Evelynn Build Guide

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Evelynn - Assassin on Safari

written by relativity

Evelynn Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    I played Evelynn a few times when I first started playing League of Legends. At that time it was easy since there were no wards, no oracles, no one considered buying defensive items so you could pretty much roam and do as you pleased. I even played AD Evelynn at that time not knowing the difference. So I decided to buy her and main her for some time. But then as my level increased and people started to dump wards, use oracles, laugh at my build, the effectiveness of team play became more and more apparent and it all went to hell. So frustrated with failure I gave up playing Evelynn until I started reading up a bit about the game in general and found some guides also here at leaguecraft.

    I have ever since played Evelynn from time to time since I really enjoy playing her and no matter what people say she is a awesome champion in my view. BUT, I said that League of Legends is a team game and there is a huge difference playing Evelynn depending on who else is on your team. By her self Evelynn is easily stopped. However with the right setup she can be absolutely devastating without comparison. If you have some beefed up linebackers who can create chaos in enemy lines Evelynn excels in rushing in for a kill on someone who becomes isolated. Such champions would include. Blitzcrank, Alistar, Malpite, Shen, Amumu, Rammus etc. People who can initiate and cause a stir. A Morgana hold, Ryze runeprison, Sion stun or something similar can also easily line up a kill for you.

    Even than this guide is tailored for Jungling the build it self can be used if you are laning as well since we will use a popular AP Evelynn build. The only difference is the Runes + Masteries setup which I will include here for good measure.

    Before I start rambling too much, allow me to refer to a few guides that I have read and used my self and that I find are worth reading:

    Eve: An Expert's Guide to the League's True Assassin by jitt3rs.
    A older guide but still very viable. This guide really got me started with Evelynn and I still use this item build.

    Evelynn - cry me a river by rusPiglet.
    Nice guide but we differ in our opinion on Lich Bane.

    Jungle Evelynn - Ultimate Ganker Rise in ELO, Be Feared! by Karusan.
    This is what got me inspired to try jungle with Evelynn. The jungle pattern suggested proved to be a little too slow and his build is not for my taste. Good guide and good read however.

    Disclaimer: Somethings I write may be plagiarized from these guides but I include stuff here for sake of completeness.

  • Updates

    Febuary 18th 2011:
    - Build has undergone a major revision to accommodate the devastating blow patch had to our Evelynn.
    - Frapsed a new video to show how you can level up to 6.
    - Masteries and Runes section are completely revamped.
    - Guide is a bit off a mess due to the partial revision and will be cleaned up later.

  • Abilities

    [spell=Determined Killer]
    "Attacks from Minions deal 50% damage to Evelynn."

    Not exactly the best passive there is but it will help you jungle and can save your should you be in a position of chasing a enemy through his creep wave early game.

    Hate Spike
    "Damages the closest enemy unit with a lightning fast bolt of energy, dealing magic damage and 50% damage to a secondary nearby target."

    A highly underrated spell. People tend to say that the damage is laughable and often the same people play Sunfire, Attack damage or Hybrid Evelynn. Well duh!

    We will be building a Ability power Evelynn and getting 300+ ability power mid to late game is not a difficult task. Which means that you will deal 100 damage extra to your primary target and 50 to your secondary target. In other words up to 150 added damage and its spammable!

    - Spammable
    - Scales with ability power.
    - Triggers proc effects on items like: Sheen/Lich Bane.
    - Applies item effects from items like: [item_text=Rylai's Scepter]
    - Does not require channeling and does have animation that stops movement momentarily like auto attack.

    - Low damage early game.
    - Unreliable if many enemy units are nearby as you can't determine who it targets.

    Shadow Walk
    "Evelynn fades away, becoming stealthed. Evelynn's next attack or damage ability will stun that unit, ending her Shadow Walk."

    This is what will make your enemies paranoid. Just hearing the sound of it will make them run back to their tower. This is the quintessential skill for Evelynn.

    - Stealth.
    - Enables stun.
    - Good for scouting.

    - Slow apply effect and delayed further if getting hit.
    - Countered by wards and oracles.

    "Deals damage to target unit. If Ravage was used from behind, it reduces the target's armor and magic resistance for 5 seconds."

    Arguably one of the best nukes in the game given it's massive damage potential coupled with a debuff. This is what makes you really feared. It deals great pain to your enemies especially as we will be building ability power Evelynn. This is your primary gank, initiation and damage spell.
    You do not need to stand behind for debuff effect anymore!!!

    - High nuke damage.
    - Debuff.

    - None really ... Albeit I would not mind it have same cool down as Hate Spike...

    [spell=Malice and Spite]
    "Evelynn revels in the demise of champions she has aided in killing, healing herself for a portion of the victim's maximum health, she also gains the opportunity to increase her attack speed and movement speed for a short time."

    Just plain awesome ability. Good for chasing, escaping and to enter blender mode on your enemies. I have often imagine the frustration of having my enemies suffer me tower diving them and then having this baby to save me from dying to tower fire.

    Has a fixed cool down now so one can better allow once self to abuse this ability.

    - Increased attack speed.
    - Increased movement speed.
    - Life replenishment.
    - Potentially no cool down (practically impossible but worth aiming for).

    - With new changes the only thing that remains is enemy kill drought can extend cool down.

  • Pros / Cons

    + Stealth
    + High Burst Potential
    + High DPS Potential
    + Great Assassin

    % Squishy
    % Item Dependent
    % Team Dependent
    % Hard to Master

  • Summoner Abilities

    My choice:

    For Evelynn and pretty much any other champion, effective jungling is just not possible without this spell. Even if you could the rule of thumb is: Jungers should always, always use Smite.

    This spell is taken out of necessity to make our jungle stage successful, later in the game it can be nice to have. I would have much preferred a Ignite or Flash. It is used with great success for the infamous SorakaBot build.

    Optimal choice for laning:

    Flash your way to safety has saved my life so many times. And before I started doing jungle I always used this spell along with Ignite. Also when enemies have oracles and keeping their distance Flash->Stun is a pretty funky move and might get you rid of one oracle. If you are often getting into bad situations and having problems finding the right approaches I would recommend swapping this with Ignite (because we need Smite for jungle). After all staying alive if more important than getting that kill.

    Will get you a early AP boost with [mastery_text=Burning Embers] which actually goes a long way. further it is very effective for those early game ganks and you really want a early kill or assist as it is pretty much rocket fuel for your progression. Late game it becomes less significant however should the enemy team have a Mundo, Taric, Sona or other pesky healing champions this spell comes very handy.
    So while one could argue that there could be better alternative for certain situations I find this to be the best generic choice for our Evelynn.

    Good choices, but not for Evelynn:

    Arguably the best summoner spell there is but it does not help you kill nor does it help you survive. At least not well enough. Flash will serve you better.

    Overkill. You have a debuff in Ravage and stun if you are stealth and if you need this in order to kill you are not using them right.

    Again overkill. You have [spell_text=Malice and Spite] to chase or get away with and if they Ghost and get away then let them go. You do not want to run miles ahead of your team and head first into an ambush. As for survival if [spell_text=Malice and Spite] does not save you then you should pick Flash instead as you can jump past walls.

    Look around for a allied Ward, Teemo Shroom, Shaco Jack in the Box or Nidalee Trap in a brush teleport, stealth and gank. Had lots of fun like this but we have no room for this when doing jungle. The only reason I would use this spell today is if your team is planning roaming the entire map fast. In that case I would swap this with Ignite since you will not do much solo ganking as you otherwise would.

    Good utilities, but not for Evelynn:

    This, at best, could help you jungle better but once out of the jungle this will become obsolete with [spell_text=Malice and Spite] and it does not help you kill.

    If you need this you are farming too intensively and not focusing on doing your job ganking players. You should rather grab a golem buff and all is well or pack Greater Seal of Clarity

    A nifty spell that improves your teams map awareness and especially effective to spot enemy ambushes without sacrificing an ally. But again you rather want to use Shadow Walk and scout about. Should they have that blasted oracle or ward then so be it. At least you know and then figure out how to deal with it.

    Fun spell to kill tower divers especially if you are a taunter/stunner or to gain precious seconds for your team to reach and rescue that exposed tower. Adds damage to minions when ready to use could actually help you jungle but you do not need it in order to jungle.
    So that solo lane champion that gets the honor of taking this one.

    Fun spells:

    Can be used for early Golem/Lizard kills as it heals you as well as giving attack damage but other than that it has no practical application. Unlike smite you can no steal enemy junlger buffs.

  • Masteries

    Masteries is a personal thing and it's hard to tell other what to pick but here are my thoughts.

    My setup:

    This is a ripoff of the SorakaBot setup and I find that this is the best option in order to do well in the jungle. I do not pick dodge since I prefer putting my points in reliable mitigation and regeneration however marginal it may seem.


    You can get more out of your buffs from jungle, increased mana regeneration and increased cool down reduction. While cool down reduction is always good I do not find Evelynn to be that much in need of it. I use Greater Seal of Clarity to fix my mana which is more effective as well. This is what I would recommend for a lane build.

    This is for aggressive early game laning. It is a bit of a gamble but can pay off well. You have tweaked your offensive capabilities to the max.

    You get added 48 hitpoints a marginal dodge chance and you take less damage. It decent and it works well i practice but just does not feel right for me. Works well if you are concerned about your health

    Must have:

    [mastery=Archaic Knowledge] is just too important to leave out. You want them to soak up that damage from Ravage. So whatever setup you choose make sure to include this one!

    [mastery=Awareness] is must since you will have to make the most of the limited experience you can get out of the jungle. Also you will get important level up at certain stages. Also it is very convenient when laning since you might be able to take advantage of getting a level just before you choose to strike at your opponent with possible level advantage.

    Nice to have:

    Havoc will spice your damage marginally but once you have enough AP this will be obsolete. Not much but it all adds up and it's only one point spent.

    [mastery=Burning Embers] gives you 10 ability power practically for free which is good early game but only if you

    [mastery=Sunder] is solely for aid early phase but it does make a marginal difference. This will become obsolete later on.

    Left out:

    [mastery=Deadliness] is mere two percent critical strike chance and you are not building attack damage Evelynn so leave this alone.

    [mastery=Lethality] is left out as you will not be dealing critical hits to anyone so this will be wasted.

  • Runes

    I am not 100% certain what would be the optimal setup for jungle Evelynn I have done some experimenting and have reached the following conclusion(s):

    My setup for jungle:

    9 x Greater Mark of Resilience.
    9 x Greater Seal of Resilience.
    9 x Greater Glyph of Clarity.
    3 x Greater Quintessence of Fortitude.

    This is composed with the consideration that since we no longer can sweep through the jungle with damage we will try to out last them. This is why I use both armor seals and glyphs.

    My setup for laning:

    9 x Greater Mark of Insight.
    9 x Greater Seal of Clarity.
    9 x Greater Glyph of Force.
    3 x Greater Quintessence of Fortitude.

    About the runes:

    Greater Quintessence of Fortitude is a must have to be able to jungle. And generally these runes work for just about every champion in the game as it greatly boosts early game survivability.

    Greater Seal of Resilience is just too good when jungling as it will severely reduce the damage you take and thus boost your performance.

    Greater Seal of Clarity fixes your mana and allow you to Ravage and Hate Spike some more before having to blue pill. I find this hard to replace also because I have no mana regen items in my build. These are are the preferred mana fixer for many mana based champions.

    Altneratively you could replace these with Greater Seal of Evasion which also are great for just about any champion.

    I have seen builds with Greater Seal of Force however I find that they yield too little net effect and thus the two above will do more for you.

    Greater Mark of Insight for more Ravage pain early game. The effectiveness is diminished as the game progresses.

    Greater Mark of Resilience are taken out of necessity when jungling since we can not damage the monsters as fast as we once could so now our option is to out last them in fights.

    Alternatively you could add Greater Mark of Desolation for faster jungle clearing but then we will run into health issues and same goes for Greater Mark of Strength.

    Greater Glyph of Force gives you more and more ability power as you grow in levels. And this is what Evelynn is all about. The amout it scales to is decent yet not game breaking.

    Greater Glyph of Clarity are the best alternative when not using Greater Seal of Clarity. Even that you do not need tons of mana regeneration you will be too crippled without any.

    Alternatively you could add Greater Glyph of Focus as cool down is always nice to have but I do not find it required on Evelynn. Or you could add Greater Glyph of Warding for survival but again, I prefer more pew pew.

  • Items

    Items you really want:

    Listed in order of acquisition.

    Sapphire Crystal is what we will start by using. We need it because otherwise we will eat up our mana too fast and forced to blue pill or wait too much.

    Or for laning:

    Doran's Ring is a cute little starter item for most AP users favored by many Evelynn players. 100 HP, 15 AP and some MR/5 will do wonders however after patch you can not afford an Health Potion along with it which is a bit of a problem for your lane presence. I prefer go directly for Amplifying Tome + Health Potion which is also if a faster path to building our ever so important Sheen.

    Sheen is especially effective for early game ganks. It looses it's potential as the game progresses but then later on we can upgrade it to Lich Bane.

    Boots of Mobility is really nice mobility which allows you to roam between lanes fast and to catch up to low HP enemies running away from battle. Or just to get you away from trouble before you get caught in a unpleasant situation.

    Mejai's Soulstealer Very cost effective item and very high potential. If you play your Evelynn right you should be able to keep this baby at 8-12 stacks minimum.
    Many will argue that snowballing with Evelynn is bad since she is so squishy and melee ranged thus you risk loosing stacks over and over. This is true. However ... In my opinion either you go all the way for forking forget it. IF you manage to keep this baby at 10+ stacks it is perhaps the most cost effective AP item in the game and due to it's low price it really shouldn't be considered breaking your item progression in any way.

    Lich Bane upgraded from Sheen. This item is in fact a key item for AP Evelynn jungle or not. It is key for getting kills mid-late game since your Ravage, despite dealing massive damage, is not enough to kill a 50% or higher enemy health and your Hate Spike, while being spiced up is not reliable for securing kills and your attack damage is too low to finish the job despite the debuff from Ravage. What often lands the killing blow is the second or third proc from this item and that is why I stress that this item is key in any AP Evelynn build.
    And personally I just love the added 8% movement speed. Being mobile is a key aspect of a true assassin.

    One thing to keep in mind is also that with this item you can destroy towers Master Yi style (you need creeps to Hate Spike on however but that is often the case).

    Rylai's Crystal Scepter is a vital for Evelynn as it adds much needed hit points. Further it adds an ok amount of ability power to our collection and the passive is just great with your Hate Spike. A nice all-in-one item that you must acquire for Evelynn.

    Rabadon's Deathcap gives you a massive and I mean massive ability power boost. You will roam about with some ~600-700 ability power dishing out insane damage to anyone who gets in your way. Imagine this baby on top of your Lich Bane passive. Tank or no tank you will tear of serious hit points in no time!

    For a 6th item to replace Doran's Ring (if you have not ditched it all ready) I have rarely been in a game that lasted long enough and you can do well without one. But you will want a defensive item as your last and I have always either used:

    Banshee's Veil is one of the best survivability items in game. This is a good sixth item for the added Health, Magic resist and awesome passive against enemy CC.


    Guardian Angel is also a very attractive defensive item and coupled with magic resist gained via Lich Bane you end up with pretty decent armor and magic resist. So unless there are CC abilities you really want to avoid this might be a better alternative than Banshee's Veil. This item is usually my favorite.

    Some good Items to consider:

    Sorcerer's Shoes is a great item given the 20 magic penetration. I used these boots for a long time and they are definitely viable for Evelynn however I often had to watch in frustration as my enemies managed to slip away in front of my nose when I did not have [spell_text=Malice and Spite] ready. After I started using Boots of Mobility I never looked back at this item.

    Haunting Guise is a cheap cost effective all-in-one item that is particularly effective early game. I would recommend this item if you do not like snowballing with Mejai's Soulstealer. Late game the effectiveness of this item is diminished but 20 magic penetration is never bad. If we ignore [mastery_text=Archaic Knowledge] - together with rank 5 Ravage you will pierce enemy magic resist by 26 and with 9 x Greater Mark of Insight and this item you penetrate the remaining magic resist by 8.5 + 20 = 28.5. Realisticly we can assume that everyone has ~60+ magic resist then we will ignore a total of 54.5 which is not a trivial amount especially on offensive players who tend to go lighter on defensive items.

    Rod of Ages gives you decent survivability and ability power and it grows in potential as the game progresses. However I never use this item my self as you have to get it early to be effective and I prefer my Sheen and Mejai's Soulstealer early which come at almost the same cost. If you decide to go with this item you will likely end up with a completely different build overall.

    Archangel's Staff can be quite effective on Evelynn since you will charge your mana pool to +1000 very fast as you spam Hate Spike.
    I've tried it in a test game and did some calculations: with my setup (runes + masteries) which does not add anything to base mana pool a fully charged Archangel's Staff or Tear of the Goddess will together with mana gained from Lich Bane yield a total mana pool of 2646 at level 18. After doing the math we get: 45 + 2646 * 0.03 = ~124 ability power from Archangel's Staff alone. this is exactly equivalent to Mejai's Soulstealer with 13 stacks. The total amount of ability power at level 18 with only a fully charged Archangel's Staff + Lich Bane + my masteries + my runes yields a total of 253 ability power which is not bad.
    The problem is that if you start building this item your efficiency curve from items will be stale early level and you need to farm efficiently to catch up also since this item is somewhat expensive. Since we are jungleing you do not score tons of fast gold ignoring possible ganks. That is why I personally bypass this item however as opposed to Mejai's Soulstealer you do not have to worry about loosing stacks and your mana is solidly fixed. As with Rod of Ages you will likely end up with a completely different build overall (the two of them go well hand in hand).

    Void Staff gives you some serious magic penetration and boosts your ability power at the same time. I would recommend getting this item late game and only if your enemies pack heavy magic resist. Disregarding any flat reduction or penetration - with [mastery_text=Archaic Knowledge] you will ignore 15% and 40% from Void Staff yields a total of ~49% (due to % stacking multiplicative rather than additive) of enemy magic resist (after eventual resist reduction effects from Ravage and others).

    Abyssal Scepter is perhaps a underused item. It will reduce your enemies magic resist as well as giving you some. Evelynn played correctly I find is typically killed from nuke combos rather than physical attacks. However I can not find space in my build for this item unless it's one of those games that last forever. If we ignore [mastery_text=Archaic Knowledge] - we get the same effect as we calculated for Haunting Guise. Just keep in mind that reduction can bring a enemy Magic resist below zero. So with this item and rank 5 Ravage we would reduce a enemy with say only 40 magic resist as 40 - (20 + 26) = -6 meaning that he would take increased damage from your spells. Keep in mind that your magic penetration is now useless and you can not penetrate negative resists. However 40 magic resist is pretty unrealistic on any level 18 champion so it is fair to treat magic reduction and flat penetration as being the same thing.

    Nashor's Tooth has a interesting effect on Evelynn. I have said earlier than cool down reduction is not a stat you need on Evelynn this items will make your Hate Spike notably more spammable than it all ready is. Also the attack speed increase combined with [spell_text=Malice and Spite] will deliver insane DPS overall. The only reason I do not include this item is because our main theme is focusing on the burst aspect of Evelynn and high Lich Bane procs which is unaffected by attack speed and cool down reduction. I urge you to try this item on Evelynn, it's really interesting to see in action.

    Deathfire Grasp is a very nice item over all with cool down reduction, mana regeneration, ability power and a very nice activated ability nuke. The only problem with this item is that the activated ability breaks stealth which makes you unable to stun and you should preferably start your gank with activating this item to make the most use of it. However if you can make it work then by all means get it!

    Hextech Gunblade works great on Evelynn even that it is a hybrid item. The activated ability is plain awesome for chasing. However it is expensive and has several wasted stats for Evelynn. I have used it with great success on occasions. But generally it is better suited for other champions.

  • Skilling Order

    My skilling order for jungle:

    Maxing Ravage is imperative for success as this is your main source of damage. However to do well in jungle we will need a rank 2 Hate Spike. And since they reduced the stealth duration on Shadow Walk you should put 2 points in it. Running with a mere 10 second stealth is just too painful. So up to level 6 the skilling order is a bit skewed but after level 6 we add points as R->E->W->Q. Ravage and Shadow Walk are our main tools whereas we let our AP boost our Hate Spike in the meant time. [spell_text=Malice and Spite] speaks for it self.

    My skilling order for laning:

    The rationale is the same as above yet here we can allow our selves to give minimum attention to our Hate Spike.

  • Build Example

    Level 1 - Enter the jungle:

    We have our mana fixed and the potion will get us through our first sweep.


    Level 6 - Exiting jungle and start roaming:

    Unless all lanes have been pushed severely you should have attempted a gank at level 4 and regardless of how it worked out it's time to get serious and for starters all you need is:


    Level 11 - Assuming we have done well:

    We have been ganking away, farmed jungle, taken a dragon or two etc. as preparation for late game we would like to have the following build:


    Level 18 - The complete build we really want:

    With the addition of one single item you become really scary force to deal with ...


    Disclaimer: This is not a build I have come up with but I just put it down as how I assemble and which order.

  • Creep Jungling

    CURRENT VERSION (recommended):

    A video frapsed in a practice game to show how to level up in jungle alone. Note this does not include a level 4 gank but you should always, always try to gank at level 4 since it will skyrocket your progression.

    The key thing about Evelynn and jungle is to position your self such that you hit the same target as your primary Hate Spike.

    - Start with Small Golems position your self accordingly. Spam Hate Spike and click a potion before using Smite.
    - You gain level 2 and put a point in Ravage.
    - Move to Wraith camp, click a potion as you go, and position your self closest to the blue for max Hate Spike damage (notice in the video how this can be done).
    - Start with a Ravage on Blue and spam Hate Spike. When blue Wraith dies let Evelynn choose her next target automatically as it will be that which Hate Spike also will hit with primary damage.
    - Move to Wolf camp, we are danger low on health so pay close attention to the map.
    - Position your self on top of Big Wolf for max Hate Spike damage and this is best done by clicking on the spot before the Wolfs become visible (target issue).
    - Wait for Smite to come off cool down and then use it on Big Wolf and just Hate Spike away.
    - You gain level 3 and put a point in Hate Spike.
    - Move to Ancient Golem Camp and kill a small one and then die. Make sure your shop window is open and consumables tab chosen.
    - As you die click 4 x Health Potion, close shop, hit Revive and rush back up to Ancient Goelm.
    - Kill Ancient Golem using 2 x Ravage, Smite and Hate Spike spam (do not use potion).
    - Move to Wraith Camp just as before, now just from another direction (do not use potion).
    - Kill Wraiths just as first time.
    - Move down to Small Golem camp, click a potion as you go.
    - Kill Golems using Ravage when ready and Hate Spike spam.
    - You gain level 4 and put a point in Shadow Walk.
    - At this stage you should always look for gank options but always consider your health when considering the odds of success.
    - Move up to Lizard, wait for mana to reach 300+.
    - Kill Lizard with Ravage when ready, Smite and Hate Spike spam.
    - Move to Wolf Camp and kill, this time without Smite.
    - You gain level 5 and put one point in Shadow Walk.
    - Move to Wraith Camp and kill just as before.
    - Move to Small Golem Camp and kill using Smite.
    - Blue pill and buy Sheen and a couple of Health Potion.
    - You gain level 6 and you are now ready to rock'n'roll!
    - Go scare the bejesus out of your enemies! And revisit the jungle any chance you get.

    SECOND VERSION (Not recommended/viable):

    A video frapsed in a actual game which is perhaps better to demonstrate how it's done in practice.

    - Start with Blue (notice position to get max effect from Hate Spike).
    - Kill Wolves (stand on top of big wolf again for Hate Spike).
    - Blue pill and get 4 x Health Potion and 1 x Mana Potion.
    - Kill Small golems (Smite + Ravage is almost insta kill).
    - Kill Wraiths (again notice position).
    - Kill Wolfs (you need to wait a few seconds).
    - Kill Lizard (again notice position).
    - Your Blue buff wears off and you are drained.
    - Pop Mana Potion and proceed to gank (timer should be 5:00-5:30)
    - Bluepill and jungle/gank at will.
    - Get Red and/or Blue whenever you can (save Blue for Anivia,Morg or other heavy mana users).
    - Coordinate a dragon kill when you can (AP Evelynn has trouble killing dragon early).
    - Most important: HAVE FUN!!!

    FIRST VERSION (Not recommended/viable):

    Here is a video I frapsed in a practice game where I wanted to show roughly how early jungle is done.
    I am no great video maker and I apologize for not including any commentary but hopefully you will not become too bored. Some commentary is included in comments section.

    (Please note that I use different masteries in this guide than I do in the video).

    Basically you go for the two golems, wolfs and wraiths. Rinse and repeat until you hit level 6. Now you can hit big golem or lizard without much trouble.

  • Working in the team

    Evelynn's job is to gank and the sooner you can roam between lanes to gank or aid gank the better. Often I go for the first gank at level 4 with 1 point in Hate Spike, Shadow Walk and 2 points in Ravage. I rarely fail at getting a kill at this point or aiding a ally in getting it giving me an assist minimum. This is also why Boots of Mobility is so great because often by the time your enemies call a miss you are all ready in position. You become harder to predict which is a key thing for Evelynn. So be mobile and as unpredictable as you can.

    In terms of getting aggro there is no better tank than Evelynn but in terms of durability there are few worse than Evelynn. This means that you must not get too greedy. Sting like a bee, get in, get a kill and get out. Do not die because you might get a double kill. Those stacks on your Mejai's Soulstealer are precious.

    This also means that it is rare that I score a double kill and I remember once I got a quadra kill. But going multiple kills is only allowed when enemies are low and running away and you have the hit points and gear that allows you to pursue.

    It is very important therefore that you position your self well and always have a approach plan and a getaway plan preferably two. You have to work fast and it can be very small marginals that will determine success or embarrassment. I have tried both ever so many times but you learn as you go. But you should never be discouraged by messing up. Evelynn is difficult to master but when it works out you get that awesome sensation which makes up for all of it!

    Keep in mind that you are a killer. Your job is to kill. It's that simple. You may get blamed for kill stealing from time to time, say you are sorry and keep on killing. They can not blame you for doing your job! And one of the thing Evelynn does best is to burst kill low hit point enemies and by low I mean non-tanks with 50% hit points or less.

    Evelynn should not be required to stick with the team at least not in the sense of hugging your tank. Evelynn needs to roam about and planning her approach and she must not get caught in mass area of effect hell such as a enemy Malphite Unstoppable Force, Morgana Soul Shackles, Fiddlesticks Crowstorm etc. It will really throw you off balance. However stand nearby and wait for the worst skills to go on cool down pop your [spell_text=Malice and Spite] and rush in and unleash the pain. Remeber that kills or assists fuel your [spell_text=Malice and Spite] so you go for who ever you can kill fastest even if it means attacking the tank - but at the same time remember that a 50% hit point Ryze dies faster than a 20% geared up Shen. You will be focused and the more kills you and your team get during that time odds are that you will get out alive.

    The thing Evelynn haters love to emphasize is how easy she is to kill and that all you need is [item_text=Oracle's Elixir] or Vision Ward to eliminate Evelynn from the game. They are right that Evelynn is indeed easy to kill so you really need to play smart in order to avoid falling into situations where you get killed without taking one or two enemies with you. You can say that a Evelynn caught red handed is as good as a dead Evelynn.

    This is why it is tantamount that:

    But relativity there are always exception to the rule ... well yea, when you understand why this is stressed so vigorously you will also know when to make the exception.

    In my experience it takes more than just [item_text=Oracle's Elixir] or Vision Ward to neutralize a well played Evelynn. Why? Because you still stun and you still deal high burst damage. And since they can see you they will likely target you first. If you play this one smart you are the ideal bait for your team and when the situation comes fly in their faces and unleash your burst. Using bushes and corners to hide behind can give you almost the same effect as being stealth so that when they see you coming it's all ready too late. So do not let anyone tell you that you are neutralized that easy but at the same time we have to acknowledge that it is a serious problem that needs to be dealt with. If you are in a good team they will help you, as in doing so they will do them selves a favor since you are of grater value to them if they can not spot you (Cpt. Obvious here). Another thing is that for every [item_text=Oracle's Elixir] they buy they "loose" 400 gold that could been spent otherwise.

    I have heard people say that if you build Evelynn so and so you will not have any trouble with [item_text=Oracle's Elixir] or Vision Ward. That is pure nonsense! No build is going to counter [item_text=Oracle's Elixir] or Vision Ward only tactics.

    Even that we are in mid to late game do not stop roaming the jungle from time to time for possible ganks at golem or lizard camp. Tower dives are also best when you come rushing around corners from jungle. Should your enemies pack [item_text=Oracle's Elixir] you can also use jungle for approaches and just to stay out of sight. the less the enemy sees you the better.

    Your role is also a psychological one. The more ganks you succeed and the less you die combined with you being hard to detect makes the enemy team insecure because they can not just venture where they please because you could pop up out of nowhere and take them out especially the squishy ones so you contribute to your teams map control which one should not underestimate.

    Avoid farming in lanes unless you absolutely have to, clear the jungle instead whenever you can and rely more on kills/assists. The more the enemy has to guess your whereabouts the better.

  • Summary

    AP Evelynn is and likely never will be a great jungler but it can be done. I prefer to do it this way as you get a more consistent game play from time. Consistent in terms of you do not have to worry about meeting a evil enemy lane combo and get gold denied and forced and even harassed under your own tower. You will have your Sheen and Boots of Speed at level 5-6 and you have much easier getting your ever so important early ganks as enemies have no idea where or when you strike.

    Farmed up you have sick burst damage and everyone will fear you and rightly so!

    Best Regards
    - relativity

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