Fiddlesticks Build Guide

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Fiddlesticks, quadra kill... penta kill... ACE

written by Drtrevor

Fiddlesticks Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    In this guide you should find a decent amount of info to get you ahead with fiddlesticks. Now I'm gonna get right to it. For starters I'll be calling fiddlesticks fiddle and I may be using a few in game abbreviations like ap for ability power and mp for magic penetration etc. But anyhow in my opinion fiddles an amazing champion, he used to be even better before he got nerfed but hes still pretty sick, He can easily change the tide of the game even with an awful team. He is a carry and a team fight winner and can be good support when saving teammates too. Now read on!!

    Just want to say that I have about 650 wins on LoL and in my ranked stats fiddle is my most played champ. I average 14.7-3.7-16 with him so the way I play him seems to work. I also have 84 win percent in solo queue and I'm sitting at about 1813 elo right now. (which is pretty good with the teams I jk)

    So I completely forgot I wrote a fiddle guide but I decided I'd update it since I have improved my game significantly since the time I wrote this.

    Right now I I'm rated about top 500 in N/A in ranked solo q and got top 200 in ranked 5v5s. The times that I have played fiddle now in high elo It seems like jungling is the only real way to go because...
    1) High elo games tend to have a lot of cc which counters your main skill health drain making laning harder.
    2) If you build fiddle the way I do your not going to have great last hitting capabilities and you'll likely get under farmed. If you jungle you'll get an average farm for junglers+your ganks are almost always deadly unless your ganking someone with flash or cleanse (in that case just gank another lane that's got ghost, ignite or something).
    3) warding and communication. At higher elo games people just communicate better and ward properly making it harder to get the gank off that you should be getting once your level 6. If you jungle most people wont have time to go b and ward their bush before your gank so you should have no problem getting a kill, going to clear jungle and then once you get 6 go gank again. Also it's much easier to get your ult off when jungling since your always gonna be mia.

    The main changes I made to this guide are about fiddles jungling capabilities and a new jungle route for him.

    I may also put in a a counter jungle guide for fiddle later.

    Please thumbs up if this guide has helped you at all!!!

    I also realize that my item build is out dated....But I will for sure change them up some time this week.

  • Abilities

    Fiddles passive, Reduces nearby enemies magic resist by 10. Decent passive nothing special but gives some decent magic penetration right off the bat.

    Fiddles Q ability, Causes an enemy to flee in terror. Ridiculous crowd control, although its only usable on one person at a time, it can help you get a kill, stop someone from running, get someone off your or a teammates tail and will usually get you a for sure kill combined with crowstorm and health drain.

    Fiddles W ability, Steals the life force of a target enemy, dealing damage to the target while healing yourself. Drain is probably one of your best abilities (other then crow) combine it with terrify and its ownage. Drain is great for laning because its probably the best healing skill in the game other then jannas ult, whenever your starting to hurt just drain the life force of a full health melee minion or tank and your back to full health and the other guys wondering when your gonna run outta mana... There are however a few bad things about drain, firstly it can easily be canceled by cc unless the target is already terrified, secondly it takes a long time to deal the full amount of damage, which also gives the other team a lot of time to jump on you while your jumping their teammate and thirdly it keeps you stationary, if your going to crowstorm and terrify then drain your not very likely to get a penta because you wont be chasing down your enemies youll be focusing down one guy and maybe picking off one or two other poor suckers with crow.

    Dark Wind
    Fiddles E ability, A Fall wind hits a target enemy and bounces to other nearby enemies a set amount of times, silencing and dealing damage to them. Fiddles only real farming ability and a great harassing before team fights ability. Especially effective in team fights once maxed out, not only will it bring the enemies health down a few bars but it will keep them silenced a pretty long time since the silence resets each time dark wind hits a champion.

    Fiddles R ability/ULT!!!, A Murder of Crows flocks wildly around fiddle dealing damage per second to all enemies in that area. Fiddles ult, the reason people hate having him on the other team, his ticket to a penta kill. After his last nerf crowstorm has lost a bit of its effectiveness but can still get you a penta kill. When your using crowstorm it is best to wait until someone on your team initiates before jumping in because then the enemy team should be a bit more crowded together allowing more total damage over time and because you probably don't want to be taking all 5 of the other teams ults at the same time... Each time the cooldowns over on crowstorm you should be looking for a gank (unless lanes need to be defended and whatnot) but each time you use crowstorm you should be getting at least one kill or assist.

  • Skilling Order

    There are a few different ways of skilling for fiddle depending on who your laning against, how many people your laning against and if your jungling.
    1 2v2 laning
    My personal favorite way to go, lets you last hit and dominate a lane. You should hardly ever die laning with these skills and usually rack up one or two kills before level 6.
    1 Dark Wind I like to start with dark wind for the starting 2v2 fight and its nice for last hitting since fiddles got such a weak attack.
    2 Drain Secondly I like to get Drain since its a great laning ability and can get you first blood if your opponents are overaggressive.
    3 Drain I try to max out drain first since it helps lane better and will help you get some kills aswell
    4 Terrify Once you get this your gonna wanna start looking for kills, if your opponent comes to close a quick dark wind, terrify, drain will usually bring em down about half health and maybe even get you a kill if they're squishy.
    5 Drain
    6 Crowstorm kinda obvious, once you get this hopefully you have enough for mejais soulstealer and you can start getting some stacks. try and gank a lane that is pushed away from their tower. ALWAYS use crow from a bush with very few exceptions, the element of surprise will often get you your kills. If you messed up your crow storm and your targets moved a bit just quickly flash as close to them as you can and chase em down with ghost.
    7 Drain
    8 Terrify I like to max out terrify second since I like ganking and it helps you use drain to its full potential. If your going to keep on laning or if theirs lots of team fights I'd get dark wind for some decent farming and keeping your enemies quite!
    9 Drain maxed
    10 Terrify keep going down the path you chose earlier unless things have changed.
    11 Crowstorm just more ownage per second!!!
    12+13 Terrifyx2 maxed Or keep going dark wind if your still doing lots of team fights and ganking less.
    14+15 Dark Windx2 just finish off what you didn't get.
    16 Crowstorm if you reach 16 before most of the other team your going to be getting quite a few multi kills.
    17+18 Dark Windx2 maxed all done!

    2 1v1 or 2v1 laning
    1 Dark Wind When soloing I find that dark wind is the best spell to harass your opponent and farm much easier which is why I like to max this out first while soloing.
    2 Drain The reason I get drain before terrify is mostly for the survivability and the decent amount of damage it can dish out.
    3 Dark Wind The higher the level the easier the harass and farm.
    4 Terrify I don't really use this while laning one vs one unless the other champs being aggressive, the reason I do get this at level 4 though is to prepare for the future ganks.
    5 Dark Wind You wanna max dark wind out first
    6 Crowstorm Start ganking! If you're doing a good enough job harassing your opponent mid then try and let them recall and go for a double kill at a side lane. If your soloing two champs its a good idea to stay in the bush before you use crowstorm because they will just bolt outta there before the channel can complete.
    7 Dark Wind You might want to get terrify or drain first if your going to be ganking alot but if you just want to farm up and push a lane continue maxing out dark wind. (dark wind will also work good if ganking more then one person at once)
    8 Terrify You'll want to max this out to combine with crow storm once you have maxed out dark wind.
    9 Dark Wind maxed
    10 Terrify
    11 Crowstorm Own those nubs!!!
    12+13 Terrifyx2 maxed
    14+15 Drain
    16 Crowstorm double kill! Triple kill! QUADRA KILL! PENTA KI... O wait yi stole ur kill...
    17+18 Drain maxed

    3 Jungling
    1 Drain The main spell for jungling and only way to jungle if your getting blue buff first.
    2 Dark Wind The second spell for jungling allows u to take on more enemies at once easier.
    3 Drain You'll want to max this first because of the early ganks you should be doing.
    4 Terrify Get this for a level five gank to combine with drain.
    5 Drain Once you have the blue and red buff go for an early gank at preferably a side lane.
    6 Crowstorm Go for another gank now and while your waiting for it to cool down go solo the dragon.
    7 Drain
    8 Terrify You want to max out terrify second for ganking.
    9 Drain maxed
    10 Terrify
    11 Crowstorm
    12+13 Terrify maxed
    14+15 Dark Windx2
    16 Crowstorm
    17+18 Dark Windx2 maxed

  • Summoner Abilities

    I can only see one way of playing fiddle

    Flash Flash an easy way to make up for a messed up crowstorm or a way to use crow storm from a long distance, also a great escape ability.

    Ghost Ghost a good way to keep up with your enemies as they flee in terror of your mighty crowstorm!!! also great for escaping.

    I don't see anything more effective then these. Try and change my opinion! lmao good luck.

    Smite Smite if you want to jungle faster then yes you should really be taking smite. Fiddle can however jungle without it still... But I'd prefer you do take smite so u can gank faster and for last hitting drag and baron for your team.

  • Items

    I like to start the game with a Doran's Ring for a little extra ability power, a good amount of mana regen and an extra boost of health ill usually also take a health potion as well just for the extra health regen during a fight or if I get hurt level one I can heal up without going back.

    My second item usually depends on the other team, if i have around 1500g then ill be getting either a Catalyst the Protector if the other teams less gankable or a bit troubling or a Mejai's Soulstealer if the other teams is pretty squishy and you think you'll be able to get a few kills early game.

    if you haven't gotten boots yet its a must for your next item. I prefer Sorcerer's Shoes over the rest of the boots Boots of Mobility or Boots of Swiftness could also work if you want some more speed for ganking.

    Once you get enough money your going to get the other item you didnt get before the Catalyst the Protector or Mejai's Soulstealer and after that you'll want to build a Rod of Ages from your Catalyst the Protector you should have all these items around the 20-30 minute mark, the earlier the better.

    That's your main build, now if your owning people and you're always getting targeted I usually get a [item=Rylai's Scepter] which not only helps you chase people down while ganking but gives u a large boost of health. If your facing little resistance and the other teams just trying to hold on you'd want a [item=Zhonya's Ring] this way you'll be killing the other team much faster and also will have a nice defense mechanism for when you jump in and crowstorm everyone. If the other teams smart theyll start getting some magic resist, in that case you could either get a Void Staff or an Abyssal Scepter

    All together your item order should look like this these are steps not the items you have end game.
    1 Doran's Ring
    2 Mejai's Soulstealer or Catalyst the Protector
    3 Sorcerer's Shoes
    4 Mejai's Soulstealer or Rod of Ages
    5 [item=Rylai's Scepter]
    6 Abyssal Scepter
    7 sell dorans ring if you still have it and replace it with an actual ring :) [item=Zhonya's Ring]

  • Build Example

    Early Game
    Doran's Ring Mejai's Soulstealer Sorcerer's Shoes Catalyst the Protector

    Mid Game
    Mejai's Soulstealer Sorcerer's Shoes Rod of Ages[item=Rylai's Scepter]

    End Game
    Mejai's Soulstealer Sorcerer's Shoes Rod of Ages[item=Rylai's Scepter] Abyssal Scepter[item=Zhonya's Ring]

  • Masteries + Runes

    Pretty much the basic mage masteries getting you some extra damage, mana regen, magic penetration and improving your abilities.

    3x Greater Quintessence of Fortitude
    9x Greater Seal of Vitality
    Vitality and Fortitude for some extra health so you can take a bit more punishment while owning.
    9x Mark of Insight
    Insight to get rid of the enemies pesky magic resistance.
    9x Glyph of Potency
    Potency for a small boost of ability power, i use mainly just because its helpful early game.

  • Jungling

    So the best and quickest way for fiddle to jungle would be to pick Smite and either Ghost or Flash. You can jungle without smite but I'd say it takes around 1-2 minutes longer which is just way to long...

    And if you do take smite then you can also take Boots of Speed which can help you in ganking and slightly increase your speed at jungling.

    So here's the route. You should almost always start at the blue buff but you can usually kill one wolf from the wolf camp then get to the blue buff before it spawns. So kill the blue buff finish off the wolf camp then head over to the wraiths. You can then head over to either the red or the mini golems. while you're doing the red you should tell your ally in the lane that you want to gank to let that lane push or save up mana for the gank.


    When choosing a lane to gank you should always prioritize either of the solo lanes, meaning top or middle because it is best to shut down the carries instead of the tanks and support.

    Secondly it's better to gank champions that don't have a flash like tristana's rocket jump or champions with the summoner ability flash. If both the carries that you wish to gank don't have a flash then you could go ahead and not take an early dark wind.

    And thirdly if possible you should gank a champion that doesn't have a silence/stun/taunt/anything that can cancel your health drain.

    When ganking someone with flash try to stay behind them wherever you anticipate them to flash off to. If they hesitate and let you get in range as well as your ally or allies in the lane then try to use your silence on them then initiate. VERY IMPORTANT!!! while they're silence you can get a few auto attacks off with your red buff which will increase the overall damage output. Once the silence almost wears off get one more auto attack in and terrify and health drain.

    If you gank like this you should easily be able to get a kill every time since you will also have your allies helping you.

    If you get a successful gank off or even a failed gank you could always try again in a different lane or even the same lane.

    Once you get one or two solid ganks in you could go b and get some items.

    After go and clear your jungle again and you should be level 6. Usually just stop once you get to level 6 and head straight to the bottom lane. Once again tell them to let that lane push.

    When ganking the bottom lane it's important to choose one target. Don't be greedy and go for a double this early. It's possible if your team has some nice cc or if the enemies were already low.

    So by now you should have racked up at least 1 or 2 kills and greatly helped your team out level the opponents and maybe even got your team dragon after the bottom gank.

    After this you have endless possibilities. Just gank whoever you want like crazy and be a pest in the jungle.

  • Summary

    I know some people just don't have the time to read a whole guide or just don't wanna so ill provide a quick summary of it here. Kinda like a picture book of a chapter book.

    Skill Priorities
    number one priority Crowstorm
    number two priority Drain
    number three priority Terrify
    number four priority Dark Wind

    1v1 or 1v2
    number one priority Crowstorm
    number two priority Dark Wind
    number three priority Terrify
    number four priority Drain

    number one priority Crowstorm
    number two priority Drain
    number three priority Dark Wind
    number four priority Terrify

    see build example


    3x Greater Quintessence of Fortitude
    9x Greater Seal of Vitality
    9x Mark of Insight
    9x Glyph of Potency


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