Veigar Build Guide

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Veigar: This is Not a Short Joke

written by Warlucith

Veigar Build

Table of Contents

  • Introduction

    *Last Update: 12/14/11* 

    Hello there, I'm Warlucith. I've been playing PvP online gaming for about 7 years now, ever since I started playing WoW. I had decent success in WoW, nearly getting Field Marshal and topping off in the mid 2300s in arena. I started LoL a while back and found that Veigar was my favorite champion. I haven't played much ranked, but my highest rating is in the low 1500s.

    This is a guide to help people unleash the power of Veigar, one of the most unfair champions in the game. You may have heard that Veigar is fragile, but when played right he rarely ever dies. Veigar is a great 1v1er and also brings a lot to team fights. He can be used to snipe dangerous enemies before they know what hit them. He can solo mid like a champ and carry his team to victory. He can strike fear into the heart of the opponent and I will attempt to show you how.

  • Abilities

    "Veigar's mana regen is increased by 0.75% for each 1% of mana missing."

    This is a nice little mana regen boost that can help you stay in lane. Nothing much to say about it other than that items and runes that give you mana regen are more effective.

    Baleful Strike
    "Unleashes dark energy at target enemy dealing magic damage. If a unit is killed, Veigar gains some ability power permanently."

    This is your primary attack ability; you will be using this spell the most throughout the game. When farming you should be using this on cooldown to last hit creeps to gain extra AP. Once you build AP it does a very significant amount of damage as well.

    Dark Matter
    "Veigar calls a great mass of dark matter to fall from the sky to the target location, dealing magic damage when it lands."

    While this spell is somewhat difficult to get used to, it is a very, very important spell. Once it gets up there in ranks, its damage is also extremely significant. It takes a little bit of practice to use this spell effectively however; don't expect to be using this like a pro right away.

    1. Find hidden enemies in the grass. If you suspect there is an enemy in the grass, drop the dark matter there and it reveals the area of the grass that your Dark Matter is hitting.
    2. Instantly kill a group of creeps. Once it is high enough level, if you drop the dark matter on the caster creeps it will kill them all, giving large amounts of money. Doing this will net you many creep kills.
    3. Begin your nuke combo (see below)
    4. Help you or your allies flee. While you or your ally is running away, drop your dark matter slightly behind you or your fleeing teammate (or on you or in front of you or you depending on how far away your enemy is...this takes practice and experience) so that the enemy would run into it if they kept going. This will deter the enemies from chasing farther.
    5. Turn situations where you're fleeing into kills. If your enemy is chasing you but isn't full health and runs into your dark matter the tables have turned. ITS A TRAP! When they get hit with the dark matter turn around and Baleful Strike them (and Primordial Burst if you have it) and they're dead!
    6. To insure the enemy gets caught in your Dark Matter as you flee, drop your Dark Matter in their path and quickly place your stun so that they run into the outside of the circle and are stunned in the Dark Matter. This can turn the tables quickly and let you get a quick turnaround kill.
    7. Cause high group damage in team fights. In team fights, odds are there's more than one enemy that will be hit with your dark matter. This will turn the tables of a team fight if you hit them.
    8. Defend turrets. Say they have the numbers advantage and they're about to or already are attacking your turret. Run in, drop your dark matter on them and run away. This should make them retreat.
    9. Harass at enemy turrets. You've been there before; your team has pushed to an enemy turret, you may have even killed a few enemies on the way there, but there's still one or two enemies alive defending their turret and everybody's too afraid to move in and destroy the turret. Run in, drop your dark matter, and make them retreat while your team smashes down the tower.

    Note that this spell should not really be used much if at all in the early game because it wastes too much mana.

    Also note that this spell often causes enemies to retreat after you cast it...even if you place it so it lands behind them, directly in their line of retreat.

    Event Horizon
    "Veigar twists the edges of space around the target location for 3 seconds, stunning enemies who pass through the perimeter for a short duration."

    This spell, in my opinion, is what separates Veigar from the other casters. It has amazing utility and is one of the best spells in the game. This spell also takes a bit of practice to use effectively.

    1. Part of your nuke combo (see below)
    2. It stops people from running away.
    3. Save yourself or your allies.
    4. Stun people when they're doing an ulti (like Katarina or Nunu). When they're standing in one place it's easier to land a quick Event Horizon to stun them and stop the ulti. Just place the stun so that the circle is directly on the target enemy.

    Positioning Event Horizon: Only the edges of the circle will stun people. People can flash through event horizon without being stunned, or use abilities like kassadin's blink to teleport through without being stunned.
    1. When you are chasing somebody who's running away you want to drop your event horizon so that they are in the middle of the circle, preferably closer to the edge when you drop it. While it is preferable to stun them,if it doesn't, it still keeps them from continuing their retreat.
    2. When you or an ally are running away, drop your event horizon so that the outside of the circle is right in front of the enemies who are chasing. Even if they don't run into the stun, they still have to stop or attempt to go around, buying valuable time to escape.

    This spell makes it VERY hard to gank Veigar.

    Primordial Burst
    "Blasts target enemy champion, dealing magic damage plus 80% of the combined AP of Veigar and the target."

    This spell provides your burst damage. It does more damage to champions with more AP. It can be used to make enemies health bars disappear.

  • Skilling Order

    or written another way:


    Max Q and R whenever possible.

    After the first point in stun, I switch priority from E to W because your W does tons of damage and allows you to farm better.

  • Summoner Abilities

    In a solo lane use 1. Flash and 2. Teleport.

    Flash is great for a few reasons:
    1. It helps you get away from bad situations
    2. It helps you catch up to (and stun) runners
    3. You can use it to go through/over terrain in the jungles.

    For the second spell, Teleport. Teleport advantages are:
    1. In the early game you can go back to base to regen mana/health and buy items, then get back to your lane quickly.
    2. In mid and late game you can use this to teleport and gank enemies, defend turrets in danger, or push enemy turrets.3. You can teleport to a skirmish and turn the tide of the fight!
    4. Teleport can be used to gank enemies you have the improved teleport mastery. You can just teleport and stun them and go to town.
    4. Teleport is important for holding towers, especially if you're soloing a lane.

    Side Lane Spells:
    Ghost can help you flee or catch up to enemies. You can ghost-->stun to initiate team fights too.
    Ignite is pretty good, I use it if I'm in a side lane (not soloing).
    Cleanse is nice for getting out of stuns.

    Spells I wouldn't pick:
    Clarity...if you need this, you might as well just get teleport because you can use it to restore your mana, and it has other uses.
    Exhaust isn't all that great. Your damage is burst so you shouldn't need the damage reduction; they should be dead before they can attack you or flee.
    Heal is bad because if you need to heal, you're probably going to die anyway. Veigar's fights should be one-sided; you should either be destroying the enemy or getting destroyed because you made a mistake and got outnumbered or surprised.
    Smite is awful because you own creeps even without it.
    [Spell=Fortify] should be picked by somebody else on the team if at all.
    [Spell=Rally] isn't useful.
    Clairvoyance should be picked by somebody else on the team. shouldn't be dying much anyway!

  • Items

    Quick overview:
    Build 1: Offensive Burst
    Build 2: Offensive Burst (with a little more defense)
    Build 3: Offensive Burst (with mejais)

    Build 1: Offensive Burst My preferred build!
    1. Start with Boots of Speed and a Health Potionx3.
    2. Next time you go back you should be able to afford multiple component items. If you can afford Deathfire Grasp, get it.
    3. Finish off Deathfire Grasp if you haven’t already.
    4. Finish your Sorcerer's Shoes.
    5. Next build Rabadon's Deathcap.
    6. If they have high enough magic resist that it’s a problem, get Void Staff.
    7. If not, build Banshee's Veil or Quicksilver Sash if the other team has a suppress or specific spell you're worried about (Malzahar, WW, Urgot, etc).
    8. Get the item that you didn't get yet from steps 5 and 6.
    9. The game is usually over at this point, but you can get whatever it seems you’re missing at this point. If you want more burst, get Lich Bane so your auto-attacks hit super hard. If you need more defense, get Zhonya's Hourglass for the armor and defensive active. You can even get something like Rylai's Crystal Scepter for the extra HP, AP and the slow.
    Your final 6 items should be:
    then an item of your choice

    Build 2: Offensive Burst (with a little more defense)
    1. Start with Boots of Speed and a Health Potionx3.
    2. Next time you go back you should be able to afford multiple component items. If you can afford Deathfire Grasp, get it.
    3. Finish Deathfire Grasp if you haven’t already.4. Finish your Sorcerer's Shoes.
    5. Build Catalyst the Protector as soon as you need to go back again. This will allow you to survive in lane much better.
    6. Finish your Rod of Ages as soon as possible. This gives you important HP as well as a good amount of ability power and mana.
    7. Build Rabadon's Deathcap.
    8. Next decide if you need to get more defense or more offense. If you go decide on defense, get a Banshee's Veil or Quicksilver Sash. If you decide on offense, get a Void Staff.
    Get the item that you didn’t get from step 8.
    Your final 6 items should be:

    Build 3: Offensive Burst (with mejais)
    1. Start with Boots of Speed and a Health Potionx3.
    2. Get Mejai's Soulstealer as soon as possible.
    3. Once you finish mejais, rush Deathfire Grasp starting with [item=kage's lucky pick].
    4. Finish Sorcerer's Shoes at any point during the past 3 steps, depending on what you’re most comfortable with.
    5. If you’re satisfied with your defensive ability, get Rabadon's Deathcap. If not build Banshee's Veil.
    6. Get the item that you didn’t get from step 5.
    7. Get Void Staff.
    Your final 6 items should be:

  • Masteries + Runes

    Quintessence: (Best) Greater Quintessence of Potency, (Viable) Greater Quintessence of Fortitude, Greater Quintessence of Insight Reasoning: Veigar scales so well with AP, especially his ult.
    Mark: (Only option) Greater Mark of InsightReasoning: The magic penetration gives you the most damage for any Mark.
    Glyph: (Best) Greater Glyph of Force, (Viable) Greater Glyph of Focus, Greater Glyph of WardingReasoning: Once again, the AP scaling!
    Seal: (Best) Greater Seal of Clarity,
    (Viable) Greater Seal of Fortitude, Greater Seal of Vitality, Greater Seal of EvasionReasoning: Veigar actually scales well with mana regen due to his passive. You should also be farming with your Q, so he's very mana intensive in lane.

    With the introduction of the new masteries, it is my opinion that 21/0/9 is the best setup for Veigar. The 21 in offense helps you to become a threat even earlier than before. The 9 points in utility is for the mana regen that you gain mostly. If you are ok with having less mana regen, 21/9/0 is also good.

  • Gameplay

    Early Game:
    At early levels, you should be very defensive. Do not run past your tower at the start of the game, and save your mana for last hitting creeps. Unless you know you can get a kill or need to save your ally, don't use mana for anything else. Alert your lanemate that you will be defensive so he doesn't force you to use mana. Once you get rank 2 or 3 baleful strike, you can start harassing (only with baleful). Do not underestimate the importance of killing creeps! Don't autoattack creeps, just last hit them when they're low enough. That way you won't push your lane and you can stay in a safe position closer to your tower. It makes it easier for you to survive and easier for others to gank.

    Mid Game: Once you hit level 6 and get your ulti, you are now ready to start racking up the kills. I'd recommend staying in your lane for a bit longer, but you can start moving around for ganks as you see fit at this point. By now you should be fully ready to catch your enemies off guard and score kills.

    Late Game: Once the game becomes more 5v5 oriented, you should make sure you stay towards the back of your group. You do not want to initiate. In fact, if you come in slightly later than your allies, it allows you to drop a Dark Matter on preoccupied enemies and leaves you free to unleash your insane burst damage. If the enemy team has a particularly dangerous player, it is your job to "snipe" him, or instant-kill him. If you are fighting a team fight at your own turret, you can and should use your stun+dark matter to initiate but remember to stay in an unexposed position.

  • Find Your Targets!

    At the start of the game, identify the enemies who you can kill easily. Champions such as Annie, Fiddlesticks and even another Veigar will always have high AP, so they're usually good targets. Champions such as Ashe or Tristana usually build very offensively, so they should also be unable to withstand your combo. Both of these types of targets are usually the best for you to go after.

    Try to single them out in fights and instantly burst them down. You will make life miserable for these champions.

  • Veigar's Nuke Combo

    Veigar has a nuke combo that makes him very scary.
    1. Stun the enemy with Event Horizon.
    2. Immediately put your Dark Matter on the spot where the enemy is stunned.
    3. Once they are stuck in place, guaranteed to be hit by your Dark Matter, throw your Baleful Strike and Primordial Blast (only if it's necessary and/or off cooldown) at them for the kill.
    4. Auto-Attack and Baleful Strike again if necessary.

    -If you have Deathfire Grasp use it between steps 2 and 3.

    -Remember that using these combos to score kills will leave you without your Event Horizon for defensive purposes and will leave you very vulnerable.

  • Farming

    Once again, don't underestimate the importance of killing creeps! You should always aim to have the highest total creep kills every game. Doing so will put you at a significant gold advantage, as well as boost your AP from baleful strike kills. Remember to only last hit and not auto-attack.

    Last hit with baleful strike and towards the end of the game (when dark matter becomes powerful enough) you can aoe down a group of caster minions.

    If you're in mid, remember that you can Dark Matter the Wraith Camp through the wall and kill them in one hit after you have a few points in the skill. This helps if you've pushed too far and want to let your lane push for a bit. It's also nice for the extra experience and gold advantage. Many times you can't kill the large wraith with your Dark Matter, which is even better! You can also Baleful Strike it through the wall, netting you 1 AP. Make sure to cast your Q right before W lands.

  • 3v3 Mini-Guide

    Now that 3v3 is out, it's time to find Veigar's role on the new map. There are a few things to remember. At level 1, Veigar is VERY squishy and not very helpful in team fights. You want to stick with your teammates so you can support each other.

    Before the game starts, I do things a little differently. Clarity and Teleport are pretty useless on the 3v3 map because laning isn't existent (for the most part). Flash is still great on this map, if not better. Good options for your second spell are Ghost, Ignite, Exhaust and Cleanse.

    For starting items you'll want Boots of Speed and Health Potionx3. Stay with your teammates early on! Veigar won't even be winning 1v1s at level 1.

    For spell order I go: EQQWQRQWQWRWWEEREE. The only difference from my 5v5 order is that I get Event Horizon first. This is a really useful spell for the team ganks at the start; you can stun their entire team to initiate the fight while your teammates and you get a head start on the combat. Stunning the entire team will have a larger outcome on the fight than one or two Baleful Strikes, whether it be to get a jump on the enemy or insure your survival. Having stun after the initial fights for the "laning" phase is also extremely useful at level 1 because you can insure that you can't be ganked, as the stun will let you escape quite easily.

    Once you hit level 2 you should start harassing the enemy with your Baleful Strike. Try to last hit creeps if it's not a beneficial option to harass, but keeping the enemy low early can be capitalized upon by team ganks. Make sure to at least last hit the creeps with your auto-attack if you're not last hitting with Baleful.

    As for item builds after you start, I'd recommend playing it mostly by ear. You might want to stack Doran's Ring or you might want to get Rod of Ages. I recommend building more beefy than in Summoner's Rift because there's a lot of close quarters skirmishes.

    During the game, I highly HIGHLY recommend for both you and your team to buy Sight Ward and placing them in the jungles. It only takes 2 or 3 on the map at the same time to pretty much know where the other team is at all times, and if you split the cost between your two teammates, it's well worth it. The two optimal places for wards are at lizard and above dragon.

    Both of the upper jungle buffs are nice for Veigar, but the Wolf buff is probably better because your role is mostly burst DPS and AOE disabling; the Banshee buff is probably better for one of your melee teammates.

    Since almost the whole game will be decided by team fights, it's important to know your role. Veigar can be a very good initiator of team ganks. For example, if their team is running through the jungle, drop a Dark Matter in their path and stun all of them in the AOE. As you and your teammates jump out to attack, this guarantees a few important things: 1. The fight will begin with their whole team stunned; 2. The fight will begin with their whole team at significantly lower health than you 3. You have the element of surprise. In this situation, you will almost always end up on the winning side of the fight.

    If your team fight isn't a surprise attack, then things probably go a bit differently. You probably will want to save your stun to either keep low HP enemies from running or to save your teammates or yourself. This is not to say that you shouldn't stun the enemies in a Dark Matter if you think you can get more than one, but it's not always possible. You want to drop your dark matter where the enemies are concentrated, but only after they're fighting and are committed to combat. If somebody else on your team has a stun or a disable, drop the dark matter on the enemies when your teammate uses this ability. Since you only have 2 offensive abilities (3 when your ulti is up), you need to be ready to bounce in and out of the fight; drop your dark matter, baleful strike the main target, then move out of their range. Once one of the cooldowns is ready, poke back into the fight and throw what you have at them. It's important to always be able to use your stun if it's needed though, so don't get too far away, just make sure you're out of attack range. This isn't always possible, but you should try to do it when you can.

    Also, getting a kill at the start of the fight is almost going to guarantee a win for your team. If you have your dark matter, baleful strike, and primordial burst all ready and are able to land them on an enemy while your teammates are attacking him, he will almost definitely die, and you will almost definitely win. Getting the quick kill is very important.

    Capitalizing on team fight victories is something that is often overlooked in both 5v5 and 3v3 public games. There is no better time to push a lane and kill towers when your team has the number advantage over the other team, especially at higher levels when spawn times are longer. In 3v3, there are fewer towers, so winning a team fight can quickly guarantee you the upper hand for the rest of the game if you can knock down a row of towers.

    When picking Veigar, make sure that you are the only squishy, in-and-out type champion on your team. Your other two teammates should be tanky (like shen, warwick, jax) and be able to jump into fights and initiate. Veigar needs to hang in the back and cast things from outside the action to be effective, and if you have more than one champion on your team like this (Ezreal for example), then your team will be focused down and killed much too quickly. It is also very helpful if one or more of your teammates has a stun or disabling effect.

  • Pros / Cons

    -Ranged damage
    -Insane single target burst
    -Very high AOE damage
    -AOE stun
    -Destroys high AP users
    -Able to escape and save teammates very well
    -Owns in 1v1
    -Get huge sums of gold
    -Super high AP totals at the end of the game. 1100 AP is never out of reach!

    -Pretty weak early game.
    -Dies easily if caught without stun (this should never happen!)
    -If the enemy gets Banshee's Veil it makes things a lot more difficult, though it's still manageable

  • Change Log

    12/09/10: Added Change Log (FINALLY!). Changed order of builds to reflect my preferred build.
    12/18/10: Added note to skill order section.
    01/27/11: Updated for deathcap. (Temporary fix)
    02/17/11: Fixed spells in 3v3 guide.
    03/29/11: Fixed passive ability.
    05/05/11: Updated Skill order. Updated Summoner spells. Updated Items. Updated Gameplay. Updated Find Your Target. Updated Farming.
    09/01/11: Updated item section.11/25/11: Updated for new masteries. Updated Runes.12/14/11: Updated item section, skilling order for the Veigar BUFFS! ^_^. Added explanations to the Masteries/Runes Section. Removed "Who to Lane With" section.

  • Last Words

    Make sure you don't die, especially early. If you get behind in the beginning, you will have a tough time coming back. Try to be aware of the minimap; if you see who goes missing, when and where, you will know who's coming for you, from where, and when. This will help you avoid getting ganked.

    Against other Veigars, you may want to pick up a Banshee's Veil, or just keep in mind that he can own you just as hard as you can own him and be extra careful of him.

    Finally, remember that Veigar takes some getting used to, so don't get discouraged if you're not dropping amazing AOEs or stuns right away.

    (This guide is my 1st so feedback is greatly appreciated. I will respond!)
    +1 this if you think it's useful

    Have fun!

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