Twisted Fate Build Guide

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Build your own twisted fate by rocket hamsterz

written by RocketHamsterz

Twisted Fate Build

Table of Contents

  • Changelog

    UPDATED! (

    Made it readable for this current patch version. Also revamped the AD version a bit.

    UPDATED! (10.10.2010)

    -Fixed many typos
    -Reworked the hybrid section
    -Added an AP twisted fate section
    -Elaboration on backdooring
    -Updated the "solo mid" section
    -Added champion builders.

    UPDATED! (11.06.2010)
    -Added many "pretty" features, such as color and underlining
    -Updated the middle lane section
    -Added some notes about certain points.
    -Went into further detail on abilties
    -Added LOTS of new sections!
    -Much more.

    Please spread this guide around. I worked MANY hours on it and I think it looks fantastic. Please rate and comment.

  • Introduction

    Hi, my name is rocket hamsterz. THIS IS MY FIRST GUIDE. I am the 1600 elo, which is considered to be the breaking point into higher elo. While I may not be elementz, I am in the 1700 solo ranked bracket. I have played twisted fate for over 300 wins and know how to micromanage him.

    Enough about how awesome I am, lets talk about Twisted fate. Twisted fate may be considered a low tier champion by some, but I disagree. Twisted fate has a highly spammable stun, (the only drawback is that enemy see the gold card above your head) passive CD reduction, and a teleport to aid in ganking.

    In a way, twisted fate is somewhat like shaco. The enemy lives in constant fear because they know you can ult in and blast their faces off. With that comparison in mind, twisted fate has a LOT of micromanagement. You need to be on your toes, constantly getting into the right position. Positioning is twisted fate's only real defense. You need to know what cards to use and when. And a whole lot more.

    If this is not your kind of thing, go play garen.

    With that being said, twisted fate can be played into 3 concerete ways. AP, hybrid and AD.

  • TL;DR!

    WOW. That was a lot of typing. Now heres this for those who don't want to read or have a phobia of huge walls of text.

    Use this if you want to right click.
    [builder=Twisted Fate/5fdd5a48c07cfed504b51d5f1c8d35be]

    Use this if you want to backdoor
    [builder=Twisted Fate/1eb6b795566c4e9e9ddcf767e7d3c975]

    Use this if you want to burst
    [builder=Twisted Fate/7fbc3246eb7c925525709e43e109296d]

  • Who SHOULD read this guide?

    People that have played twisted fate for a couple of games and...

    1. Are wishing to expand their knowledge about him
    2. Need clarification on what role he serves.
    3. Need insight as to what items to build
    4. Wish to learn the limits of twisted fate in a lane

  • Who should NOT read this guide?

    1. Mr 1400 elo who thinks that since he was super clean up crew with destiny, he knows more about TF than I do

    Seriously haters, go hate somewhere else.

  • Glossary

    AoE: Area of Effect, usually a spell that does damage in an area instead of a single target.
    Skillshots: A skillshot is an ability that you cast with no target, "hoping" to hit an opponent. Ezreal only has skillshots, Annie has 2: Incinerate & Summon: Tibbers

    CC: Crowd control, any ability that prevents from doing what he wants to do. Silencing, Stunning, Slowing,
    Snaring, Knocking-back, Blinding... are all Crowd Control effects.

    DOT: Damage Over Time, like Malazhar's Malefic Visions or Teemo's Toxic Shot for instance

    DPS: Damage Per Second with basic attacks, the higher the better. By extension, categorizes any hero that is supposed to kill his foes using auto attacks. (Master Yi)

    Burst: Categorizes any hero that rely on chaining his abilities quickly to inflict high damage. (Annie)

    Tank: Action of taking the blunt of the damage while you fight back. By extension, categorizes any hero that is supposed to focus the enemy's attention on him while his teammates provides the damage. (Shen)

    Support: Action of helping a teammate. By extension, categorizes any hero that mainly supports his team, be it with heals, support spells, crowd control, etc... (Soraka)

    Combo: Short for "Combination", from fighting game linguo (Street Fighter & the like). Quick succession of abilities (and sometimes attacks) that synergizes together to provide good damage and/or additional effects.

    Carry: Hero which need to developp his efficiency so that he can "carry" his team to victory in the end-game. Twisted fate is NOT a carry. He just runs out of steam late game compared to other casters. Also casters in general, do not scale as well as the ranged AD carries (Miss fortune, Ashe)

    Feed: Action of giving someone repeated hero kills, so that he gets extra experience and gold. Carries are usually VERY dangerous when fed. You want to feed your carry mostly, and avoid feeding the opponent.

    Gank: Short for Gang-Kill, when several heroes team up to dispatch an inferior number of ennemy heroes. Annie is a very good Ganker.

    MIA: Missing In Action, usually followed by the name of a champion, meaning the hero's whereabouts are unknown, and might be on their way to gank someone, somewhere. The first habit of teamplay that you should train. Don't always count on your partners on that though, especially in solo-queues. Also, don't expect to see certain heros having mia kills. Such as evelyn, twisted fate, twitch, and junglers.

    CDR: Cooldown reduction. You want a lot of this.

    TF: Twisted Fate.

  • A little common sense!

    Before you scroll down and see that HUGE wall of text, here are some videos that will explain the basics of twisted fate and league of legends gameplay.

    Basics of zoning and map control

    Basics of twisted fate, still a good guide even though it is out dated. Mainly refers to AP twisted fate.

    And the summoner spotlight for the other two builds. Phreak is a decent player, even though I do not agree with items such as.... malady.

  • What exactly is Twisted Fate?

    Twisted fate is an utility champion. This means he excels at giving his team the edge for a given scenario. Lets take backdooring for an example. TF can backdoor inhibitors and turrets and then quickly port of harm's way. This will make someone from the enemy team leave a teamfight to come kill you or they risk losing the base.

    Tf is also a stunbot. Practice landing them goldcards! Your gonna need it! With the LOWEST STUN COOLDOWN in the game, TF can stun out the yin yang. The only bad part is, you have to "shuffle" through your deck to get the gold card. Also, its range is sort of low, and the enemies can see it coming.

    TF is an assassin. He can destiny/teleport to finish off that shaco or twitch (or any champion) that made it out of a teamfight. He can destiny/teleport to make any situation instantly in your team's favor.

    What is twisted fate NOT?

    A carry. I'm sorry, twisted fate peaks at about 30 or 40 minutes into the game. Yes, a TF can wreck face when hes fed. But what champion doesn't wreck face when fed? A miss fortune with EQUAL items as TF will outdamage him EASILY in a teamfight. Plus in terms of pure AD, nothing will scale with your attack damage. Your autoattack is pretty pathetic too.

    This is where team composition is everything with TF. He only works in the right team. You need a team that can 5 vs 4 efficiently so you can backdoor.

  • Abilities

    Loaded Dice
    Twisted fate is so awesome that he posses the power to give him and his allies two additional gold per kill. This passive is comparable to zilean's, but not as good. In fact, I find it to be pretty worthless. 1000 gold for the whole team at the end of the round, but it is not a passive that can help him kill things which could potentially win a teamfight, making more gold.

    Either way, not completely useless, it's just making your wards free.

    Wild Cards
    Twisted Fate pulls three cards out, one travel in a straight line and the other two splitting out at 45 degree angles. Damage increases as you level the spell up. This is the focus of the AP build and the hybrid build. What makes it so good is that it goes through targets, and has an extreme long range. The AP ratios aren't bad either.

    Pick A Card
    Twisted fate looks in his imba card selection for a color coded card.

    Gold Card: Will stun the target for X amount of seconds (increases as ability levels up) and does half the damage of red and blue cards

    Blue Card: Does extra damage and gives twisted fate mana back (based on ability power)

    Red Card: Does an extra damage in the form of an AoE slow. The damage and slowing effect increase with ability level up.

    This is the most highly spammable stun in the game. YOU MUST LEARN WHAT CARD TO USE AND WHEN! THIS IS WHAT SEPERATES BAD TFs FROM GREAT Tfs

    In general, if your running low on mana or want extra damage on baron/dragon/towers, use a blue card. Since AP boots the mana return, AP build and the hybrid build make the most use of blue card.

    If your wanting to push a lane or want some early game harrassment (Before level 6), pull a red card.

    EVERYTHING ELSE IS GOLD. GOLD GOLD GOLD GOLD. Why? Well, lets say malzahar is ulting your ranged AD carry (Twitch, for example). You blue card him. Twitch dies. Then you read this guide. Then you gold card him. The malzahar ult stops, saving twitch.

    Basically, its good to have someone STUNNED rather than slowed. Stun is the HARDEST form of CC in the game. Slow is the WORST form of cc in the game

    Forms of CC: Stun > Root/Knock Up (Morgana binding / Ryze Rune prison etc) > Silence > Slow

    Stacked Deck
    Twisted fate is like a machine gun, every fourth attack will deal extra magic damage. Passive: CD reduction and attack speed. (Damage and passive effect increases with ability level up)

    This is FANTASTIC. EVERY build uses this. EVERY champion could make use of this ability. CDR makes your stun highly spammable, enables destiny to gank more often, and allows for more wild cards.

    The AS is CRITICAL for the hybrid build. The other 2 builds also uttilize it VERY well.

    Twisted fate can predict the desiny of his foes. He gains sight of them and is able to teleport to anyone on the map.

    My favorite ultimate in the game. Shaco running away? NOT TODAY!
    I'm backdooring top.... oh god here they all come. (teleports away)
    Oh god the wick is ganking bot, let me teleport down there and make that gank in our favor.

    Basically, this ultimate does several things. I'll list them.

    1. Turns a gank into your favor, 1 vs 2 into 2 v 2
    2. Serves as an escape tool.
    3. Let's you find stealth characters so they can not juke out of a kill
    5. Allows YOU to gank WITH your jungler. Often leading to a quick tower kill.
    6. Allows you to STOP an enemy backdoor, such as pantheon jumping on your inhibitor.
    7. In RARE cases, allows you to teleport into a better position in teamfights.
    8. COUNTERS another global ultimate or COMPLIMENTS another global ultimate.

  • Masteries + Runes

    All 3 of my builds use the same masteries.

    For masteries, I would do a standard 9.0.21 caster setup. Why? You need destiny at max CD so you can be everyone at once. You dont want mana trouble. You want the increased exp and movement speed (twisted fate is slow as can be) The extra 5% damage from the offensive tree is nice, but utility is a better choice in my opinion.

    Use the critical chance mastery for the attack damage build and the AP mastery for the other two builds. And take improved summoner spells for what you use. This build assumes your using ghost and ignite. If you are running flash and ghost, take [mastery_text=Blink of an Eye] over Greed

    For runes, there are a couple of options. For an attack damage twisted fate:

    For quintessences Greater Quintessence of Fortitude are a nice choice since twisted fate is so squishy. Also,Greater Quintessence of Swiftness are a solid choice since twisted fate is so slow.

    For marks, I prefer Greater Mark of Desolation. I used to run attack speed runes but found the armor penetration to be more useful as attack speed only helps madreds. And madreds is not a must have item anymore for AD TF

    For seals, Greater Seal of Evasion or Greater Seal of Clarity. Your choice. The hybrid and AP build will suck mana more than the AD build.

    For glyphs, Greater Glyph of Celerity or Greater Glyph of Focus. Your choice. Some people like the per level, others like the flat. I have now switched to the flat since I find your game is determined by mid game teamfights.

    For AP and hybrid twisted fate, I also run Greater Quintessence of Fortitude for quintessences.

    However, I use Greater Glyph of Force for the glyphs, Greater Seal of Clarity for seals, and Greater Mark of Insight for marks.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Ghost and Ignite are my favorite two choices. Cleanse is good for teams with CC.

    Flash is VERY useful. You can combine it with ghost for ultimate getting away skillz! I often use this now since you WILL be targeted first in higher elo.

    Exhaust is GREAT for champions such as YI/Olaf/Twitch. You can also now use it on casters. If fiddle is ulting your entire team, exhaust him and render him useless.

    Screw Teleport and Clairvoyance, you have them already.

    Any other summoner spell should be self explanatory.

  • Skilling Order

    ===========Attack Damage Build======================

    You want your cooldowns as low as possible as well as the AS. Always get destiny, lower cooldown on a global teleport! Next get pick a card since the stun/slow/damage improves per level. Dont worry too much about wildcards, as you dont have any AP to make it of any use. Alternatively, you can get stacked deck first if your team isn't ganking first.

    ===========Hybrid Build AND AP build!======================

    Focusing on wild cards gives you exceptional burst and the early stacked deck will let you spam your abilities even more. Wild cards should not be underestimated as they go through enemy minions and branch out in 3 directions. Taking SD next is smart for the CD reduction and help in backdooring.

  • What build should I use?

    Generally, if you don't have a ranged AD carry (which trust me, EVERYONE wants to play super man and carry the team, so this is rare not to have one), you should do the ad physical build.

    Otherwise, just start off with a doran's ring and see where the game takes you. If you are rocking the house, then just go straight AP.

    If you are getting your butt handed to you, or if lady luck is not smiling, go hybrid and backdoor.

    Use what build is needed team comp wise. Be flexible. Twisted fate is utility. Don't take mid over a ranged AD carry just because you read this guide. Twisted fate has a high skill cap and still isn't a carry.

    Some things to keep in mind though

    TF's auto attack is crap (Low range/damage) and his abilities don't compliment attack damage. This makes him a bad scaling AD carry

    AP TF is a burst caster with less burst than annie/kassadin and typical mages. However, he can burst every 2-4 seconds compared to a 60 second CD on tibbers.

    Hybrid TF is a sustained magic damage dealer. He will do the least damage in fights but be the fastest backdoor.

  • Items

    ===========Attack Damage Build======================

    Note: About my Attack Damage build. In essence, it too IS a hybrid. Bloodrazer does magic damage, while everything else does attack damage. If you want to focus PURELY on attack damage (which I do NOT recommend doing, just go play a proper ranged carry instead) then ignore the bloodrazer and build everything else.

    Start off with a Doran's Blade and a health potion and head off towards the mid lane or a solo 1 vs 2 lane. Twisted fate can be used to babysit someone, but I dont recommend it. Head to base around 1200-1500 gold (Preferably, you should head back to base with stacked deck ready.) and pick up Boots of Speed and a Pickaxe.

    Quickly gauge the enemy team and look for an opportunity to gank, look for heros with little escape mechanics and low health. If these exist, lock a gold card, ping the map/scream for people to pay attention in vent, and destiny teleport in (DO THIS IN A WAY THAT CUTS THE ENEMY OFF) and score some kills.

    If mid lane is being pushed in, return to your tower. If its not, push the lane and take the turret if possible. Repeat this process up until mid game starts. By mid game, you should have a Infinity Edge and a pair of boots according to their team. Mercury's Treads is usually the best choice for TF since most intelligent teams will strike you first.

    After Infinity Edge, continue to stack attack speed with some AD and lifesteal mixed in.

    For heavy armored teams, Last Whisper is a solid choice.

    For a team with a lot of armor and huge health pools,[item_text=Madred's Bloodrazor] is a nice choice. Keep in mind it is AP based (percentage) and will STILL do percentage damage even if they get magic resist. Magic resist reduces the percentage.

    NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER pick up a [item_text=Malady]. It is completely inferior to stark's. Sorry, but if your a malady fan, you are misguided. EVEN WITH THE NEW BUFF. It is still garbage.

    Continue to build attack speed and AD. At this point, its your preference. Such items to be considered

    Sword of the Divine This is a good item, but if your bent on having item, get it before madreds because its strength is early game.

    Wit's End Here is the way I feel about this item. Meh. Its good early game for zapping mana. Its good for someone like ashe, since you can quickly prevent her from using her spells. However, vs a teardrop heimer, this item isn't going to do much. Because heimer would die before his mana would be drained.

    The Black Cleaver Great item for TF since they buffed it. Has both of what TF wants.

    Trinity Force Same thing. Meh. I mean, yes this is a good item. It provides a jack of all trades. But here is the thing. This rocks on ez, since mystic shot is his burst spell. Twisted fate's damage comes from [item_text=Madred's Bloodrazor]. This means that you cannot utilize the sheen proc from trinity force as much as ezreal could. This is isn't a bad choice, but I don't care for in on twisted fate. Its personal preference.

    If for some reason the game is STILL going on, Guardian Angel will help you in teamfights. Especially if your being targeted

    ===========Hybrid Build======================

    Note about the hybrid build: What I consider hybrid on twisted fate is attack speed and AP. This allows for higher synergy on his spells (stacked deck in particular) than a traditional attack damage/AP hybrid.

    Start off with a Sapphire Crystal OR Doran's Ring. Again, you should concentrate on last hitting the creeps and try not to be to aggressive. If your enemies overextend, just gold card them, auto attack and wild card them down.

    Once your 6 with (around 1500 gold), port back and grab a Sheen and Boots of Speed. Follow the strategy above. Look for heros with little escape mechanics and low health. If these exist, lock a gold card, ping the map/scream for people to pay attention in vent, and destiny teleport in (DO THIS IN A WAY THAT CUTS THE ENEMY OFF) and score some kills.

    By mid game you should have a Guinsoo's Rageblade and a boots to counter the enemy team. Mercury's Treads are usually the best pick.

    Next, go ahead and pick up Nashor's Tooth. Why? It provides some AP, much needed AS for backdooring (NOTE: AS on the hybrid build is VERY useful, having stacked deck proc more often with bonus AP does more damage than you think) and some cooldown reduction. Never take Youmuu's Ghostblade. Why? The active effect will NOT sustain for ranged characters. Meaning, you can active the spell but auto attacks will not increase the duration.

    After Nashor's Tooth, pick up a Lich Bane. Why? It provides synergy with your AP and provides movement speed. It turns your 2 AP spells into 4. It also allows (guess what) backdooring turrets via blue card a breeze.

    How should you use this item? Simple. Pick your card, throw it (it applies the lichbane effect). Throw in auto attacks, and then cast wild cards. The lichbane proc is now active, go ahead and use auto attack. Rinse and repeat.

    How should you not use this item? Pick your card, and wild card at the same time. That's 3 nukes instead of 2.

    After Lich Bane, I would go ahead and pick up a Rabadon's Deathcap. It provides more AP and allows you to survive in a teamfight with ease.

    If for some reason the game is STILL going on, Guardian Angel or Zhonya's Hourglass will help you in teamfights. Especially if your being targeted.

    ===========AP BUILD======================

    Note about the AP build. It does not have the burst traditional mages (For instance, annie) have. If you want to deal more damage with AP, consider playing a mage.

    Start off with a Sapphire Crystal OR Doran's Ring. Again, you should concentrate on last hitting the creeps and try not to be to aggressive. If your enemies overextend, just gold card them, auto attack and wild card them down.

    Once your 6 with (around 1500 gold), port back and grab a Sheen and Boots of Speed. Follow the strategy above. Look for heros with little escape mechanics and low health. If these exist, lock a gold card, ping the map/scream for people to pay attention in vent, and destiny teleport in (DO THIS IN A WAY THAT CUTS THE ENEMY OFF) and score some kills.

    By mid game you should pick up what is needed. Sometimes a Mejai's Soulstealer is in order because you are wrecking their faces and know you can hold your stacks.

    Other times, your getting focused and find yourself squishy and your dying (how?). [item_text=Rylai's Scepter] solves this problem (no it doesn't work with destiny).

    Once you have at least ONE ap item, its time to put that ap to use. Finish your Lich Bane. This turns your 2 nukes into 4, allowing you to burst in teamfights.

    I would next get a Rabadon's Deathcap. This heavily boots AP but makes you a super glass cannon. If you hate being so squishy, Zhonya's Hourglass is your best friend

    Void Staff works wonders against magic resist. (NOTE: Do not mix and match flat magic pen and percentage magic pen)

    Deathfire Grasp is that little extra UMPH to help kill a carry.

    In other words, buy items that are needed. If your dying a lot, get a Guardian Angel

  • Pros / Cons


    1. Rockethamsterz is a pro.
    2. Twisted fate packs a spammable stun
    3. Global teleport!!!!!
    4. Awesome character for madred's
    5. Can see stealthed champions, like shaco that try to run.
    6. The best backdoor in the game


    1. If you take twisted fate and try and beat my twisted fate, I will laugh.
    2. Twisted fate is SQUISHY and relies on positioning.
    3. Sadly, people can see when your about to stun and juke much easier.
    4. If your team watches you die, most likely there going to blame you for everything.

  • Creep Jungling and Farming

    Guess what? Twisted fate can't jungle. No surprise there.

    However, if your jungler doesn't mind you taking the wraith camp past level 6, you should do so.

    If ashe does not want to get red, go get red (especially with AD build)

    You really don't need blue buff, twisted fate doesn't suck mana. But if you can steal an enemy blue buff while their jungle is doing it (via wildcards), do so.

    Is the enemy team doing baron? Use destiny to find out. For the love of god, don't teleport onto 5 people. Teleport in a position that allows you to steal it.

    For farming creep waves, red card is your friend. Use wild cards in conjunction as applicable.

  • Working in the team

    You basically want to go for squishies first in teamfights. It is your job to STOP the ranged AD carry from devastating with your team by using your gold card so your team can focus them down. Remain in the BACK as MUCH AS POSSIBLE. The AP build allows you to do damage from afar, but the hybrid and attack damage build MUST get in close. Use EXTREME caution.

    If you see a teammate running from a ezreal or something, DONT STAND THERE LIKE DERP DERP. Get a gold card out and stun him, HELP your team. This is a team game, not a KDA game.

  • Middle lane or soloing lane.

    I have composed a list of who to fear mid and who not to fear mid. And what to do against them of course. Generally, you don't want to lock a gold card and run straight at your enemy. They wont stand there and take it. Use your stacked deck and blue cards to last hit. Use red cards with stacked deck for harassing.

    This is my opinion and from the view of twisted fate. I am not saying this is true with all champions. For example, if I was playing morgana, anivia would not be a problem.

    Color Key
    Red: A high risk of dying if they can play correctly. Not recommend you try and take this champion on.
    Orange: A good risk of dying, but you also can kill if you outplay them.
    Yellow: It can go either way, it comes down to luck and skill on both player sides
    Green: Your good to go.

    NOTE: In a 2 vs 1 lane (You being the 2), locking a gold card and running at them is EXACTLY what you want to do. Why? The enemy knows a stun is coming, and is either forced back off of experience or they will take significant damage.

    Onto to the list:

    Anivia Great damage output and packs a stun. Don't try killing her, just farm up as she has more burst than you early game. She also has an egg, making her unkillable without a gank.

    Annie Generally, if your going to kill annie. Do so before level 6, because at 6 shes gonna lock a stun and try to light you up. Here 3 nukes can easily kill you, but before level 6, you can easily take her.

    Ashe Ashe is a SQUISHY, you can outdamage and stun her. Just don't run at her with a gold card or else she will volley you.

    Caitlyn A watered down version of ashe and MF. She doesn't hurt too much. Dont fear her.

    Cass Meh, shes like a urgot/karthus hybrid. Shes a good hero, nobody can seem to play her correctly.

    Corki He has a LOT of damage, more so than ashe. However he is VERY squishy. Most people don't play corki, and only a FEW have mastered him. EVEN with the buff. I still dont have a problem with him. Just juke between shots.

    Dr. Mundo MUNDO GOES WHERE HE PLEASES! Even in solos. At 6 you can't kill him, but just juke cleavers and you should be fine.

    Ezreal Ezreal got nerfed to the pooper. Just dodge the mystic shots and your good to go.

    Fiddle A complete joke. All he is going to do is fear and lifedrain you. Goldcard and laugh. Watch out, he will disappear at 6, either trying a gank on you or the sidelanes.

    Gangplank Depends. If hes smart, he will deny xp. This means he can use his ult before you and easily kill you. But gangplank is totally russian roulette. If he does not get any critical pistols, hes done for.

    Heimer Don't fear him. Just don't. Kill his turrets. IF YOUR GOING TO KILL HEIMER. DO NOT SCREW AROUND WITH IT. Don't, auto attack and ignite, go back AND THEN TRY TO KILL HIM. No. BURN EVERYTHING AT ONCE. His turrets can screw you up. If hes mia at 6, go to their golem and take him out.

    Janna She has a lot of escape artists, but is VERY squishy. She can't farm too well, and certainly can't carry.

    Karthus I used to think karthus was bad. But my man ecksvee showed me the light. A proper karthus can DOMINATE. But it's RARE to see a karthus. A good one at that. I still don't fear him.

    Kassadin DEPENDS. The AD build can do fine vs him. The Hybrid and AP wont as they rely on using spells. He HURTS at level 6. Be careful.

    Katarina Bouncing blades will clear creeps and hurt you at the same time. Most kats are aggressive and will try to kill you at 6. Goldcard her when she ultis.

    Kayle Your not going to kill her. You do damage she heals it back. You turret dive her, she ultis. Just farm minions and go gank a side lane. She can't carry a game anymore, shes just annoying in a lane.

    Kennen He is the new ezreal, be careful. He packs a LOT of stuns, and can easily kill you at 6. He also out ranges you. VERY annoying lane against.

    Kog'Maw LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Food. That's all I am going to say.... till they buffed him. Now hes like the ultimate tryhard rightclicker. He can kill you without any effort. OH BUT THEY NERFED HIM AGAIN! Back to food again.

    Le Blanc OUCCHHHHH. She HURTS. Be careful, she can outburst you and CC you out the same time

    Lux Meh. Doesn't hurt too bad and is easily juked.

    Malzahar His ultimate can easily kill you. However it does take some skill to do a null zone, visions, ult, ignite combo. Don't let his DoT bounce to you either.

    Master Yi This is rare. Only AP yis go mid. And AP yi may be annoying in a lane, but overall do nothing as the game progresses.

    Miss Fortune You're losing mid to her. Thanks to heat-seeking on her q, you can't beat her if shes half smart. There is generally, nowhere to stand to stop her from doing more damage in a nuke trade.

    Mordekaiser You're not killing him. He can build up a shield and nullify your damage. Just farm up creeps and go gank somewhere else. I find that the AP build can potentially kill morde, but it's better just to aid the team.

    Morgana If shes good, she can hit you with a dark binding. However if you're good, you can juke it. But, she has amazing bursts and a blackshield to stop your stun. It honestly comes down to player skill here.

    Nidalee Huge stalemate. Shes not going to kill you (dodge her spears and goldcard her cat), but your not going to kill her, she will just heal/pounce. Just farm up creeps and gank somewhere else.

    Pantheon Hurts real bad since they buffed him. OPness.

    Ryze He cant kill you until level 6, and even then its only if he has rune prison leveled. Just harass him before level 6 and keep him off creeps.

    Sivir She hurts real bad. Plain and simple

    Soraka Lawl.

    Teemo Lawl. Dont hit a mushroom. The blind is annoying if you go attack damage.

    Tristana She CAN outdps you. However, tristana is SOOOOO predictable its not even funny. She will jump, use her dot (Throw in a q), and then ulti to finish you off. Dont let her jump on you and light her up.

    Twisted fate Uh oh!!! Hopefully you have been paying attention and can outmid yourself.

    Twitch Hes actually scary, he will get expunge and easily kill you. However when he goes to gank, just destiny to here he ganks and show him your gold card.

    Veigar Free food anyone? Just don't get stunned.

    Vladimir Screw this piece of crap. Hes just gonna transfusion spam. So your like, EAT GOLD CARD!!! He will just turn into a pool and laugh. At 6 he will towerdive and kill you. This is one character you don't want to go up against.

    Urgot URGOT TO BE KIDDING ME? No i'm not. he hurts and will easily kill you if you don't dodge his E.

    Zilean Here is the thing. I know a really good zilean who will double bomb creeps and outmid anyone. Luckily, those don't exist very often. A bad zilean is a joke, a good zilean will poop on you.

  • Backdooring

    Generally speaking, only resort to backdooring when your team cant win a 5 on 5 fight. In my opinion, the hybrid build is the fastest at backdooring. The AP build runs a close second, and the AD build is slow (it kills turrets fast, but cant clear creeps fast)

    Back to my point. Use the red cards/wild cards to clear minion waves, and use blue cards (and wild cards to trigger sheen/lichbane) to destroy turrets. TAKE A CLOSE LOOK AT YOUR MINIMAP. If everyone disappeared, press R LIKE A BOSS and if they are coming toward you, press R again LIKE A PRO and leave.

  • Other small things

    Here are some small things that I just joined into one section. Not all of them are related to twisted fate in particular, but I think they do need to be addressed.

    This is a team game. Work as a team and profit. You will find that the less shit talking you do, the less angry you get, the more you win and the more fun you have. Chill out, work as a team, don't give into trolls.

    Don't use destiny as a way to get back to a lane. It tells the enemy team, HEY LOOK! I'm a free kill!

    Don't EVER not use the teleport component of destiny. People that see that a turret is under attack, pop destiny and walk to the turret make me want to pull my hair out.

    Buy some RP. Help riot out.

    Don't think that because you read this guide, you absolutely must have a 3.1 KD ratio. Like I said, this is a team game. As long as you get the win, does KD ratios matter? No.


    For the sake of all that is holy, if shen is ulting on you, do not, I repeat DO NOT keep running. As a shen player, it deeply frustrates me when people continue to run when I'm channeling an ult. Putting your shen on the back line makes lining his taunt much harder.... and it makes him mad, bro.

    Current glitch with TF: The double card. With max attack speed (2.5 attack speed/ 2.5 attacks per second), pick a card will throw 2 of the chosen cards out. For instance, you can double stun or slow, or double mana refund.

    Another Glitch with TF: Perfect coordination with [item_text=Zhonya's Ring] and Destiny can allow you to teleport away while invulnerable.

    Try and be elusive with TF. Fake your enemies out. Walk toward them with the PaC animation flowing. Whenever it gets near red or gold, smack them upside the face. Do not lock a gold card behind your minions and charge at your opponents. Obvious card is obvious.

    Don't facecheck bushes. Demacia.

    Speaking of pick a card, remember that the first card that comes up is always random.

    Be on your toes. You have to be able to pick the right card in a teamfight (gold), keep track of your position, target the right person and watch over your team. There is a lot of micromanagement in twisted fate.

    WARDS. They WIN GAMES. Just because you have destiny doesn't mean you can always see the whole map all the time. Vision wards at baron and dragon and Sight wards at keyspots in the jungle can win games.

    Elixirs. THEY WIN GAMES TOO! Blue pot on the AP build. Green pot on the hybrid. Red pot on the AD build. Oracles help too! While destiny reveals stealth, you don't have it up every second of the game. Stopping that evelynn stun from stealth can win a game. Ward hunting is fun too.

    Putting twisted fate with pantheon and shen is downright hilarious.

    Putting twisted fate with warwick and malzahar means someone is going to get crowd control.

    Putting twisted fate with any character that has a stun, knock up, or a root (in a duo side lane) will be one NASTY lane.

    Twisted fate laughs when his stacked deck is ready. Take note of this in the laning phase, it makes last hitting a breeze.

    If you can't see the cards above your head, the colors are also indicated on the spell itself.

    When you gank a lane, try and take the tower. Do not recall to base, there is free gold (or free farm) in that lane. Take advantage of it.

    If you are in absolute pinch and NEED that extra umph for dps but you are getting outran (hopefully your AP or hybrid), just pick a card and throw it. Do not bother waiting for it to cycle to gold in this scenario, because you might be dead before that happens.

    Your teleport can be SEEN even in the fog of war. Do not teleport into a brush thinking that the enemey can not see you. It DOES not work like that.

  • Summary

    So, if you read this entire guide, your going to see twisted fate in a deeper new light. I know it was long, but it was also very detailed. Here is casvita's magnificent twisted fate. This is what happens when a TF knows what hes doing and get farmed.

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