Taric Build Guide

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AP Taric, the Ultimate Support

written by vertajalihaa

Taric Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    So you're reading this guide to figure out how to play Taric as a healing juggernaut. Well, this fabulous little gem knight is more than suited for the job. His AP ratios are fantastic, and he can pump out heals LIKE MAD. Prepare yourself, little one, for the power and majesty of the Gem Knight.

    [V0.1 Guide created AUG21, 2010]
    [V0.2 Minor additions AUG21, 2010]

  • Abilities

    A nice addition to your already-expansive arsenal of mana regen. You will never leave your lane.

    The AP ratio on this is ridonkulous. You now have even more of a reason to choose AP taric due to his recent changes. Combined with a relatively short cooldown that can be shortened further with autoattacks, Imbue is probably the most fearsome heal in the game.

    Another great skill. Greatly enhances Taric's farming ability, gives your teammates a significant armor buff when not on cooldown, and great for softening up targets for your carries to munch on. Shatter benefits immensely from CDR.

    One-point wonder. It DOES deal a significant amount of damage, but you should skip dumping points into it until late game.

    Ah, yes. Radiance. Also known as the "kill tower" button. This is what makes Taric such a fantastic teammate. Pop it when you're slamming the tower, and turn it off when it starts to really eat at your mana.

  • Masteries + Runes

    You can take Greater Mark of Force, or, alternatively, Greater Mark of Insight if you're Rambo.
    You'll need to take Greater Seal of Clarity. Mana is not something you can afford to worry about, especially with your ult.
    Greater Glyph of Focus is your choice here. CDR, yummy yummy!
    As with almost any character, Greater Quintessence of Fortitude is your choice here. Health quints make a HUGE difference in the early game. It's the difference between getting FB'd or not.

  • Items

    Ah yes, the item build.

    We're going to build Taric with lots and lots of AP, as well as a nice chunk of mp5 and some CDR to put you near the cap.

    Start out with the (oddly character-appropriate) Sapphire Crystal. On your first trip back, get Boots of Speed and build your Sapphire into a Tear of the Goddess. Next up, you're going to want to finish your boots. In most situations, you're going to want Mercury's Treads, though against a physical-heavy team with not as much CC, you may want to try Ninja Tabi. Build your Tear into Archangel's Staff, then get to work on a Nashor's Tooth. Nashor's is such a fantastic item for Taric that I almost regret putting Archangel's before it. Almost. If you've REALLY got money left over after that, build a [item=Zhonya's Ring]. With Zhonya's, a farmed Archangel and Nashor's Tooth, Taric's heals will be truly, truly, truly outrageous.


    Feeling too squishy? I can imagine. If you feel the need to stay on the frontlines, try building a Spirit Visage. It gives you some nice survivability, PLUS you'll be able to pump out INSANE levels of healing on yourself.

  • Skilling Order


    I take heal first because that's what Taric does. If you're laning with someone who also has some nice CC/initiation (blitz, Sion, etc) and they want you to take Dazzle first, so be it. Don't put any more points into it though, unless you're laning against complete morons.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Ah, yes. Summoner abilities.

    Verty's Picks:
    Ghost Great for marathon escapes.
    Flash Gets you out in a pinch. Combine with Ghost and you have a decent chance of escaping what would have been a death trap.

    Nice choices:
    Clarity I mean, it's not BAD. But since you have so much mana regen anyway, you won't really need it. Still a good pick.
    Clairvoyance Trust me, map awareness is your friend!
    CleansePersonally I prefer ghost+flash.

    Everything else.

  • Working in the team

    Spam Imbue. Seriously. The cooldown and mana cost are ridiculously low. Speaking of which, don't be afraid to get a little close to the "front lines" of a teamfight once in a while. Soak up as much damage as possible, you'll need to put your end of Imbue to good work.

    You can keep Shatter up for a while, just don't forget to pop it on a squishy you want to focus.

    Don't forget your stun! The ability to keep an enemy where you want them gives you a huge tactical advantage. Interrupt channels, stop runners, freeze DPS. It's good for anything.

    When it's time to attack a tower, activate your ult.

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