Katarina Build Guide

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[AP] Escape if you can!

written by mou

Katarina Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    No need to explain. Kill the enemy and let them wonder why ur Ultimate is ready again.

    Bouncing Blade
    10/9.5/9/8.5/8 seconds Cooldown.
    2/3/4/5/6 Hits and
    20/40/60/80/100 bonus damage to ad.
    As you can see in a AP build it's quite useless, thought.

    [spell=Killer Instincts]
    Katarina takes 15/20/25/30/35% reduced damage from enemy attacks for 3 seconds when used to Shunpo.
    22/20/18/16/14 seconds Cooldown.
    Passive: Katarina's abilities and melee attacks deal 8/12/16/20/24 additional damage each hit.

    This is what you need to start before using Shunpo. DO NOT waste this skill for Bouncing Blade.
    As you can see, her abilities also profits of this passive. Your Ulti will be thankfull ;D

    90/120/150/180/210(+0.75 per ability power) Damage
    10/9/8/7/6 seconds Cooldown

    This is your main damage skill. Use it as often as possible.

    Death Lotus
    Death Lotus just deals huge damage. No need to explain. Jump in, kill, jump out. Easy.

  • Introduction

    Hey guys and welcome to my AP-Katarina Guide!
    As you all might know, katarina is one of the most asskicking champs in the league of legends.
    If you know how to play her. In this guide you will be trained to become a master of Katarina.
    This is my first guide so please leave some comments to it. Thanks!

    NOTE: Since there was v1.0.0.99 you are not able to shu

  • Masteries + Runes

    My Masteries usually are:


    For Katarina i go for:

    Greater Mark of Insight Magic Penetration is important so go for it.

    Greater Seal of Force Based on level is more important because you start killing at level 6. Then you'll get more AP from these Seals.

    Greater Glyph of Force Look at the Seals :D

    Greater Quintessence of Potency In this case it's better to go for a fixed bonus.

    Why no Cooldown reduction??
    Simply because if you kill a champion your cooldowns are reduced for 15 seconds thanks to your passive. So no need for that.

  • Items

    Ok, the item build is the most important part of Katarina, so remember that :D

    First go for Doran's Shield and Health Potion and try to get to the midlane.

    Dont leave the lane till you got 1585 gold gathered or if your low at life. (This should not happen that often, thought.)
    If you got 1585 Gold, port back to get Mejai's Soulstealer and Boots of Speed.
    Now your are able to kill your midlaning enemy to get some mejais stacks. You should try to gank from now on, too.

    Port back if you got 1610 gold to get Sorcerer's Shoes and Blasting Wand.
    NOTE: You can also get them step by step.

    Next stop is Giant's Belt.

    Complete your [item=Rylai's Scepter].

    Get Sheen and upgrade it to Lich Bane.

    The next item you mostly dont need to buy because the enemy surrendered is Needlessly Large Rod. When the game is still not over upgrade it to [item=Zhonya's Ring] and then go for Void Staff.

  • Why to get those items?

    Early Game
    Doran's Shield Should be clear why. Life reg, extra life and some armor. Quite nice to start owning and staying longer on your lane.
    Mejai's Soulstealer Is one of the most important parts of this build. Its better to get it as early as possible to get some stacks for better pwnage.

    Mid Game
    Sorcerer's Shoes Magic Penetration and some more movementspeed does not amiss.
    [item=Rylai's Scepter] Slowed enemies are easy targets to you. They won't escape. Plus there are 80 AP bonus.

    End Game
    Lich Bane There is nothing to say about it except: Pure damage after your Shunpo. This combination just rocks.
    [item=Zhonya's Ring] 120 AP, 25 AP Bonus grants you thanks to Lich Bane a really nice damage buff.

    Void Staff I buy this item because there are 70 AP and 40% magic penetration for dealing even more damage against tanks.

    Alternative Items
    Abyssal Scepter Is quite nice if you have some AP based champs in the opposite team. Get it instead of Void Staff and before you buy Zhonya's
    Leviathan Get Leviatan if you want to. Buy it between Rylai's and Lich Bane.
    Mercury's Treads Buy those boots instead of the sorcerer shoes if your enemies are stunners.

    No Go Items
    Rod of Ages You dont need mana and you have to buy it very early to make it effective. So it's nonsense and wasted money.

    Do not get ANY AD Items! You deal more damage to creeps but you do not own like this in this build.

  • Skilling Order

    As you can see, Bouncing Blade is not necessary for ap kat and thats why you dont have to skill it till the end.

    How to make kills?
    First of all use [spell=Killer instincts] then throw your dagger and fast use Shunpo even before your Bouncing Blade reaches the target. You get less damage and did a fast nuke.
    If you are not fast enough use [spell=Killer instincts] Shunpo run away and use your Bouncing Blade.

    If you got your ultimate use Bouncing Blade [spell=Killer instincts] Shunpo and then Death Lotus. If your enemy still lives your dagger should be ready again. Throw it and he is gone ;D

    With my summoner abilities its the easiest way to kill some champs. Same as above ( Bouncing Blade [spell=Killer instincts] Shunpo and then Death Lotus) and use your Exhaust and Ignite for the same time your ultimate is activated. Trust me. It will kill everyone.

    Use your Shunpo to get to the enemies. Use your Ultimate. If they focus you you have to decide whether the team will win the fight and you can steal some kills :P or you have to get fast to your team by using your shunpo. In the last case use your zhonya's to wait till your shunpo cooldown is gone and then use it as fast as possible to survive.

  • Summoner Abilities

    For Katarina always go for Exhaust and Ignite.
    Try to use your shunpo, start your ultimate, then your exhaust plus ignite. Then you will get a 10 AP Bonus to your Ultimate which is quite nice.

    Optional Spells
    Cleanse Is quite good to escape the million stuns you might get if you are owning.
    Teleport Helps to make some fast ganks.
    Ghost Helps you to escape and the enemies to die faster :)
    Flash Helps you to escape from enemies or to open a fight quite effective.

    No Go Spells
    [spell=Fortify] This is not part of your business
    Clarity You dont have mana so dont even think about Clarity
    [spell=Rally] You dont need this you are a ap Champion
    Clairvoyance Are you scared? As Katarina you are not allowed to. So don't get this.
    Revive You dont think about this spell, don't you?
    Heal You've got your shield. This should be enough of healing ^^
    Smite Katarina is not made for jungling. So don't choose this spell.

  • Pros / Cons

    AP vs AD

    - Creepjungling takes longer than on AD
    - Killing Champions is easier
    - If you get stunned you are mostly lost; as AD kat you can even win the fight after getting stunned
    - You are able to gank more efficient than on ad
    - If your skills are gone you're quite dead; AD is better for long fights
    - AP build is faster to get and you are able to own earlier
    - AP is based on your timing. If you are unconcentrated you will lose.

  • Laning

    If you really have to go to a lane the skillorder is still the same. Try to use your Shunpo whenever its possible and wait for your mate to start owning. Its not happening often you will fail on a lane. Dont try to go with squishy Champions on the lane.

  • Midlaning

    Now I will explain some champions which you might meet in mid and tell you some tactics how to dominate against them.

    Anivia in mid is quite easy thought. If he casts his Flash Frost use your skills fast to deal him a lot of damage and to dodge the stun. He is a really squishy champion. But remember his passive. You have good chances to firstblood.

    Annie in mid is difficult if she is well played. Be very carefull of her Tibbers. Don't try to jump to her if you may get to the tower range if her passive has 2 or more Stacks.

    Ashe is almost the same as anivia try to wait for the right moment and get her fast and effective.

    Corki is more than a bad joke. He only wants to play. Do what you want, it's impossible to lose against him.

    Ezreal is when he is well played a real danger for Katarina. Always try to avoid of his skillshots. He is quite squishy so you are able to deal a nice damage to him. You have decide by yourself when there is the right time to get him the rest.

    For Fiddlesticks get two wards when you are able to. Plant them to the two Bushes to the upper and the bottom lane. Like this you are able to get away just before his ultimate starts.

    Against Gragas you only have to dodge his barrel. Its quite easy against him in mid.

    Heimerdinger is a nice snack for katarina. Get him whenever you want to. But care of his towers, they might deal damage.

    Janna is well played a annoying enemy. If she skills her shield first it's quite hard to kill her fast. You might even need to wait till laning ends.

    Just dodge Karthus' Lay Waste and get him as fast as possible. But beware of his slowing wall. Try to escape with shunpo if its ready when you're slowed.

    You can only hope she is playing on AD. Because if she is playing on AD you got time to kill her often because AD is a slow building.

    Always dodge his spells. And get him fast. He is a squishy champ. So its quite easy to kill him.

    Kill Kog'Maw as fast as possible. If he has got his ultimate it's more difficult to kill him. Not difficult. But more difficult.

    Against Malzahar you have to beware of his Ultimate combined with Null Zone. Anyway if you are ready to attack him wait till he has just casted his Null Zone. Then jump in, get the kill and laugh ;D

    Mordekaiser is the most difficult enemy in mid in my oppinion. Don't be to focused at killing him and wait till laning ends to kill him with your mates together.

    Morgana is a squishy champion with moderate damage. For killing her fast and effective it's the best to throw a dagger and to hope she activates her shield. If she did jump in, use exhaust and ignite plus your ultimate and you got ur kill.

    Nidalee is a annoying champion, too. Try not to kill her near the tower, you could be killed that way by the tower. Remember: she got this cougar-thing and is able to run away fast.

    Against Ryze there is a easy way to get him. Wait till he casts his Rune Cage, port back with shunpo. Remember his Rune Prison has got 14 seconds of cooldown, reduced by his used spells. Alltogether his cooldown is 11 Seconds. Your Shunpo got 10/9/8/7/6 Seconds of cooldown, so you are able to jump to him again, deal some damage and get back fast. If you're able to start your ultimate -> get him.

    Sivir is a funny champion. No stuns, no slows, only a fleeing skill. Kill her whenever you want to. It's harder to die on creeps then getting killed by sivir.

    Look at sivir ;D

    Tristana is quite dangerous with her ultimate combined with rocket jump. Its better to kill her at your tower so she is not able to kick you into her tower, what would surely kill you.

    Twisted Fate
    Look at Sivir :D

    Twitch is squishy and in early game more a joke than a champ. Try to nuke him as often as possible to get stacks for your lanes.

    Urgot is quite dangerous with his Noxian Corrosive Charge combined with Acid Hunter. In early game it deals a lot of damage to you. Just wait till you got your ultimate and get him. Be sure he is not in his own towerrange so you are not stunned and getting attacked by the tower.

    Veigar is not dangerous. The only thing what deals some damage to you is his ultimate. So try to leave him minimised.

    Vladimir is a real danger for Katarina. You have to play defensive because he has got a lot of lifeleech. Try not to run into his ultimate and getting slowed and leeched. It will kill you quite sure.

    Zilean deals a lot of damage to Katarina. But he is squishy. Kill him as fast as possible and watch his ultimate. If he is low on life and got his ultimate just wait till his ultimate ran out and give him the rest if possible. Zilean is alos dangerous in towerdiving. For porting back go to the second tower.

  • Counter Champions

    Counter Champions to Katarina are:

    - Amumu
    - Annie
    - Galio
    - Garen
    - Mordekaiser
    - Rammus
    - Sion
    - Shen
    - Vladimir

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