Sivir Build Guide

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Sivir - Unfortunately, Underrated and Underused

written by rawpower405

Sivir Build

Table of Contents

  • Foreword

    League of Legends is an incredibly dynamic game. The number of factors that can lead to victory or defeat are legion and can include:

    last hitting, own team composition, opponents team composition, ability to hit skillshots, playing too aggressively, playing to cautiously, not controlling dragon, being a good player but playing a bad champion for you, being a bad player but playing a good champion for you, premades, duo queue, item builds, skill builds, laning combinations, etc.

    Poker players can play their cards perfectly and still lose the hand. That doesn't mean that what they did was wrong, it means that what they cannot control lost them the hand. The same applies to League of Legends. You can do everything correctly and still lose the game.

    When I think of skill and item builds, I cannot look at them and think that they will immediately work for me. I cannot look at the build the top rated Elo player uses and assume it will work for me. Most of the time, a top rated Elo player will be successful with a champion, any champion, because they are a good player not because they intimately know a champion.

    I cannot look at a build that was used in the CLG Tournament and assume it will work either. Those builds were used in competitive tournament, with a team of players that was handpicked, playing champions those players handpicked to play.

    What I hope to do in this guide is layout a foundation of how Sivir should be played optimally. I will include builds for premades, solo queue, low level, low gold, etc. My hope is that you will come away with an understanding of the dynamic nature of LoL and thus the dynamic nature of how Sivir should be built and played. There is no item/skill build that is set in stone. There is no ONE way to build Sivir.

    There is however one formula on how to build and play Sivir that will work for 95% of the LoL players in 95% of the games that they will play. I will lay all of this out in this guide.

    New Minion changes are amazing for Sivir. This indirect buff is better than any buff she could've recieved otherwise. Commence wrecking faces with her by destroying every building on the map.

  • Introduction

    Sivir is a very misunderstood champion. Too many people discount ricochet and don't realize the potential damage she can put out. Sivir is a team player. You should have more assists then you have kills since you will have a finger in every team kill during a team battle.

    There are better champs at specific roles. There are better DPS, farmers, and pushers. But Sivir really shines in two places in the game: team battles and pushes. A good Sivir can easily turn the tide of a team battle.

    External Image

  • Rules

    1) Your A is more important then your K.
    2) Push.
    2) Towers are more important then kills. Attack the tower, stupid!
    3) Play as a team.
    4) Push again.
    4) You attacked the tower with Ricochet on, right?
    5) Ricochet. Learn it, live it, love it.
    6) Did I mention to push?

  • Abilities

    Fleet of Foot
    This passive is quite bad actually and is really only good when fleeing. Flee(t) of Foot. Yes. When you are fleeing.

    Boomerang Blade
    They ninja nerfed this bad with the inclusion of the Attack Damage component. Yes, you read that right. They ninja nerfed it. They removed the minimum damage that Boomerang Blade can deal. 10% per target is a ton of damage loss. If you throw this in a team battle with Creeps around, you can easily hit 11 targets, twice. The last target you hit will receive 9.8% of the original damage (0.9^22). That is pitiful. If you're trying to hit champions, try not to hit creeps.

    With that being said, the Attack Damage component means you can deal wicked mad amounts of damage if you can catch only a few opponents.

    Boomerang Blade levels up very nicely with Attack Damage.

    *Bounces cannot be dodged*
    *Your ricochet's will not do bouncing damage based on a crit*
    *Sheen/Lichbane/Trinity Force do not add additional damage to the bounces*

    A very misunderstood skill that is what defines Sivir. Even though each bounce deals diminishing damage, the TOTAL damage ricochet allows you to do is far greater then your original attack damage. Your first target receives 100% of your AD, your second target takes 78%. Against two targets, you deal 178% attack damage. Against all 6 targets (Opponent you are attacking + 5 bounces) you will deal 352.1% of your original damage. The cumulative effect of Ricochet will allow you to deal upwards of 1000(!!!) damage per attack amongst 6 opponents (this damage is before armor reduction). Those 6 could be creeps, towers, neutral creeps, enemy champs, or any combination thereof.

    This is your farming and pushing bread and butter skill. Late game you will mow through creeps and be able to place crazy amounts of pressure on their turrets.

    Ricochet is perfect for laying down suppression fire during team fights and eating through enemy champs health before they realize it.

    Note: Using Ricochet while attacking a tower will allow attacks to bounce to enemies. If it bounces to an enemy champion, you WILL get turret aggro. If there are no champs near a tower, turn it on and eat the creep wave as you eat the tower. If there is a champ nearby, turn your ricochet off.

    I believe Ricochet's targeting mechanics are the same as a Towers, but I am unsure. This needs to be tested.

    Ricochet deals damage based on total Attack Damage.

    For additional Information, please see the Mechanics section.

    Spell Shield
    You should always have a finger on your 'E' key. This will save you more times then you know. You can also use it to shield your allies by turning it on and absorbing opponents skill shots (Ashe's arrow for instance).

    The other thing that's important is knowing what to block and when.

    In this video I'm laning against a Kayle and a Blitzcrank. Blitz's rocketgrab is much more important to block than Kayle's Reckoning. I'm not going to waste the cooldown for Kayle's ability when its much more important to block Blitz's ability.

    After I draw the attention of Blitzcrank at the tower, I get him to waste Rocketgrab with my spellshield.

    Also, with Ricochet on, you can get ONE hit on the tower and have a bounce hit an enemy hero. If you do this, you can only get ONE hit on the tower. Just ONE. Hit the tower, and turn around and run like hell.

    For additional Information, please see the Mechanics section.

    On The Hunt
    I feel that this is an overrated ability. Warwick basically gets this as a regular ability. The only difference is the movespeed component for Sivir.

    But, On The Hunt can easily turn the tides of a team battle, allow you to rapidly push out a turret, quickly allow your team to down Barron/Dragon, allow you to escape a gank attempt, etc.

    Pop this baby at any and every team fight and at every and any turret.

    On The Hunt benefits auto attacks, which deal more damage with more Attack damage.

  • Gameplay

    Sivir is NOT a 1v1 champion. She does not excel in a duel. She has no CC and her nuke is slow moving skillshot that requires a double hit for max damage. You do not build her to maximize damage against a single target. She is not a ganker, she is not a hero killer. Sivir is a pusher, Tower Killer, and assist machine.

    Your priorities in most of your games should be
    1) Tower
    2) Barracks
    3) Farm
    4) Enemy Champions

    Oftentimes you can do 3 of those at any one time (attack a tower with ricochet, BB the incoming creep wave, and have Ricochets bounce to an enemy champion).

    I usually divide my games unto two halves: before the tower is destroyed and after. Your primary goal early game should be to push out the tower in your lane. The rest of the game is after that tower is destroyed. Don't try and gank, don't really neutral creep, if you can kill your opponent, do it, otherwise worry about the tower. Their tower is your primary target.

    Early Game (until their tower is destroyed):
    Starting items can vary. I've had success with [item_text=meki pendant], Regrowth Pendant, Doran's Shield, and Doran's Blade. Its really up to you on how to start at your lane. If you're comfortable 4-barring it, then go with the Regrowth or meki. If you're not, I would highly recommend the Doran's Shield. HP regen got a huge boost in the recent patch making Doran's Shield much more viable.

    Try to always take the middle lane. Soloing middle will do several things. 1) Makes it so you are not robbing creep kills from a potential lane partner. Since Sivir is one of the best farmers in the game, your teammates will need gold as well. Laning with someone only robs that person of precious early game gold. 2) Gives you a decided early game advantage over your opponents. Boomerang Blade is one of the highest damaging single-skill nukes in the game and gets better with more Attack Damage. Getting it up in level maximizes its early game pushing/killing potential. 3) Allows you to easily transition to a side lane to begin pushing those as well. And, in the case of one of your side lanes getting pushed, allows you to defend an opponents' early game mid push single-handedly.

    If you don't get the middle lane, its not THAT big of a deal. Just make sure you have a partner with some form of CC.

    Harass with Boomerang Blade, push with Boomerang Blade, and last hit. A level 4/5 BB in conjunction with a few levels of ricochet will clear an entire creep wave in just a few attacks.

    I always throw my first BB to intentionally just miss. Why? By purposefully missing the first BB, they will assume that you cannot aim a skillshot and that you will be an easy target to harass and kill. They'll think you are just like every other Sivir they've ever faced. This is far from the truth and giving them false confidence will end up costing them.

    Always try and take at least one or two hits at the tower. Whittling the tower down little by little makes a huge difference when you finally try and push it out.

    If an enemy champ is near the tower:
    If you and the opponent have lots of health, DO NOT turn on Ricochet. Simply hit the tower once or twice. When the opponent sees you near the tower, they will generally try and damage you either by attacking or casting a spell on you. Keep your finger on Spell Shield and try and time their Ability to block it, throw your BB, and run. Otherwise, simply throw your BB and run. You will have gotten a couple hits on the tower, and hopefully harassed them with BB.

    If an enemy champ is NOT near the tower:

    External Image
    Attack the turret and as creeps approach turn on your ricochet. Your ricochet's will bounce to the creeps, allowing for an easier push, and you will damage the tower. This is also a prime opportunity to throw your BB down the length of the approaching creep wave, further weakening the creep wave and allowing all of your creeps to survive to their tower.

    In the picture above, I've just killed the Ryze who was in my lane and am pushing out the tower. The arrow shows where I threw the BB to hit as many creeps as I can, depending on the angle, you have to throw in front of the creeps instead of at the tail end. I also have ricochet turned on as I attack the tower, allowing my attacks to bounce among the creeps, allowing my own creeps to survive and tank the tower longer. You can see all of the little red numbers above the first few creeps. 10 seconds later and the tower was pushed out, the creep wave was killed, and my own creeps continued onward.

    These tactics will allow you to continuously push an opponents tower and put major pressure on the opposing champion. Doing these things will keep an opponent at low health and leave them with two options. If they choose to port back to base to heal, you will push like the mad pusher you are and eat their tower. If they choose to stay in the lane with low HP, you will push like a slightly less mad pusher that you are but it puts them in a dangerous position to be killed by either a BB or a ricochet.

    The Rest of the Game(after their tower is destroyed):
    After you have destroyed their tower you really have two options. 1) Move to the sidelane that's having the most trouble. Try and push out that lanes tower. Or 2) Everyone is playing really well, you notice their jungler is at a sidelane for some reason, your mid lane is totally open. Continue to push in the middle tower.

    Your goal for the rest of the game is to push, kill towers, control dragon, etc.

  • Teammates

    Sivir is VERY team dependent. Without a good team on your side, you will eventually fail. It will not matter how much you've farmed, how many towers you've killed, or how high elo you are. You. Will. Fail.

    Sivir is arguably the MOST team dependent champion in League of Legends. She's so team dependent, its better to build a team around Sivir, than to put Sivir on a team.

    So who are the Champions who work best with Sivir? Anyone with CC, specifically any form of AOE CC.


    Also very good:

    You will want at least two teammates from these lists, and hopefully at least one of those are from the Best list.

    AOE CC allows your team to initiate the team fight, you to hit your Ultimate, and to completely wreck the opponents team with Ricochet. A 2 Second disable should allow you to get at least 4 attacks in. In a later section, I will detail just how much damage you can deal with just 4 attacks with a variety of builds.

  • Summoner Spells

    Teleport is a must. It allows you to an incredible map presence.

    Here we have just pushed in the 2nd tower on bottom and are retreating as the enemy champs are all grouping u bottom. My teammates are also grouping up bottom as everyone senses a big team fight. I notice that the top is about to get its 2nd tower pushed as well. I teleport to the top of the map and push out two towers and finally a barracks. My teleport caused a divide in the enemy team. Some tried to stop my push, which opened up others to get killed.

    After teleport its really hard to justify any one Summoner spell.
    Exhaust is really good for shutting down an enemy carry.
    Flash is excellent for escaping, especially since you don't need ghost as much.
    Clairvoyance provides a great deal of map awareness.
    [spell=fortify] makes your ability to stop pushes even better.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Runes are not really set in stone. I've had great success with Greater Mark of Desolation, Greater Mark of Strength, and Greater Mark of Might, and various combinations of those three runes.

    I would recommend any of these runes to be viable:
    Greater Mark of Desolation
    Greater Mark of Strength
    Greater Mark of Might

    Greater Seal of Clarity
    Greater Seal of Might

    Greater Glyph of Clarity
    Greater Glyph of Shielding

    Greater Quintessence of Fortitude
    Greater Quintessence of Strength
    Greater Quintessence of Desolation
    Greater Quintessence of Might

    The reason so many different runes are viable is because of the different playstyles you can employ as Sivir. Here are some rune setups I've had success with.

    No mana regen items needed!
    Greater Seal of Clarity, Greater Glyph of Clarity

    +46 Damage at level 18
    Greater Mark of Might, Greater Seal of Might, Greater Quintessence of Might

    +10 Dmg, +10 Armor Pen
    Greater Mark of Desolationx 6, Greater Mark of Strengthx 3, Greater Quintessence of Strength

    +10 Dmg, +10 Armor Pen, no mana regen item needed, and magic resist!
    Greater Mark of Desolationx 6, Greater Mark of Strengthx 3, Greater Quintessence of Strength, Greater Seal of Clarity,Greater Glyph of Shielding

    There are a number of ways of playing your runes and how you decide your rune setup will determine your item choices and play style from start to finish.

    I do feel that Masteries are not nearly as fluid and variable as Runes.

    External Image
    I've blanked out the Masteries that you should basically never take. If you put mastery points in any of those masteries, you are simply WASTING precious mastery points. Notice that the Offensive Mastery tree is filled with these wasted masteries.

    The Defensive and Utility trees are considerably better for Sivir and those should be taken.
    If you wish to play with a 0/21/9 or a 0/9/21 is really up to your own play style.

    NOTE: Strength of Spirit in the Defensive Tree is incredible. Its a free Rejuvenation Bead at level 1, and gets better as you level up. I HIGHLY recommend taking all 3 points in this Mastery.

  • Skilling Order

    Boomerang Blade Priority:

    Boomerang Blade and Ricochet Priority:

    Boomerang Blade and partial Ricochet Priority, with Spell Shield being needed:

    Hybrid of all previous Skill Orders, and my default skill order:

    This skill order is NOT set in stone. Depending on lane opponents, you can harass just as easily with Ricochet as you can with Boomerang Blade. Sometimes you need to grab spell shield earlier due to being harassed, etc.

    But basically skilling order boils down to this:
    1) Grab Ultimate at 6, 11, and 16.
    2) 90% of the time, start with Boomerang Blade.
    3) If your lane opponents are melee, get Ricochet instead of Boomerang Blade.
    4) If your lane opponents are harassing you with their PROJECTILE BASED ABILITIES, get spell shield.
    5) Ricochet's diminishing returns really take affect after 2 skill points. 2 Skill points you to hit 3 targets. This is really nice for harassment.

  • A Note on Builds

    Builds for Sivir should follow these basic guidelines:
    1) At least 1 surviability item. I prefer Banshees, some people prefer Warmogs.
    2) Flat damage items, and avoid on-hit affect items since they only affect your primary target and do not benefit your Ricochets. I'm looking at you Infinity Edge, Madreds Bloodrazor, Tiamat, Trinity Force, etc. There are exceptions, but Crit should basically never be purchased. Don't even think about it.
    3) At least 1 armor penetration item. Ricochet is reduced by armor. We want to reduce that armor to increase our Ricochet's damage.

  • Aura Sivir

    These are the core items. Sivir is a team player and you must play Sivir as a team player. All items either have synergy with Ricochet or benefit the team. In order of importance:

    Build Order:
    1) [item_text=meki pendant] and Health Potion
    2) Chalice of Harmony
    3) Boots of Speed
    4) [item_text=Emblem of Valour]
    5) [item_text=Stark's Fervor] or Aegis of the Legion. This depends on how the game is going. If you are having problems with survivability, get Aegis. Otherwise, get Starks.

    1) Chalice of Harmony This is an important item. You should start every game with [item_text=meki pendant] and work towards a Chalice. The mana regen will allow you to spam BB and ricochet. Philosopher's Stone was a good item due to its regen, but since Stark's is already recommended, which provides a ton of regen by itself, the Chalice's magic resist becomes more important.

    2) [item=Stark's Fervor] This is the first of two aura items that will benefit both Sivir and the team. The aura benefits from Stark's are great for your team. Your team should know that YOU will be building a Stark's so no one else has to. This item gives almost everything you could want as Sivir. The attack speed improves the damage output of Ricochet and your teammates, the -20 armor allows you and teammates to hit harder, and the life steal allows you stay in battle a little longer.

    3) Aegis of the Legion This is the second aura item you should rush. The HP helps with your squishyness and the armor/magic resist aura benefits the whole team. The cost/benefit of this item is of the best in the game.

    In order for your auras to be effective, you must be alive. Aegis provides just enough survivability to stay alive during team fights and provides a nice boost to your teammates all while being one of the most cost effective survivability items in the game.

    You should be able to farm this up by the time you reach level 11-13. You should've already pushed out the turret in your lane by now and are beginning to push other lanes. The earlier you get the aura items, the more powerful they are since they provide diminishing returns as the game goes on. The whole cost of the core items is under 6000 gold. This is a very easy figure to attain, especially as one of the best farmers in the game.

    As the game progresses, you'll need to add damage items. Since Ricochet will not deal diminishing damage on crit damage, crits become less important then raw damage. To add damage and help the team, we add The Black Cleaver.

    The game should be over by the time you get your Black Cleaver making the build cost only 9830g.

    If the game is not over by now, more damage is necessary. A The Bloodthirster should follow allowing even more carnage and the lifesteal will allow you to stay in lanes and push like the madwoman you are.


  • Sivir 2.0

    With the new metagame and items Sivir needs a new build.

    Sivir needs several things to make her viable, aside from a good team composition.
    1) Health/Survivability
    2) Mana to spam Boomerang Blade and Ricochet
    3) DPS with emphasis on damage due to Ricochet's nature.

    The build above solves this using 4 items, 5 if we include the Black Cleaver, for a price tag that is just under 10k. Our first real damage item comes in after 6.5k. So for 6.5k our DPS is a pitiful 173, meaning we cannot deal much damage and rely on teammates to do most of the fighting.

    We can address the 3 issues above with 3 items instead of 5, with a price tag of 5.7k instead of 6.5k without sacrificing too much survivability and by increasing our DPS by nearly 50%. These 3 items are cheaper, provide nearly as much survivability, and allow us to deal damage earlier.

    Berzerker Greaves, Manamune, and banshees veil become the core items.


    The ability to block double spells is ridiculously awesome, and now allows you to block instant spells as well.

    The Sivir 2.0 build:
    1) It is cheaper.
    2) Surviability is almost identical, but now you can block 2 spells.
    3) Frees up additional item slots for other types of items.
    4) Allows you to continue building your character through a more flexible route.


    Armor Penetration items affect Ricochet's bounces. Last Whisper is perfect here.

  • Sivir on a 12k Budget

    Since they changed Last Whisper from an Attack Speed item to a Damage Item, I've been playing around with a new build because I'm finding that I'm not attacking fast enough for my liking.

    The build is similar to Sivir 2.0, but we eliminate the use of Manamune through careful Mana management and mp5/lvl Seals.


    This is a wicked build that provides 90 armor penetration to your primary target, and 30 to your Ricochet targets.

    This build will allow you to chew through turrets since the passive on the Sword of the Divine procs on towers.

  • Sivir with an Excellent Early Game

    Sometimes you'll find yourself with an excellent early game. You'll be sitting with a K/D/A of 3/0/4, and already pushed out your lanes tower. What to do then?


    Boom. You will deal wicked amounts of Damage. You could swap out the Black Cleaver for a Bloodthirster, but if you die, you'll lose stacks on your Sword of the Occult and damage from your Bloodthirster. A Black Cleaver will make you slightly more stable in your damage department.

  • Comparisons

    I've laid out 5 different builds for Sivir based on a couple of different things and will provide a quick table to see how the builds stack up against one another.

    External Image

    To arrive at the Damage after 2 seconds number, the Green Line in the table, I simply multiplied the DPS by 2 except in the builds with Black Cleavers in them.

    Those two builds are slightly different since the damage that they deal increases with each attack. To get the damage for those builds, I calculated the number of attacks in 2 seconds, and then did the math to find the damage for each attack over a 2 second period.

    The Cleaver builds both have 3.69 attacks in a 2 second period, so 3 attacks were done normally, and the 4th attack was multiplied by 0.69. This only affects the damage to the primary target.

    The most Gold Efficient build is going to include the Sword of the Occult, but the 12k Budget Sivir has the next best gold efficiency.

    I included the now popular Warmogs/Atmas build since I continuously get questions about it. As you can see, it's not very gold efficient.

    Here's several different sentiments that I have about that build:
    "Warmog's Sivir produces a target that is a easy to kill with damage that is easy to avoid."

    "Warmogs+Atmas: Cost= 5405g. HP=1320. DMG=63 Cost per DMG=85.79g per damage.
    Warmgs+Bloodthirster: Cost=6200g HP=1320 DMG=100 cost per dmg=62g per damage.

    The MORE COST EFFECTIVE DMG ITEM IS BLOODTHIRSTER. Trying to justify the ineffectiveness of atmas by saying 'but I get armor with Atmas!' is really stupid. Your effective HP with just Warmogs is plenty and in no way, shape, or form could it justify the fact that you completely gimp your damage."

    "Warmog's Sivir produces a target that is a easy to kill with damage that is easy to avoid."

    "This isnt even begining to address the gold issue that this build has. And yes, it does have a gold issue. Most games end with most players with just 10k gold.
    That is a believeable amount from this build.
    That is where Sivir 2.0 is at the exact same point in the game. This is not even up for debate anymore. By the time the game is coming to a close, Atmogs Sivir has NO DAMAGE. My point remains. Don't even begin to argue that Sivir is a great farmer. It does not change the fact that most games end around 10k gold. Period. Not up for debate. Don't even try it."

  • Mechanics

    Spell Shield

    * Bilgewater Cutlass - Blocked.
    * Deathfire Grasp - Blocked.
    * Executioner's Calling - Blocked.
    * Hextech Gunblade - Blocked.
    * Lich Bane - Not blocked.
    * Randuin's Omen - Not blocked.
    * Sheen - Not blocked.
    * Sword of the Divine - Not blocked.
    * Trinity Force - Not blocked.

    Summoner Spells:
    * Exhaust - Not blocked.
    * Ignite - Blocked.

    * Anivia - Glacial Storm (U) - Not Blocked.
    * Dr. Mundo - Burning Agony - Not Blocked.
    * Fiddlesticks - Crowstorm (U) - Not Blocked.
    * Gangplank - Cannon Barrage (U) - One Cannonball is blocked.
    * Garen - Judgement - Not Blocked.
    * Janna - Monsoon (U) - Slow cannot be Blocked.
    * Karthus - Wall of Pain - Not Blocked.
    * Karthus - Defile - Not Blocked.
    * Malphite - Ground Slam - Not Blocked.
    * Malzahar - Null Zone - Not Blocked.
    * Mordekaiser - Children of the Grave (U) - Blocked. However, if still cast on you, you can block the final killing tic but a ghost is still created.
    * Morgana - Tormented Soil - Not Blocked.
    * Nasus - Spirit Fire - Not Blocked.
    * Poppy - Heroic Charge - Not Blocked, but if knocked into a wall, additional damage is blocked.
    * Rammus - Tremors (U) - Not Blocked.
    * Singed - Mega Adhesive - Not Blocked.
    * Vladimir - Sanguine Pool - Not Blocked.
    * Warwick - Blood Scent - Not Blocked.

    If a spell is not listed here, it is most likely blocked. That includes the ultimates of Pantheon, Nunu, Karthus, etc.

    *Bounces cannot be dodged*
    *Bounces are reduced by armor*
    *Damage for each bounce is based SOLELY on your attack damage*
    *Bounces do not proc on hit affects*

    *Trinity/Lichbane/Sheen do not add additional damage to bounces*
    *Crit damage does not boost damage for bounces*
    *Malady damage does not boost damage for bounces*
    *Madred's Razor's +500 dmg proc on creeps does not boost damage for bounces*
    *Madred's Bloodrazor's magic damage does not boost damage for bounces*

    ****More Testing being done****
    Initial results showed that Ricochet's damage is reduced by armor. More testing is being conducted.

    Boomerang Blade

    When throwing a Boomerang Blade at a creepwave, try and throw it before the creeps engage. Since BB flies in a straight line out and back, and the creeps travel in straight lines, throwing the BB before the creeps engage allows you to hit every creep in a wave.
    External Image
    In the photo above, you can see the optimal placement of a boomerang blade. Throwing it before the creeps engage will allow me to hit every creep in that wave. You can also see the effectiveness of early game harassment. The Kog'maw in the photo has already used a health pot and is already back at 50% of his HP. Ricochet's will now target him as he gets closer to a creep wave preventing him from effectively farming. By the time I blue pilled, I already had twice as many creep kills, and the disparity will continue to grow.

    Note: The arrow in the above photo is meant to demonstrate the direction to throw a BB and does not represent the actual distance the BB will travel. Just remember to throw it down the length of an incoming creepwave.

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