want to have Mercury's Treads ASAP. Thats a MUSTHAVE. So if you can effort it, get it on your first trip back, or if you have teleport, go back and buy it when you have enough money.
    Actually, you should get them even if the have only 2 or even 1 Champ with CC. You WILL notice the difference. If the have no CC at all: Congrats, you won a game. Boots of Swiftness or Ninja Tabi for Dodge/Nimbleness Amumus is what you pick at these times.

    Quicksilver Sash is also a good item. A second cleanse? You won't hear me complaining. Imagine how they will cry when you escape from Galios taunt, and immediately after that you run into Ashes Frostarrow to safe a Carry, and still go on like nothing happened. It's a real pain. Plus it's cheap and the CD is relatively low. Just don't forget to use it^^ It's cheap enough to buy it on your second trip back.
    Also don't forget to buy at least one Sight Ward or Vision Ward. The Vision Ward is extremly important if you're up against Stealther (Eve, Shaco, Twitch, Teemo). They don't have to be on your lane, it becomes a lot easier to call miss or counter ganks. Warding will be mentioned later.

    On your second trip back when you hopefully got some kills, or better assists ( yes thats better, you are not there to get kills, let your carrys get them), you can look for the next important thing : Caster or PhysDDs?

    Going against Caster? Obviously you want MR so Mercury's Treads also helps here.

    Banshee's Veil works really good, especially against nukes, but good players wont' use there ult on you while your shield is still around you. But it also gives you Health, Mana and Mr by itself, so thats pretty much everything you need combined in one item.

    Guardian Angel also helps against both, Caster and PhysDDs, so it's a good choice almost all the time. Armor and MR are good by themselves, but the really nice thing here is the passive. There are some funny tricks to make it a lot easier to win a normally lost teamfight. You can use a handy trick with this.

    Patch v1.0.0.100

    Guardian Angel now revives Champions at 750 health and 375 mana instead of 40% health and mana.

    With this nerf, guardian got a lot weaker. I would not handle it as a core-item anymore. As your third or maybe second ( depends on you playstile ) item it still is good with the Armor and MR though, which further increase your survivability.

    Against PhysDDs? Randuin's Omen and Frozen Heart help. Or you get Thornmail for a bit extra damage ( it's funny to see a Warwick kill himself with his ultimate^^).
    So these are the items you want to have later on.

    If you want to get Banshee's Veil build Catalyst the Protector, you can use your Ruby Crystal or Sapphire Crystal to make it.

    [item_icon=Force of Nature] [item_text=Force of Nature] gives you a better MR bonus then any other item. Thus your tankability against caster increases significantly. Plus it gives you a bit movespeed, which helps to initiate and chasing with Despair. And it gives you a good HPregen, almost as good as Garens passive!

    For Guardian Angel wait till your able to buy Chain Vest and either Null-Magic Mantle or Cloth Armor (or all three in one go). The item itself is very expensive (1200 gold), so if everythings going good, you can be able to get it on your third trip back.

    If you want to build Randuin's Omen upgrade your Ruby Crystal into [item_icon=Heart of Gold][item_text=Heart of Gold]. On your third trip back get Warden's Mail (and if possible Randuin's Omen, it's not very expensive, only 600 gold, so thats possible). Don't forget to use it, it really helpful, whether you want to catch up or disable autoattackers.

    If your going for a Frozen Heart start building ( or upgrade Sapphire Crystal to ) Glacial Shroud.
    You can also keep your Glacial Shroud, it's a very good item earlygame, with relatively low costs. If you do so, start building you next item.
    If you did not get Tier 2 boots already, then now is the time to do so. Pick what you prefer.

    Sunfire Cape helps a bit against PhysDDs with a bit more Armor ( it's not bad, but if your going to be a Armor-Tank, you need something else), but also against Truedamage (fore example Olafs Reckless Swing). And with it's passive you can farm better, get Golem faster, chase better with Despair and do a good amount of damage. It simply makes you and your ultimate more dangerous.

    Also don't forget Sight Wards / Vision Wards. Vision Ward only if needed, for example if you know they also set a ward there, you're up against stealthed champs and you don't have enough money for [item_icon=Oracle's Elixir][item_text=Oracle's Elixir].

    [item_text=Oracle's Elixir] also makes it more likely to get focused, which increases your tank ability.

    After your third trip back you should have your boots and first item finished and started building your next.

    As I already mentioned, this is just a guide. There are so many ways to play Amumu, to counter your enemys effectively that i can't list them here. Here you found what helps against what. Decide for yourself what suits you and is good against your enemies.

    Remember : Be VERSATILE! One of the worst things I've seen till now, was a Kassadin buying Mejai's Soulstealer. The item itself is very good, if not needed for Kassadin. Only problem here was his KD : ZERO kills / five Deaths / two assist ( 0 | 5 | 2 ). This did not really change. Only his deaths increased significantly. That's just an example...

    Also don't forget to buy Elixirs (Elixir of Fortitude>Elixir of Brilliance>[item_text=Elixir of Agility]) if you have finished your build.

    On to the next Part.

  • Funbuilds

    Well, recently I were able to try a funbuild. And I noticed that it is awesome. Here are my stats

  • Laning

    Laning is the second most important parts of the game, after teamplay. Here you get the advantage over your enemy, in money, towers and experience. If you are good during this part of the game, it becomes a lot easier later on. It does not necessarily mean you're going to win. Because as already stated it's just the second most important thing, teamplay is FAR more important.

    If you're playing in a premade, your partner knows what you'll pick, if you're solo ask what you should pick first, stun or damage. If it doesn't matter, wait for your enemies to appear, then decide. I usually pick Tantrum, because it deals almost the same damage as BT, but consumes less mana with a lower CD and it comes with a nice passive. If your against caster/ranged or are together with someone who can make good use of a stun (like Malzahar) BT is normally better. Try to always have enough mana for a BT + Tantrum combo if they get reckless and you want to punish them.

    If you co into the grass with you partner or not is up to you ( DON'T do so if they have a Stealther in their team).
    If you picked Sapphire Crystal and got a sufficient Manareg you can use Tantrum to lasthit creeps, otherwise try to outharass them and get them out of Exp-gain range. I recommend watching this:

    Shurelias made an excellent guide here, which will help you a lot in your laning phase. And she plays Soraka, nothing more to add :P

    When you get to level 6, your partner will most likely get there too, if he did not reach it yet. So are you opponents. You should get the advantage over them ASAP. So try to spare some mana on level 5, so you have almost full mana to start a gank. Position yourself in the brush early on, and try to get your levelup without them noticing. Activate ghost and Despair ( or Despair and Flash ), hit once, use tantrum and then your ulti. Coordinate with your partner so your not engaging them alone. There are not many champions who will survive this on this level. This normally leads to a doublekill or at least to one kill. Try to let your carry get the kills. But also don't let them escape. Use your BT right after your ultimate ends to keep them where they are. This way you can have it ready a second time while chasing. I think this should be clear, but use Tantrum whenever possible. With a few creeps around you, you can almost use it nonstop. Just be careful not to OVERUSE it. You should always have enough mana for a BT. Deactivate Despair if needed.

    After you made them retreat / killed them, start pushing there tower. Depending on you level and champs, you just might get it, which drastically improves your options and will help you get more kills. Don't push to far though! Try to let the minions clash at the river, so you are in range of your turret and can escape gangs easier.

    After you destroyed there tower, you can go back to your base (one of you should stay and defend / get the exp).
    Whether you go back to your lane and defend or you go jungeling or go ganking is up to you. Wait for your ultimate for a gank though, will be a lot easier (possible?) to kill someone. Always be aware of your lane, and remember to call miss.

    Wards will give you a huge advantage over your enemies, which is often underestimated. A ward in the grass in the river will help you prevent ganks and on in the upper grass might enable you to lunch a surprise stun at them.

  • Playing in a team

    Ok, heres probably the most important section : Your teamplay. Your teamplay determines whether you win or loose. Of course things will be a lot easier with a fed carry^^

    So, the first thing you should learn is you team and there possibilities. Your team can only benefit from your ult when the know when and where you are going to use your ultimate. That also means, that you have to stay near them. NOT THE OTHER WAY ROUND. It might be that you would like to push a lane or get Golem, because they are trying to defend somewhere else. But if that means to leave your team, THEN NEVER EVER DO SO. You're team has number one priority. If they won't stay together, remind them and ask to gather.

    When a clash is about to start, you should be the one to initiate. Use either Flash (which is easier but also with a shorter range) or Ghost to close in to them and don't forget Despair ( f it's possible, try to NOT use your SS and get to them without it, that will make chasing/pushing/escaping a lot easier). If possible try to stun a carry with BT, most people won't be so stupid, but if they are, they deserve to be killed ;) Place yourself in a good position, so that your ultimate will snare as much champs as possible. Throw a Tantrum and start hitting there carries, pick the one with the least bit of MR, so your caster can kill him easier thanks to your CT. If everything went as well, one or two enemies are dead by now ( in a very good team you can also ace them....). Use your stun and if you picked it use Ghost and BT to catch up to them and stun them so your team can get another one.

    This video was made by Eleventh, another Amumu-guidewriter.

  • Warding

    This is an important section. Most players in low and mid ELO never or rarely use wards, maybe Oracle if needed, but even thats not often.

    Warding might seem a bit expensive and won't prove useful all the time, but well placed wards will save and get you kills countless times.

    External Image

    That'd be a lot to ward, right? Don't worry, these are just places were wards are useful, where you actually place them is depending on how far you have proceded.

    Heres the legend:

    Black indicates wards that will always prove useful. The wards in the mid won't be needed of course if you are pushing down- or uplane. Same goes for putting a ward uplane if pushing down / putting one down if pushing up. You get the idea. Wards don't last that long. So place them in advance. A ward at Dragon just might enable you one or two kills if you're team is fast enough, so try to have one there all the time.[/color]

    Green wards are wards mostly used during laning. The ward in the river can also be useful later on, though you should have other wards and your team checking these places.

    Blue ones are wards that will help you if you're playing Blue, to check and surprise them if the are going after Lizard/Golem.

    Purple is the same as Blue.

    Red wards are situational. If you're pushing them back and got the second midlane tower, you might want to put a ward in the jungle by your side to see if the want to gank you. Or if you were pushed back and are defending your second tower, wards on each side will tell you if the want to kill you ( for Example against Fiddles, if you see him channeling his ulti --> RUN and he wasted his ultimate). The Nashor ward is also a bit situational, for he will only appear after I think around 20 minutes or so, don't know when exatctly.
    Most of the time around 3-5 wards are enough. I try to carry 3 wards with me, so that I can ward whenever needed.

    Why are the spots on the picture recommended? Well, those spots give a better view then most other places. Placing wards in straight line is just a waste. For they can't see through trees and stuff, so that part of there possible range is cut off. But if you place them at those corners, you can ward in 3 or even 4 directions thus increase there effectiveness significantly. Plus those points are points where you will come by often.
    Also don't forget to place them in the grass if possible, so that you can see if someone is in there.

  • Tricks

    This section will show a few good synergies of you SS and your abilities.

    Flash + Bandage Toss: With this combo you can initiate a LOT easier. Just stay out of your normal BT range, then suddenly flash in and throw, it's like a secured hit. You can also use it the other way round : Use BT to pull yourself to a creep, then Flash a bit further to position yourself better for your utlimate.

    Teleport + Sight Ward : This combo is just sick. A lot of people don't even know that you can teleport to wards, especially in low-ELO. And then you are suddenly standing there in the middle of there team. It might take a bit of practice and only really begins to shine if your team knows how to use it, but if used right, you can easily get an ace ( or at least a few kills). Imagine this if you warded Nashor. If theres another AoE-Champ with teleport on your team, you can just wait for Nashor to be almost dead, then start teleporting, Curse them and you can easily get a ace for your team, plus Nashorbuff. That means --> VICTORY! most of the time.

    Bandage Toss: BT can also be used to escape, either if you are running away after you towerdived them or if you're being followed in the jungle. Just use your BT to quickly move away.
    Some notes about his : You should know though that, while you throw your Bandage, you can't move. So if your not hitting, it's like you asked them to kill you. Plus you can still be stunned while throwing.
    Also note that this technique requires some experience when used in the jungle, for you can't pull through everything. It IS possible to pull through wood and rocks, but not if the angle / distance traveled through them is too high. Then you'll just stand there and look confused...

    Curse of the Sad Mummy + Guardian Angel : This is a risky trick, but was really useful to me in some situations. You advise you to only use this if you know your teammates and they know you, otherwise, well, it's kinda useless.
    The idea behind this was, to surprise the enemy team and make them careless. With an active GA you run into the enemy team, using despair and maybe Tantrum. Your team however WON'T follow you. At best they are out of sight otherwise they should be close by. In most situations your enemy team will gather around you, so the can kill you quickly and don't have to fear you could possibly escape. So before you come back to life, your team stars rushing towards you/your enemies and right after you come back, you use Curse of the Sad Mummy. If it's going as planned, you got the entire enemy team caught in your ultimate, which normally makes for an easy ace ( with the right team ). If not, mhh, then you dead.
    Thats why I said that your team has to know you. And you also have to know your enemies. For good players will never ever close in to Amumu if possible. So this is REALLY risky.

    Patch v1.0.0.100

    Now that GA has been nerfed, I don't want to try this out. 750 HP are good if you're able to rush GA, but get a LOT weaker later on. So feel free to use this, I don't guarantee for the success though ( Well, I never did, but at least chance of success was a lot higher before ).

  • Champion Overview

    In this section I'll try to say something about the champions in LoL. Enemy or Ally, Synergies etc. Of course this will take a while, plus there are new champs every now and then, so I can't guarantee it's up-to-date everytime.

    External Image

    Enemy: As an enemy Akali is a bit annoying, but she only becomes dangerous when she's fed. Just keep in mind that she can move quickly with Shadow Dance, and might escape your ultimate with it.
    Twilight Shroud is not really useful against Amumu, for she can still be hit by skillshots (Bandage Toss), and your other spells are all AoEs, it just that your range does not completely cover here stealth zone.

    Ally: As an ally Akali can make little use of your Ulti, for her only AoE is Crescent Slash. But she can kill their Carry in the 2.5 seconds of your ulti, so she can get a few kills and get stronger, which REALLY hurts :D

  • Changelog

    So at the end of my guide I'll place my changlog, not only for the guide but Amumu as well (though there weren't really much changes^^):


    -09.09.2010: Finally finished the guide. Made a few changes on the itembuild and grammar.
    -11.09.2010: Added a note to Guardian Angel, it's not recommended anymore. Started Champions-Overview.


    Patch v1.0.0.100

    Bandage Toss can no longer be cast while rooted.
    Curse of the Sad Mummy corrected to state that enemies are rooted and cannot attack or move
    Cursed Touch Magic Resistance reduction reduced to 15/25/35 from 20/30/40

    Season 1 Release Notes

    Fixed an issue where Amumu's attack timing was too slow.

  • Special thanks

    I want to thank Altes Strontium and Vimorial Gray for the support and feedback about this guide. Thanks guys!

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