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Cho'Gath, The Terror of the Arena, and McDonald's, and Muslims, and Obama, and that guy right there, and the FBI, and the one thi...

written by studmaster1991

Cho'Gath Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    This guide focuses on the tank Cho’ Gath. Any other Cho should be killed, eaten, then spit-back-up by this one. If used correctly you will die 0 times and get many kills. More then allot of carries will.

    Also this guides not a religion (although its good enough to be :D ) so feel free to do what you will with it.

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    Ok I have an issue... a BIG Cho' sized issue. I have 10,000 views on this guide. WOOHOOO but the bad thing is is if on average a person looks at this guide 10 times. that means 10000/10=1000 people should have rated it and given a comment now lets subtract the 14 that have rated it that’s 1000-14=986 that have not rated it. So please rate my guide if you haven’t ill do something freakishly awesome at 50 rates.

    Change Log

    8/23/2010 Added a physiological warfare topic that explains the use of taunting and actions to distress the team, and get an easier win.
    Fixed some spelling and grammar errors.
    Added some more optional items to the items list.
    Added Vs Mordekaiser in the stratagy section.
    9/29/2010 Added a misc section, and updated some of the feild thingys.
    Also included a suggestion from Stasio in the misc section.
    10/18/10 Updated this guide to match Cho'Gath and item changes.
    10/20/10 Made changes/suggestions/updates on warmogs.
    11/1/10 Realized the Change Log wasn't working right so put it under the "Introduction" tab.
    Fixed major spelling errors.
    1/10/11 Added Boots the the Guide Items section.

  • Abilities

    This passive is very good. It allows you to heal a good percentage of your health with a couple of minion waves. Good for staying in the lane early game, and for living later on.

    This skill helps you out allot when you get around level 8, because you can farm easily and you get around 50 health per kill so you can get the health up pretty quickly.

    This spell I manly use early game to harass. you can’t kill creep waves with it very well until its level 4, but its stun is what makes it useful throughout the game. In the begging this spell takes allot of manna so use it when you believe the occasion calls for it. Just don't spam it.

    This spell because of the update now costs 90 manna at all levels so you cant spam it as much early on but it takes less manna later. Also its cool down has been reduced to 9 from 10 so allot more spam ability.

    Feral Scream
    Not a good damage dealer, and usually upgrade/get it last, but if your against heavy casters in your lane then its good to get it early on. Rupture paired with this at level 18 will kill a creep wave so use those two in combination to farm pretty easily.

    Vorpal Spikes
    This needs to be power leveled like no other. This is were your early source of damage comes from, this is how your farm early on, and if used right is what you can harass with it. If it hits a champion IT WILL ATTRACT TURRET FIRE! If you are going to get a tower with a champion guarding the tower make sure you turn it off.

    Now this also activates Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.! Thanks to the marvelous buffs Riot gave Cho! Now lets give Riot a hand (insert applause). Now this means that everything hit with vorpal spikes with Rylai's Scepter Equipped will have their moment speed slowed by 15%. Now this isn't much but it could mean the difference between a kill or death. Now as a side note this now also does spell vamp but we don't need that.

    Feast... It’s awesome. It ignores armor, which means it does FULL DAMAGE! Use immediately upon recharge to instantly kill minions, and gain additional max health. I like to use it on the "cannon minions" because they have more health. When you have up to 6 stacks use it to kill or severely damage champions I usually get 6 stacks at level 10-12.

  • Masteries + Runes
    this is generally pretty much the way you need them set up. The reason why I put 4 in awareness is because the extra xp will allow you to get feast faster so it will be harder to kill you.

    The Runes need to focus generally one making Cho the hardest son of a gun to kill.
    x9 Greater Mark of Resilience. The extra armor in the beginning will make you much harder to kill.

    x9 Greater Seal of Fortitude. This with your starting item, other runes, and masteries will give you 925 starting health. Otherwise ALLOT. I’ve tried Dodge seals and I like the extra Health better but its personal preference you can go either way. The health helps allot at the begging but the dodge is useful throughout the game, just whatever floats your boat.

    x3 Greater Glyph of Warding. Cho doesn't gain any magic resist per level so in the beginning this helps, and the items you’ll be getting will increase you magic resist to about 150 so the extra 9 magic resist will be less useful in my opinion.

    x6 Greater Glyph of Clarity. Since you wont be getting any manna regen items you will have a problem with manna and this will help. I like to get these besides 9 Glyphs of warding because you'll be getting uber magic resist with your items, and the 3 glyphs are just to help at the begging.

    x3 Greater Quintessence of Fortitude. Self-explanatory 32.4 more health in the beginning means more lane time, which means you get feast and items faster.faster.

  • Items

    I start out with a Ruby Crystal. This gives you extra starting health. Some people may argue Doran's Shield and a Health Potion is better beacuse of the extra armor and health regen and it only gives you 60 less health. Although this is true the goal is to become hard to kill as fast as you can so you can get harder to kill. So i take the Ruby Crystal and upgrade it to Warmog's Armor asap. This will allow you to get lots of health early on.

    Patch note on warmogs armor.Warmog's Armor
    o Combine cost dropped to 980 from 1100 = 3000 total cost.
    o Base stats changed to 920 health, 30 hp/5 up from 770 health, 30 hp/5
    o Bonuses now cap at 450 health and 15 hp/5.
    o Unique Passive changed to: Permanently gain 4.5 Health and .15 Health Regen per 5 sec per minion kill. Champion kills and assists grant 45 Health and 1.5 Health Regen per 5 sec. Bonuses cap at +450 Health, and +15 Health Regen per 5.
    Now what does it mean for this build? Well I believe that it helps it. 1)Less cost now means you can get it earlier.
    2)More starting health. which means you get 150 more health at the beginning. which is equivalent to 2 auto attacks, which is, allot in the beginning.

    Cons: Less health overall and less health regen/ kill so you don't get it full as fast and not as much.

    -----------Ok fellow chogatheins I have come to the conclusion that the new warmogs KICKS *BEEP*!!! No joke first game I played with it I raped went 15-1-22 and ended with a record of 6634 health! because of it being cheaper I was able to easily get another warmogs after my other items. Also since they boosted the starting health it was freaking amazing. That’s all I can say right now...

    Next i get Boots of Speed because by now you are really slow because everyone else has his or her boots so this will help with the survivability issue.

    Then i get Leviathan. Since you will be eating champs with your Feast this will give you even more health for those champion kills/ assists.

    I have tried replacing the Leviathan with another Warmog's Armor but you (I) simply don't get enough money and the games I did that on my score went down the toilet, but you can try it and find out if you like it or not then comment and tell me if you have success with it or not.

    Next i turn my Boots of Speed into Boots of Mobility. This will give you the speed that you need in order to be useful, because since you are going to be the main tank you need to be where the biggest hitters on the other team are, and you are going to be ganked... allot so this and ghost will get you out of ganks barley harmed. The biggest problem with Cho is his immobility, and this and teleport blows that right out of the water.

    Now next I either work for a [item=Force of Nature] if the team is caster heavy, a Guardian Angel if its well balanced, or Thornmail if its DPS heavy, but you always want both [item=Force of Nature]and a Guardian Angel its just the order you get them in that matters.

    Now the last item is icing on the cake. If you got Thornmail then you need not worry, but if you didn't then this is what i would recommend.

    Banshee's Veil if the other team is casters and you need that extra survivability.

    Frozen Mallet 700 health and slow on attack. Talk about fun. With this puppy you will get over 5k health, and slow those pansies. This should be the ONLY offensive item you get.

    Randuin's Omen Get this if the team is not really DPS heavy but is mainly melee then get this it has all you need to 300 health, 90 armor, 25 health regen. 20% chance on being hit to slow the attacker's movement and attack speeds by 25% for 3 seconds is very lovely too.

    or you can get another Warmog's Armor I have experimented with this and if you can get the money then I highly recommend getting this, but if the games going to end before you’ll max it out then get one of the above. With this You will get around 6k health and 70 health regen / 1 second, but for some reason the character builder here doesn't give those stats... but its what ever in game that’s how much you get.

    Now a good suggestion from a person who plays this guide (I swear I will get your name in here I'm just at school right now) suggested (item=Rylais Scepter). Now this item is really good if you are already beastie at the cho. It gives 500 hp, 80 Ap (which increases the damage of your feast and other various spells) AND gives your spell a 15% slow for 2 seconds. So not only does your vorpal spikes slow even more your feral scream slows also. NOW HOW COOL IS THAT! But I highly recommend this be one of the last items you get.
    So your item order should be this.
    Ruby Crystal
    Warmog's Armor
    Boots of Speed
    Boots of Mobility
    [item=Force of Nature] or Guardian Angel or Thornmail
    [item=Force of Nature] or Guardian Angel (which ever one you didn't get.)
    Banshee's Veil or Frozen Mallet or Randuin's Omen or Warmog's Armor (if you didnt get Thornmail)

  • Guide Items

    So i decided to put this here for those people who read these guides as well... guides, and not necessarily for the build itself. If you just want the build go ahead and skip along. So the different items that you could get (that I would recommend)are going here and will be sorted by category i.e. Health, Armor, Magic Resit, and Offensive; and the reasons why I believe that they are good. I will also only be putting here only items that are complet such as i will not be putting Ruby Crystal as it combines into something else.

    Health Items
    Warmog's Armor - Cho is a very good farmer because of his Vorpal Spikes, and because of the passive you get health and h/5 per champion kill/assist. This s really nice because when you silence or slow a champion and they die you get an assist so its real easy to rack those assists up. This item in my opinion is best used in conjunction with [item=Force of Nature].

    Leviathan - This item is only good if you can get 10 stacks out of it. So use with caution. If you cant get the 10 stacks then DON'T GET THIS ITEM. You'll be much better off getting another health item.

    Banshee's Veil - This items really good verses heavy spell caster teams. It gives you 450 health (good for well... more health) 400 mana ( more spam-ability (I like spam)), 57 Magic Resist (57% more magic damage health), and an awesome passive that blocks one spell every 30 seconds.

    Frozen Mallet - This item synergies very well with Cho. It gives 700 health, 20 Attack damage (meh not as important or game changing), but its the passive is what I get it for which is the movement slow, and with your Rupture pretty much guarantees that a champion wont get away. Get this if your already invincible and want to get more invincible and pick up some more assists/kills.

    Doran's Shield - Good starting item for Cho'. It gives you 120 health, 8 armor, and 8 health regeneration/5.

    Doran's Ring - Also a good starting item for Cho'. 120 health, 5 mana regen which i like because i like to spam rupture sometimes, and 10 ability power.


    Berserker's Greaves- Faster attack speed means more vorpal spikes. Can help you with the damage output if built as mage but the magic pen that Sorcerer's Shoes gives you may be better for that purpose

    Boots of Mobility- Gives you the speed of normal boots and after 5 seconds of no combat you are given an additional 3 movement speed. Good for escaping ganks, chasing, and moving fast.

    Boots of Swiftness- Gives a movement speed of 3. which gives you a total of 405 movement speed which is "normal" for a champions that isn't slow.

    Ionian Boots of Lucidity- good for the summoner (Thats you BTW :D) that likes to use his abilitys more liberally as it gives a 15% cooldown reduction. Not exceptional on the mage/Hybrid and tank but not bad either.

    Mercury's Treads- Good for heavy CC teams as the Boots of Mobility wont have time to activate in ganking/being ganked. Also provides a little MR.

    Ninja Tabi- Good for teams with allot of auto attackers (twitch, Trynd, Yi those guys) because of the dodge chance and extra armor it gives you.

    Sorcerer's Shoes- Excellent for the mage/hybrid Cho as it negates 20 MR bringing most champs that doesn't get any down to 10-15 which only negates 2% of your magic damage.

  • Skilling Order


    Vs Heavy casters in your lane

    Remember that feast is not just something to get your health bigger with. It is a nuke so use it accordingly.

  • Summoner Abilities

    Generally i go with Ghost and Teleport. These two spells are what i find most useful. They make up for Cho's biggest drawback which is his immobility.
    Some-other useful ones are
    Cleanse this is good vs alot of stunner's people who fear but since its nerf its lost alot of its usefulness.
    Exhaust mainly used for the %100 miss chance good against high dps champs like Master yi, or Shaco.

  • Strategy

    First off with any champion you play its better to play smart then play lucky. If you don't know you can kill the champion don't go for it. If you don't know that you will not get ganked when going for the second turret don't go for it. You are worthless to your team dead.

    Laneing Phase Levels 1- ~13
    Now time for the gears that make Cho’ Gath tick.
    try to stay in the lane as much as possible but don’t get your self killed if your low on health early game and there is a sivir or a gangplank that can kill you with range then telle back, get your health back up then just use Teleport to get right back up there. Its allot better to do that then die wait 15-30 seconds to respond while healing only takes a couple of seconds. Also you need to save enough energy for your spell Rupture because you could need this on a dime early game either for escaping or for preventing someone from running away allowing you to go in for the kill.

    Now if you’re going to try to stun someone with Rupture usually onto of him or her and slightly back towards his or her turret is best. People generally want to run towards towers when there is danger, but the most important thing to remember about rupture is that you need to be able to predict your opponents movements so do a couple of "test shots" to see how they react then use that to your advantage.

    During this phase you also want to get your feast up to 6 stacks as soon as possible for that extra health. So make sure you have enough manna when it recharges to use it. When you do have 6 stacks start using it to kill champions using a Rupture Feast combo. When the champion is close to the amount of damage Feast ei. 300-375 (or more if your lane mate is good... just use your descresion.) cast Rupture were you think the champs going to run to (mainly towards there turret) and when they are stunned run up and kill them with feast.

    At around Level 12 you should have about 3k or more health depending on how you did early game. which means you can go to any lane and start tanking like a mad dinosaur, and if you brought Teleport and have Boots of Mobility then you can almost be everywhere at once which means when you show up they should tuck their tail and run.

    At level 11 when your Feast gets to level two you can really start tearing up their team because you now do 550 damage. Just use your Rupture and Feast combo and you should gets some pretty easy kills.

    Mid Game Levels ~13-16
    At this point you should have your Warmog's Armor your Leviathan your Boots of Speed and either have or building your 4 item. Now I usually get Force of Nature here. Its a good all-around item and since you have over 3k health and have Warmog's Armor beefed up allot of the way, your health regen and your passive should keep you going a long time.

    Your team at this point in the game will depend alot on you to lead them into battles because of you redoncluas health and huge size, so you will be the first thing they click usually and if you arn't use your rupture to stun the attackers to help save your teammates.

    At level 13 you are going to get your Feral Scream this will help vs spell casters especially Ryze who's ability's he uses all at once to hurt you as much as possible.

    vs. Ryze. Usually when he comes up against you he uses his skills in this order. Desperate Power Rune Prison Spell Flux Overload. Now when Ryze casts his Desperate Power he will have lightning all over him this indicates he is about to attack. After he casts Rune Prison on you or anyone else immediately use Feral Scream on him this will keep him silenced until his stun Rune Prison is done and he will usually run from you.

    vs Sivir. Sivir has an ability Spell Shield that will block your Rupture so if she uses it you cant stun her. If this is the case immediatly after you cast Rupture cast Feral Scream. This will do one of two things. One She uses her Spell Shield and the Feral Scream will pop it causing her to get stunned, or two. It silences her making it so she cant cast Spell Shield causing her to get stunned.

    vs. Mordekaiser get feral scream at lvl 3. His shield is way good and a good mord will use this to his full extent. If hes low on health and you can feast him use feral scream first to make sure he doesn't heal himself really quick. Mord is way good all thjruoght the game and he has some pretty good dps and played right he is an uber tank, so try in the begging to gank him as much as possible to help with his goodness.

    Interesting fact: Feast not only causes you to grow but it increases your attack range. This makes your attack range at level 3 and 6 stacks out of the range of Sunfire Cape (unless they nerfed it).

    Late Game Level 17-18

    By now you should have well over 4k health and maybe even into 5k if you have 20 stacks of Leviathan (or 6k if you get anouther Warmogs.).
    External Image
    this is what will happen if you follow this guide.

  • psyCHOlogical Warfare

    HECK YES! In LoL there is a thing that makes or breaks a team, and that is the Psyche. This is a topic that I haven't even found in another guides, and this surprises me because you turn the opposing team into YOUR weapon. When a team gets distressed, starts arguing amongst them selves you have won half the battle already.

    Now the question is how do you make the other team start being pansies.... YOUR MOTHER FREAKIN CHO'GATH!!!!!!!!!!!!! You make them wet their panties every time they look at you. You first worry about not getting killed. If you can’t be killed then they wont try. There is nothing scarier then a 20 foot tall Cho’ Gath that’s twice as big as your highly overweight aunt , that has 5.5 k health and hasn’t EVER been killed especially when their whole team chases you across the map hitting you the whole way and doesn’t even kill you. That my friend is physiological warfare.

    In the laining phase the best thing you can do is to get them down to low amounts of health and while they are hugging their turret walk in. Feast them and kill them then walk away. When you do that then they wont feel safe even if they are underneath their turret.

    When you feast on someone I like to go into all chat and type "UMNUMNUMNUMNUMNUMNUM" this brings high distress to the other team. especially when it happens many times in the game. When the other team is afraid of you act like they need to be, but DON'T be stupid if you will most likely die don't go in their you are worthless to your team if you are dead.

  • 2 v 1

    I have come to find out that with the runes it is SUPPER easy to 2 v 1 with Cho Gath. But you do have to change the way you play and your items build just a bit.

    Item changes: first instead of starting out with a ruby crystal start out with a regrowth pendant. This is because as the only player in the lain your opponents will be supper cocky so they will harass you allot. The regrowth pendant will allow you to regen your health fast, and coupled with you health bonus from the runes if you play it right you'll only have to go back to base for your items.

    Play style: Now although you are a beast you need to play defensively while doing 2 v 1 (for a bit). In the begging you need to stay behind the creeps. The opposing team will be like "Cho' Gath by himself, ROFLMAO" and they will be super aggressive. Let them push you back to the tower. If they are smart they'll back off when they get near the tower. Once they hit level 6 you should be around 10-13 and have warmogs and boots and have 4-6 stacks of feast. When they get their ults they will most likely try to tower dive. Rupture the one the tower starts attacking then feast on his unluckily soul. The remaining alive champ will run and push. Its while you are pushing that you will be most vulnerable so watch for ganks.

    2 v 1 is good for the team because. You have 3 people on your team being power leveled. More gold per player and easy setup for ganks.

  • Misc.

    Ok so this is here so I van put random crap that I believe that is relevant to the guide, but either 1) don't know were to put it or 2) know were to put it but don't feel like making the guide even more cluttered then it already is.

    Thanks to a good suggestion by Stasio because man enough to comment on my guide. I tried out buying a regrwoth pendent and a health pot to start out with. This is a very viable starting item. What I feel these starting items really excel in is going against a team of heavy harassers i.e. Kennen, ryze, twisted fate, twitch ect. It’s hard to stay in lain to hurry and get your feast when you have to keep tping back to base, so this is a very good suggestion.

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