Galio Build Guide

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Truly... You Should Bring More Bad Guys

written by Pheracus

Galio Build

Table of Contents

  • Abilities

    Runic Skin
    This is an amazing Passive. The core build of this guide will help to utilize this passive efficiently.

    Resolute Smite
    Your Bread and Butter skill. Your focus will be to max this skill first as it will aid in farming, champion kills and escape tactics. Feel free to use this skill liberally. Whether a champion is within sight or not does not matter, use on champions who like to run in and out of bushes in the early stages as the AoE on this skill will guarantee some sort of damage.

    Your second focus. This skill is the reason I love Galio so much. It makes him a perfect hybrid of damage, healing and support. Cast this spell often as well, unless you'd rather conserve mana and lose a teammate. This skill synchronizes especially well with your ultimate as it calculates damage output on how many strikes Galio receives as opposed to how much damage he has taken. Reduces incoming damage so that once your ultimate casts you do not have to withdraw but can continue your assault.

    Righteous Gust
    In most guides this skill is overlooked. We will be doing something similar and not focus on the skill as purely support but as a decent damage modifier. By that I mean it is capable of slightly increasing the damage output on Resolute Smite if you combo it correctly. Do not forget to cast this in conjunction with Resolute Smite.

    Idol of Durand
    This skill is what makes Galio a tank to be feared regardless of level. It reduces incoming damage, it can pull melee aggressors from quite a distance into turret or team dps range and if timed properly it can taunt an entire team thus bringing them all to less than 50% health. Be careful not to use this too far from ranged attackers, as more often than not, they will be able to escape the blast radius. Remember not to use this skill directly after Resolute Smite as you will regret not having an AoE nuke available to clean up the mess you've caused. We will go over the proper uses of this skill later.

  • Introduction

    This is my first Champion Guide and the reason I am writing this is because I have seen so many Galio builds that just do not get the job done the way it needs to be done. More often than not I am both the tank and the team carry leading with 10+ kills and 2 - 3 deaths. My assists range anywhere from 10 - 15 (quite easy to achieve with your ultimate) and I constantly outplay any opposing Galio's. Although I haven't put in nearly enough hours of play with Galio to constitute myself a professional, I do well enough to teach others who are interested in playing this new Champion the Do's and Don't s of this hybrid tank.

  • Masteries + Runes

    Your masteries will follow a typical tank focus build. See the link below:

    I have tried many different rune builds. Some that focus on health and magic penetration, others that focus on health regeneration and mana regeneration with flat hp. The one I find works the best is actually a hybrid as well, with no true focus on anything.

    x 3
    x 9
    x 9
    x 9

    In my opinion this is the best build for Galio. You level quickly in LoL from 1-10 so having flat mp regen and magic resist aren't really such good ideas since Galio's damage output doesn't climax until level 9.

  • Items

    I have seen many Galio builds and tried several of my own. I find that the build that synchronizes the best with Galio is one that focuses on magic resist and ability power to add more umph to his Resolute Smite and Idol of Durand.

    Start with a and 2 x . Many Galio's start off with [item_icon=Meki Pendant] and 2x or a for mana regeneration. The problem with those builds is that the [item_icon=Meki Pendant] and mana regeneration on Galio really isn't that necessary. His cooldowns take so long that you cannot spam a skill and as you level up your Seal's will take care of it for you. The cannot be built into anything else and to me is a good way to waste your starting cash. By level 30 most players are smart enough to avoid stupid deaths in early game.

    Lane with your partner until level 8/9 or whenever you have enough money for and if you've been doing well buy a Boots of Speed. You want to upgrade your Boots of Speed into Mercury's Treads next. This will give you good cc reduction and magic resist which boosts your AP.

    Once completed, start building your Banshee's Veil. This item will allow you to initiate more fearlessly and farm those champion kills that will in the end make you carry the team.

    Your next item is going to be Negatron Cloak and build it into Abyssal Scepter. You should always start your items with the magic resist first as Galio is primarily a tank and a nuke second. This item has amazing synchronicity with Galio as it boosts his AP twice. Some people may argue that this does not make him tankish enough, but with his Bulwark he doesn't need much more than 2500 HP to be an effective tank.

    By now the game should be over, but if you have the opportunity start building your fourth item Lich Bane. There is little that needs to be said about this item and how it works for Galio as by now you should really understand that AP and Magic resist are much more important for him than Health and Mana regen.

    If you have been playing a 1 hour game or doing EXCEPTIONALLY well you will have enough gold for your fifth item Wit's End. Important Note: This build isn't specifically a tank build. It's a hybrid. Wits End is the first item you get that is geared specifically towards damage as the MR increases your AP, the attack speed and bonus damage as well as mana drain allows for more effective chasing of champions whose skills are mana based. This does assist your team in more ways than people think, and being a hybrid tank Galio runs rampant with it. At this stage of the game I prefer this item over Guardian Angel due to it's lower cost and more immediate implementation to team fights and damage output.

    Lastly you will get your Guardian Angel. By now the game should be going on for close to an hour and either your team is dominating or you're being suppressed. Either way you have done what you could for the team and if you could afford to reach as far as Guardian Angel then your role has been played. Grab it and enjoy your dominance over your enemies.

  • Skilling Order

    Your skilling order is very simple and to be honest should never change.

    As stated earlier, you will focus on your Resolute Smite primarily and Bulwark as a secondary. At level 1 your Righteous Gust is effective enough to get last kills when farming, to chase fleeing champs and slightly modify your Resolute Smite nuke for more damage.

    By level 6 you will have noticed that although your mana pool is low, you are regenerating at a reasonable enough rate to cast your spells when you need them, and your combo's are actually hurting your opponents. The laning phase will make a shift if you have been pushed to your tower and you will now be pushing back towards their tower. Suddenly you are in dangerous territory as mid will see your lane as a ganking opportunity... Keep this in mind and try to bait them closer to your tower and pop your ultimate as soon as they stray too close.

    Note: Galio is not a champion that is most effective at grabbing first blood. At level 1 his Resolute Smite is not all too effective. By level 3 however it's damage starts to drastically increase, and at level 5 you can unleash hell on unsuspecting enemies who are getting accustomed to minimal damage from Resolute Smite. Remember to use your Righteous Gust for increased damage.

  • Summoner Abilities

    The Summoner Abilities I choose for Galio are without a doubt and .

    will allow you to initiate unsuspecting groups of enemies huddling between your turret and theirs.

    will allow you to ignite an opponent with the lowest health just as your ultimate is about to explode. Leave no survivors. Not to mention it is great in the laning phase so be sure to use this skill liberally. The more you use the skill the greater the chance you have of finishing someone off with it. Never be afraid to use your summoner abilities, or you may go an entire game without finding the "right opportunity". That being said, use your head and pick your battles wisely. I've seen some silly ignites on tanks that are at full hp and just ran back into a bush with nobody chasing. O_o

    If you do not want to use the above Summoner Spells then choose whichever you feel is going to have the best synergy for you.

    Update 13/09/10

    korddd brought it to my attention that would be a great skill for Galio and he has tested it a few times and caught several unsuspecting turret assailants in a taunt in front of a low hp turret. I played several games using teleport to ambush enemies with wards on the other side of the map as well as when they are assaulting a dead allies turret. It works the first time but they quickly smarten up and flee from the turret once they see a teleport coming. Some squishies like Ashe or Tristana fall back as soon as the teleport animation begins.

    I also found that in these game where I took and I missed many opportunities to finish a fleeing opponent because I did not have . Personally, I prefer the damage over the map maneuverability.

  • Build Example

    See the following for an example of the build:

    Notice that although he is tanky his damage output is not suffering. This way, he is much more useful to the team as he can kill as well as absorb damage.

  • Pros / Cons

    - Strong physical and magic defense when Bulwark is up
    - Strong AoE damage from Resolute Smite/Righteous Gust combo and Idol of Durand
    - Great team support with Resolute Smite, Bulwark, Righteous Gust and Idol of Durand

    - Slow movement speed even with Mercury's Treads
    - Can only force enemy team to focus you when ultimate is up
    - Poor jungling abilities

  • Creep Jungling

    Galio does not Jungle. Simple. You may stalk an unsuspecting enemy from a jungle bush but do not waste mana trying to kill Golem or Lizard solo. You will almost always need help on these until about level 15 and at lower levels he is more useful assisting the team with kills or defending/pushing a turret.

  • Working in the team

    Galio is an excellent lane mate for any champion that pushes, dps's or is ranged. He will not work well with other tanks or healers because the dmg output will simply be too low to matter.

    Laning Phase
    Level 1 - 6

    Once you grab your and 2x head over to the bushes by your turret. Depending who you are laning with (if they have high hp and high damage like Olaf or Nunu) consider running into the bushes together to confuse enemy targeting. If not, then make sure your lane mate is right behind you as you scout the bush. I cannot stress how important it is to keep control of bushes while laning against enemies. If you happen to lose your bush at a low level, gauge your health along with your allies health and wait for your minions to be within aggro range if you are attacked. Cast Bulwark and Resolute Smite the bush and charge in there together like you mean business. Really it's just a bluff but most enemies at those levels will not feel confident enough to challenge you with minions in the bushes nearest your turret. If they do happen to challenge you, then enjoy grabbing a first blood with the help of your minions and focus on the weakest member first. The important thing is to get the first blood as it will result in bonus gold even if you end up dying in the end, you come out on top.

    Save your Resolute Smite assaults until level 3. At level 1 the damage is laughable for most champions and it will waste the mana that you will definitely need as soon as you hit levels 3 - 5 and can start comboing your Resolute Smite with Righteous Gust. Last hit your minions and bide your time. Beware of full dps combo's like Yi and Olaf, or Akali and Tryndamere... their burst damage and crit chances can really surprise you.

    Then there's Morgana... My advice...? Avoid laning against a Morgana at all costs. If it is unavoidable, hug that turret and take minion kills. A smart Morgana will rush her shield to support her most likely OP dps lane mate and shut you down. Her shield absorbs everything... even the taunt on your ultimate. Your build becomes less useful if you cannot harass the enemies in your lane effectively and farm kills.

    If you lane against an enemy player who has lots of health potions it is important to continuously sap his hp and force him to use those pots. If not, he may just heal out of your ult combo at level 6. Important: When laning against a healer like Taric who can stun and support DO NOT WASTE MANA harassing your enemies. Taric is excellent early game as are most healers due to the fact that they focus on mana regen and convert mana to hp for themselves and their allies. Bide your time and wait for the right opportunity to strike... Your damage output should be able to put their healing abilities under a lot of pressure by level 5.

    Once you reach level 6 start ganking if you haven't already. Use your ally as bait for the enemies that you have been harassing all phase. Take a look at the video below to get an idea of how this can be done.

    Note that I wait for Mordekaiser and Ashe to over-commit on killing Nunu before engaging. That does not mean they ran too far, it means that his hp was low enough for them to believe they were guaranteed a kill if they chase.

    First I cast gust to increase my movement speed as I do not have boots yet, then I cast Bulwark on the now fleeing Nunu, I flash closer to catch both Mordekaiser and Ashe and pop my ult instantly taunting the heroes while my minions went to town. Notice that I cast my Resolute Smite between both champions to damage both as I knew Ashe had low enough health to die from the AoE and did not require a direct hit.

    I'm not sure if I was level 6 or 8 in this video but the ideology is still the same.

    Ganking Phase
    Level 7 - 12


    I am currently working on the videos for this phase. I want quality examples and although I gank a lot, I get ksed a lot and it's not like my enemies participate voluntarily.

    Group Pushing Phase
    Level ? - 18

    When in the group stages of a fight, especially at later levels you must understand that your bulwark lasts only so long. Your enemies will focus you down once your ultimate is up in an attempt to get a kill before running away. Be especially wary of the items on their ranged as they will be the ones furthest from your team's dps and will most likely pull a kill off.

    If you play your role properly at higher levels you can initiate for your team well and watch them clean up the mess you've made.

    In the below video I give a good example of how an initiation should start. Begin by confusing your enemies as to what your intentions are. Focus on their movements and running patterns. If you watch carefully you will see that there are times when all 5 champions rush forwards together and then back off just as they reach spell range. Follow the pattern and once you inch close enough flash in and pop your ultimate. Remember to signal your teammates as to when this will be happening because it happens so fast you may catch them off guard and a second or two is a lot when it comes to a channeled ultimate.

    Watch closely how I analyze the opposing team while inching closer, all the while baiting Ezreal's strikes (I know magic damage doesn't hurt me as much as it will others so I take them gladly). As soon as I see Shen teleporting I noticed an opportunity to initiate as he cannot move. I didn't catch them all but the largest pains went down with a hard thud.

    Remember that you can either cast Bulwark on yourself before initiating your ultimate or afterward. I wasn't sure I would catch all the ranged attackers in my ultimate so I saved it in order to save my own hide as I attempt to leave the scene of the crime. After which my team proceeded to massacre the enemy in front of their turret with Teemo picking up 2 of the kills.

    I barely get away but living with a little hp is better than not living at all.

    Here is another example of working in the team when you are supporting a fleeing character. Most tanks will focus on trying to run with the fleeing champion and slow their enemies down. I see this as an opportunity to Bulwark my ally for reduced damage and have us both turn around and finish what they started.

    In this video Ezreal chases Teemo with Nassus and Shaco close on Teemo's tail. Ezreal over-commits to a kill he couldn't possibly reach. With Bulwark on Teemo I've done all I can for such a low hp champion and so I turn on Ezreal. I focus my spells on him from the very beginning and in the confusion he thinks (as most ranged characters do) that I've lost focus. I attempt to gauge how far his teleport will take him and try to Smite him down at that distance. He barely gets scratched and continues to flee, little does he know I'm still calculating distances and have a surprise in stored for him.

    I'm willing to bet that Ezreal was raging in team chat as he probably didn't know what hit him.

    I apologize for the bad video quality, but I'm working with Windows Movie Maker for video editing. Any suggestions on a better editing tool that will allow me to play pauses, captions, etc (like Phreak's video's) would be greatly appreciated.


    Once you've gotten used to Galio's range and spells, start Shift>Skilling. You do this by holding Shift and pressing the skill button. Your skill will then cast wherever your cursor is located. To cast a skill on yourself or a champion, simply target yourself with your cursor and Shift>Skill. This technique will shave some time off of your spell casts which really can mean life and death in LoL. This is why in my video's you do not see a casting circle or directional line. Consider it a casting time reduction skill.

  • Farming

    Galio really only excels at farming around level 5. At that point his Resolute Smite does enough damage to critically damage ranged minions allowing him to easily finish up with Righteous Gust.

    When farming minions or defending a turret, always position yourself at an angle that will allow for the most minion damage. If they have spread out in a line, go to the end of the line and cast Righteous Gust.

    Galio does NOT Jungle!

  • Summary

    Galio is a tank to be feared. He balanced well with support and damage and can be modified however you see fit. The build above is a great hybrid that works well in almost all scenarios (beware of physical dps!). All in all I have found a new main that can tank for my team and collect kills while at it. Hopefully with the making of this guide, more people play Galio the way he is meant to be played... then again, that may mean some banning in Ranked matches =D.

    Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of my first shot at a Champion Guide. :P Thanks!

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